Life…and a Silly Story!

is good. Enjoying some downtime at home. Relaxing. Got a BBQ to goto Friday so that should be fun. Lately ive been enjoying sports again. Ive always been a basketball, hockey and football fan but spent so little time watching. So ive already been to one basketball game and plan to attend more not to mention some hockey games as well. Sorry, no baseball fan here. The only updating I would do is checking out the score. Seems all the Cal people I know are going for the Rangers! LOL. If it was the Dodgers then i’d be more happy about the game lol.

So nothing new really lately. Ive had some insane wild dreams. Thanks to the fact that I can control my lucid dreams mostly I have some cool ones. Last night I was on the beach at Tobacco Caye Belize in my lil beach house hut. Nice! The other night I had a crazy dream. I was at some unknown location and I was walking along this sidewalk which lead to the gates of this castle. About 4 feet down was the water. Suddenly this speed boat comes out. Then another. These dudes in black suits are coming after me. SOOOOO, I make my way to the gates or doors of this castle and I go in. The windows are open and huge in this place and these people can see me so they bring their boats closer to the castle and I run farther into the house looking for a place to hide. Then this group of guys dressed like vikings comes out speaking Norwegian and saves the day. They tell me to follow them. I guess I was some sort of James Bond that could speak different languages as I could understand them so I followed them down to this corridor to a square stairwell doing down. Yeah we must have ran about 30 floors down! So halfway down we notice these people are in the stairwell and coming at us and we must run even faster. the last four floors I did some sort of jump trick and landed four floors down like some pro lol. We get to this dock of boats. Yeah strange huh….A dock of boats!?! I mean i was pretty much at sea level when they first started chasing me and after going down 30 floors we are still at sea level?!? WTF! So anyway, we hop in this speed boat just in the nick of time and are off down the lake. These bad guys nearly caught me and we escaped. We proceeded to flip them off and laugh and they started throwing a fit. Then as we got farther away I sat down and asked one of the guys, “can I ask you something, why in the fuck did we go down 30 floors of stairs and end up back at the water?” I got all laughs then one of them said, its your dream you tell us! LOL That was funny.

So anyways besides my wacky ass dreams nothing else is new. Dont forget to read and comment on my pics. I also made a new youtube channel. Nothing added yet but I will be adding soon. search for GryllsTech. So yeah dont forget to comment and subscribe to me if your a youtuber and you still have time to win that cookie…see…. (look at the pic….mmmmmm) lol


Rockets/Lakers NBA Opener A Great Game

……BUT the Lakers were not playing like a championship team. Of course Lakers fans will beg to differ. I like both teams but Lakers fans….The Rockets owned you just about the entire game! So be it its a win in the record books, its not by far a victory to celebrate all too well. The Rockets showed up to play and they proved that. Lakers took up to the 4th period to come back and still the Rockets came back. Staples Center was packed and the ring ceremony and banner unveiling was as expected. Ron Artest though is donating his Championship ring to a charity raffle. How thoughtful of the former Rockets player and Lakers Champion!

It was an impressive game by the Rockets and Lakers. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Lakers fans are already saying 3-peat but the season just began and if the Rockets continue that play, the next meetings between these two teams won’t be a blowout as most expected.

Im anxious to see these two teams play again. should be a great NBA season. Its great that they also have implemented the review cameras to allow the officals to fairly make the right call where as in the past this has cost many teams. For instance years ago when the Houston Rockets played the San Antonio Spurs, Hakeem Olajuwon made a shot at the buzzer which would have been a game winner BUT the officials said Hakeem did not get the ball off in time. After further review of the play AFTER the game was already won by the Spurs, the commentators clearly showed how Hakeem did in fact get the ball off BEFORE the buzzer thus the officials screwing the Rockets out of the Finals.

So thats about it for now. Peace out!

Same Shit…Different Day….

Yeah thats about right! nothing really ever changes even when you think it does. Im sure this goes for many other people besides me. There’s many reasons why I dont waste my time with certain things. Really what is the point? If we did things and know that the outcome would be the same no matter what we do and how hard we work at it then whats the point? Life seems like a broken record these days. Like a game or puzzle. Frankly, I dont even deal with the petty shit anymore.

