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you know its funny how so many kids say they hate school but it seems to take them FOREVER to get off the damn school bus!! lol seriously get the fuck off the bus and shake yo ass home!! that is if you hate school that much! lol. When i was that age when i got off the bus my ass was walking fast or running to get home. Even in the mornings these kids walk slower than a snail to get on the bus. move it man! Us grown folk got shit to do! lol.

So Long Houston Aeros and Thanx!! =)

Nothing is easy about losing your favorite team to another city. Even if it is a minor league those players we had were playing back and forth at pro level. I wont go off and say too much at this point but below is an excerpt I posted on the news media facebook that mentioned their departure….here it is and what I had to say….if you dont care for hockey dont even bother reading this. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and below is mine…. I also added a pic of some of my favorite merch from the team even going back to an OLD IHL hockey puck (the one with the white background and Aeros logo)


ok here is my take on this…I used to live in Houston. I live in Los Angeles now…yeah home of the KINGS! Well im always back and forth but anyways….lol ok ive been an Aeros Fan about 15 years. When i would go back home to Houston I would always attend a handful of games in my fav sections 126 or 101. I like sitting where its quiet! The Aeros have a HUGE following in Houston. When I first started going to games by myself where I could actually pay attention and not have to talk to others with me I noticed all the fans. Young kids, even plenty of women. Many would say hockey is a mans sport. Well TONS of women in HOuston love the Aeros. THe Aeros organization, players, dancers, announcers etc always did an exceptional job for each home and away game. Theme nights which brought together Cub Scouts, schools, first responders, military etc…..The Aeros definitely looked to including the community in the sport. What lacked the most for Houston’s Aeros was their coverage with the media. I attended all the home games of the 2011 Calder Cup run. Was at the last game when the Aeros lost a heartbreaker. That night I dont recall hearing one word about the Aeros in the run for the Calder Cup. In fact I dont recall hearing one word about them even being in the playoffs. All you hear in Houston is Houston Texans all day everyday. Yes they are the most popular team but during hockey season no one gives a flip about the Texans. You go to an Aeros game you see Aeros jerseys as well as others like NHL, old Aeros; Gordie Howe…For the entire time the Aeros were part of Houston the news media never cared for them. As I said I live in Los Angeles. Here EVERY team gets news coverage that plays a game that day. Kings, Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Ducks, Angels, Galaxy..etc…. I watch Fox News 11 here and if I miss a game I can count on them to report the score and some highlights. Houston concentrates on football too much at a time when its not even being played. People say Houston isnt a hockeytown. Maybe it isn’t but look at ALL the teams across the world that host a team. How many of those cities are hockeytowns? Shame on people for saying this because if you ever attended an Aeros game you would see the young kids playing a mini-game at 1st intermission and it was so fun to see. Some of those kids showing tons of skill. The Houston Aeros marked their history in the city by winning championships and hardly ever missing the playoffs. The Texans cant even get to the big game. Honestly if this is the way Houston treats hockey they dont deserve another team. But bare in mind its not the people its folks like Les Alexander but you cant blame him fully because the Wild did want to see their affiliate being closer. For my team our AHL affiliate is the Manchester Monarchs in New Hampshire. ACross the country just to get called up to the NHL. So it breaks my heart to see the Aeros leave and to see so many hockey fans upset but the Aeros gave us all wonderful memories we will all cherish and we wish them nothing but the best as they move on. People who say F hockey its really sad to hear you say that when you claim you want to do so many family activities together with your kids when hockey is one of those fun things to have done with them…… Thank You Aeros for the amazing years of hockey you gave me as a fan. Ill forever still wear my Aeros gear as a reminder of the champions they are and the legacy of the team they leave. As they play(ed) their last game in Toyota Center those banners will be a reminder of that history that no one can erase unless Les is a prick who will remove the banners…….AND might I add that the Aeros are only 2 points from the Playoffs again this season. 3 games this weekend and the team will play at least a few more before they leave for good. Would be sweet to see them win the Calder Cup on their last run in Houston…..never know! My LA Kings won the Stanley Cup as an 8th seed beating seeds 1,2 and 3 and going 16-4 and I cant wait to wear my official Kings Stanley Cup Champions ring soon!! =P

Some of my favorite Aeros merchandise

Some of my favorite Aeros merchandise

One More Reason I Hate Houston Texas…..

