Katy Perry’s Part of Me Premiere in West Hollywood a Success!

Nearly 5000+ people lined the street of Hollywood Blvd and even packed stores up above the street like Sephora just to get a view of Katy as she performed many of her hits including Wide Awake. The entire family was there on the red….oh wait….we are talking Miss Meow here…PINK carpet lol. Her parents Keith and Mary, Grandma Ann, Sister Angela and hubby and David. The stage was set up right next to the Dolby Theatre.

What I found quite funny was teh number of people NOT screaming. Of course there were the screaming tweens and teens that adore her but many were just standing there watching. Quite odd though considering how many of the fans had to turn in registration tickets to get admittance to the free show and screening yet there were tourists there who claimed, “we dont even know who Katy Perry is.” LOL. Of course the most annoying part of the entire evening was…..ijustine. Yeah she is a pretty chick but why get HER to introduce Katy Perry? There was nothing about the show that is icrap apple soooo…..WEll thanx for that one sponsors. lol. I would have much rather seen Misty Kingma the host of Countdown LA do the honors.

The streets were lined with many KatyCats….mostly young teen girls and many of them dressed in their own Katy costumes. Very talented girls who made them too. In the world of Katy, you dont call her fans….fans….They like to be referred to as KatyCats. Dont insult them. They are talented gals! One that comes to mind is a girl named Carly. Not only did she make a great costume of Katy’s Kisses but she also in many ways resembles Katy. Katy even has told her, “your my twin.” So the KatyCats had a great time. Free concert…..free screening and for many they walked away with yet another pair of 3D glasses to add to their collection. I already have 5 pair, needless to say i gave some of them away lol. My favs…the red heart ones.

So as the free show ended the Grauman Chinese Theatre…yes it is chinese themed lol hosted the screenings for the premiere. The party of course didnt end there as we all hit up Chateau Marmont for a party. Not to mention close to home for her. lol. Screenings will take place on the 2nd for those that were lucky to get tix. Of course those you had to buy but the movie does open in 8 days on the 5th. You can pre-purchase your tickets on Fandango.com or TRY going to the theatre to buy tix but good luck on opening day….you probably wont get em!

So anyways, thats a quick wrap on this. Just wanted to post it because. Of course some pics follow below and Carly The KatyCat is featured in the pic below with the blue wig on. You really have to see this girl she looks just like Katy. Ok so im out for now.


I havent really had anything interesting to post about lately. Witnessed some crazy things though and did one myself. Saw that dude walk across Niagara Falls. Nuts!! Then we did the Edge Walk on the CN Tower. Its awesome to walk on a small platform 100 storeys in the air with just two cables saving you from certain doom! The most fucked up part was the collapsing of the Radiohead stage. Their drum tech Scott lost his life being crushed under all the staging. Thats sad shit man. A few trade magazines I get had released a few articles about the incident and many of us posted about how safety seems to be less of a concern for concert promoters and even for many personnel. If you have never been underneath an entire array of truss and lights then you really dont know the strange feeling that might come across you when you stop and think….what if this shit gives way and falls on us. Ive been there. Been hit by truss and got a concussion. Its not fun!!

The MMVAs were pretty cool. NOt sure if many could see them in America. I know DirectTV doesnt have the channel i believe. Katy won…not that it really matters. Ive always seen it as an honor to be nominated for anything. So anyways today was a cool day. Hit up the beach and then went and had some steak. Mmmmmmm! Although no matter where we go i never get my fucking steak cooked the way i want it. I want it rare or medium and i always get it well. Grrrrrr. guess that happens when others order well and well….i get mine the same. bitches! lol. its been a busy beginning to summer already. Hockey season is over so now im in the dumps since i cant watch any games unless they show any lol. Been watching some MLB. Not a huge baseball fan but its cool. Not really giving a shit who wins the NBA Finals.

