so im sitting at home and getting texts about the AMAs. Then I get on Twitter and ppl are mad because Katy didnt make herself visible to the fans. Quickly I wanted to say that sometimes celebrities just dont want to be in the spotlight. You dont know what its like until you have people hovering over you and watching your every move. Sometimes a quiet entrance/exit is all people want. Have you ever seen a celeb out at a restaurant and tried talking to them? They get short with you. Well think about it. THey are eating and probably with family. They are not really in “lets be chatty cause your a fan” mode. Now some say they are celebs and they should always be available. Really? So if you was a celeb would you want strange people you dont know walking into your yard? Knocking on your door…etc? I think not.

Katy deserves her privacy just as do many others. Its their right to have that. Doesn’t matter how famous they are. OF course for me its different I been in this business since 1997 so for me meeting celebs is much different to the average person but yes sometimes celebs just want privacy and if you are all as true as fans as you say you are, then you can respect that. Would you rather not see your favorite celebrity or see them and have them tell you something like “get the fuck out of my face?” Some have said that before. Makes people hate them later but sometimes some have had enough and spoken their minds. Give em space and if you dont see them at an awards show then let it be and move on. As a fan many think their favorite artists owe them something constantly. They give you music to hear, concerts to see and such….they dont owe you anything more than that. In fact after all of that you owe them a bit of time to themselves. All the touring, appearances and such take their toll and its not easy if you think it is. Enjoy the shows and cheer on your fav celebs but dont get pissy about it…..

Black Friday or Shall We Call It Black Thursday?

Every year around Thanksgiving in America people get ready for the holiday sales. I say people because its not really a family affair. Its a shopping spree of massive proportions. If your not from America picture this….. A huge store with ONE diamond ring inside worth 100,000,000,000 dollars and nothing else. Outside of said store there are 300,000 people trying to get the fuck inside to get the ring. Thats basically what Black Friday is only in this case it seems to be starting on Thursday. The problem I have with this? Thursday as we call Thanksgiving Day is a day for families to give thanks and celebrate. People get together and have huge meals and enjoy company of others we don’t normally get to see throughout the year. Now with the greed of corporate America the suit and tie mother fuckers who run these companies today are ruthless and greedy and seek nothing more than MORE PROFIT at the expense of their overworked employees. I could go into detail about all these stores but I am going to focus on one said chain of stores. That is……Wal-Mart or as I call it…..Walsmart…sorry long story but thats just what I call it lol

Normally the holiday sales begin early Friday morning after the Thanksgiving holidays. Of course in America greed is not only in the corporate assholes but in the consumers as well. In this country you see people standing in line for days and even weeks for movie premieres, ishit phones and ishitpads(yes I HATE Apple), concert tickets and yes store sales. As if people dont have enough fucking smartphones, 60 inch televisions, tablets and such. Electronics are one of the most popular items in America. Its really no surprise that the greedy shit company we know as Apple came out with their Ishit 5 and the mini ishit just in time for the Christmas holidays. We all know they will be releasing the ishit 5s and mini ishit/ ishit3 in the next few months and the idiot fucktards who worship apple will be there again with their credit cards to buy yet another piece of shit that does the same thing just looks different and has one little itty bitty upgrade. For the record the Samsung Galaxy SIII smokes the fuck out of the ishit. Anyways, only in America will you see people fighting literally for some product that is lowered to ridiculous prices because they just have to have it. When we think of Black Friday we think of the upcoming Christmas Holidays yet Black Friday seems to be more of a pre-xmas shopping spree for greedy asslickers who are just looking to buy shit for themselves! “oh george look walmart has 70 inch TVs on sale for $500. Lets go get our lazy asses another TV so our kids and we can get fatter and hell we can play Xbox on it….yeah!!” Thats what you hear in America. I really dont care what the fuck people say about my remarks on here. its the fucking truth! Reality never was meant to be sweet. I have a saying I go by, the larger your TV, the more lazy your ass is! Just look at a friend of mine! 38, no girlfriend, no kids, lives paycheck to paycheck and has a 55 inch TV but wants a 70 inch to play Xbox and watch Netflix…..Really?!?!? Sure im overweight but I dont sit on my ass all day watching horrendous amounts of TV and movies as well as video games. SHeesh!!! Then you have the “i just gotta have the new ishit pad because its a mini.” Really? I bet you have the first ishit pad and the second gen after that and the ishit pad 2 and so on….WHy do you need every ishit pad that comes out?!? Same with the phone why does one need the ishit 3G, ishit 3GS, ishit 4, ishit 4S and the ishit 5? Whats the purpose of having every device? Sell the mothers fuckers and buy something else useful with that money. Better yet, save that money and use it for a “rainy day!” Most Americans dont do that shit. Most just blow the majority of their paychecks on shit after they pay bills. I make 6 figures a year in my job. Yes 6 and I can say ive spent much less than most. What really gets me is the greedy mother fuckers that just have to have something. For years people get hurt at these events. People start fights and bitch because something is out of stock. In past years people have also been killed!!! YES KILLED!!!! People getting literally run over by mobs of people trying to get in stores to get laptops for $140 and such. Really? I owned a netbook for a few years and before that a full size laptop. I dont even use one now. In fact I got rid of mine. Why keep something I wont ever use anymore? I have a few tablets. Havent even bought one. All were given to me. The joys of getting free promotional shit from sponsors and one as a gift. I mostly use my B&N Nook Color these days as well as my Droid Razr and X2 for communications and internet. Why use a laptop when I have all i need in mobile devices small enough to fit in my pockets!!

