Katy Perry: California Dreams Tour Comes to an End

125 shows and she kissed a fan each show lol. its done. Her welcoming to Asia was amazing. The fans….nuts. The worst part…the fucking flights to and from!

Katy sold out almost every show for an almost perfect tour attendance. Those that were lucky enough to wear outfits to the show and saw her sis got passes and then there are those that bought VIP. Personally I hate when VIP is sold because people tend to think that gives them full All Access….it doesn’t! Katy had a security breach on the last show which held up the start but nothing major. If you think the Mall of America is big…..you haven’t been to the Mall of Asia yet! Holy fucking cowpatties! The place is huge and has awesome views. The hotel views were pretty badass. I laughed that there was a club called LAX and Shakey’s Pizza. Wow can you say wanting to put LA in Asia?!? lol

Anyways, im out! Im jetlagged. 28.5 hours in the air….yeah it gets to ya!


Goofing Off

Maps lol


2 responses to “Katy Perry: California Dreams Tour Comes to an End

  1. I havent been to Mall Of USA or whatever it is called, but I believe that Chinese people built a bigger one. They need it to fit all in-there to many of them 8)))
    And I would be very glad to enjoy those awesome views. Here in Europe is damn cold, the snow is falling these days non stop, and I have to shovel it away in front of house.
    It gets boring after few days, but U would enjoy these low temperatures.

    Katy is amazing for getting through such big tour, despite being divorced and shit.

    Respect 2 U bro, too for keeping up. It is not only the star on the stage, but people like U-the crew and technical stuff the keep the show going like it is supposed to.

    I would just switch places during those flight , but would not do the job so many days like U did.

    Hear ya, soon and great that U keep this blog up to date!

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