Sorry for just jumping from one thing to another. I’m not really keeping a good structure here. Ooops! Its 11pm. In low 60s tonight. Feels so fucking good. Im wearing my comfy black Kings hoodie right now in this cold house. Just looking outside. Nice view. Back to normalcy a bit this weekend. The only thing thats pissing me off is waiting for Motorola to release the fucking Ice Cream Sandwich update for my Droid Razr. lol. i could hack it as ive done before with a previous phone but i’d rather just wait. Supposedly its just another week or two before it comes out. The test leak is out but fuck it. Might as well wait for the official update. Its easier to just download the 250+MB file and install it than to hack the phone and bootloader and go through 30 steps before i can even flash the firmware. So yeah fuck it! So has anyone ever had Sprinkles Cupcakes? Holy ShitFuck these are good!!! Got two Red Velvet ones from the Sprinkles ATM. These and Starbucks are a dream! Got a Key Lime too but I think im gonna save that for morning lol. Actually Sprinkles isnt just based in CA. You can find it in other states as well. Im sure some of my friends…..AMY….lol will probably want to slap the shit out of me for spending $3.50 a cupcake LOL. yeah yeah. im spoiled.

Anyways, I dont have much more to yak about. Just two weeks left before Katy’s movie hits the theatres. You would think after all the screenings ive seen it like a bazillion times but nope. Twice. All the others were like 30 minute sittings and then bye bye! lol. But if your a fan go to the premiere and get the special Peppermint 3D glasses. So far my tally is 3 pair. lol. Gave a few away. I was looking in my bag and realized that I have 4 pairs of sunglasses and 3 pair of Part of Me Premiere ones lol. wow. So ill leave you with a few pics from the trip and a link to the final chapter of Teenage Dream: Wide Awake which premiered few days ago. Its a great video. My favorite part is the end though. When chldhood Katheryn gives adult Katheryn a butterfly and runs for her bike then waves goodbye to her. Its a great last scene. It ends with Katy in her Peppermint round boobies outfit coming up from below the stage at her show. Those kinds of views are just awesome.

So ill shut up now. Oh and the agenda ahead is Jay Leno Show, few more screenings, Kimmel Show and Macy’s 4th of July Show in NYC. and well the UK premiere. Imagine being on that run….USA/Canada on 2nd. London on 3rd and NYC on 4th! Arrivederrci my friends. I spelled that wrong i know…bite me lol Enjoy the pics and hopefully no one gets sick from seeing the view from 147 storeys high. Its a glass floor so you can see straight down! Peace!!

Los Angeles Kings Win Stanley Cup!!! 6-1 Game 6; Other Crap

So YES you know I am celebrating the Los Angeles Kings victory last night over the Devils and YES ill be at the parade on Thursday at noon and the rally! I wont bore you with this sports post too much but the Kings fought adversity and made it past all the rounds in the playoffs to win the Western Conference and just when it seemed they would sweep the Devils in four games they lost two in a row. One at Staples Game 4 and Game 5 at Prudential Arena in Newark. The Kings came home for Game 6 but it was really like a Game 7 for them. Had they lost the chances to win the cup didnt look too well for them back in Newark. BUT….who cares now? The Kings are the KINGS of the NHL!! Staples Center was blasting away Cartman chants of GO KINGS GO and WE WANT THE CUP all throughout the game and then when it was all over…..the catchy “Naked Gun” movie song, We Love It, played after each goal and then Queen’s Rock anthem to sports champions, We Are the Champions….Epic Night!!! It was so awesome to see many of the players win their first cup and most of all for the city to see the Kings with their first ever cup in their 45 year existence! Anze Kopitar’s family was watching the game back home in Slovenia and it was nearly morning there. I can guess they are partying there too! lol. Anyway, besides the first winners on the team it was nice to see others who have been to the finals and won hold the cup again. Like my favorite player Dustin “Pancakes” Penner! Not only did the Kings win the cup for them but for the fans that waited 45 long years for a title. For Bob Miller who calls the plays for the Kings on Fox Sports West who has been with the team for 39 years if i remember right and of course Jim Fox who once played for the Kings who sits besides Bob. What stands out is how a fan of 45 years named Jack Kates was in attendance for the game with his wife of 44 years. He been a Kings fan since before he married his wife! I forget how old he is but i think in his 80s so for him to see the Kings win the Cup LIVE while he and his wife were there is unreal. True fans! Then we come to Wayne Gretzky….The Great One who was sent to LA and had a chance to win the cup but didnt. This win was for all players past and present, the fans and the city! Congrats to my homeboys, The Los Angeles Kings!!! Deciding if i should go get that free tattoo now they mentioned on the news! haha KINGS!!!