so i recently read that the Houston Aeros hockey team is being hauled off to Des Moines Iowa. Which makes sense for the NHL affiliate Minnesota Wild to have them closer yet look at my team. The LA Kings, our affiliate is in New England. The Manchester Monarchs. So yeah talk about a cross country trip if called up. So anyway I dont know the whole story but from what I have been hearing from people in the know is that Toyota Center didnt even care to come to an agreement with the team on terms to stay. Basically the Houston Rockets owner Les Mother Fucker Alexander let the team go. Games were always sold out and when they weren’t its really the cities own fault. THe team did everything they could to promote the team. Having events and all. The news media in Houston is full of HOuston Kotexans bullshit. In Houston they feed you this neverending bullshit about their football team that can’t even get to the big game. Yet the Aeros have won titles and division championships. They dont care to speak of the team. People say Houston isnt a hockeytown. Really are many places really a hockeytown? LA is known for the Lakers and Dodgers more so than any other sports team. Galaxy, Ducks, Angels, Kings….None of them well besides the Angels as well really dont get as much talk as the Lakers. BUT LA supports ALL of their teams. Call some of them bandwagoners but people have to begin being a fan sometime right? Ive been following the Galaxy for the last 3 years. Clippers only been supporting them since last year. So what? I never even cared about baseball until last season when I actually got into it. Now I enjoy watching it when I can. Right now hockey season takes over more than baseball. lol.

So yeah its really a shame that the mass of hockey fans in Houston wont get to see hockey anymore because of Les Alexander. Options to see hockey would be going to Austin to see the Dallas Stars or San Antonio to see the Rampage or Dallas to see the only NHL team in the state which is the Dallas Stars..ehhhh Also Corpus has a team as well. Les believes that he can make more money with concerts but really? Houston’s music market is shit and it is picky. The majority of people in Houston either listen to country or rap. So unless your either of those genres you wont sell out the Toyota Center. In LA Stone Sour can sell out a 15,000 seat arena but in Houston……cant even sell out 5000 or so. Its a shame really. Houston is full of rap wannabees and rednecks. Most popular artists dont even tour during the later months going into the Thanksgiving and Xmas holidays and early winter spring months. Most wait until summer and fall because of logistics issues with gear. In Houston most artists dont even consider the Toyota Center. Most would rather book The Woodlands Arena or Bayou Center. Rush, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Elton John….those are artists that will sell out the Toyota Center. As popular a band The Deftones is, they wont sell out Toyota but in other cities they could.

Houston has a boner for their shitty football team the Kotexans. Thats what we haters call them. I have never liked football in that state and never will. Also kinda funny how they talk so much shit about the Aeros…well the fans….saying we cant win the big game and that hockey sucks…..ok man….yeah we have MANY banners hanging in the arena and have won the CUP. Texans have held true to Houston Pro sports teams fate…..choking. Im sure their idea of getting rid of the Aeros was to make more people concentrate on their shitty football team. Fuck no im not. Fuck Houston and fuck the texans and fuck you Les Alexander. I am back and forth between LA and Houston and yeah its nice to be able to go see the Aeros when I cant go see the LA Kings. Now nothing….I hope all these artists continue to keep booking the Woodlands so Les Alexander and his minions lose money without the hockey team here.

In the end he blames the Aeros for not bringing him in enough money yet did he ever help to promote the team? Nope. Because the news in Houston is brainwashed to believe that before the MLB and NFL seasons start their teams will be making the Super Bowl and WOrld Series…yeah right. Friend of mine told me a while back that the Astros has one of the lowest payrolls in the league….really? Kinda sounds like the movie Major League…I wouldnt doubt if the new owner wants them to fail miserably so he can move them somewhere else. Houston will never be a market for pro sports athletes. NONE of the stars want to play there. Rockets made a play for Dwight Howard and he was like….are you mutha fuckas serious? lol fool doesnt want to play for a team that is always one and done in the playoffs IF they make it. which they did this season…still I see one and done for them.

So yeah ill shut up now. The Aeros play their last game in Houston tomorrow night. Their website is already nearly gone. nothing on there but game info. I could say its all Houston’s fault but im sure Minnesota wanted to move them as well so yeah fuck them both. In the end im STILL an LA Kings/Monarchs fan but yes I will go for the Aeros through the rest of this season and I hope they make the playoffs. Ive been a fan of the Aeros since the 90s when i started to pay attention to hockey. All I can say is THANK YOU HOUSTON AEROS for being my favorite source of sports entertainment while I been back and forth in Texas. I thank the Aeros team, personnel, Aero Dynamics, announcers…everyone for the hard work they put into every game and making it enjoyable for me always. I wish the Aeros the best in their new home of Des Moines Iowa and yes I will follow them because those players are awesome. I dont care for the Wild but I will still follow the Aeros or whatever they will be called over there. Des Moines Cornhuskers, Des Moines Cornhusks, Des Moines Devils, sheesh who knows lol

anyways THANK YOU AEROS!!!!!!