Its not just electronics people go for. its also clothes, furniture, cars, etc. everything goes on sale for Black Friday. I understand the idea of making money. Revenue is important to our economy but what pisses me off is the number of people who use credit cards to “rent shit.” Basically they dont fully purchase something by using a credit card. To me using paper and coin money is the only true way of purchasing something and calling it yours. Credit cards just give people the right to have shit they cant really afford to own but if their credit score is good enough they can rent it by paying a monthly fee on the card based on what they spend on it. I dont own any credit cards. I use cash and bank cards. Credit is the root of all evil. Ok well I have one but i use it for shit I really need and I pay it off every month. Usually for gas and hygiene products and such. I have worked in retail before so I know what it is like. It may have been YEARS ago but ive seen the mad rush on these shopping days. For some its no real difference because there are some people, mostly women, who shop so often using credit cards or their husbands money they dont see the holiday as any different. Yes I know many SAHMs aka Stay at Home Moms who dont work or make any income but love to spend hubbys! This is one reason you dont see my happy ass married! Why should I bust my ass so someone else spends my money? I’d be more than happy to share with someone if they truly appreciate what I do and the sacrifice I make to be away from home for 8-10 months or more a year to tour the world. Some people need new cars so its understandable that someone would take advantage of a huge price reduction sale. You can only drive an old car so long before you get sick of it unless your some bad ass mechanic that can fix your own shit! If I were to spend any money on a holiday I would get shit that I would benefit from in the long run. Like furniture, and stuff for a house. Not electronics and mobile devices. Folks I dont even own a BluRay Player. I dont care really! I watch about 5-7 hours at most a month of TV. Thats all! I spend more time in front of a PC screen sure and even more in planes and shit. lol.

Ok so as usual I jump around and lose you because I get off topic…..sorry! lol. I mean its people’s money and they are going to do what they want with it and thats their right as an American. So be it. What irks me the most is that people wait for these holidays like rabid animals and the people who work in retail have to suffer working on holidays especially Thanksgiving and Christmas just so corporate America can make that extra dollar. Its absurd if you ask me. My mother has worked retail for years and I cant say she really enjoys it but its what she knows and does well. I come from a family where no one is college educated. Meaning my mother, father and myself. The extended family I do have that is educated had money. Their parents had the cash flow to send them to college because they went themselves and have jobs that offer a nice retirement package. For years I had resentment for my parents because I didnt have money for college. I applied for assistance and I never got it. So I did what others did. I worked odd jobs and eventually found myself in the music business. Im not college educated but I know what the fuck im doing. Spending $100,000 on college to learn how to be a roadie doesn’t make you better than I. Experience is key and believe me I broke in many FNGs. I cant even spend Thursday with my mother because she has to go to work to prepare a store for idiots who want to shop for deals for themselves. For shame! Walmart doesnt really care for their employees as much as they say they do. Walmart will work you until your last breath. Literally! The store where my mother works has seen numerous deaths. People who never had enough time off to tend to their health because Walmart worked them like fucking slaves. My mother is a supervisor yet what control does she have? None. Its just a title given to make it seem like you are something important when she isn’t in their eyes. They tell her when to work, make her stay over her allotted hours and nothing ever pleases them even if it is clean and organized. Then after they make her work 5 hours over her time they bitch at HER because she has accumulated overtime hours. Uhhhhh you made her stay fuckers! Thats Walmart for you. They dont give a fuck. Ever think why they have 30 lanes in a store and only 5 are open if that? Yep they are too cheap to have their employees working the registers. Instead they go short-handed and take people away from their respective departments leaving those areas empty and no customer assistance. After all its only about getting the money from the customer and out the door right? Not about actually pleasing them. I know about this all too well. I worked for this place a LONG time ago. People would come to ask me for assistance and then say shit like, “dear lets go to best buy this kid doesn’t know shit about the product he sells.” I heard people say that about me. The hell I dont! If there is one thing I know about its electronics and computers. Thats ok though because i’d like to see those mother fuckers now and say who’s making over $200k a year easy by traveling and shit? Yeah me! Not to brag to them but to let them know that some of us uneducated folks do go on to be successful people in life and I absolutely love what I do. I dont need to blow wads of cash on some sale to make myself feel better. I dont need all that shit. It will never end though. People will always feel the need to shop on Black Friday and stores will continue to fuck their employees over so they can make more money and keeping them from their families on holidays. IM sure every one of those people are thankful to have their jobs. They go to work so they obviously value their job. Its just a damn shame that because of greed by corporate and consumer that people have to work on days they should be enjoying with their families. I dont even like to go to any store on a holiday like Thanksgiving or Xmas. It makes me feel bad to walk into a place of business and know that some lady is away from her family busting her ass so that I could go buy a fucking bottle of coke, a steak, a sweater and bon bons because I want to rub it in that im off and they aren’t. I dont do it!! Sure ill go stop at the local convenience store because I doubt Ali, Mohammed or Tran cares what holiday it is because many of them dont observe them as we do. Their work ethic is different from ours. Many of them would rather be working than at home. I try to avoid stores like the plague on holidays because its not fair that I make someone service me because I feel the need to be privileged over them. I wont do it. I’d rather wait until the next day and go when normal hours are open.

