The Dream World….

So i been sitting here and thinking I haven’t posted to my blog in quite a long time. I had been reading some posts on the idea of bringing an item out of a dream into reality. Now as a kid I had this feeling quite often and I can recall an instance where I did have something in my hand and I set it down on my table in the room. I’ll get to all that soon. Anyways, The dream world has always fascinated me since I was old enough to remember my dreams. So this post is devoted to dreams.

When I was a kid I somehow learned to lucid dream. Many people I know say they can’t do this. Somehow though I learned how to control my dreams. As if I am some director or something. I can halt a dream and make options. Seems odd yes but Ive done this. Ive even let a dream play out and then gone back and chose the alternate ending so to speak lol. It is possible. Don’t ask me how but I have been able to do this. I’ve also experienced what I would say was an OBE, out of body experience. I guess thats what you would call it. This one was quite odd. When I was a kid I dreamed of being in Russia. Walking around the city. I was in an area where people lived. I kept walking and found my way to a group of buildings. Not Red Square or anything popular. Anyways when I went to Moscow as an adult on tour we had been roaming the city and i saw that building and a parking lot with a shopping center painted in blue with pot holes. It just quickly reminded me of that dream. Pretty strange but I had never seen any pictures of Russia. I was around 7 maybe. I eventually had this same dream well similar years later before going. I had another dream where I was inside the Coliseum in Rome and saw parts of it I had never seen. When I went my first time I saw the same sights. I had never seen any pictures of the inside. Just the outside. Its pretty odd how a person could dream this way but I believe somehow it is possible. As I’m sure many have had teleportation dreams where you are in one place and suddenly in another. Ive had these as well. Maybe it was a sign that in the future i’d be traveling the world and I seeing a glimpse of my future. I don’t know but it was pretty interesting.

One of the most common types of dreams is where we can look at something or a picture and then fall asleep and we imagine ourselves there. I used to have this painting hanging in my bedroom. It was a beat up barn out in the country and there was a red tractor next to it. I remember having dreams where I was in that painting and running around. It was pretty odd but cool at the same time. I once had a dream of being in space and thought later that maybe it was an OBE. I felt weightless. I spent most of my childhood into my teens in the same house. In my last year of high school we moved into another city and a new home my father got because of his job.

When I lived in my childhood home I never recall having any nightmares or dreams experiencing demons or evil spirits. When we moved into the new house quickly those dreams began to happen. I remember waking up to use the bathroom and my tv was on even though I turned it off. My remote wasn’t even near my bed. I would turn it off and go to the bathroom. i’d come back and it was on again. There was another night I was laying in bed watching tv and suddenly my sheet and comforter literally flew off the bed and landed by my bedroom door. I wasn’t asleep. I got up to get them and moments later it happened again. Here’s whats pretty odd but probably easily explainable. There were times I would lay on my floor because it was wood and it would be nice and cold and well I like cold. I’d put my pillow and covers on the floor and watch tv. Then i’d fall asleep. Many times be it on the floor or in my bed I remember feeling held down. I would move my arm or hand and quickly as if something was holding me down would move it back. They call this sleep paralysis but it seemed to real to me to call it that. Did I forget to mention that every time this happened I would feel something breathing heavy and hot on my face and it was laughing. Now when we wake up we all go through that short stage where we are awaking and we leave the subconscious state and become awake and conscious. I passed this stage and would lay there while this happened for a long time. I’d start cussing at it. “Fuck you get the fuck away mother fucker.” Then it would go away and just like that I could move. No feeling from awakening because I was already awake.

Dreams…..there are interesting. One of my favorite comedians says its God’s way of entertaining us lol. Ok. As a guy I’m sure other guys can relate to the usual sex dreams. You know…the your fucking some chick you dream of….you about to put it in or bust a nut and BAM……..someone wakes you up. lol. Your about to fuck that sexy pop singer and BAM…….someone wakes you up. Yeah those are usual. What always made me laugh was how real lucid dreams feel. Its like damn I’m really fucking this bitch……no your not fucker! lol. One of the most interesting dreams i can remember are the ones where you are holding something or have something in your near possession and you try to bring it with you because in lucid dreaming you know you are about to wake up. Its like you sense that its time to end the dream so you grab the item but you feel something pushing you back. Resistance of some sort. Like something is saying yes you can wake up but no you can’t take that item with you. So here’s one that is odd. 5 years ago my friend Paul passed away. He was the bassist for a popular band. I won’t mention names here but I’m sure many know who I’m talking about. Anyways, I have plenty of guitar picks of his from tour but I keep them in a sealed box along with many others I’ve got from guitarists over the years. I had a dream that we had been talking as if he was still alive. Not a “hey your a ghost and I’m talking to you” type of dream. So when it was time to wake up its like we said ok man see ya later and in my dream he gave me a red guitar pick with his #2 on it. When i woke up I went to the bathroom. When i went back to grab my phone and make my bed the pick was in my bed by my pillow. I tend to sleep with my hands up near my pillow or stretched out in front of me. I checked my box and it was sealed where i left it in my closet buried in a huge rubbermaid container with a bunch of other stuff. So did I pull it out of a dream? Was it perhaps somewhere in my room I didn’t know about? Did he perhaps pull it out of that box and hand it to me? Who knows but it was weird.

Dreams….we all enjoy them because they can take us to places were would like to go to or go back to. As for lucid dreaming if you can’t do it I would say try it. Learn it. It takes your dreams to another level. I mean I’ve had instances where I would get up to use the bathroom and come back and continue the dream. Probably because I don’t turn any lights on and I’m still slightly in a dream state. Yet I have also been able to dream and end it and the next night continue the dream. The only thing to this is it doesn’t always have the same people but it in many ways flows smoothly.

So what kind of dreams have you had? Experiences? Odd occurrences? Bear in mind I post this with an open mind and opinion. Ok I’m out….


Road to Nowhere

Road to Nowhere