nothing new for me lately. still need to shop for a few things. went to Aeros game friday and earlier tonght the first Pre-Season Rockets game.

so far holidays been decent. Better than normal. enjoying time to myself and the games. most people i know are busy….understandable. sorry for errors in typing. im on a tablet posting this. only annoying thing about this holiday……all the fucking repetitive Lexus comnercials…enough already!! no one buys their spouse a luxury car for xmas. lol

so my LA Kings are sucking majorly right now. thats ok im a true fan. we just got Darryl Sutter as coach since Terry Murray got fired. sux its not his fault…the team is just playing shitty.

ohhhh if u like women go buy the January 2012 issue of Penthouse. my friend Dani is the Jan Pet of the Month. ill post a teaser shot of her for u all.

nothing else to report really. my birthday is coming this week on Xmas Eve. i’ll be an old 36 but I still look and feel young. im going to skydive for my birthday. I havent blogged about it but i passed my AFF “A” license and submitted my progress card. i can now jump without being tandem. it feels awesome but im not very good at spotting yet. lol i did manage to pass it though and spot the DZ. nit sure when ill jump fo my bday but soon. il be hitting up more games soon u can bet….

i think the bulk of my xmas/birthday gifts will be……nothing. i dont ever get shit. well this yeear i did get this very Android tablet from my Aunt and Grandmother. i got some of my coveted liquid crack Starbucks gift cards as well. $30 worth can buy alot of Venti Iced Green Teas lol. i plan to buy myself an altimeter for when i jump. they run about $130.

one thing that makes me sad at this time of year is memories. memories of my childhood xmas mornings. memories of a time that ill never get to relive. that morning of opening up a box full of new legos or those race cars that u put on a track and controlled with a handheld controller. there was those nights i listened to mickey mouse xmas record. no CDs back then u know. i remember getting my first atari2600. i guess as ive gotten older ive realized that im not getting any younger and those memories more special. i love to listen to Charlie Brown Xmas. i bought it recently on android market. the Christmas Canon song by Trans-Siberian Orchestra makes me sad. makes me think of my youth. maybe its becwuse as i get older death becomes more apparent in life and a small part of me is scared of it creeping up. i mean one day we will all be gone and just a distant memory. one day ill goto sleep and never wake up or die some gruesome death. or maybe my heath will get the beat of me. who knows but id be lying if i said i wasnt the least bit scared of that moment.

for now i live life to fullest each day. people come and go in our lives. sadly ive lost some to death and others simply moving on in life recently….either way i live for me and im quite content with things. each time ive jumped out of a plane i feel like i have a new lease on life….ill post more on my childhood on my birthday next Saturday…..

peace and wishing u all a merry xmas/holiday….praise God…Allah…or whomever

PS ill post pic later cant do from tablet…