KOA Campgrounds…..lol

so sitting here in Bowling Green Kentucky at a KOA campground just south of the city. So rather than make a huge blog out of this, here are some things I noticed….

1. This KOA is really fucking nice!
2. Huge ass place with a lake and dog park
3. store to buy shit but its closed i think grrrrr
4. I need a fucking C O K E! not the drug!
5. There is a table of old guys two campsites over playing cards. dominoes earlier
6. There is a skinny blonde in the campsite next to ours that is outside in her panties smoking weed.
7. I think the ppl across from us are fucking lol
8. there are no kids around. then again its almost 5am and we are about to pull out of here
9. About to leave for Great Smoky Mountains National Park
10. Coach Casa de Grylls is the biggest fucking RV/Bus in this lot
11. A friend of mine passed by earlier but didnt stop WTF
12. Its quiet out here
13. Smoking an e-hookah prompted the girl next door to start staring at me because of the red light
14. im sitting in a chair waiting for Mark to get all our hookups disconnected
15. WTF are these old guys doing playing cards this early?!?
16. surprised that Jason Voorhees hasn’t popped out of the woods with a mask and machete chasing after us
17. im sleepy
18. again im thirsty and us splitting a Red Baron Pizza didnt help
19. all we have to drink is orange juice and water but i want carbonation man!
20. from this KOA to next destination is about 263 miles

Thats about it. Just kinda interesting the things i noticed. OK just a tidbit…The girl is outside smoking right now cig #2. THe old guys are playing cards but the couple appearing to have sex must have stopped but that started earlier about 40 minutes ago. their lights are off and no more OH OH OH. lol. One other funny observation was this….yesterday when we checked in someone asked us why we didnt opt for a cabin. well for one its me and a bus driver and two why stay in a cabin when we got a full size Prevost coach with 3 pull out extensions? Thats room enough right there! They do have showers and such here but again we got that. So no need to pay $100 for a cabin when accomomadations are already set right? I think so too! lol

Ok thats it. I actually managed to type this on a tablet. Wow. I have no idea how to add photos with this WordPress so fuck it.



On the Road Again 2013 Edition

So Tuesday was a long day in the bus. Left Chicago early in the AM and eventually made it into Greensboro late this evening. Because of the venue we can’t park on the premises until tomorrow so we are parked in a lot until then. Mark and I noticed a BBQ restaurant right across from where we are parked. The place smelled awesome. I looked them up online and they specialize in pork bbq. So looks like we are hitting that place up tomorrow. While we was in Chicago we couldn’t book tickets for Medieval Times because their website said not available so that was out of the question. We did end up going to the Willis Tower and to the Skydeck to see the views. You can see about 30 miles from up there. Its awesome. I snapped a few pics and finally was able to step out onto the glass extensions. Kinda felt like I was skydiving for a brief moment because you look down and your basically standing on this thick plate of glass. No worries though they are supposed to withstand tons of weight. After that we made our way north of the tower and headed to the famous Kuma’s. I must say the burgers there are fucking amazing. AMAZING!! I had a Kuma burger which if you have ever been to Red Robin Burgers its kinda the same idea. Got an egg on it. Mark, who is the bus driver, insisted we grab a few for the road. So we each bought two burgers a piece for the road. That ended up being tonights dinner. We just put them in the toaster oven and BAM! Kuma Burgers in Greensboro. 

I guess you could call you pigs. We stopped just east and outside of Knoxville at Outback Steakhouse. We each had the Outback Special with a salad. For me actually an Outback Special with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and a house salad with honey mustard dressing. Of course their famous delicious bread. Mark basically had the same but he had green beans and a dry salad. I just cant eat much salad without some kind of dressing lol. So anyways, it was basically a 12 hour day give or take. We went through Asheville where I found out about this sweet little tiny house thats available for rent like a hotel room. Its pretty nice actually. I went to the website and its really nice. I could totally live in something that small. Basically its a kitchen, living room, bathroom, small area for dining and a sleeping loft. In fact I think it had two upstairs sleeping lofts. Really nice though. Its the simplicity of it all! 

