So Im Home

yeah, nothing special. had dinner with a good friend earlier and now im bored. burning some DVDs and shit. so ill be here until Aug 4th and then back on the road again to Salt Lake City!!


Mentally Exhausted

Over the last week, especially the last 3-4 days have been very stressful and exhausting for my physically and mentally. One would think I could never get so exhausted but I really do. I dont show it too much but sometimes I just explode into fury and I cant help but let it all out. People tend to joke with me about it as if it is something funny but when I have been taken down to about the last 1% of physical and emotion energy I just become this quiet, uncooperative and very pissy person. People that know me well know this. That cant really be helped. People should learn to read that sort of negative energy and instead of shitting on it, they should try to make someone feel better. It makes for a much nicer person. Be it me or anyone else. If someone has been stressed to the point of no return then a joke about their present state of mind does not help. So those that eventually end up on the fury-side of my mind should not be surprised when they get “served” by me. When I get to this point I can and will retaliate if someone abuses that negative energy.

Today I had someone tell me that after all the shit I went through today that I had NO reason to be angry about anything. I got in that persons face and someone that thought because they was tough and muscular I wouldnt talk shit back….well i did and I was not the least bit scared. People of larger muscle mass dont scare me and when I get pissed off no one can hurt me. I feel no pain and my strength is off the charts. I dont have problems with rage. I dont get pissy about every little thing. Yes I can but sometimes people just dont communicate well with me or tell me one thing and do another. That does tend to anger someone. Thats like saying “hey lets goto Florida for vacation,” and then ending up at the local lake! of course others will be angry. False pretenses or expectations cause people to get angry because they are made to believe one thing and then something else becomes the outcome. Im not cool with that.

I just posted on my Facebook how today was just a whacked day and that I was mentally exhausted. My friend Shawn from Montreal said, “Blame Canada” knowing we had a nice lil run of tour dates there. That immediately took me from a bad mood to a good mood. I feel so much better now that he said that and that I have blogged about it. Its now said and done!

So nothing else to write. Maybe in a few days I will post something else and a few pics. some of them i put on Facebook and some others i might post as well. Anyways, im out and thanks Shawn for the laugh!

Have a great week folks!

Oh Hai My Fellow Readers…

Sorry for the lack of blogging updates. Ive been really busy with the tour and riding. With those two I have very little time to write much or anything else for that matter. Im not complaining. Im sitting in my hotel room at Mont Tremblant Quebec right now looking out to a nice evening and a beautiful scenery. Just got back in from a short ride around the area. Took some nice pics as well as earlier coming in.

This week has had us in Canada. Sarnia Ontario, Ottawa Ontario, Toronto Ontario and Thursday in Quebec City then heading back to Toronto for a Saturday show. Monday we will be back in the USA in Uncasville CT with 3 following shows in Philly, Saratoga Spring and Wantaugh NY. We then head home for a short tour break. We will be off July 25 – Aug 4 and start up again Aug 5 in Salt Lake City UT. So ill fly home from NY and then fly to UT a few days early to get situated and then prolly ride a day or so in the area. Might even hit up the Red Rock Brewery in SLC to see what the soup of the day is lol.

Since June 29 on the first show Ive had a great time. Been some really great shows. Rush will also be heading back to Brazil for an Oct 8 show in Sao Paolo and an Oct 10 show in Rio. That will make for some wild Brazilian fans! The show is awesome. Neil Peart is sporting a new copper colored DW Drum Kit and a new set of Signature Pro-Mark Time Machine Tour sticks. The stage has also taken a change from Geddy’s usuall Henhouse units lol to a time machine setup. Neil’s Drum Solo is a bit shorter this time around but he has added a new set of samples to his MalletKAT and the Finale has some really awesome animated drum video. The opening of the show starts off with a funny lil video featuring all three members of the band. Alex as a fat producer, Neil as a cop and Geddy as a restaurant worker. You just have to see it for yourself if you goto a show or you can find the videos on youtube im sure. In past years Tom Sawyer opened with a small minute long South Park skit made by the creators just for Rush. It features the characters pretending to be Rush and playing Tom Sawyer. This time around you wont see that bit. This time it is a continuation of the opening skit with all three band members again….you just have to see it all for yourself.

So on the other hand, nothing else is going on. Just keeping busy. In fact I am about to goto sleep as soon as I finish this blog. Long day tomorrow getting to Quebec City. This was just a detour I chose to take because well, thats me! Of course I have pics for your viewing pleasure. Some have seen a few of them on Facebook and I probably will post some on Flickr as well once I get more free time. Of course I will finish this blog with a few pics from the ride today and maybe a few from St Catharines. I will see once I get to that in just a moment.

