Quick Update & Dream Jobs

Its been a crazy trip on this last leg of PWT and I’ve tried to take my god daughter to see as much as possible. I realized a few things about myself recently.

1. its not as easy as one thinks to raise a teenage girl

2. I’m not in the same physical shape i used to be

3. i rediscovered my love for Argentinian wine. (Chile next..) lol

Lots has happened since my last post. Its a long story and I won’t get into that but basically a friend passed away and his request was that I look after his teenage daughter. Since about July she has lived with me. In the beginning it was very tough on her losing her father. Her grandparents all have passed and her mother passed when she was 7. Her father was all she had left. Ive been around her since she was a kid so thankfully it wasn’t some foreign situation to her. Now I promise ill get to the title of this post but I felt I had to mention a few things before I continued forward. So anyways she is a smart kid. Graduated early and got a full academic scholarship. Since she has been through so much I decided to bring her along on this last trip. She’s never been to Brazil, Peru, Argentina…etc…

We roamed near the Amazon River and hiked Machu Picchu. Hence where I discovered my physical fitness is shit. lol. Still though had fun. I think she had to get used to South American Cuisine lol although we did have some fuckin amazing steak medallions. Wine tasting at La Cava in Buenos Aires. I think her favorite moment though was seeing Katy perform for Rock in Rio and laughing at ha ya ya ya or whatever her name was. That was quite the moment not to mention the after thoughts to that moment on stage. Of course you can check out that performance on You Tube by now I’m sure. Ok so anyways let me get to the actual point of this post. Sorry for combining all this into one

In Buenos Aires I was walking around the outdoor venue and it was a huge clusterfuck. I noticed a few what seemed to be possibly Americans there. Two girls with their mother I presume and I heard one of them tell their mother they wanted to be a singer make music like Katy. Her mother had said “oh that won’t happen. Besides your going to be a doctor.” I felt puzzled when I heard that because I never could understand why parents seem to think its ok to choose their childs career path. Sure when we are little our parents have their own dreams for us. To be successful and probably doing something along the same work they do or better. For me my father wanted me to be a fireman. F U C K T H A T! ME and fire/heat DO NOT mix! I hate the heat with a passion. I was that kid that was told to go cut the grass and I responded with “hell no its hot outside and I’m not going to sweat.” lol. Yes I said that every week and I never had to do it. Spoiled! lol. Back to the mother though. Why would she tell her daughter that? I mean if she wants to put forth the effort to try and become a singer then why not? She never did say she wanted to be famous and tour the world. She just said she wanted to write music. I really wish parents would support their kids more when it comes to music. a career in law, medicine, retail etc just isn’t for some of us. Kinda like the story I read about a girl who had tattoos all over her hands and then was fired because it violated dress code and policy. Ive always been a firm believer that if your going to work dealing with people its wise to not tattoo your visible body parts. Of course my forearms are right calf are inked but look at my line of work. Its pretty much normal for people in this field to have tattoos.

Although there are still a few dates left we are doing only two more. We have personal business to deal with back home. Bogota and Santiago are the last two stops for us. Its all good we will only miss the last few. I won’t get into all the personal aspects of things. For me though its more important than work. I really hope though that the youth of today who have dreams of doing whatever they want for a career will put forth the effort to strive towards that. Our parents mean well but its our lives and it should be up to us what we decide to do with our lives and career. So if your out there and you want to learn to play guitar or piano and write songs. Then do it. Sing your heart out. Not everyone will make it big but the point is to have fun while doing it. Remember if you love what you do then you will never work a day in your life…..Now go out and seize the day!