Jailbreak & Unlock iPhone 3G/3GS by Upgrading to BB 6.15.00

Im in no way an iCrap fan but after the last two weeks of working on a friends iPhone 3G to unlock it and the crap I went through to get it done I thought I would share all the shit I ended up learning on this with others. So read what I have on here and you can goto the two links below for more info and im sure more easy step by step instructions.

The Grylls

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO iCrap lovers/whores/fanatics…etc…..YES the latest jailbreak and unlocks do work. I personally did it with ease. IF you follow instructions and have the RIGHT FW and tools you as well can do so! You can post comments asking for assistance and I will try to help you as best I can. Take in mind im just a person that as jailbroken and unlocked. I am not an Apple OS developer/hacker….lol

******iPhone 4 owners please STOP! This process does NOT work for your phone. Please refer to


These sites will give you info on when iPhone4 baseband 2.10.04 will be able to jailbreak and unlock. Devs have already seen exploits that should allow for this soon. Stay tuned to their blogs/sites daily for info. Please dont hound the developers for release times. THey will release when it is 100% known to work.

Many of you have been flooding the internetz with off the wall posts and bitching about HOW TO UNLOCK THE IPHONE. well if you updated your iPhone to iOS 4.1 or 4.2 and your baseband is 5.14.02 or higher then you can easily JAILBREAK AND UNLOCK it. YOU MUST follow the steps though and do everything as said. It really doesn’t take long. In fact the longest time you will spend is downloading the IPSW files you need.

First off you need some tools. If you are using a Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7 system then this is the list of steps you need and the materials you need to get this done right. Before continuing, if you have an iPhone 3GS then you NEED to put your phone on iOS 4.1 firmware. If you are on iOS 4.2.1 already you can unlock with this installed BUT you will ONLY have a tethered jailbreak. Meaning you need to tether each time you boot the phone. If you install iOS 4.1 firmware on your 3GS then the jailbreak will be untethered. I read this on a developer blog. Dont ask me where because ive read enough shit about this already that I didnt save the fucking link! LOL

SOOOO you will need these items and I will provide you with download links to get the firmware and programs.

You Need:

*iPhone 3G/3GS of course
*iOS 4.1 or iOS 4.2.1 IPSW firmware files
*Redsn0w Latest Release 0.9.6 beta 5
*iPhone USB cable


iPhone 3G 4.1 IPSW

iPhone 3G 4.2.1 IPSW

iPhone 3GS 4.1 IPSW

iPhone 3GS 4.2.1 IPSW

Redsn0w 0.9.6 beta 5

First things first. What firmware is your phone running? 4.1 or 4.2? Before I begin explaining things you have to remember a few tips. If you are running iOS 4.1 on a 3G then you are fine. Same with 4.2. If you are running iOS 4.2.1 on a 3GS then you NEED to install iOS 4.1 on your phone. Reason?!? well on iOS 4.1 you get an untethered jailbreak. With iOS 4.2.1 you get a tethered jailbreak and you will need to tether each time you boot the phone to jailbreak. Its your option but i’d go with iOS 4.1 on your 3GS.

Make sure you update your iTunes to the new 10.1 version. If you need to install a stock FW on your phone do so by connecting your iPhone and turning it on. Once it prompts you to install iOS 4.1 or 4.2 you can do so. When using redsn0w later you will need the IPSW Firmware file for the version your phone is running in order to use redsn0w.

Ok. So before you run Redsn0w on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 machine make sure you do a few things. Right click on the redsn0w file in the folder you unzipped. You will need either WinZip or WinRAR to unzip the folder or you can let Windows use the built-in feature it has.

Before using Redsn0w Do the following: (Win Vista and Win 7 Only)

*Right click on the redsn0w file and goto Properties
*Check the box to run in Windows XP Compatibility Mode
*Check the box to Run in Administrator Mode
*Click OK and your done here.

Now run Redsn0w. You will see the redsn0w program come up Do the following in Redsn0w

*Run Redsn0w
*Click Browse
*Browse and point redsn0w to the IPSW file YOUR iPhone is currently running
(if your phone has iOS 4.1 then select the 4.1 IPSW. if using 4.2 then select that IPSW)
*Once the IPSW is verified successfully click next.
*Make sure Install Cydia and Install iPad Baseband are checked then continue
*Now turn off and connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable
*Be ready to put your iPhone in DFU Mode quickly after the screen tells you to turn off.
*Follow prompts and once your phone is in DFU Mode it will performs tasks then reboot.
*Redsn0w says waiting for reboot. Let phone reboot and finish installation.

