IRS Tax System: One Big Scam

For years even before many of us were born Americans have had to pay taxes out of their paychecks to the govt. So I was reading comments from people online who are STILL having issues getting their money. Really?? I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise. We all know how the US Govt is. When you owe them money its pay the fuck up right now no waiting….NOW! When they owe you money you get every excuse in the fucking book….

* You have to wait 60 days
* There was an error we are working on
* Appears you may have been identity theft victim
* You didn’t sign your return
* you missed a number (even though you filed using software)
* Your bank rejected refund

WOW! All these excuses and so many more. The last one makes me laugh. Really? There’s people waiting for their return and never even received notice their money was on the way so how could the bank possibly reject it. You know to be honest I think the US Govt republicans are doing this on purpose to make the current POTUS look bad. Many have said their refund is still on hold because of Obamacare. Really? I mean obviously when you file and report no health insurance they deduct a certain amount from your refund as a penalty for not having insurance. Just take the fucking money and send these people their money.

With my income I always owe the damn Govt. I pay them so they get off my back. Its a shame though that people who work their asses off end up waiting out these long periods just to get whats rightfully theirs. Its understandable that people need the extra cash to pay bills or catch up on them while others simply just want the money to go and blow it on shit they don’t need like $500 purses and shoes they’ll only use a few times or on outrageous size flat screen TVs. Either way its their money. The Govt needs to stop with the damn excuses and get their asses in gear and start sending people their money. What are they doing out there? 5 returns a day? People need their money. People deserve answers.

Sadly for many the wait isn’t anywhere near over. Many either won’t even get their refunds because the IRS will make up some insane excuse as to why you OWE them. Many others won’t even get their refunds til next tax season it seems. Already entering August and still many people clueless to their status. It doesn’t make people very confident about next season because this will probably happen again next year. Hey Congress…..stop funding bullshit in other countries, bring home the damn soldiers who don’t even need to be out there and start putting forth more effort to get people’s money back.