TV “Pitchmen” Billy Mays Dead

wow another shocker!!! Fuck!! I always thought his infomercials were cool. Even if i didnt buy the product they were always cool to watch. I had been watching his show Pitchmen on Discovery Channel. Wow what a shame.

Has been reported that his wife found him dead Sunday Morning just before 8am and that he had been on a US Airways flight Saturday that had the front tire blow out upon landing. Wow!!

Well, RIP Billy Mays. Truly a pitch legend!

Billy Mays

Good Morning from Arendal Norway

been up pretty much all night. had some bad fish i guess for dinner. or maybe its just that I really dont eat fish much and it made me sick. i have to be in the mood for fish. So nothing really goes on for the next few days. Wednesday to be exact. We hit the Hove Festival Main Stage Wednesday Night as headliner at 10:30 to just about midnight. Will be cool though because being here early I get to see the bands on Monday and Tuesdays bill as well!

Today im looking forward to seeing Fat Joe…lol funny huh… Tuesday i wanna see The Black Dahlia Murder and The Killers. Should be cool. Wednesday is our day. So after taking care of all preparations for the one hour fifteen minute Slipknot set I plan to venture out for some new music and some brew! Wednesday is our last day in Arendal so im looking forward to seeing All That Remains who goes on just before Slipknot. Thursday we have the day off to goto Gothenburg Sweden but I am hoping to stay and see Disturbed and Faith No More then ride to Gothenburg for Friday’s Metal Town Fest. Depends on how I feel though.

Acer Aspire One Mini-Laptop Fiasco

well, my Acer laptop went dead. bought it back in Nov 2008. Its been a great laptop but the other day it just quit working! whoa! Booted up fine. I shut it down and when i went to get back on it, it just turned on but nothing on the screen. No beeps, nothing…It did bluescreen a few times before I turned it off last time. The BSOD code came up with memory error…..

So I figured to just get more memory but I ended up getting it replaced through Acer! They fucking rock. its even the newer model and is an inch bigger in size. 10 inch screen instead of the one I had with 9 inch. Also has a 160GB hard drive instead of the 120 i had in the other one. Still 1GB of RAM but I really dont need much. Its not for gaming for sure. Just minimal usage.

so thank god its being replaced!

Inside the Aspire One