Sadly though, we experience the same shit just on different days and times. Sometimes those annoying lil things go away for what appears to be for good then….BAM right back at cha! FAIL! Sometimes when I travel its the greatest experience ever and others its just totally fucked up. One small infraction can screw up an entire trip. Believe me I know from much experience! Then some things just work out so well its like we must be dreaming. This shit is too good to be true. Dont worry, its going to come back to haunt you. Always does. Work, social, love, etc…..never fails. Then sometimes we get those negative things out of our life and then somehow one way or another that shit creeps right back in. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Im not saying for me personally. Just in general for people. People piss us off everywhere we go. The freeway, grocery store, work, internet…etc. I decided upon coming home to stay off social networks like Facebook. Sure I been tweeting but there is not really enough interaction there that annoys me. With Facebook its just too much BS and I got sick of it. Hence my absence from it. Sure ill hop back there but for me Facebook was becoming that Same Shit, Different Day annoyance. I needed the break. I choose to stay away from social places and from social events. I dont care to go out to clubs, bars, shit like that. Why? its noisy…people are yelling, acting stupid, drunk, high, on drugs and thinking they are gods gift to women/men. Its quite sad that I was once the person that enjoyed going out every weekend even if just to shoot pool but now no one really wants to go, cant go because they are parents or just doesn’t have the desire to go anywhere fun. Thats why i lost interest to do things. I never really cared for movie theatres yet i never get invited to goto them so why go alone? I fall asleep in the fucking places if im alone. I remember i watched the last two Matrix movies in the theatre and fell asleep both times. Dark cool places make this cold loving guy sleepy! lol…

I get sick of the same shit. Seriously, I think its the reason I like to get away and/or do different things. Many of you that actually read this are wondering why Im home on a Saturday night. Well, 1. no one asked me to do anything. 2. what the fuck is there to really do? 3. why go anywhere where there will be 20,000 screaming drunk people? That about sums it all up. Im not really that boring of a person. I just got this way because over all the years ive lost all of my friends to marriages and women. They now belong to their wives that boss them around and make them stay home. You know they are considered cheaters if we guys went out for a few brews and billiards. So my huge circle of friends is down to lets say, 2. Both have kids, never any free time and it sucks. I can’t really bitch though. It is the Same Shit, Different Day for them and that my online friends is the reality we call……life!

Craptastic huh?! lol


Pier to Nowhere

Slipknot Content….Slipknot Fans Please Read!

Those of you that are Slipknot fans that might be following this site I wanted to let you know that information about Slipknot and Paul Gray has been removed. There has been uproar about Brenna getting upset on personal pictures posted on another website which I did not do. To ease the issues I just decided to removed all Slipknot content on this site including my thoughts on Paul’s death. those posts have been made private and only visible by myself. Sorry for this inconvenience. It was not asked of me to remove the content but im removing it for Brenna.

Many have different thoughts about this issue. I as well have mixed thoughts about things but yes pictures of Paul and Brenna’s daughter online is not cool! If you didnt take the picture then you don’t own it. I dont know who posted pics of Paul’s daughter and such but that seems to be the case.

Fans have emailed me on here and other venues about how they feel with the death of Paul and how things have been since. I know fans are upset that there has been no formal memorial in his honor. To be honest I as well am a bit shocked. When Dimebag Darrell died a memorial for fans was setup with speakers and other Dimebag memorabilia on display for fans to see. Not everyone including family and band im sure were too keen on the idea. Completely understandable. For the fans around the world if you would like to honor Paul I would suggest possibly arranging your own memorials. In parks, venues or wherever.

The pictures in question I did see, very personal pictures of their daughter just born. These pics taken by family and others quite possibly by hospital staff. I would say that if you have any of these pics posted on any of your websites, please take them down out of respect. It may be against what you stand up for but at least have the common respect for the family by not displaying personal pictures you do not have permission to post. I wanted to also add that for those that might be family to Paul and such, if you have personal pictures loaded online for others to see you might want to take extra precautions to make sure those pictures are protected and watermarked. On Facebook your photo albums are defaulted to EVERYONE so unless you change privacy settings everyone can see your pics merely by searching your profile. Also you can set your profile to where non-friends cannot see your profile at all. This is best to do. Sadly, the internet is a haven for hackers and such so anything you post online is not 100% secure. Pictures can be searched by merely typing Paul Gray or October Gray. In Google pages are cached so even if some is deleted there may be a cached copy of it still on Google’s server. So just be aware.

