Its December

Well wow…….

its been awhile since I last posted on here. Been so busy with everything. Finishing PWT and then getting home. Lots of things to do. To be honest there really isn’t much to say since I last posted in August. Just been same shit different day. The only thing bugging me as of recent is this damn pinched nerve in my left arm. Fucker won’t go away. Well most of it has gone away but still has some pain and it keeps me awake at night. Thank goodness for anti-inflammation pills to kill the pain so I can sleep.

So now its just been boring. Waiting for February when we will perform for the NFL Super Bowl Half-Time show. That should be fun. The process of building the stage and putting it together within minutes is quite interesting. Ive been part of it and seen it done before. The one thing that makes me laugh though is the fans. Ok I truly understand supporting an artist and loving that artist but even with my finances I wouldn’t pay anywhere around $2000 or more for a ticket to a game just to see a 10 minute live performance lol. Not worth it. If you enjoy football then yes I’d say it would be but to spend that kind of money or expect parents to is insane. There’s the tickets themselves. Hotel and spending money. There is nothing cheap about the biggest sporting event in America. Goto 5 concerts but I say leave the Super Bowl to the rich. Thats what it is….an event for the rich and famous. So yeah i could spend $20k on tickets and thats like not even a portion of my pay but why spend all that for top seats lol. Doesn’t really matter because ill be there for free lol.

I think many people get the wrong idea about what I do. Many see it as glamorous. As if all I do is just work for 20 minutes and then fuck around the rest of the time. No I actually work. Every person that works on a tour crew works. Maybe we don’t do the actual hard labor but we still have to set up and we still have to instruct local crews on the job for the day. Different size venues call for different layouts and changes. Sure there is plenty of time to be a complete total lazy mother fucker but if I’m not catching up on sleep I’m inside preparing for my duties for the day. Hence why ill tweet…..Another day at the KP office….

I guess everyone thinks all I do is walk around with the boss and hang out like we have no care in the world. Nope not me. Before yes we did that for private events. There’s a big difference in private events and a lengthy tour schedule. Private events are more laid back. Fly out there, prep for a day or so. Enjoy the city. Do the show and spend another few days fucking around before flying back home or off to the next private event. In 2012 we had privates held sporadically. So we could do a show and then take off back home or off to a vacation spot for a week or so. Want this kind of job ehhh lol.

The part of the job I hate the most is dealing with difficult and/or irate fans. There have actually been a few that bitch that their daddies are rich and bought their way in. One in particular said I needed to get lost because her daddy was a record exec for Sony and she has all access. So I said, “really, well Katy isn’t on Sony records so your daddy has no pull here and wheres your all access pass??!?” Of course she didn’t have one. She actually had a poorly laminated picture of katy that said Prism World Tour. lol Sorry girl but its the PRISMATIC WORLD TOUR not PRISM. lol The album is Prism. Anyways, security took her fake pass but momentarily gave it back to her and escorted her out since she did have a ticket…….in the upper level. LOL Oh yeah her daddy is a record exec who bought her tickets in the upper level. Good lie there. There was another which was a small group of 3 that sneaked backstage with fake passes they printed. Yeah security needs to get their shit straight. We give them a sheet of ALL passes so they know what to look for. Two of the girls had printed passes and the other had the VIP package one. Later finding out the security person they went past was an older person who thought they were real. The story was they lied and said they was Katy’s cousins. lol. If they was family they would have had a holographic pass. They were caught not by me but by another member of the crew heading towards the dressing rooms. Really?!?!?!?! Talk about invasion of privacy. Why would anyone think that sneaking into a secured area where they are not allowed to be and gaining access to her dressing room would make her say…..Oh hi come on in and lets talk…..Nope! Sadly this shit happens a lot. These 3 were very difficult. Nearly had them arrested. They got lucky. Word of advice people…..dont try to sneak backstage. If your under 18 and look it you will stand out. You will look like you have no reason to be there because your not working. Printing passes or making fake ones….well remember this; our passes that allow access to backstage areas are holographic. Only local crew and local staff passes are satin and have a peel off back. Local or Venue Staff lammies are the color of the day and have no holographic properties. So yeah you can’t fake them.

Its not just for Katy but for any artist. Don’t make fake passes and try to get backstage. Ive always been one who doesn’t like fans having any access to backstage. Even for meet and greets. I see it as an invasion of privacy. Many try to stray away and enter unauthorized areas and we have to deal with that shit. Venue access thought pisses me off when they sneak in but what really gets me is when people get out of hand at the buses. Ive had people banging on my bus door. Throwing rocks the bus and windows and screaming and hollering for Katy to come out. She’s not in a bus folks. She’s pretty much beyond buses now. Hotel to venue and out. We folks get the buses. Mark my driver has stopped a few before trying to enter my bus. He told me one kept pulling the latch hoping it would open. Why do people do that shit? Really?!?!? Wanting to trespass! There has been a few instances where people have gained access inside the bus and noticed things were moved around as if they was going through our stuff. Those few instances they were arrested. The bad thing is that I am not a celebrity. I am a road crew guy. Its a shame that my personal space aka Coach Casa de Grylls gets broken into because someone is looking for their favorite artist. So even as a crew guy we lose our privacy. Comes with the job though but I just wish some would have more common sense and not invade areas they shouldn’t. Of course not all of these happened on PWT. They have happened over the course of my travels. Still though no matter where its just wrong on any level no matter the artist.

Ok well its late and i need to catch some sleep but I’m gonna finish watching this episode of A Haunting and go to sleep. Ill blog more soon I promise. Its 2 days until my birthday. I wonder what Ill get for my birthday…..I already know…..I aint getting shit like always. No one ever gets me shit. lol. Thats ok. Most of my friends and some family take me out to eat. Hey can’t complain about that. =)

Well I’m out so goodnight and ttyl