Katy Perry at Half-Time

Just a week ago I remember flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor to prep for Katy’s Super Bowl performance. I’ll try not to bore you with all the little details. So here’s a run-down of how things went.

Well the night before I had gone to dinner with my friend Mark at a Denny’s just south of the stadium. Had my usual thanks to an ex-gf who got me hooked on the seasoned fries and mayo. Mark had biscuits and gravy. We sat there discussing the show Sunday. He was asking me about rehearsals and how everything had panned out. He isn’t part of the crew so he isn’t allowed inside for any of the setup. I had been frustrated mostly for some bullshit reasons with the NFL people and trying to get the hell out of there in time to try an meet with some of the AZKCs. Well if your a fan then you understand that acronym. I think we spent about an hour and a half in there before heading back to our rooms and retiring for the night.

I really couldn’t sleep much. Thinking about everything. Thinking about how far we had come. The show itself. The game. How would it all turn out? Would people like the show? Sometimes I worry myself too much on little things. Earlier I had also got frustrated with many other things that just kept me from even being social with the people that I normally interact with. I ended up spending time texting a few friends who stay up late. Not even talking about the big game. Thats whats funny about this whole thing. I think I was more into the game than the show. Not because I didn’t want to be there. I did! I guess because I had once played football in high school and being part of this all was surreal. I had attended SBs before but this one was an actual performance where the Boss was in the front seat. So I guess the stress of the show and me hoping the Patriots would win became too much.

Saturday morning became a cluster fuck of emotions. Dealing with all the stress and people fighting….Spreading rumors…Leaking info….Just pisses me off that the element of surprise is ignored so much these days. As there are many who want to know every little detail of every little moment of every second of KPs life and tour it just becomes too much. Let there be surprise. Be surprised. Why would anyone want to know what to expect? I mean if I go to a concert I don’t want to know the set list or what the video clips will be. I want to be WOWed by the artist. Also contributing to it all was endless DMs. I guess I can’t complain too much because I put myself out there. I guess I just want people to know that I don’t sit on my phone waiting for messages every minute of the day. I work and live life and many times I don’t pay attention to my phone. So don’t take offense fi I don’t message back right away. THere’s other reasons as well but only a few KCs I spoke with know what I was feeling. Ill just leave it at that.

I had been questioning why I was even there….again. Mostly because I read into things too much sometimes and I let little things get to me. I think mostly it was being inside that damn stadium and doing the same shit and then sometimes nothing at all. Sure nice way to get paid….doing nothing but its not the same as tour. Tour at least you know your job and you schedule your day accordingly. For this event it was juggling my schedule to meet others needs. Ehhhhh. I was pretty close to just saying fuck it and going back to Camelback Mountain and hiking to the top. I had done this earlier in the week and it was relaxing. Quite a personal accomplishment to make it to the top after about 2 hours. When I feel shitty I tend to alienate myself from society and either ride my motorcycle or travel. Well i couldn’t really leave here and the mountain was about the only escape I had. I ended up chatting with a few people and that helped me put things back into perspective again.

So its Sunday. Today. Game Day. Half-Time Show Day. The day all the Katycats have been waiting for. I don’t know who was more nervous me or them! lol. I kept reading how they were shitting bricks and losing their ever loving minds over this. I’m sitting thinking WHY! LOL. There’s no stress on you! lol Its just part of being in a fandom though. You gotta love their passion. Quitting isn’t part of their vocabulary. Sadly with such an event the tickets are quite expensive so many didn’t even get to be at the game. I guess they wouldn’t have minded sitting next to some really huge overweight guy chugging beer after beer farting and burping and saying “oh yeah Katy Perry should totally date me. Im huge!” oooooh boy! Anyways, my day started about 7am this morning with a nice cuppa, a waffle and some fruit. Got to the stadium and everything was pretty much in place. Got my game day and talent credentials and was down to see what was up with the HT prep. Was pretty cool that they used so many young people. As a roadie I get many people asking me how to get into this work so it was pretty cool that they had young people helping with the setup so they could see just what kind of shit we deal with daily in stage and sound set up. Its not as easy as it seems. I mean for SB you throw some pieces together but on a tour you piece everything together after its been totally dismantled and you have to adjust accordingly to each venue and its limitations.