I dont think Brenna’s issue is as much with pictures of Paul and she but most definitely the pictures of their daughter! Either way, take them down. If you see them on other sites please kindly ask them to be removed. On another site I read someone saying something like “take those mother fucking pictures down or else im gonna come fuck you up….” ok thats just immature people. Ask nicely. People are most likely to do so if you ask nicely. You dont walk into your bosses office and tell him to fucking give you a mother fucking raise or you will burn his new Mercedes Benz so be civil. For Christ’s sake some people really need to grow up and and just act like an adult. Stupidity and irrational behavior gets you nowhere! Im sure it upsets fans that it has come to this but you really do have to respect their privacy no matter how well you know someone. Its not entirely fair to blame the fans for having possession of these photos and other pertinent data but there is data online that is public data and searchable. Pictures posted by people close to the family or by family can get into the wrong hands.

I have about 12 pictures of Paul’s grave. Some a friend took and others I personally took. I have told no one of his location and/or how to find it because of security issues. I will not post those pictures either! Dont even ask. Never even crossed my mind to do so. There is a fine line between what is personal and what is public and although something as public as a gravesite is, they want to keep it private for now. Will they disclose that information to anyone? I dont know and i personally will not give anyone that information either. It has been said on the internet where he is buried but finding it in such a huge place is completely up to you! I seriously dont think people want destroy his final resting place but rather want to pay their respects. I visited Dimebag’s and I never could get a moment to myself there but fans would respect others privacy and stay quiet. Others would jam or whatever.

People that create the music we enjoy and love become part of us in many ways. Many people never met their musical heros but have many magazines, or other memorabilia they might collect. Those people become a part of us all spiritually. For those that really understand the true meaning of appreciating music they know that feeling.

As for Paul’s burial. Really that cannot be blamed on fans. For instance the local Des Moines newspaper has this information published in its article. Cemeteries are huge places. I really could not see myself going through an entire cemetery to find one person’s grave. Very hard to do. Many are unmarked or there is nothing there at all. No stone…nothing. So the best way to grieve over Paul’s death is to do so in your own special way. Part of the reason Slipknot adores their fans is their creativity. Be creative in your own way of grief. Be it a wall of posters and pictures, concert memorabilia, autographs or pics you took with him. For instance, I know a woman from Australia on my FB friends list that has a wall of Slipknot in her home. She has one of Paul’s Signature Basses she bought. Some posters, autographs and such. Decals on her car…etc….Thats a great way to celebrate the man’s life.

So in conclusion I ask you all to please respect the family. If you have personal pics posted, please take them down. Pics of Paul and Brenna and of their daughter please. Band pics, fans pics thats cool! I know many people have read my blogs on here about the Knot and emailed me but never commented. Sorry if you had them bookmarked or whatever. I just chose to removed them for my own personal reasons. I do have more to share about this but that will probably be on another blog. Right now im off to find some fucking dinner! LOL


Sao Paulo


You know, I dont get fans. Especially teenagers. I commented on a video of Joey Jordison from Slipknot on his drum solo from the Disasterpieces DVD and the people there are ignorant. I am sure most are teenagers. Teenagers seem to think that if a band doesn’t play fast ripping metal guitar solos and drum solos that they are poser ass pussy mother fuckers. Another thing with these fans is that they seem to think that because JJ can solo double bass at 170bpm that no one else in the world can do it. I got news for you kids……WATCH YOU TUBE!!! In fact there are plenty of aspiring drummers and guitarists out there that can play their favorite bands music. I add my own style into songs when I play. Maybe a harmonic or pick slide here and there. Tremolo bar here and there…etc….On drums I try to stick with the way the song goes but I do add in my own spice.

I just think its ignorant that these fans get so upset when people critique their favorites. I have my favorite artists. People say shit about them. Doesn’t piss me off. Its their opinion. The only thing I hate is how rock music gets put aside for shit like rap and pop. Rap and pop may be the popular shit today but its NOT the only music people listen to. In fact watch movies today. How many times do you hear a rock song or a metal style beat? Plenty of times. Action movies use rock styles all the time.

