Saturday Night Football: Cowboys Vs Saints

i didnt get to watch this game on NFL Network but I did keep track of it on ESPN scores on my phone. Dallas controlled the game 3 of 4 quarters. Dallas went in knowing this game was huge for them. For the Saints it was a game to keep their winning streak alive and nothing more. They already have clinched playoff berth.

Dallas although they won still played sloppy. Some sacks and incomplete passes but that is to be expected in any game. The Saints offense struggled most of the game against Dallas’ defense which held them back very well. Although the Saints still scored 17 points they still did have a chance of taking the game into OT. By the 2-minute warning Dallas was hyped up and although the first play at the end of the game seemed to be a fumble it was not. Then, once again Ware caused a fumble which allowed Dallas to recover. That may seem as luck to some but when you have a team hyped up and about to win that really changes your momentum.

As a football player in high school I remember we played a game and was losing the entire time. In the 4th quarter it got very muddy and my coach took me out for some plays to get a breather. The middle eastern kid that replaced me sucked and caused the linebackers to penetrate and sack our QB and tackle our RB. I was SO fucking pissed and literally was hitting my helmet on my head hard. I told the coach, “COACH PUT ME IN NOW!” He told me to go in and call homeboy out. My first play back in i opened up a huge hole on a B-2 and knocked the linebacker and safety coming in on their asses. We got a 1st down. The next play they had put in a bigger linebacker and he came at me but I fucked him up right away. I blew threw the defensive lineman and the linebacker opening another huge hole and we scored. SOOOOOO, when you get players worked up yes we can do some damage. Of course when I played our line was called “The Bruise Brothers” because we hurt other teams players because we was so big and tough. Pussies….lol….

So anyways, this win was huge for Dallas but for the Saints this loss really doesn’t mean much and doesn’t hurt them. Well, except their undefeated season. Seriously though, if you cant play on a team or be a fan and accept a loss then you dont need to be a part of it at all. If your a Saints fan, your team lost and to the Dallas Cowboys. Sorry if that upsets you but you guys are still clinching winners so there really is no need for trash talk. Dallas still has to beat Washington and Philly and Dallas has always had issues with Philly even though they beat them earlier this year.

Im not a huge Peyton Manning fan but yes he is a great QB and his commercials are funny lol. His brother went to a Super Bowl and they started giving him super stardom fame which made him very over-rated. Manning to me has proven his status as a great QB. Romo could be a better QB if he worked out his inconsistencies. Kurt Warner is still one I consider a very good QB as well.

In the end it all comes down to who wants it more and who is going to play smarter football….period….