In Slipknot news….well there is none to be honest with you. Ive received quite a few complaints about people angry that Slipknot as a whole is not included in the Hard Rock Cafe thing with Corey. I can relate to many of your rants about that but for the most part he was singled out because of his work with Slipknot and Stone Sour. More so because of what he has accomplished. Although he has not done so alone he is the frontman of both bands and you all should know that the frontman/woman is always the one that gets the most notariety in the group. Shitty I know but thats how it is when it comes to celebrities in America. Fear not though Slipknot fans, the band has received many accolades from all over the world. To be nominated for Grammy’s and winning one, to having the hottest selling DVDs and albums around the world. Sure Slipknot may not sell 100 million albums like these pussy ass bitches in pop/rap but hey at least you Maggots are the real deal and not band followers simply because you think the guys are hot. If thats the only reason you like any band then you need to slap the shit out of yourself and get a mother fucking reality check. Seriously people! In my last blog I discussed this more in depth if you read it. I wont get into that again….

So yes nothing much else to write about. Oh wait. Well lets see the other day I got a fucking flat tire. Had to patch it up and fill the tire. Luckily a nice young man and his girlfriend saw me stranded and offered to take me the short distance into town to fill up with air and brought me back. There are nice people in this world! I offered the young man some Canadian cash but he refused and simply said it was a pleasure. He then said he was going to the show in Toronto. Wow, how could he have known I was on the tour? Then as I got the tire back on the bike and noticed I was about due for an oil change. It hit me! I pulled out my oil and filter from my bags and i noticed I had the holographic sticker on the rear of my hard bags that said, “Got Peart?” LOL..Still though I wondered how he would have known. The other guys were ahead of me and maybe this guy and his girlfriend saw them up ahead and figured I had to have been with them. Thats about the only thing I can figure. So the night of the show I saw that guy and his girlfriend as well as a few other people and I gave him a small gesture of appreciation. Now im not one to go and take Neil Peart’s drumsticks. Im not stupid and I wont even ask. So i did get one each of Alex and Geddy’s picks and took them to the young fan. He was happy and it felt nice to give that guy something back in return for his generosity. It was only about 2 miles to town but that would have been a very long 4 mile walk there and back!!

So yeah that was really cool and something that would have taken me hours only took me about 45 minutes. Very thankful! Im sure with much more riding left I will have more stories to tell from this lonely road. Although its nice to be on this tour I am no where near buddies with Bubba so I respect that space as hopefully any Rush fan should. If you have watched Beyond the Lighted Stage or read any of Bubba’s books then you know he is not the most fan friendliest guy but not in a mean way. So respect his space and if you do see him, give him a nod or a wave and dont make a scene. Just be casual and its best not to approach him. Neil’s riding partner Michael is licensed private investigator and security for the band so its best to not get in their way.

Besides that, I am going to sleep. Take care my fellow friends, fans, readers or whatever you consider yourselves lol…..oooooooooooooh did you subscribe to my blog yet? Its on the right hand side of the main page. Enter your email address to subscribe. I would greatly appreciate it and hell tell your friends to read my shit. The more readers the better. Since I have blogged about Paul Gray I have had quite a few blog hits. Sadly, I hate that it has happened because of such a sad event but I do appreciate the reads, clicks, rates or whatever. Link me if you wish on your own blogs or whatever. Anyways, subscribe to my blog and hey, there is still time to win that free cookie!!! MMMMMMMMMM! LOL

peace out my friends!

Music Appreciation

…..most people dont do appreciate music for what it really is. Most correlate music with fashion and beauty. For years I have said that I dont like groups like New Homos on the Block, Nstink, The Backdoor Boys…etc…why? No im not jealous of them because they attract women. In fact the reason I dislike these groups is because what they stand for. Below I will explain why i feel this way.

1. They dont play instruments. Music cannot be created without instruments. sure you can sing lyrics but no matter how you say them they are still just that…lyrics…words. Music brings out the sound. The guitar makes the melody. The drums and bass keep the beat. All-together it becomes music. A group that sings songs and doesn’t play instruments is not a band. They are a group. Having someone else play the instruments doesn’t make them musicians.

2. They dont write their own lyrics. simply said! They don’t. Record companies pay songwriters to write hit songs for these people. Ever wonder why you see some old geezers at the awards shows getting an award when you dont know who the fuck they are? Yup those are the guys/gals that wrote the songs that your so-called beloved groups sing.