So yes thats why this post mentions Black Thursday because well all know Friday will be a busy day for sales but these companies want to extend it to Thursday and thus screwing people out of family time they deserve. I fear for my mother’s health because she has diabetes and high blood pressure. She has had her pressure so high its in heart attack range while working. Thats not good but she cant afford to take the time off and Walmart just keeps adding more stress to her because they refuse to hire more help. Its a shame that the company that Sam Walton built has become so heartless. There was a time when Sam Walton once walked the halls of his stores and met with employees who did even the shittiest of jobs in the store. Why, because he believed everyone was part of making Walmart successful. Today the management screws their associates. I can recall the number of times my mother said they were supposed to get bonuses and then didnt get anything yet those managers were getting large bonus checks! hmmmmmmmmm. Walmart doesnt care. They just want to make money. Sure thats the point of running a huge company but when do the employees get a break? The Company Chickfila has odd beliefs about gay marriage but one thing I like about their beliefs is to be closed on Sundays so employees can spend the day with their families. Sadly not many companies observe such a policy anymore. You can sell your product all the time. Even online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Give the people a chance to be with their families and stop being so greedy. It wont happen though. Somewhere out there some guy is enjoying his 60 inch TV while jerking off to porn or watching sports and some lady who bought her kids barbies and there are families out there mourning the death of their loved ones because these people just HAD to have these things they are enjoying right now. Thats so shitty. How could I live my life everyday knowing i killed someone or contributed to their death and yet enjoy the shit I so crazily went after? I couldn’t. Shame on those people……..

SO as you go shopping on these days be safe and dont fucking trample other people. If you cant find it in the store you can find it online. Google or Amazon that shit man!!!!

Ok im out…..Safe shopping and Happy Upcominng Thanksgiving my fellow Americans. Here is a video for thought as you go shopping on that day. A 34 year old store associate killed because people needed those sales. A pregnant woman miscarried her baby……all because of greed. This makes me sick to my stomach and yet it will happen again because some people will say they care but really just dont give a flying fuck……. wow….

A Good Deed

im sitting here and I just typed a fucking book in response to a friends blog lol. I always value a friends need for answers when it comes to life and love. Im not a doctor but I try to give the best possible advice and answers I can. Get me going and the end result is what I just finished typing. Sometimes I repeat myself and it takes me longer to get to the point and im sorry for that but I always mean well when others ask me questions that boggle their minds.

Sometimes I wish I had all the answers but I don’t. It keeps me in suspense and sometimes it makes me upset. Ive managed to let feelings for an ex-girlfriend go but some still linger. Why? Because I care. Why do I always spend so much time answering questions? I guess because I hope that the person will get something good out of what I have to say either from my own personal experiences or by example. Ive tried talking to friends about their personal struggles. Many just hear me out and ignore me. Others eventually take note of my words and find that some of makes sense to them after all.

I dont know why i value helping people so much. Or trying to at least but I do mean well and I try to put prejudices (not racial) aside and not answer with such a biased answer. I hope this female friend finds something good of the book I wrote on her blog. In closing of this short blog I realized I am just a few post away from achieving a goal on WordPress. Sweet! Oh and enjoy this little tidbit of a pic. Its me as a Peanuts Comic Character! Good Grief!! lol Complete with my hat, hockey stick and Katy Perry glasses lol. enjoy the laugh commrades!

Me as a Peanuts Character