Katy Perry Ready for Super Bowl Half-Time Show

So the Prismatic World Tour 2014 came to an end in New Zealand and now its time for rest. Rest not for long. Katy’s invading Glendale AZ in just a few weeks. Set list set. Staging is in the works and by goodness the show is just about ready to go on. There’s prep time and that means off to Arizona in the following weeks to get ready. Can you say free Super Bowl game!! =)

Ive attended the Super Bowl before. Im not a huge football fan anymore but I’m more than excited for this particular day to come. February 1st is near. There’s work to be done but honestly it will be more fun than work. Believe it or not there is a lot of preparation for just a 10-12 minute performance. The Super Bowl is of course the social event of the season for the rich and famous. Especially rappers. This year though I think the mass of folks known as the Katycats will be looking for any way possible to either get into the stadium, watch the half-time show from the field and meet the woman herself. Thats quite a bit to accomplish at such a huge event. All I can say is GOOD LUCK LOL. The Katycats are more excited for a 10 minute performance by Katy than the tens of thousands of men who will be guzzling beer and painting their faces and screaming at the field and the referees. Let me say this….a group of 100 Katycats WILL SCREAM louder than an entire stadium of rabid drunk fans screaming at a ref. This is true folks. There’s a reason we wear professional ear protection at every show…..Yep them girls got some lungs!! lol

OOOH bacon! lol sorry a commercial just came on. lol. If you don’t know the legion of fans called KCs spare no expense for Katy. Literally! Im actually waiting to see who will fly to Arizona from across the country or world just to try and get in. They have already shown that they will travel from Europe, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Japan…etc just to attend a few concerts. One fan has attended over 20 concerts this tour spanning trips to the UK, USA, AUS and NZ. Now thats some dedication. Where do all you folks get all this cash!!! lol. Hell even when I worked a job after high school it paid about $6.00 an hour lol.Anyways, its a great feeling to be able to get up when you want and travel. Having the financial freedom to be able to do so makes me happy. No wife….No kids….Just me! So yes you can bet those fans will be somehow doing recon on the stadium lol. Dont get arrested folks! Please! lol

The only thing at this point is what will I do while I’m there? Need to find some restaurant ideas as well as landmarks, parks, motorcycling areas. Something. Oooh cinnamon rolls….sorry! lol Going to try and say hi to some of the local fans there if I can. Always fun to meet up with people. I hate that I end up so busy I never get a chance to meet people at times. Either way it will be fun. Hope to see Dallas in there. They’ll probably choke but at least they got farther than those idiots in Houston. Houston seems to think they are the champions of every sport and have no trophies to prove it. Oh yeah their basketball team won what 20+ years ago. History man. Their football team sucks. Hence why i call them the Kotexans! lol.

So I’m sure if your a Katycat and reading this your probably having a coronary because your ready for Feb 1st already. Sorry I can’t say anything about what to expect. The element of surprise is what makes it worth the wait!! Am I right? of course!