3. Longevity! Bands that write music have a much longer lifespan in my opinion. some wither and die quickly but those that survive can keep going. Boy groups dont last. Wanna know why? They are record company creations made to last a set number of years to make them money. in the process they turn a bunch of skinny males into celebrities. Look at bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rush, The Who, Pink Floyd….etc…Even though some of those bands have had line-up changes they have with-stood the test of time. They have lasted decades. sure Pink Floyd has retired because of the death of a founding member and because they decided to call it a day but that was their own choice. They didnt lose popularity. There are millions of Floyd fans. Rush has been around for around 40 years now. 40! Thats longevity! Thats staying together for the sake of making music and loving it. Not making money to make some execs richer. Which brings me to my next point…..

4. Milking the fans. Women are easily attracted. The record labels made Nstink, The Backdoor Boys…etc….They knew that if they could get some hit songs together and get some fruity ass skinny guys together that women would wet their panties over they would make millions. So hence the birth of the boy groups all over again. Come one women face it. Admit it. If those groups members were fat, overweight men you would not care to listen to the music. What I mean by milking the fans though is this….They make all this merch, merchandise for those of you that dont understand roadie lingo lol and you people buy it. Im a fan of many bands…rock bands but im not going to go out and buy a poster of a bunch of guys and hang it on my wall. Im not going to go buy a notebook with a bunch of dudes on the cover and flaunt it. Women on the other hand do this. They buy EVERYTHING with those guys faces on it. T-shirts, panties, notebooks, cups, coffee mugs, mouse pads, pencils, pens… get the picture! Sure its marketing but it gets out of hand and guess who pays for it all? Thats right you people! If you have teeniebopper little girls then you know this. How many of you now are buying Jonas Fags and Justin Beiber merch for your little daughters now? Im sure ALL Of you. These people have NO talent and are record company concoctions designed to make them money because of a face that is marketable and women will go crazy over. If the sold concert tickets for $1000 G.A. i bet women would still pay for them. Hell they buy shoes, purses and all that jazz are use them so little!!! lol

5. Fashion and Beauty There is alot rolled up in this one. People seem to be attracted to artists based on how they act and what they wear. Women include beauty into that equation. If Nsync was a bunch of fat guys do you think the women and little girls would like their music? NOPE! Thats a fact! If i lined up 100 women and asked them that question 99 would say NO and 1 would probably say they didnt care. People seem to be into looks and fashion so much these days. Hating on people because they wear cheaper clothes. Hating on a rock band because maybe they are full of tattoos on their bodies or because they wear jeans with holes all up in them. Put Jay-Z in holey jeans and full of tattoos and i bet the women would still like him. See, women base their musical tastes on looks. Not all but many. Sadly though even the rocker girls will do this. Many will say how hot Corey Taylor is or how hot Justin Beiber is or how hot Jay-Z is. Why does it matter what the fuck they look like? I think Britney Spears and Xtina are beautiful women in their own ways. Maybe they dress weird or have a lil more to love in some areas but so what? So yes I think they are beautiful women but that doesn’t mean I like their music. I couldn’t care less for their work honestly. Maybe a few songs here and there but thats it. I dont relate myself to liking a band or group or singer based on one song or how they look. Sadly, thats what people do today. Music is about MUSIC! Not about the looks. That is why I appreciate Slipknot so much. Their statement with the masks says it all. People look at them and say how disgusting they look and that they would never listen to their music. I had one girl say she hated Corey Taylor and thought he was ugly. Then she went on to say how much she loved the song Bother and I told her that Bother was sung by Slipknot’s singer….Corey Taylor. She was like “shut up your lying….” Look it up! Then she started to eat her words. That same girl now actually likes Slipknot now. Why? Because she took the time to look past LOOKS and appreciate the music.

I have always had strong feelings about this subject. Most dont agree with me. Thats fine. Many people can openly hear what I am saying and accept that what I am saying is not 100% true because not everyone does this but that there is a percentage of music fans out there that really do base their tastes on how the artist looks. That is really sad. Its sort of like the kids that say “such and such is a sellout because they wrote a slow song…” That is about the most absurd fucking thing I have ever heard. Slipknot is a heavy ass band. They made a statement on the Kimmel Show that a band that looks the way they do can write something so powerful and have a huge effect on people. When Paul Gray, the bassist of Slipknot died the band really died. Paul being a founding member and all. For years I heard Slipknot fans grow up as the band progressed. They really began to appreciate music more. So when Snuff came out it was not openly accepted by many at first. Many fans called them sellouts because they wrote a slow song and because they dont appreciate music the way others do. that song is now a staple to the name of Slipknot. Snuff has become what Surfacing has been. A trademark song. Now that Paul has died many listen to Snuff as a way to cope with his death. I do all the time. I play that song when I get the chance on guitar. I listen to it. It makes me think of the good times.

