Concert Stage-Diving: My Thoughts

I was reading about this guy from the band Lamb of God who is in jail right now for apparently pushing a fan off the stage and thus that fan died from injuries sustained from that fall. Ok so as a crew guy here is my thoughts on this from my point of view and not the fans.

First off, you are a fan. Doesnt matter if you have been to all 30 shows the bands has done near your home and you own every CD, shirt, box set..etc…Your still just a fan. Your nothing more special than the next fan. Unless you know someone in the band or crew personally and I mean by texting and calling them on a regular basis, then your not a personal friend. So with that said….you as the fan have NO business being on the stage or even jumping on to it to dive. The stage is for the band and the crew. The band and the venue still must provide as much security and safety for all patrons and when you begin doing idiotic shit like making a run for the stage to say hi or touch your favorite star, you risk people’s lives and your ability to stay in the show altogether. Personally I am very….VERY picky about this and with me I would kick you off the premises because well…thats part of the job. You know how many times ive had some 13 year old tell me, “oh man im personal friends with Corey. Ooh Katy is sisters best friend….” yeah sure! IF that was the case you would have already made arragements with them personally to get backstage or meet them at a certain time. SO NO I dont fall for that shit.

So in this case the guy is in jail for this incident and I am all for him being freed. Why? Well because going back to the first paragraph. Fans have no business being onstage. That still doesnt take from the fact that someone died because of these actions but at the same time security for this venue should have been right on top of that rose when this guy rushed the stage. I always was and when you saw me you can be sure I was showing you my evil face yet I still in a calm manner removed you from the area. MOst of the time I was easy. Did it once I was cool with it as long as you didnt appear to be a threat. Did it again and you was outta there! December of 2004 Pantera/Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell who I knew pretty well was killed because a fan rushed the stage and began shooting. Many people thought it was part of the show or just a crazy fan being stupid. Then moments later he broke out shooting and killing band members, crew and fans before he was gunned down by a police officer who was nearby that responded. Its not worth it folks.

We look back just last week where this guy opened fire inside a movie theatre in Colorado and killed a bunch of people and wounded others. Why? Apparently he was reported to be obsessed with Batman. Coloring his hair like the Joker as they say. What was the first thought of this? People said they thought it was part of the movie premiere. It wasnt! Unaware, these people lost their lives. Same with Dimebag and possibly for every other concert that takes place around the world. Security personnel, crew members, other fans and even the band don’t know your intentions. You could just be that wild crazy fan but that person could also be the next gunman that goes off on a large crowd of people and you could be the next victim. Unaware and suddenly dead while your family mourns your death. Not your fault but the fault of security for not doing their part and for the fan(s) that disrespect the band by jumping on the stage and possibly causing harm to them.

Many people wonder why some of their favorite stars dont meet them often. Its not that they dont enjoy it but many of them feel threatened sometimes. Imagine you as the star and 300 people rushing at you with only a few crew/security guys around you. You just cant control 300 people and you cant see what one person in that crowd of 300 is doing. So you never know. Thats why as fans you have to learn to resepect the artists. You know how many times ive seen people that are megastars and I just simply nod my head and say….”hey whats up.” Quite often. When I saw Justin Bieber I didnt run over there and be like…duuuuuude your fucking awesome man…..fucking badass to meet you….i cant believe im meeting you fuckin AAAA man….nope. I shook his hand, said whats up and that was it. Of course people get starstruck. It happens but I really dont see why people choose to do these things.

Going back to the stage diving…..Many fans love to mosh in the pit. Many dont. Im one of those. Then again i dont ever attend concerts from a fans point of view but when i did i never cared for moshing. When those that hit me I was normally cool with it. They was just being rowdy. Then one time this guy blantantly swung at me and punched me in the jaw and said fuck you man you pussy. So I punched him back, threw him down and slammed my knee into his back. Not much of a pussy ehhh? Hey as a fan if you choose to mosh and hit people you have to be aware that others may not take to your behavior. I once took my exgf to a concert for a metal band. We was on the floor and farther in the back. There was no way I would have taken her to the front where the fans were being total psychos and slamming into one another. I used to attend death metal shows and I would go home with a bruise because this big ass indian guy loved to mosh into people but I was cool with it because he was only being crazy and he would come to me and be like…fuck yeah man badass fucking song huh….Of course i’d be cool with that because well…it was a bad ass song. This was a Deicide concert I remember. But I always saw that crazy guy at the metal shows and he always was that way. All in good fun. I saw him hit people and then would apologize if they looked mad. Nice thing to do. Yet some dont and could care less if they hurt others. What really gives you the right to go to a show and hit other people and harm others for your own enjoyment while you take someone elses enjoyment away?

