Its Almost December! Whoa!

SOrry for my lack of blog updates lately. Been busy. Well kinda sorta….Been hitting up hockey games. Got season tix ya know lol. Hopefully those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving had a nice holiday and didnt eat too much. Two plates of food total for me. Can’t pig out! So anyways, nothing really new in my neck of the woods. Just chillin and enjoying life. I can tell you one thing…..I did NOT participate in the Black Friday sales. That shit is fucked up. Really! I mean some psycho woman pepper sprayed some people for a fucking XBOX 360 Kinect, someone stabbed another person because they wanted their spot in line, people getting robbed out in the parking lots…..etc. It’s fuckin nuts. Like George Carlin always said…..There are 3 kinds of people in this world….Stupid, full of shit and fuckin nuts. Black Friday shoppers are all three! lol…

IM not even sure who all reads my blogs anymore. Maybe just a few select folks. Im sure most of you that read them are people I know. Then I have those that read my blogs and dont even respond. Kinda sucks. I mean I come on here to voice my opinions and fucked up thoughts and no one really comments but the same folks. Oh well. Fuck it. IM not going to beg people for comments.

So ive been in the festive mood lately. Got a small ass xmas tree up. NO really….its small. lol. I even got a cheesy ass stocking out and some other small shit. Kinda getting back on the subject of shopping, I dont plan to hit up these stores until the madness ends. Of course I know the stores will be busy but eventually all the Black Friday/weekend sales will be over and stuff will go back to more normal pricing. Of course I dont mind going shopping with my female friends because well….im fuckin good at it. As I type this I am checking a website for a company I get stuff from to get a couple of Android tablets. No tax! Yeah you gotta have a reseller license for that. There is also this really cool R/C Helicopter im looking at. $34 bucks and its normally alot more. Might snag one. They only got 9 in stock.

So anyways, im fucking bored right now. Im fucking horny and I neeed some damn pussy. Yeah im quite straight forward about it. FUck it. I mean its a natural thing. I just really want to grab some girl put her in doggie grab her neck and fuck the shit out of her….slap that ass and well…get kinky. Was supposed to skydive over this weekend but had some bullshit happen so I had to cancel my plans for my jump. Oh well, many other opportunities to jump. Can’t wait til I can get my AFF license so I dont have to tandem anymore!

SO im sitting here watching TV and this Trojan Vibrations commercial comes on. LOL. This shit is funny. Supposedly this thing is for women. Im sure a woman will get off more with a Hitachi or big ass dildo. You know I was listening to Playboy Radio the other day and its true…I dont see why many men get bitchy when it comes to women and toys. So what if your woman has one and wants to use it. In fact pull that mother fucker out and use it on her. THen fuck her brains out! lol. I mean what woman really enjoys hopping in a bed, taking her panties off and saying “ok im ready, fuck me.” Thats lame bullshit. Sex needs to be fuckin kinky. I laugh actually when women think porn is gross. WTF do they think it is when they fuck their husbands/boyfriends?? Your basically making porn….its just not being filmed….or is it??!? LOL.

So, yeah thats about it for now. Just takin it easy like the Eagles say. Actually watching Fletch right now on VH1HD. Old Chevy Chase moofies rock. Yeah i said moofies….lol bite me! Well, thats about it for now. I will blog again very soon. Give me a week or so to do something interesting. =)

So I leave you with a hot pic of rockstar porn….lol