Sheen-isms & Winning

Over the last few days we have heard plenty of things being said about Charlie Sheen. Personally I have always like his movies. He is a funny guy. People have been criticizing Charlie for his words or lack of grammar in his quotes in various interviews he has done. This blog is going to be about

1. Why people shouldn’t care about how Charlie talks

2. His personal life

3. What he does in his personal life

4. His quotes

Ok well, im sure many of you saw the 20/20 special with Charlie. Ok first off let me say that everything he said in the way he said it was funny. Was he under the influence of a drug? Maybe and maybe not. Im sure the so-called experts that read this will say “OH HE WAS…” Really? Ok fucktards how do you know? Were you there? Did you see him use any? Were you able to get up close enough to him to see his pupils? Truth is, im about as fucking nuts and whacked when I talk about shit as Charlie. Hell just read my blogs and if you know me personally….well then you know! Really whats the problem with the guy speaking his mind? Given his track record with women we can see the negative things about him yet, those that choose to be with him…well thats their own problem. If Bree Olsen wants to fuck Charlie’s brains out then its her god given right to do so and its his to fuck her and whatever porn stars he wishes.

I look at it this way…..If I were a movie star or rockstar I would live my life the way I wanted. I’d be with who I choose and no one would change my thoughts on that because they might feel the woman im with is a pornstar, stripper, hoe or whatever. You only live in this world once and you have to make the best of it. I dont condone drug use by any means but if that is something he chooses to do then so be it. If he chooses to fuck pornstars….then so be it. In America we seem to think that we need to control other people especially those with celebrity status. Who gives a fuck if a celebrity smokes a cigarette or gives a blowjob in public…..these are things average people do. Why should it fucking matter if Charlie Sheen does anything? Tabloids…they allow people to get into the lives of these celebrities and they feel as if these celebs owe them something. They dont….Over the last few days I have read posts from people asking why others would support Charlie Sheen and his drug use and actions. Well, first off, I seriously doubt anyone is supporting his drug use. For me, I get a kick out of the things he says. For instance:

1. Sure got a cup?

2. There’s drugs in the house? oooooooh were all gonna die!

3. First ones free, the next one goes in yo mouth

4. im an F-18 bro

5. Winning

6. I will deploy my ordinance to the ground

Ok thats just a few….To me, this shit is funny because much of it seems to make no sense. Now for those of you that dont have an open sense of humor and I KNOW some of my friends that dont will read this, but you wont care for it and will think its stupid. Sure its stupid but that truly is what makes people want to hear what he has to say. For instance, George W Bush. When he was in office he said some pretty fucked up shit. People got a kick out of the things he said because his rhetoric seemed to be so fucked it was funny. Now to this day you can find GWB soundboards with his crazy shit everywhere. With that said, people that got a kick out of that, it doesn’t mean those people supported GWB and his ideals. They merely got a good laugh out of his words.

A few other things that have been trending on Twitter is #Bring It, #tigerblood, #WINNING…..yeah ive left some crazy tweets in response to this. Ive heard others say shit just as fucked up as this. Lets look at Ozzy. If you don’t know who Ozzy is…well, you should be shot! Ozzy as we all know talks funny and he abused alcohol and drugs for many years during his career. To this day he talks funny. Ive talked with him many times on tours. Does this mean Ozzy should be locked up and thrown into drug rehab merely because his voice sounds fucked up? No! People, if you dont want to hear about Charlie Sheen then turn the TV off…Change the channel….watch a movie….no one is forcing you to listen to it, read it, see it….

Charlie knows the impact he is making on his fans and people that even hate him. We can say he is a bad father or a good father. I know people that use drugs yet are good parents. You say thats fucked up but yet I know a guy that smokes weed and yet would die for his child and never smokes it in his child’s presence. So you can’t judge him because you think you know because you dont. Maybe he uses and maybe he doesn’t. He says the off the wall shit because he knows people are getting a good laugh out of it. Maybe the drugs are helping……We dont know. So stop judging people just because you think you know. I work for rock bands. I dont do drugs yet because I do people label me as a loser drug user and alcoholic. Well, im not. Charlie has made his career making people laugh and making dramatic movies. I enjoy those movies no matter how fucked up he appears to be or might be.

Your probably saying to yourself that I am fucked up…Yeah I am on a drug myself….Its called Gill Grylls…..I am who I am and I believe in what I believe. Thats what makes us all unique. How about this…..If Charlie is such a bad father then why does Denise Richards allow him to be around his daughters? Why have they taken trips together for the sake of their kids? Maybe you all see what you wanna see but its truly only those in their circle of friends and family that see the true person behind all the fucking cameras and shit. Charlie is enjoying his life the way he wants to. Just as many of you are doing so yourself. Many of you might be stay at home moms….Or retired……won the lottery…..yet no one knows what goes on in your homes but you….right? Right… lay off Charlie and if you are getting a good laugh out of the things he says then by all means enjoy it….if you think he is full of shit and needs to just go away well…….stay away from your TV when coverage of him comes on TV. Folks its Hollywood. Its going to happen no matter who the celebrity is. Lindsey Lohan, Xtina, Britney, Justin Beiber, Snooki, Jwoww…..and yes even Charlie Sheen….He is WINNING!!!! Ok so thats it….

Comment, hate, love, criticize me…..whatever…..