Paul Gray Tribute Tattoo

So yesterday I finally decided to get the tattoo i had been wanting. I had made plans Monday to get it done and yesterday was the big day. As you may or may not know Paul died back in 2010. His own personal demons got the best of him. I’ve never been a person to do drugs. Hate them. Yet I never judged him or anyone else for it. In the end although he did contribute to his own death he still created music that made an impact on many lives. Having known him for so long I wanted to get a piece to remember him by. When i saw this mask design i had to have it. Full mask and eyes. Its perfect.

The tattoo took about 3 hours. A little over in fact. We took a few short breaks and let me tell you, I fucking needed them! I have 11 other tattoos that didnt hurt much. All on my arms and wrists. This one is on my right calf. It stung like a fucking bitch! I made it through fine though. I think emotionally was much worse. I didnt have anyone with me but I didnt feel the need to recreate Corey’s trip for his own tatt. lol. For the 3 hours I pretty much laid my head down and cringed here and there. Talked with the artist and jammed to some Pandora radio he had on. He took a smoke break about 1.5 hours in. Then some what seemed to be 14 year old girls came in looking to get piercings and he was like fuck NO! No ID no piercing lol. After our second break another customer came in and did get her nose pierced. Ouch! She was like FUCK FUCK FUCK THIS SHIT STINGS! lol. Yeah I feel ya chick! My leg was burning like a motha fucka!

Most of it felt numb. It was in the center where the nose is and on the outer edges where i felt the most pain. I can say I did feel like Corey a bit though. Listening to Pandora radio the song Change from Deftones came on…thats one of my fav jams. For some reason that song makes me tear up. Then Snuff came on. That did it man. I hid my tears by keeping my head down and all the while it was stinging like a motha man. No lie! If you never have gotten a single tattoo or one that takes 3 hours to complete then you dont even know the slightest bit about the pain. I mean im sure nothing compared to those who have had multiple sessions but hey I had my longest session and made it out ok! =) Snuff though reminds me alot of Paul. Maybe because the day i got the call he died I went for a drive and it was the next song on the CD to play. Not to mention I love playing songs like that. Acoustic work is my favorite to play. Lately i have had my acoustics tuned to various lower tuning. C# currently and some D#. Im usually always in E.

Anyways, after the 3 hours I was relieved to be done with it. The pain that last hour was overwhelming for sure. Hence why I say I know how Corey felt. We try to be tough guys but our pain tolerance just runs out eventually. Mine surely did. In the end it was worth it. I know many will probably give me shit for it because its a mask. Many will say its satanic. Its not. Its a mask. It doesnt symbolize Satanism. It symbolizes an individuals stage persona. It symbolizes the idea that Paul could wear a mask and create music and gain fans no matter how he looked. In the music industry today we see so many artists who you know become famous simply for their sex appeal. Not the case here. Well, maybe for those ladies that would enjoy being fucked by a guy wearing a mask like Paul’s! lol. So yes the pain was worth it all. I can’t say any demons were gone afterwards. I came to terms with his death and accepted it because in the end we all will die. Some choose to take their own lives and others lives long lives. Some don’t get to see their own children. For me though getting this tattoo is like a new beginning. A blessing if I should say. Like I said, others will criticize me for the tattoo and what the immediately see while others who know that mask will know what it stands for and will celebrate his life and enjoy it. After getting the tattoo I had gone to run some errands. He put some saran wrap and A&D on it for me until I got home to let it air out and apply more ointment. Actually about to go shower now and clean it up and get ready for bed. I went to Ralph’s Grocery store and Subway earlier and already a few teenagers noticed it. One guy literally was totally amazed and kept staring at my leg lol. I guess if anything thats one statement I want to make with this tattoo. Paul won’t get the recognition he deserves in the music industry. I mean by the Grammys and other organizations. So for people to see it and say “nice tattoo man” that means something to me because they notice it. They dont have to like Paul or Slipknot to appreciate it. As long as they know that there is a reason I would put a portrait of someone on my skin as a tribute.