After we had our show Portland and Tacoma we headed east with a nice 5 days off and Mark and I decided lets hit up Glacier National Park. Oh man let me tell you, the campgrounds there was fucking amazing. The views….amazing. I mean I could take a tiny house like I mentioned above and just live there by the water with the pine trees and mountains in view. I’ve always loved scenic views and the trips I have taken by motorcycle have been stellar. So it was no question that we would enjoy this stop. After our visit here we had to hit up Fargo North Dakota and then two shows in St Paul Minnesota. Work work!! 

Mark is one cool guy. He is kinda like a father figure. He just entered his 60s. He is this goofy white guy. He has a story though. Not to get into details but basically his son died years ago in work related accident and his wife left him because of it. He had stopped driving tour buses and then later decided to get back in. He has driven for me about 6 times. So it was really cool to have a driver that I already knew. He’s the guy that says, “fuck it brotha lets buy some hookah, grill some steaks and down some beer.” LOL Well, we found some e-hookah cigs at a  Pilot Travel Center so we bought a few. I got a pomegranate one because well I love the taste. I will tell ya, tastes pretty similar to hookah and there was much more vapor than i get from my Blu e-cigs. Im not a big smoker but I do like to puff so for me Blu is just fine. I know others that will religiously say that there are others much better. Im sure there are but hey im fine with what I got. 

So yeah when we stopped at Glacier we had stopped at a grocery store and bought some porterhouse steaks to grill. Where our luggage bay is we have a pullout bbq grill. Yeah the joys of living on a luxury coach! lol Basically we forgot to get spices so when we stopped at a travel center we decided to pick up some spices. Most people will vow that salt and pepper is all you need but Mark and I are the same. We like to add spices to our dead cow. SOOOO we grabbed a bottle of Lawrys All Seasoning and a bottle of McCormick GrillMates Montreal Steak Seasoning. We grilled up them fuckers and damn they were good. I had bought some beer out in CA, Portland and Tacoma. I had earlier bought a bottle of The Reverend Quadruple Ale and that shit is delicious. Loved it! Sadly I only bought one and couldnt find more. Cool thing was I had 4 bottles of Ballast Point Big Eye IPA. One of my favorite IPAs from CA. The pairing of that IPA with the steak and the salad was pretty good. Mark had made this awesome cucumber salad. Was delish. 

Its pretty nice to have a bus to myself. Before Mark and I both have had a trailer to transport two motorcycles for short rides on days off. We didnt have one this time but its nice to have them when we do. I remember when I always wondered what it was like to ride on days off like Neil Peart and when we finally had the chance to do so it was amazing. Hitting up the roads most wouldnt think. Shunpikers as Neil calls him and his riding buddies. Basically its what you call motorcyclists that hit up roads other than the main freeways and highways. Thats where you really see smalltown America. Getting back to the bus though. Its pretty nice to have a quiet place to dwell. The humming of the generators actually is a pleasant sound to me. Im one of those people that needs sound to sleep and just feel safe. yeah yeah im crazy. We have a conversion coach that has a back sleeper where the lounge would normally sleep. I sleep there. Mark had told me the sofa actually pulls out to a bed even though there are a few bunks. He sleeps on the pull out. We have a pretty nice bus. Its new. It was actually used by a famous female singer in the recent past. The interior is black and red. Kind of fitting for Taylor Swifts Red Tour lol. Has pull out extensions and all. It was a nice change though in Chicago to actually stay in a hotel rather than the bus for a change. I think in the music biz no matter how much you feel comfortable in a bus you still want the comforts of having a normal bed to sleep in; a normal shower; basically a normal place to be….normal! If that makes sense to you! 

