Fangirling Makes Me Laugh….lol

I really do get a laugh when people fangirl as they call it. one tweet and my twitter is flooded with responses! lol wow! Makes for good entertainment. What really makes me laugh is when they do this….. “asd;lfkasdfas;ldfkhsdf;lkdsjf;laskfh;dsflksha;dlfkjsdf.” LOL. I guess thats their way of saying HOLY BATMAN SHIT MOTHER FUCKING CHRIST CRABBYPATTIES. lol or something like that

SO not much going on lately. Been concentrating on my hockey skills lately. Got a Reebok SHK Flex 85 stick in while back. Also bought a new Bauer one. Dont really want to use an expensive stick like a Bauer on wood or concrete but the Reebok ones I got are cheap street hockey sticks so no biggie. Taped them up earlier. I like black tape because well I like black. Tomorrow the Kings play Stars. GO Kings! Was really good game earlier. Was watching the Blackhawks/Ducks game. Ducks pulled off the win. Gotta go for the Pacific Div team even though Im a full-blooded Kings fan.

So anyways yeah, fangirling makes me laugh BUT in a good way! I like to pick on them sometimes. Give em a hard time. Im sure they know im just being goofy with them. I think I got all of the special Katy Perry packages out. Well one left im sure those folks will enjoy receiving them. California Dreams Tour goodies!! =) I guess I should get off here now and go to sleep but I wont. Actually I slept part of the hockey game earlier because I had a bad headache. Now im awake. Bad decision to drink a big ass bottle of Chocolate milk but i was craving some. Im lactose intolerant so it fucks with my stomach. ehhhh yeah lol.

ok so im outta here. been screwing around with this free Kindle Fire I got a while back. barely took it out of the box. Its pretty damn cool. I mean its not full Android but im sure I could HACK it because well you know I love to hack my mobile devices! lol. Not sure if I like the Fire or the Nook Color. I have both as well as two other tablets. This is why I got rid of my netbook. As much as I loved that little maroon laptop I just had no need for it anymore. Im sure some teenager or something is enjoying it right now. lol. Im totally craving some mexican food. Actually I want to grab some Bosnian food. Thats some good stuff!! After finally trying some in Bosnia and well here in the USA I think its one of my favs right now

Fooooood lol

So whats up folks? Not much here. Just chillin really. Just watched the LA Kings game on FSW and they kicked the Blues ass! Go Kings Go! haha Anyways, sorry for the lack of posts. Earlier today I had an interesting lunch! I had two different things.  Pljeskavice and cevapi. Amazing stuff! I was in a European mood lol. Im sure my friend Denis has had these since he lives where these dishes come from. Great food! Reminds me of our tour stop where we had dinner. 

So yeah nothing new really. just thought i’d share that about the food. lol. more to come soon!