I had a friend ask me the other day about my parents. She asked me why I would put a friends pic on my skin and not my parents. Actually I have my name in Arabic on my arm. The design looks like the initials J.C. My mothers initials. One day when my parents have left this world I will commemmorate them with their own special tattoos. My father was a firemwan and I figure one day ill get a Red fire hydrant with his old number 82 on it and the initials R.F.D. for the station he worked at. For my mom i’d probably get a flower. One she really likes. its too soon for any of that to even think of or decide but when im ready I will get those. i’d rather think those out fully just as i did this Paul tribute before I jump the gun and get something. All my tattoos have meaning. From the Slipknot ones, to the grim reapers to the Katy Perry ones (yeah katy and i have matching tattoos lol)…etc.

I’ll end on this….A friend back in Texas a long time ago would always say he wanted a tattoo everytime I got one. He would then say, “yeah but when i get a tattoo im getting one with meaning not like yours.” WTF you trying to say fool?!?!? My ink all has meaning. Not my fault his ass doesn’t have one drop of ink on his skin. His wife doesnt like tattoos so he never got any but always kept saying he would be a rebel and get one LOL. All these years later and still no ink. It just amazes me that people with no ink tend to criticize others with ink as if they know whats its like to have it. Join the club then you have room to speak your mind. If not then dont bitch. Most people get tattoos for a meaning or something they like/enjoy. I got grim reapers in the beginning because I liked heavy metal and death metal. Although i dont listen much to that anymore I still dont regret them. They were just part of my life at that time and I still love them. It doesn’t make me a bad person. I’m still the same guy that would help you if you needed it. Im still the same guy that would do your fucking taxes or god forbid fix your computer!!!! LOL. Oh how I hate fixing computers now. Even my own.

Ok so enjoy the pics and ill try to post this short little video I made on my phone. Got the new LG G2. Im diggin it but I still say the iPod Touch 5th gen has a better camera lol

ok im out….thanx


Paul Gray tattoo

Paul Gray tattoo

before it was finished

before it was finished

The Double Standard

So im sitting here quite pissed for one because the fucking refs gave the Red Wings the win on a goal that was out of play. My main reason for this post and I havent posted lately is the double standard. So im trolling Twitter and reading tweets and notice that Katy’s GQ cover and magazine are all over. It really makes me laugh what many of the girls say about her. Like “im gonna go all lesbian now, or i want her sex or whatever.” lol I mean i understand the attraction but guys dont go around saying, hey look at Leo’s pants wow his cock is huge lol. We dont care!

Now I know girls are a different breed but wow. The funny thing is if I were to go on Twitter and say things dirty about her I would be called a pervert and every other name in the book. So thats why this post. I mean if i were to say damn her tits are fucking huge. Or worse like “i’d shove my cock between those huge tits and cum all over her.” Well yeah thats gonna warrant some strange reaction. Of course im attracted to her. Im a straight guy. But i dont feel the need to publicize my thoughts dirty or not about her.

Honestly I think it comes from being young. Im 38. I was a teenager once. Back then I spoke my mind with every dirty thought I had. lol. Now as an adult I pick and choose what I say. Like some are probably shocked to see that i follow males and females in the adult video business. Well, I am an adult and I know some of them. Makes sense. In fairness to not look like a total weirdo I dont favorite their pictures if NSFW because I think its just better for me. I interact with people of all ages. To me that would be odd.

Still though it makes me wonder. Like some girls say they are lesbians because they like a female. How would they really react in a lesbian relationship?? I have a lesbian friend who I was having coffee with one day and we had a conversation about this and she was kinda pissed because she says its a mockery of her sexuality. Well, im not gay or lesbian so I couldnt tell you. Its her opinion not mine. She’s entitled to it and so are the people who think this way.

In the end, everyone has their own way of looking at fame and celebrities. There’s plenty I like. Katy, Taylor, Jennifer Aniston, Emma whatever her last name is from The Help, etc…..But I wont go off in public or any public internet forum and speak my sexual thoughts about them. Thats for me and no one else to know. We all have them. Doesnt make you or me any better than one another. Its part of life. Besides these people aren’t really saying anything bad. I mean to me its funny. Yet there are some though i’ve seen that have said some things that to me cross the line. I’ve seen people post how they want to shove a cucumber up Katy’s ass and fuck her pussy with a huge dildo. OOOOOOK i mean hey whatever floats your boat but thats inappropriate on a public forum and I seriously doubt katy wants to read anything like that about herself. Fans make their fan fic stories. Some are funny. I really dont care to read any. Ive read one. One! lol. But….thats just part of being young I guess. Obviously if they hate me for my thoughts then I guess they are pretty one-sided because as they are allowed to speak their minds so am i. Be what you want to be. Do what you want to do but please watch how you say it and present it. As grown ups, there wont be time for all this nickel and dime petty childishness.