We spent a few days in St Paul. I have a friend there. Her daughter won tickets to the show but I wasnt sure if she was going with her or if she was taking a friend. I guess the latter. I didn’t see them but then again its not like I was looking for them. She is an adult but you know…I dont really meet up with people unless I know them well. Thats just me! One funny thing I wanted to mention was that I decided to wear my LA Kings jersey in the home of the MN Wild….Oh yeah I got funny stares! Oh well! GO KINGS GO! We won the Stanley Cup in 2012 so yeah its all good! 

So really thats about it lately. Been watching The Trailer Park Boys seasons on Netflix. I love that show. Right now im on season 6. There are 7 complete seasons right now and just recently i found out that they are reprising their roles and will have a season 8 but will be a webcast type of show. Thats cool. I really cant ever get enough of Ricky’s bullshit antics and anger issues…..Bubbles and his never-ending supply of cats and well….Julian who always carries around a glass of rum and looks like my cousins husband. lol. 

Well ill write more soon. im off to bed. 

As Katie Linendoll says:



Rush Clockwork Angels Album/Tour Dates

Rush is set to release their latest album Clockwork Angels June 12 and in September they will begin a tour that lasts up to December 2 ending in Houston Tx at Toyota Center. Here are the tour dates for the USA dates.

Sep-7 Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless Arena
Sep-9 Washington, DC Jiffy Lube Live Amphitheater
Sep-11 Pittsburgh, PA CONSOL Energy Center
Sep-13 Indianapolis, IN Bankers Life Fieldhouse
Sep-15 Chicago, IL United Center
Sep-18 Detroit, MI Palace of Auburn Hills
Sep-20 Columbus, OH Nationwide Arena
Sep-22 St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center
Sep-24 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
Sep-26 Winnipeg, MB MTS Centre
Sep-28 Saskatoon, SK Credit Union Centre
Sep-30 Edmonton, AB Rexall Place
Oct-10 Bridgeport, CT Webster Bank Arena at Harbor Yard
Oct-12 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center
Oct-14 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
Oct-18 Montreal, QC Bell Centre
Oct-20 Newark, NJ Prudential Center
Oct-22 Brooklyn, NY Barclays Center
Oct-24 Boston, MA TD Garden
Oct-26 Buffalo, NY First Niagara Center
Oct-28 Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena
Oct-30 Charlotte, NC Time Warner Cable Arena
*Nov-1 Atlanta, GA Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Nov-3 Tampa, FL 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre
Nov-13 Seattle, WA KeyArena
Nov-15 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion
Nov-17 Anaheim, CA Honda Center
Nov-19 Los Angeles, CA Gibson Amphitheatre
Nov-23 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Garden Arena
Nov-25 Phoenix, AZ US Airways Center
Nov-28 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
Nov-30 San Antonio, TX AT&T Center
Dec-2 Houston, TX Toyota Center

Katy Perry: California Dreams Tour Comes to an End

125 shows and she kissed a fan each show lol. its done. Her welcoming to Asia was amazing. The fans….nuts. The worst part…the fucking flights to and from!

Katy sold out almost every show for an almost perfect tour attendance. Those that were lucky enough to wear outfits to the show and saw her sis got passes and then there are those that bought VIP. Personally I hate when VIP is sold because people tend to think that gives them full All Access….it doesn’t! Katy had a security breach on the last show which held up the start but nothing major. If you think the Mall of America is big…..you haven’t been to the Mall of Asia yet! Holy fucking cowpatties! The place is huge and has awesome views. The hotel views were pretty badass. I laughed that there was a club called LAX and Shakey’s Pizza. Wow can you say wanting to put LA in Asia?!? lol

Anyways, im out! Im jetlagged. 28.5 hours in the air….yeah it gets to ya!


Goofing Off

Maps lol

Just A Quick Post….

