The Double Standard

So im sitting here quite pissed for one because the fucking refs gave the Red Wings the win on a goal that was out of play. My main reason for this post and I havent posted lately is the double standard. So im trolling Twitter and reading tweets and notice that Katy’s GQ cover and magazine are all over. It really makes me laugh what many of the girls say about her. Like “im gonna go all lesbian now, or i want her sex or whatever.” lol I mean i understand the attraction but guys dont go around saying, hey look at Leo’s pants wow his cock is huge lol. We dont care!

Now I know girls are a different breed but wow. The funny thing is if I were to go on Twitter and say things dirty about her I would be called a pervert and every other name in the book. So thats why this post. I mean if i were to say damn her tits are fucking huge. Or worse like “i’d shove my cock between those huge tits and cum all over her.” Well yeah thats gonna warrant some strange reaction. Of course im attracted to her. Im a straight guy. But i dont feel the need to publicize my thoughts dirty or not about her.

Honestly I think it comes from being young. Im 38. I was a teenager once. Back then I spoke my mind with every dirty thought I had. lol. Now as an adult I pick and choose what I say. Like some are probably shocked to see that i follow males and females in the adult video business. Well, I am an adult and I know some of them. Makes sense. In fairness to not look like a total weirdo I dont favorite their pictures if NSFW because I think its just better for me. I interact with people of all ages. To me that would be odd.

Still though it makes me wonder. Like some girls say they are lesbians because they like a female. How would they really react in a lesbian relationship?? I have a lesbian friend who I was having coffee with one day and we had a conversation about this and she was kinda pissed because she says its a mockery of her sexuality. Well, im not gay or lesbian so I couldnt tell you. Its her opinion not mine. She’s entitled to it and so are the people who think this way.

In the end, everyone has their own way of looking at fame and celebrities. There’s plenty I like. Katy, Taylor, Jennifer Aniston, Emma whatever her last name is from The Help, etc…..But I wont go off in public or any public internet forum and speak my sexual thoughts about them. Thats for me and no one else to know. We all have them. Doesnt make you or me any better than one another. Its part of life. Besides these people aren’t really saying anything bad. I mean to me its funny. Yet there are some though i’ve seen that have said some things that to me cross the line. I’ve seen people post how they want to shove a cucumber up Katy’s ass and fuck her pussy with a huge dildo. OOOOOOK i mean hey whatever floats your boat but thats inappropriate on a public forum and I seriously doubt katy wants to read anything like that about herself. Fans make their fan fic stories. Some are funny. I really dont care to read any. Ive read one. One! lol. But….thats just part of being young I guess. Obviously if they hate me for my thoughts then I guess they are pretty one-sided because as they are allowed to speak their minds so am i. Be what you want to be. Do what you want to do but please watch how you say it and present it. As grown ups, there wont be time for all this nickel and dime petty childishness.

Thanks for listening!

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