Thanks for listening!

Fender Strat

Fender Strat

Tony McManus New Album Mysterious Boundaries

I met Tony last summer along with PRS guitars guru Paul Smith. This is when I discovered the acoustic music of Tony. His arrangements are so relaxing. Ive managed to learn quite a few myself. Si Dolce el Tormento, Gnossienne No 1, Sleeping Tune, Maids of Mitchelltown. Just all around great music. Tony mostly does Irish folk music but with his new release Mysterious Boundaries he takes on a new challenge, classical music. He does an exceptional job!! I cant stop listening to it since I bought it. Of course I buy mp3s these days rather than actual CDs.

Anyways here is the album cover and a short video giving you an introduction to each piece he has on the album. Enjoy!!

To purchase the CD go here:

To purchase the mp3s go here:

Tony McManus - Mysterious Boundaries

Tony McManus – Mysterious Boundaries

Bonnie McKee American Girl; Download It Today, Free

Chances are if your a fan or Katycat of Katy Perry then you like Bonnie McKee who co-wrote many of Katy’s songs. Bonnie’s releasing a new album soon and American Girl is the first single. Download it today for free from her website! I mean who doesn’t like free music. lol

Bonnie McKee

Bonnie McKee

Holy Crabbypatties Yes Im Alive….lol

So I havent really posted this entire month. I try to post something at least one or twice a month but damn i didnt realize i was almost passing up on June. Anyways, nothing real special to mention anyways. Im alive! lol. Ive been working on some new guitar pieces lately. Irish instrumental guitar mainly. Ive really been into the celtic style of Tony McManus over the last year. Few days ago I figured out his arrangement of Gnossienne No 1 by Erik Satie. Its a really mellow song. Nothing fancy just a soft classical piece. Recently on Facebook I posted a video doing a rough version of Si Dolce El Tormento which translates to how sweet the torment. Its another arrangement by Tony McManus. This piece is from Claudio Monteverdi.

Really thats about it. Besides doing my usual work for Miss Kitty when required. Ive been enjoying the very much cooler weather of Malibu compared to Texas. Of course im here in Texas now because my grandmother has surgery Monday then I go back but shit holy fuck balls man this place is pathetic!! Hot as a mother fucker! Ive never been anywhere where its like 92 but feels like 115. WTF! I hear lots of folks mention how its hotter where they are. Yeah but them fools DONT have 100% humidity with that hot weather! Ugh this place sux! Only a few days though. Well thats it for now. Im gonna go relax and probably grab some Whataburger. damn good shit i tell ya. Well the ketchup!! lol its sacred shit!!!

Ok peace out folks!! One last thing. Miss Meow gets a Star on the Walk of Fame…take that lady Gaga!! lol. she has time to plan her actual ceremony where she will get it….coming soon!!! =)

Katy gets her star!!!

Katy gets her star!!!

Sheet Music

Sheet Music



Temporary Story: The Movie, A Must Watch for Adventurous Travelers

In my line of work I travel often. City to city. Planes, trains, automobiles..etc. Fall asleep in one city and wake up in another. So I came across this video about some friends that decided to travel. Originally a trip that was only to be from Alaska to Los Angeles they spent six months on the road traveling the world. Experiencing places most people wouldn’t care to visit. Ill post the video below but just a bit of warning, the video is about 40 minutes long. If you have an adventure bug and have always wanted to see different parts of the world from Alaska to Africa to South America, then you should watch this video. Even if you are not an adventurous fanatic the video is still great and lots of relaxing music. Whats pretty cool about this is some of the views. Ive seen some of the same myself. Especially in the beginning. So take a bit of time out of your day or night and check this video out. These guys filmed over 2TB of footage and spent four months editing this short movie. At about ten hours a day I think that merits a view!

So here is the movie and hopefully you will enjoy. While your at it leave the guys a message. Ok thats about it for now. Was gonna post this yesterday but was at Pechanga Casino and well you know im not going to post shit when im at a fucking casino. I mean i didnt gamble but penny and five cent machines but hell lol. Ok so enjoy the movie. Grab your popcorn and soda and relax

Temporary Story from Vadim Sahakian on Vimeo.