Some guy posted on the video that we are all posers and that we have no musical taste or knowledge. Ok wise guy if I dont have any musical knowledge then why in the fuck have I been touring with bands for over 12 years of my life? ….BEOTCH!! lol Everyone has their own taste in music. Remember this youngsters….speed does not make you a better artist. A metal guitarist can blaze though solos all night but BB King can play the fuck out of the blues and to be honest, there is more feeling in the blues than metal. Ever wonder why bands that once were so popular are gone? They lived it up. They partied too much. Drank too much, did too many drugs and fucked too many women. You can only do that shit for so long before it comes back to haunt you. The music industry may be about getting women and money but honestly, do you want to fuck some woman you dont know? Get some disease and possibly knock her up so that she comes back to you years later wanting 80% of your earnings? I didnt think so!

Musicians are influenced by others. In fact everyone is influenced by others. For everything we do someone has at one point or another influenced us to do what we do. I was influenced by Alex Lifeson and Eddie Van Halen. I was influenced on the drums by Neil Peart, Lars Ulrich and Buddy Rich. There were others but the point im making here is that for every artist we idolize there was someone they idolized. To say Joey Jordison is the best drummer ever but Keith Moon sucked or whomever is stupid. Music evolves just as we do. Music today is nothing like it was when our parents were kids and so on. How about when our grandparents could remember listening to Bing Crosby? Today people would say Bing sucks balls…At least thats what the teens would say yet the adults would praise him and remember listening to that. Hell i listen to Bing, Frank, Dean, Sammy…etc….I have a wide musical range. its a shame that teenagers and other people think that music is just one style and thats it.

The media likes to label people when they die. They say a President was one of the best ever or that a rockstar was the best ever. Why label people? WHen they were alive they many times would be criticized and considered shit or fake. Then when they die they become the best. Sort of like how movies are rated today. Every time I watch a movie trailer the same shit is said….”the best movie of the year…” ok how can every movie be the best movie of the year mother fuckers? Im sick of it. The media is responsible for much of the outcry. Like right now all I hear is Lady Gaga….Ok that bitch is annoying. To me she is a Amy Winehouse ripoff. What those people wont do for attention. A meat suit? A meat hat? Come the fuck on man. Seeing how these people are today really makes me appreciate artists like Neil Peart. He doesn’t like all the attention. He does his job and at the end of the night he owes you nothing more. You pay for the concert. You get 3 hours of music and at the end he waves goodbye to you and thats it. Its over. No waiting by the buses for autographs and “dude your the best drummer ever and im your biggest fan” You know how many times bands hear that shit? Im sure they lost count!

People tend to think that bands and crew owe them the world. You pay for a concert. Honestly i dont know why they offer VIP tickets and meet and greets anymore. Before it was a privilege to meet your fav bands now they just sell tickets to an event. Many artists love writing, recording and performing but not always meeting people. They cant meet and greet all 80,000 of you that pack the arena. In fact you are meeting them when they walk out on stage. ive seen women practically rip guys clothes off backstage. Cocks get sucked. Women get their panties torn off and fucked. Honestly, its gross. I’d rather go home and have meaningful sex with the woman i love rather than some groupie that hits up every concert looking for a good time with whatever famous guy comes out.

I remember on the early Slipknot tours there was this one teenage girl that would goto every concert in her area that she could. She would whore herself out to Corey Taylor and when other girls came around she got bitchy and would tell them to leave her man alone. Corey would be like WTF man go away. i think this girl was about 16 or so. I just dont get it though. Ignorance!!!

Another thing that pisses me off that ive discussed before is fans that think they know it all or guys that try to impress their girlfriends. They talk shit to the crew and then afterwards when their cute girlfriend gets backstage they get pissed off because I wont let them back. Its called karma bitch! You treat me like shit and I return the favor back to you!!! Why? Because I dont owe you a mother fucking thing! Dont try to be my best friend like we have known each other for 10 years. Say hi and shit but geez dont expect for me to open the world of the backstage area to you because you are nice.

