many that know me enough know that I do not have a problem speaking my mind about anything. In fact that’s what makes me who I am. It has made many probably not like me but you know, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and im no exception. Lately, I have spoke my mind about Apple and iphones. Also World Cup and the USA team. I wont go into deep discussion but if you know me enough you know that im not an Apply fanboy and im wasn’t going for the USA in the World Cup.

My reasons for Apple is the hype. The media hype that Steve Jobs is a whore for. His phones are NOT the best on the market but Apple fanatics wont accept that. Already problems with antenna and if you follow the Cnet show Buzz Out Loud then you have heard their discussion already about the antenna issues and how Apple could have fixed this at the design stage. Instead they want to sell you a $40 case that will fix the problem…hmmmmm

With the World Cup, I just dont see the point in going for a team that doesn’t play soccer yearly. Countries like Brazil, Germany, UK, Mexico, Portugal….etc, they play soccer yearly and it is their national sport. Some of the greatest games in the history have been played in their stadiums and by those teams. The USA….nope! Its not that I dont have pride in the USA. I just dont feel the need to go for a team that doesn’t feel the need to be involved in soccer except for the World Cup. David Beckham doesn’t count America! He is British! LOL.

Anyways, thats my opinions. Most will be against me but others will be for me. In fact, earlier tonight a friend of mine that lives in Montreal posted a pic on his page about how many Americans would follow the World Cup now that the USA has been eliminated and the results are just as I figured. More people voted NO they would not continue watching the World Cup. Thats a shame. I may not understand the game but even outside of the World Cup when Mexico would play, its interesting to watch.

I dont really follow the Olympics either. Its interesting how they make these competitions worldwide so that countries can brag about who is better. Its not even that though. The USA tends to believe they are the superior country over any other in the world. They are not. America may be the land of the free but believe me its not as free as you think. It costs money to live in this country. Back in the days people criticized Russia for how the people were treated. You couldn’t do anything because you risked being arrested. You couldn’t own porn because you risked going to prison. In America its becoming the same. They want to regulate everything you do. Everything you say. You cant even have a conversation on your cell phone through text messages without the government wanting to get involved because you might be a terrorist….woooooooo!

Still though, its a nice country to live in but the government to me will stray away from democracy and more towards dictatorship. They wanted to bring down Saddam Hussein so bad yet in America they watch every little thing you say and do. Even though I am an American hispanic I like to think of America as the Nosey Country. They want to know everything going on in other countries but when other countries want to know what is going on here they want to keep a lid on it. They dont want other countries knowing what is going on here. Doesn’t seem fair no matter how you look at it.

Americans also seem to hate seeing mexicans in America yet they do all the hard labor that white America won’t do for such little pay. The mexicans will take whatever they can get for a better life! Americans also seem to treat Middle Easterners bad as well. Sure I joke around with their accent but hey let me tell you this. Middle Eastern people are some of the most devoted workers around. They may not do all the hard labor but when they do a job they do it! They run their stores and their businesses and they will do it day in and day out with what seems like no vacation. Many of them plenty of money yet they dont live in mansions or drive fancy cars whereas Americans get a high paying job and BAM there is the Mercedes Benz in the drive way and the $500,000 home. Its crazy.

Americans complain about the economy but many dont realize that they are part of the problem. Their spending habits and excessive credit card abuse bring them to outrageous debts. No one forces them to run up every card to their maximum limit and then be in debt for the rest of their lives. Its their greed.

so anyways, I have my opinions. As I stated earlier most people wont agree with me. Some will. I am entitled to my opinions and everyone that reads this is entitled to respond back with their own hateful comments. Thats fine. Thats what makes America free. Freedom of Speech. I dont have to like everything American to be an American. Hell I know people that buy nothing but foreign made cars. Doesn’t make them less of an American because they choose to buy Honda, Toyota or BMW rather than Ford and Chevrolet! Before I would get angry when others would say things against my thoughts. Ive learned to accept all comments. Im somewhat of an internet debater. I like to bring forth issues and discussions that many wouldnt think of speaking about because it allows people to speak their minds. People will comment on here and say im communist because I didnt go for the USA in the World Cup. Who says I have to go for America in the World Cup? Barack Obama? Arnold Schwarzenegger? No one! In fact in California you will see the Mexico flag flying everywhere with people going for Mexico in the World Cup. Many of those people are probably immigrants from Mexico and others are US Citizens who perhaps come from a mexican background and wish to go for their country. I went to a pub the other day and a group of guys was going for England. Hey they were British. Those same guys were going for Germany as well in their discussions. Another agreed with me about the USA. SO its just opinion.