Lately I have been feeling pretty down. Its hard to imagine someone that I looked up to and shared great memories with is gone. I guess I will never get over that. Most people dont get over death, they just learn to cope. I think right now I am in that coping stage. I can find myself being happy as ever during the day and the next moment i break out in tears thinking of Paul. Not only as a human being but also his music impacted me. Having the utmost pleasure of knowing him……it was an honor. I always thought of his laugh as sort of a Butt-head laugh. lol. I find myself jamming to the music as hard as before and yet when its over i feel about as weak and sad as a person that just lost someone.

I think for me I need more closure. I need to go back to visit his grave and say somethings I never got to say before. Things I never got to say before he died. We tend to take for granted the people in our lives imagining they will always be there throughout our entire life then they are gone. Nothing in life ever prepares you for that. Nothing. I always have this macho persona and I keep things bottled up for so long. Lately I think those feelings need to come out. I cant discuss those feelings with all of you. Many of you wont understand or wont even care to understand. Ive tried to talk to some about it but hesitated because i’d probably just get rolling eyes. I really cant talk to anyone about everything because who can really relate to it all? I’d figure only someone that cared for the guy as much as I did could understand. I wish I could be on that motorcycle in Switzerland again taking that 300+ mile journey into the Swiss Alps. Views to die for which I spend moments thinking about these things. I videoed a few parts of those roads for myself and to one day share with others. You all see the beauty of this little country through my camera eye, reference to Rush, but my mind was on other things. Like one instance where I nearly forgot how to brake and downshift on the bike when a large group of people was crossing the street near Interlaken.

I wont rant on and on but to those of you who have loved ones you really care about which should be all of you lol…..dont take them for granted. One day they will not be here. Spend all the time with those people as you can. I wish I could have but thats just not how the cards were played. All I can do is cope with that and hope to god, allah….or who ever that there is a better place than this. Life is too short. Now as I bid you all a goodnight im off to shower, read on the kindle a bit and then go to sleep. Need to buy some Arctic Silver 5 to see if that helps my PC CPU.

Goodnight friends. SOrry I dont have pics to post. I do but since i have been re-working on my system I dont have everything organized just yet.


In Moscow

blog and a few pix to come soon. its almost 11am here and im about to head out to see the city. Cool thing is we are staying directly across from the venue for Wednesday’s show. cool huh. Today I want to see Red Square again and Lenin’s Tomb. Might head to Gorky Park too. Dont know. Just going to go to some places. So enough of this post. Thank God the hotel has WIFI lol

Peace out….

Here is one from yesterday when we got in…

On way to the city in taxi

The Kremlin!!

Slipknot: The First Show Back….

Good Afternoon! Lunch time here!

it was emotional for all in the camp. Chants of Paul Gray’s name were so loud. Although an emotional return to the stage it was also full of energy. It was Slipknot back to their 1999 days. Yep, I just said circa 1999. The band returned with the 99 masks and red coveralls. As I had said before, it was in many ways a new beginning and an end. The tears flowed but they were tears of joy. It took more than you can imagine for the remaining eight to take the stage after a devastating loss. Donnie kicked fucking ass on bass. He nailed Paul’s work. He was not visible to the fans. There was a little bullshit about that but oh well. Paul’s mask and coveralls were visible. It was that feeling of having him still there onstage and he was. You could feel the energy and the hair standing up all over. He was truly there watching the guys and wishing them on a great show. For the next few shows and as well the Terra Vibe Park show in Malakassa (Athens) im speaking of here was/will be with Iron Maiden. The kings of metal. An honor itself to be in their presence.

Thats it for now. About to board our flight to Istanbul Turkey on our day off. Our show in Sofia Bulgaria was cancelled because Sonisphere altogether was cancelled there. So in place of that the band is doing a show at Columbiahalle in Berlin on 21st instead. I have plans to see my Godmother later tonight. She lives in Istanbul now. She teaches out there! Neato huh? lol. Kinda wish my friends Denis and Eva could come out but I know its probably hard for them to make it out. I got a few pics of the ruins on the way out before we headed to Malakassa. Ill post on here or another post later. I really got to get going and literally DOWN the fuck out of this coffee lol.

See ya….