Ok so switching gears to something else. I promise it wont be long. The other night there was a boxing fight between Pacquiao and Bradley. I saw some of it but fell asleep. It was nearly morning in London. I saw both fighters as even. Im not a boxing fanatic but of course I tend to go for the underdog and Bradley was just that. Well, he won! YES! Sorry no Pacquiao fan here. There is a lesson to be learned in this though. NO matter great you are or think you are…you fall from grace. Being on top doesn’t last forever. Now for Pacquaio he knew that. I saw clips where he laughed it off. He knew in his mind he won the fight but he didnt cry a river like these fans are. Cant win em all. Fans need to learn the agony of defeat. Sucks to lose but get back up and try it again.

SO thats it for now. Lots going on. Going to Toronto in a few days. Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel tapings also. Never a dull moment! Here are some pics for the champs and such!!!

*******Oooooooooh and one last tidbit..im sure ill get some bitchiness over it too from a few ladies….i shaved off the hockey hair last night…yes its gone. I look 25 again! LOL. I felt kinda funny cause at the festival over weekend a small group of fans who had kids said i looked creepy lol. i didnt dig that. not funny to me. i dont smile much in pics so yeah i can see that. now shaved i just look dorky again. ill let the fuzz grow. thats cool for me but not sure when the hockey hair will return! Next year I might go all out……lol

Just a Quickie oh and GO KINGS GO!!

i cant even think of a title for this. Im sitting here packing my bags and getting ready for London this weekend and I get a call from my aunt. She tells me that I shouldnt waste my time doing what im doing. WTF?!? Then she rants on about her son, my cousin in college and how he is going for an engineering degree or some shit. Well good for him. Im proud of him for graduating and moving on to college. I was accepted to numerous major colleges in TX including A&M and Baylor yet I didnt have the funds to go at that time and I was too proud to get myself involved with loans and shit. I see people struggling to pay those off now 20 years after they graduated. Truth is, I am quite content with where I am with my work. I travel the world with artists. Who wouldnt love that shit?

I shouldnt let it get to me but I really dont see why they call me to tell me crap like this. Its like she likes to brag about her kids. Sure one is in college and the other married a rich guy. So what? She tells me I should get a real job. Is it because she feels I am worthless and this work is crap or is it because maybe just maybe she is slightly jealous that Im doing something exciting? I really dont care but it does bother me that some of my family has to call me out on my work. My grandmother supports me and so does my aunt that lives with her. My immediate family supports me as well. Really thats all that matters. Many of my cousins think its cool. I dont see myself as any better or worse than anyone. Sure I get to travel and shit but im not a star. Im not famous and all of that doesnt matter to me anymore. I do what im paid to do and i come home. That simple. Isn’t that what work is? Isn’t that how work is defined? We all do things that maybe we dont enjoy doing. There are times I dont enjoy this work but its what Im good at. Just as im sure many of you are good at what you do. So you do it because it pays the bills. I dont know about other countries but in America its not the land of the free its the land of “pay your bills now or we turn your shit off.” For instance today, my cell phone bill was just posted, now them fools calling me like the world is gonna end. Seriously? Geez! lol. Chill out Verizon!! lol. You get your cut of my income so chill! lol.

So anyway, thats about it. I need to run to the pet store and grab some stuff for the kittehs. Peppermint and Cookie Monster need some supplies, cat litter and all the cats need food and treats. There is also a damn dog now. I call him Weego! LOL Here Weego!! Fetch me a beer damnit! lol wait its a mexican dog, Chihuaua or however the fuck you spell it. He will only fetch burrrritos!lol ok ok ill shut up now. Off to the store and to finish packing my bags. Next stop after London is Toronto. Hoping to have time to do the SkyWalk on the Tower there. What better way to release any stress or worries than dangling over a tower by a cable 116 stories in the air?!? lol

Oh and in closing, enjoy this tidbit…..$68 bucks for a LV condom. Anyone figure they would use it? lol. Nope not me but i’d surely keep it for looks LOL