Katy had already done numerous outfit fittings and was pretty much ready for a problem-free show. The only part of the show that I didn’t really agree with was separating the band from Katy. They are all as much part of the team as anyone else. I had been walking around the stadium and went down to field level where I saw some of the players. Spoke with Gronkowski and Brady for a moment. Saw Russell Wilson as well. Nice guy. Great QB. So at this point I’m soaking it all in. I had done my part and now it was time for me to enjoy this. I briefly attended the Pre-Game VIP Party but I’m not big on such things so I left. Was really ready for the game start and get to the main event. Yes the concert.

By 2nd Qtr was backstage and outside where everything was stored and the teams were put into position to prepare for load-in as we call it. Seeing the young people excited to be part of it all. Many excited for the game and others excited because they are KP fans. Was pretty funny when many of them screamed from seeing my tattoos. One girl was like “OMG.” My face turning red I told her awww but I’m nobody! She giggled and said “but you have the tattoos!” So I gave her a KP Prismatic Tour pick. I always carry them. You pretty much could feel the tension in the air. Everyone a bit scared. I had to calm a few of them down and tell them it was ok. Just don’t even think of all the people. Just imagine your at school with friends and playing a game or something. I hope it helped. I made my way back in and saw the band, dancers and Katy. The Lion in place. With just a few minutes left Katy directed everyone for the circle. A prayer for cheer for a great show. It was about time. The clock had hit zero and the groups started filing into the stadium piece by piece. Everyone excited. Katy seemed a bit nervous. No big deal she got this. Its one thing to play in front of people who pay to see you and are your fans but to play in front of a stadium of people who are there for the game and also viewing worldwide….thats enough to make anyone nervous.

Katy made her way onto the Lion and the HT coordinator gave us the go….Lights down and the music kicking in. The band in place and Lenny Kravitz strapped with his black Les Paul. Missy Elliot was awesome. What was amazing is that THE song performed was my favorite of hers so it was not only awesome to hear her perform it live with the boss but to even meet this female rap legend. I mean when I was in school she was the shit. So definitely an honor. The show went off without a hitch. Everything went as expected. Of course to many in attendance the sound was blaaaah. That’s to be expected in a stadium. Stadiums have horrible acoustics. I was positioned behind Adam. I was kneeling down and just looking around in awe. Standing down there looking up into the seats. Seeing the guys jam. Seeing Katy, Lenny and Missy rock….Perfect Sunday night at work.

As the show was winding down my gut was in knots. Anytime Katy flies in the air I’m worried. Double…triple checking those harnesses to make sure its all OK. It all went down without a problem. As she ended her show you could see the joy in her face. Performing for the biggest sporting event in America is a huge honor. A girl with a dream and full of perseverance never gave up and there she was today. Making history for her own career and for the game. Perhaps one of the most watched Super Bowls in the history of the game.

Many judging here merely because they don’t like her music. Oh she was lip syncing. Don’t think so there professor. All live. This was an amazing yet stressful long experience. I don’t know if i’d want to do another one anytime soon but this time around was amazing. Everything was great. I was sweating it there at the end because I had been going for the Patriots. Seeing that catch before the end of the game I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Then on that one play Wilson throws it and Pats intercept it and BAM! We win the Super Bowl. Another ring. I have 2 Patriots fan rings. Looks like ill be getting another now lol. Still doesn’t beat my REAL LA Kings 2012 Stanley Cup Championship ring made by Tiffany and Co but hey ill take a fan ring. lol.

In the end the experience was great. Phoenix/Glendale AZ area was very nice and the people friendly. Not to mention I didn’t get harassed by the cops for being spanish lol. I would have probably told them….”the president is that John Wayne dude….” lol. Reference to the movie Born in East LA. Also I can’t end this without saying thanks to JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort and of course to the AZKCs for their support for Katy during this experience. Without everyone none of this would be possible.

So from everyone thank you and much love and respect. Now go get some fucking sleep KCs… lol