I think if people can learn to appreciate music for what it is and not what the record companies want you to believe it is then you will understand what i am saying more. ALL of this article is coming from a guy that listens to all types of music. Classical, instrumental, flamenco, spanish, rock, metal, alternative, old school rap, country…etc…..Men appreciate music much more than women because we love the music we love because of the music itself. We dont care how Seal, Jay-Z, Slash, Manson, etc looks. We just like their music. Women always want to think of how hot or ugly and artist is and they base their love of that artist on looks. Thats sad. But as i said earlier, not all do this but a large majority do….Those are the people that never will understand the concept of appreciating music…….


Quick Blog for Thought

dont have much time in my busy schedule to be on the internet or blog so I am going to make this quick.

a friend on Facebook posted a link about people that leave their kids in a hot car and their kids dying. It said something about 37 deaths so far or so. Thats pretty fucking pathetic if you ask me. I will post the link. I didnt read the entire thing but its pretty self-explanatory.

Ok so there is the link. Here is what I think is so fucked up about this. Ok im no father. I dont have kids and I never have knocked up any woman. I think its crazy that these people forget their kids in the backseat of the car while commuting to work and/or the day care. I bet those people dont forget their work, briefcase or their cell phone. Wait, im sorry Apple whores i mean I PHONE! Yes I know, you Apple people are tempermental about your gadget because you think its the messiah of phones! Hate to tell you but not only has HTC topped your device but Sony is soon to release a phone that will top them all. Ok so back to the story lol. Sorry, you know I have to throw my two cents in about Apple constantly. So yeah its messed up that these people wont forget their phones in their car but they forget their kids.

Sorry people but “i was late”, “i was running late”, “I have alot on my mind”, “i have an important business meeting to get to”….etc….those are NOT excuses. NOTHING is an excuse for leaving your kid(s) in the backseat of your car and letting them fry like and egg and die. If you really think an excuse is going to constitute what you did and somehow make your answer valid and worthy then your quite fucked in the head. There is NO excuse and no words can fix the craptastic situation you would have brought forth on yourself. Could you really look your spouse in the eye and tell them your job or meeting was more important than your kid? how about the kids grandparents. Could you tell them you kid wasn’t worth as much as that big promotion?

in closing, its really sad that people show their true colors and where their priorities in life lie. First off, i understand if your phone is in your bag, purse or briefcase but if you are using it while driving which you shouldn’t be in the first place then there is no excuse. You can replace a fucked cell phone left in the car all day but not a kid. Well, technically yes you would replace a kid too…as sick as that may sound yes you can but its the idea and the fact that it is THAT kid. Sure a couple could fuck and make more babies but its the moral of it all. You just dont leave a kid in a hot car. That goes for animals too. You know Im not a dog lover by any means but its fucking cruel to leave your dog in the car in hot weather. Put a thermometer in your car and leave it there all day or for a few hours and see how hot it gets in there and how quickly!

So people, have some common sense, take each day slow and make valid decisions in your life. Dont be a fuck up and forget your kid in the car and end up in a horrible situation like this. I may not want kids much now in my old age but hey, they dont deserve to be treated like shit in the backseat of your car.

Maybe I should propose some type of alert/warning device that attaches to the seatbelt and when your car goes off alerts you in the driver seat with a flashing light and alert tone so you DONT forget your kids in the backseat.

Ok so that is all with this rant! You can all pick up your iphones and use them now!!! LOL

Kansas City Reporter Dogs Rush

of course people are entitled to their opinions but obviously Michael Judge, the writer of the review for is not a Rush fan and doesn’t understand the concept of being a Rush fan. He mentions how Rush could play such old songs as Freewill and 2112 after all of these years. Michael, that is because those songs are trademark to Rush. Just as Tom Sawyer, Spirit of Radio and others. Those songs are what you hear playing in the rotation on the radio stations. Neil Peart is the last person to tell you he is a great drummer. He would tell you he just loves drums. Neil is considered one of the greatest drummers of our time but others beg to differ. Thats fine. Neil would agree. So its no surprise that you would see people air drumming along with Neil. It is also one of the things that Neil notices while behind the kit. If you have ever read any of his books you would learn more about him as a person and his way of thinking and how he sees the industry and the idea of fans. Fans know that catchy signs and air drumming are just ways that they may end up with a pair of NEP sticks after his drum solo.