I had one person tell me that I should get the fuck out of America if I dont like them. LOL. Yeah ok! Another said I should chill out because i was for the most part out of line. How? Its my opinion! Now if i argued with you that 2-2 was 1 and not 0 Then yeah you have a reason to get pissy with me because the answer is 0 but if i choose to not like a team I have that right. Im from Houston. I dont like the Houston Astros baseball team and I dont like the Houston Texans football team. Thats my right and if I choose to wear a Dallas Cowboys jersey to a game thats also my right. No where in law is it written in America that a person in that city, in that state in that country must go for their respective teams or they should get the fuck out.

so I will like what I like and have my opinions. You can agree with me or hate me. Thats fine. Im not going to like you or hate you any more or less. Its part of life folks and not one person in this world is equal in our thoughts yet we are equal as man; homo sapien.

People should really learn that others are not going to like the things they like and that they shouldnt get pissy about it. I always write about how I dont like Apple even though I know people like them. I post derogatory links and I also post links of interest to those people. I dont like the Twilight movies yet for my friends on Facebook that are friends I posted a few links about stories and stuff they would like. I may not always do it but I do recognize that people like the things I may not like that there is nothing wrong with that. Im not God and im not telling anyone to follow me or feel the way I do. its just my opinion and thats all it is. Take it or forget it however you choose to deal with it but dont tell me that im wrong and that I should die or get the fuck out because I dont agree with you. There are things that I like that others dont like. Thats fine. I like rock music and classical. Others dont. Im not going to say to people that if they dont like rock music and classical that they are stupid and idiots. Its just my perogative to like what I like and you like what you like! Period!



Oh and thanks to my friend Shawn, here is a pic of that very poll I mentioned earlier just so you dont think I was bullshitting!

World Cup Poll

Slipknot’s Paul Gray Dies from Morphine OD

Slipknot bassist Paul Gray died May 24, 2010 in Urbandale Iowa. Among his belongings authorities and a hotel employee found prescription pills and syringes in his room.

The cause of Paul Gray’s death as stated by the coroner’s office was from an overdose of morphine and fentanyl. Fentanyl is a morphine substitute that is much stronger than morphine.

No official press releases have been made at this time by Slipknot or Roadrunner Records USA. For more information please, stay tuned to the bands website, http://www.slipknot1.com or http://www.outsidethenine.com



not much to talk about really. Last night I watched what was to me a great Game 7 between the Lakers and the Celtics. The defenses were just dominating and keeping the score low. One of the lowest scoring Finals games. Many congrats to Phil Jackson and the entire Lakers team for winning another title. Also congrats to the Boston Celtics for their awesome effort. Both teams proved just why they deserved to be in the NBA Finals. That was proven last night and througout the 7 game series.

I have a swollen ankle today. Dont know why. didnt do alot of walking. thanks to aleve its going away. Its nice to be back home in the comfort of my own bed but not for long! LOL……The road calls again….

will write more later….lots going on right now. tweeting, catching up on FIFA, chatting with a friend and other crap lol….have a great weekend folks! Good golf, good tennis, good sex, or whatever makes you happy! lol

Just a random pic……..


Random Crap

Have You Seen This? Jesus Statue Burned

I dont know any details but wow this is crazy! A Jesus statue was struck by lightning. OR maybe Jesus didnt like this statue of himself and told his disciples he was going to burn it. Either way they plan to rebuild it. Hope they do a better job or jesus will be pissed!!! lol

Anyways, in all seriousness check out the footage here. Its about the only decent footage from YouTube i found. The rest has stupid songs added to it and just plain dumb! I dont think anyone was hurt in the fire so tahts good….

here is the video
wait, i tried posting video before and I dont think it worked so here is the link and I will also try to embed….


Slipknot’s Paul Gray: Official Obituary from Des Moines Register

Paul Dedrick Gray, was born on April 8, 1972 in Hollywood, California and died at the age of 38, on Monday, May 24, 2010 in Urbandale, Iowa.

Paul was easy going, charismatic, enjoyed his music, cars, his fans, Starbucks and spending time with his family and friends. He loved his puppies and of course, smoking his Marlboro Reds.

He is survived by his wife, Brenna Marie Gray; his daughter, October Dedrick Gray; mother, Nancy Gray – Miller and her husband, James; brothers, Damon “Tony” Gray and his wife, Melissa, William “Jay” Matthews and his wife Lillian; nieces, Ashley and Hanna Gray; mother-in-law, Erin Alpaugh and sister-in-law Ashley Alpaugh; and his 8 brothers in Slipknot. He was preceded in death by his father, Paul Anthony Gray and his grandmother, Hellen B. Westby.

He was the kind of person that really wanted everybody to always get along. He was a great husband, brother, son and friend. Paul is going to be sadly missed and the world is going to be a different place with out him!

Private Funeral Services were held Friday, May 28, 2010.

Memorial Contributions may be made to

Paul Dedrick Gray Family Trust
To: Hudson, Maloney, Shindler & Anderson, P.C.
5015 Grand Ridge Dr.Suite, # 100
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265
Tel: (515) 223-4567, Fax: (515) 223-8887

Trustees are, Paul’s wife, Brenna and his, brother, Tony;
in loving memory of Paul Gray.

Online condolences may be made to the family at HamiltonsFuneralHome.com.