On the Tattoo the Earth Tour I saw a group of guys literally pounce all over a girl….A GIRL… A young girl at that. She was trying to get away from them and they surrounded her and started hitting her and stomping on her once she was on the ground. I as well as Sepultura’s singer jumped off the stage to rescue her. THe security guys were not in place and took them a few moments to get there. She was bloody and bruised and those guys were over in the corner saying….man fuck her she is weak. Bitch shouldnt be in the pit. Oh man this huge as security guard that looks like Stone Cold Steve Austin fucking destroyed that kid. He didnt beat him but he made sure he knew that he and his friends were going to………yep jail! Sepultura’s singer got back on stage and told the fans to please calm the hell down and not hurt one another. We escorted her to ER area and she was eventually taken to the hospital. Yes they fucked her up that bad. So thats why I say some fans need to grow the fuck up and act like an adult. if you want people to treat you like an adult fucking start acting like one. Believe me I was ready to fucking kill those 4 kids.

Ok I need to go for now. Ill prolly add more to this later so check back…ill mark any editions as UPDATED

Packed & Ready for Rio

yeah thats all i wanted to say. wait i forgot to wash my boxers lol glad i still have tomorrow to do last minute laundry.

ok so thats it. Just been sitting here listening to SirusXM. Mostly 80s and 90s stuff and some comedy. Was listening to Spice radio earlier and they have a show called All Wives Cheat! lol. Hey im keeping my mouth shut on this! hahahaha. All im gonna say is that ive been a bad boy at times….lol

so i got this cool bag in the mail the other day. its a potato/corn bag. you can put either inside the bag and put in the microwave and in a few minutes awesome tasting potatoes and corn. Since I almost became an Aggie well i got the Aggie one. yeah yeah my longhorn friend im sorry LOL.

so ill leave you with a pic of the bag and one that well, is just too funny to not post. Grandma Ann at the movies watching KP3D.


…so i finally went over 70,000 views. not really a big deal considering i been doing this for a few years but hell its all good.

Thanks to all those that actually come here and read the shit i post!

UPDATE: so whats new? not much really. Here is a list of shiznit on my mind lol

I cant wait for hockey season.
Im a new fan of MLB…of course the Dodgers and Angels. lol.
I have 107 bucks to pay for a traffic ticket this friday lol.
I just forgot my cell phone payment was due…so i paid it…grrr bills
One of my new favorite songs is The Seagull. Hear Tony McManus play it on YouTube
Texting with your boss all night drains a perfectly good battery grrrrr lol
I need to get a display case for all these hockey pucks
I need to clean out my closet.
OOOOOOOOOOH I need cat food aka Whiskas
IM hungry. VERY HUNGRY. (got an olive garden gift card! hint hint)
I need to go return some shit that was too big for me
Everytime I type one of these lines my phone buzzes a new text. geez!!
Im not ashamed to say I love Katheryn Hudson and I wear her tour tatt proudly.
I might get the Strawberry tatt too…yeah yeah hush fools. there was agreeance on this lol
I need new shorts…all mine fit loose as shit
I bought 4 cases of water last night and realized i have no where to put them…joy!
Now that I have two monitors I couldnt imagine going back to one!
You can pre-order Part of Me in HD for $20.00 on iTunes…sorry shameless plug
I guess I should get dressed now and go run these errands.
ooooooooooh i need to return these Redbox movies.
The RED paint on the pavement/curve at Redbox locations is NOT I REPEAT NOT Redbox parking you lazy mother fuckers! Park in a designated spot! Sheesh! No wonder some ppl look like they do!

Meeting Paul Reed Smith and Tony McManus

So earlier this evening I met Founder of PRS guitars Paul Reed Smith and legendary celtic guitarist Tony McManus. Was an awesome night.

Not much to really say but I did get a pic with Paul and an autograph. Tony was playing guitar when i left for some folks So i didnt wanna bug him.

The event was mainly about PRS Acoustic guitars which are some of the sweetest sounding guitars….if you are looking to drop around $4000 and up for one. He said there will be SE models available very soon that will be around $800 or so. Either way these guitars are just like the electrics and made from the private stock woods. So yes they are expensive. One reason I enjoy playing PRS guitars is their sound. Even as stock the sound is amazing. The radius of the neck fits perfect for my hands.

Anyways, here are a few pics and one of my own PRS Custom 22

So I Got New Ink & Pepperminty Touch Up

So yes I have been once again tattooed. This time Arabic text. Its simply put… name!

Yes im sure of what it says. A good friend that is from Afghanistan and another I went to school with who is married to a Middle Eastern man and home schools her children both gave me the same design.

So anyways, I also got the Peppermint color touched up. Looks much better now. I still want to get some stuff added to it. It will be themed to appear as it is moving as Katy is always on the go so it will represent that.

Ok so here are a few pics of them.

Im out for now. In a pissy mood because the Dodgers once again lost 5-3. grrrrr. lol

My Name in Arabic

CDT Tattoo touched up