Rush is progressive rock. There are bands that play their songs live as they did on the album. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. People like Britney Spears and such that lip sync must go along with the music as its played or else risk going off sync. Lets take for instance Slipknot. Slipknot performs their songs for the most part as they are on the albums. The difference is the energy. You dont get the same energy in the album and you do at a live show. Its heavier and it is RAW. Same goes with Rush. Neil Peart doesn’t play every fill the same. He will tell you he lagged and that he didnt do this fill right or that part of his solo right and he will critique himself. Just as Alex Lifeson will say that he amazes himself that he makes it through a solo at times because he likes to go in different directions at times depending on his feel. Geddy going between keyboards and bass…..Not an easy feat for many and on top of that singing.

Rush sets themselves apart from other bands. Neil Peart’s lyrics dont have to make sense to others. Those that have followed the band know what he is saying in his songs. There is a story behind his lyrics and his way of writing which he describes in detail in his books. Neil uses the MalletKAT and Alex and Geddy MIDI-controllers that control certain sounds and effects used in their show. What is the problem with that? Pink Floyd also has done the same. Rush could employ touring musicians for keyboards and such but they choose not to. Triggering of effects and sounds is common in the touring world now. When Dimebag Darrell was alive his techs would activate manually some of his effects so he didnt have to onstage.

The point of it all is this….Critics can review and criticize and that is their right. Rush doesnt sound the way they once did in their earlier days. True Neil Peart may not hit the skins as he once did but I take into account that Neil spent years and years on the road and suddenly lost his daughter and wife. Everything seemed to be taken from him he said. His wife, daughter, dog, best friend. In his book Ghost Rider he describes how his life seemed similar to the book Dorothy Parker’s What Fresh Hell Is This by Marion Meade. After all of that pain and sorrow he returned to the band with a new outlook on life and love. I remember reading that Neil said he did not want to be in his 60s and still touring now that he and his wife have a new daughter.

I think Rush has progressed over their 40 year career. They may not be as they once was in their younger days and the “Rush-ians” know that but the devoted fans of the band that enjoy hearing those songs over and over never tire of them. As a musician myself I can play guitar and drums all day with few breaks. One would think that after a long tour run I would put down the sticks or guitar pick and not even touch one but I always end up doing so. A workout for me is sitting behind my R30 Drum Kit and running through an entire 2.5-3 hour set of Rush live. have to put that inherited kit to good use. Its what my friend Victor wanted. He bought it but couldn’t play but always liked me coming over to play it because I would teach him. Then he suddenly died after and arguement with his wife and he had left the kit to me in his will. Stating that I was the only one he knew that could really appreciate having such a drum kit and knew I would take care of it. Neil Peart grew up idolizing Keith Moon and Buddy Rich. I grew up idolizing him.

Rush is a cult following. You wont see many women at their shows and the band will say openly say they know it. Rush has a huge man-following just as portrayed in the movie I Love You Man. It was one way Rush accepted their following for what it is. Rush fans are called geek boys and music techies but hey thats fine. Rush is technical in their music and their music is far more appreciated in its album form live that a fully improvised set. So Neil and Alex may go off with different rifffs and fills but hey thats part of a live show. It doesnt have to be completely different. Sure it may get old playing the same songs over and over again but yes they do it for the fans and yes even at their age it pays the bills. I mean a person works well into their 50s and 60s. Why? Well it pays the bills. As Neil says in his Anatomy of a Drum Solo DVD. Drummers go into solos building their solo and to make it their own. He said also that for a drummer in the end a drummer must go back to accompanying a band because they are part of a band.

I happen to enjoy Rush because of the music and how each song structure stays the same. You can change a song all you want live or on an album but what really attracts the fans is how you perform live. So even if you do it note for note as played on an album or fully improvise the set its the energy the band gives out that the fans pick up on and they return that energy to the band. That energy for that entire show is a loop between the band and the fans. If the crowd doesn’t feel it then the band will eventually not play up to their full potential. There is no energy to feel. Nothing there. Bands will play 40 shows and maybe 2 of those 40 will be “special or magic” shows. Also, someone that is not a fan may pick up on mistakes by the guitarist or drummer. They are human and can make mistakes. The fans get into the music. They feel the music and feed off that energy so even if Neil Peart screws up a fill the fans will either not notice or really wont care because they are there live and feeling that energy….That explains why people will spend $50 to see their favorite band just as a person spends $20 or so for their favorite movie or CD. Would be a pretty boring world if we heard music just once and never heard it again because it was considered “old or outdated.” Jimi Hendrix is dead yet people continue to hear his music and study his techniques.

Thats what makes a live show what it is. An energetic exchange between artist and fan. its the equilibrium.