So yeah Orange is the New Black is my new late night favorite. On season 2 ep 7 right now. Piper looks like Katy Perry lol…..Mendez is an annoying mother fucka…..the warden or whatever she is is stealing money to fund her lifestyle….. Healey and his mail order Russian bride lol…..then there’s the 70s show chick. She’s pretty but her voice ruins it for me every time lol. just sounds to manly for me. 

Anyways, its a good show. Not much going on here. Late night on the road per usual. laying in bed relaxing. I wish it was winter already. Nationwide heat sucks balls. I wish there was more to write about but there is nothing really interesting to say these days. 

stay tuned….ill post more soon. 


Taylor Schilling

Taylor Schilling