Anyways, going back to my first point about fans and music. I just cant stand how fans get so pissy about things. See, Joey Jordison is a great drummer. He is well respected in the music community. If he wasn’t then he would not have had the opportunity to jam with so many bands. for example Korn and Metallica. You have to be pretty damn well respected for Metallica to say, “come up and jam with us man.” A person that studies drums will tell you that he has good technique but they might not tell you they like his style or his drumming in general. There are plenty of bands that i dont like but maybe their drummer or guitarist, bassist or whatever is damn good. Give credit where credit is due. Neil is the last person to tell you he is the greatest drummer. Its been a label he has been given for years. He has a unique style and technique. He doesn’t go out there playing speed metal he just plays. To me there is no such thing as the greatest of anything. People call Tiger Woods the greatest golfer ever yet im sure out there somewhere in the world someone plays golf better than he does.

Evolution is constant. Just like many things. Ignorance is constant. It will never change. Some people really need to get a grip on reality and realize that just because someone criticizes you or your favorite people it doesnt make them any better or worse than you. Its just their right to their own opinion.

Mishaps & Vengeance!

yeah my phone is in it, the grave that is! the stupid ass touchscreen will NOT respond to shit! did numerous hard resets, task 29 w/o mtty. did a mtty, installed different ROMs and the phone is dead. you can call me and I can talk to you but the screen is 100% completely gone. so yeah im getting a replacement BUT i have NO phone to use out here. The only person I know that would have spare phones is in TX and I am in Tampa! LOL geezus. guess ill just wait til i get the new phone.

i actually have another phone which I use for the sake of my company outside of the music biz. those that have the number can call me on that or text me on that phone. OR just email me and ill get it to you…if i know you good enough that is LOL.

other than that, nothing new to report….well…kinda….sorta….lets just say the R1200GS has broken mirrors and a scratched up tank thanks to some fucktard that decided to dart out on the road and hit the brakes to a slow crawl of 5mph… not racist but honestly brotha WTF were you doing darting out on a road going 50 then slamming your brakes on hard and going 5mph? I guess its their way of creepin or whatever the fuck they call it. i dont like rap so i dont know lol.

I have one more ride left on this tour. Tampa Florida to West Palm Beach Florida. I apologize for the lack of everything lately. Pics, blogs, routes on everytrail. Im sorry. Just been a clusterfuck of work, trying to relax, been feeling a bit under the weather lately and all of that just rolled into one has me stressed. Its 4:32am here in Tampa and today is the show. We got back to back shows this weekend. Today in Tampa and tomorrow in WPB and that ends the USA Leg of the Time Machine Tour. Then it will be off to South America for four tour dates Sao Paulo, Rio, Buenos Aires and Santiago.

Kinda going back to my phone. Well today as I made it to the hotel, I checked in under another crazy name that totally doesn’t fit with my look. I dont have to. Im not a rockstar but its fun to do. lol…I had dinner at Council Oaks Steaks. Mmmmmm. pretty good. It was near the hotel. After dinner thats when the motorcycling fiasco took place. The bike is in riding condition just no mirrors. They are getting fixed and hopefully ready for tomorrow. After Saturday ill say goodbye to the two wheels and ill be heading home for a few days where ill meet my new phone! yay!

so yeah thats basically the lowdown on my shitty week. oh and get this……I read online that the 16GB Class 2 Micro SD Card that came with my phone is supposedly bad and causes issues with my phone, SOOOOO, HTC is sending me a replacement card. A Class 4 one. I guess its a better card. Same size, BUT i get to keep the old one so ill be using that extra 16GB as storage on my netbook for movies!!! lol I have a 8GB SD Card in my netbook now and im only using about 2GBs of it so it would be nice to have a full 16 to save movies. I tend to convert movies over to MP4 format so I can watch them on the computers and on my phone. I feel lost without my phone right now. I mean its sitting next to me turned on but fucking worthless! lol

ok so im out. gonna sleep a few hours and grab some breakfast and them im off to the Ford Arena. Peace out my friends. Hopefully you are somewhere where its nice and cold because its fucking hot as fuck in this fucking country! I hate heat damnit! I want fucking cold weather now!!! SNOW, ICE, HAIL, THUNDER, HURRICANES….something…shit! lol

ok peace out!