Once you are at this stage your phone has now been jailbroken and redsn0w has installed Cydia. If your phone is not already connected to a WIFI network I would suggest doing so or insert a valid AT&T SIM. You will need to have access to a network via WIFI or mobile so that Cydia can download and update packages. I had a T-Mobile unactivated SIM in the phone when I did this. At first the phone would reboot and only show the Emergency Calls Only screen. At this point open iTunes assuming you have installed the new 10.1 version. Your phone will now say Activation in Progress and gives you the option to Dismiss. You should now be able to access the springboard were as before you couldn’t. Just open iTunes!!

On the springboard scroll to the last page of icons and tap Cydia. It will run and then close itself down. Re-open it. You may be prompted to reboot the phone to continue. Once Cydia has been opened again let it finish loading and re-loading data.

Now follow these steps in Cydia to install Ultrasn0w to unlock your phone

*Open Cydia and let it load/re-load data
*Tap on Manage at the bottom of the screen and goto Sources.
*Under Sources you should see http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com repository already in the list. if not add it.
*Select the Ultrasn0w repo and install. It should be Ultrasnow 1.2
*After installation your phone will prompt you to reboot!
*Tap the reboot button and let your iPhone reboot.

At this point after your phone has been jailbroken and you have gone through Cydia and installed Ultrasn0w 1.2 your phone should now be unlocked!!! You can now enter any SIM such as a T-Mobile SIM and enjoy your new unlocked iCrap!


Many of you may have done this already and looking for a solution because you are not getting network access with an non-ATT SIM. There solution is pretty simple assuming you have done everything exactly as it should have been done.

If you have jailbroken and unlocked but have NO network access for your SIM then do the following:

Tap on the Settings > General > Network
Under Network the first option you see is Enable 3G. It is most likely set to Enable. Tap it to DISABLE it.

After reading past unlock instructions which informed to disable 3G before unlocking I did so with this unlock before installing Ultrasn0w. Still after doing so 3G service does not appear to be working but EDGE for T-Mobile does. So if your not getting SIM access for your card then disable 3G and your phone should start running on the SIM within a few moments. If not reboot and it should be working assuming you unlocked correctly.


* Many are reporting GPS issues. GPS not working
* Many are reporting lag on the phone after unlocking (I experienced a slight lag myself on iOS 4.1 unlock)
* No SIM network coverage after unlocking (disable 3G in Settings>General>Network)

Redsn0w ISSUES:

* Stuck on Waiting for Reboot (make sure you have the correct FW file loaded that your phone is using)
* Wont Verify IPSW file. (make sure you have downloaded the correct IPSWs for your device!!!)
* Ran Redsn0w but didnt update baseband (make sure you have ran redsn0w in XP Mode and as Administrator)
* Redsn0w taking long time to update baseband files (redsn0w access Apple servers to update to 6.15.00 baseband. The servers are bombarded. Give it some time!)


A) 1st Solution: try to activate the phone using the official sim if u have it (even if the sim itself is old and not working) , or borrow it from a friend if it’s possible, by any means, try to have an access to one and use it
B) 2nd Solution: if A is not feasible, u can install SBsettings from featured cydia packages and turn wifi and data off when u r not using it (shuts down both 3g and edge) , till C is done
C) 3rd Solution: there is a very nice module being worked on by a trusted jailbreak app dev, namely @sbingner , which ll resolve that issue for those having it, the details of which shouldn’t be disclosed until he finishes his awesome work, till then, either use A or B to resolve the issue if it exists for you

Info taken from the link:

iOS 4.2 & Baseband 5.14.02 Unlocking….Glad I Dont Own iCrap

so a friend of mine came to me asking me to unlock and jailbreak his iphone 3G. Well the jailbreak of course was quite simple. Worse case scenario? He updated his iphone to the new iOS 4.1 which also updates the baseband to 5.14.02. I dont know if it updates the bootloader too but his is at 5.9 and if it was at 5.8 I hear that somethign could be done to unlock this fucker. So for the last 2 days or going into two days I have been trying to figure this shit out. The only thing about the “bright” side is that I have all these fucking icrap programs to unlock other phones in the future lol.

So i read that Apple has not released iOS 4.2 and it wont be for another 10 days or so from now. Its safe to say that POSSIBLY it might come out by Turkey Day. Thats Thanksgiving for those that are not keen on our American holiday Thanksgiving. So after all the bullshit, slamming my fist on my desk countless times and …..well you know getting pissy. I just decided the best thing to do at this point is to just put the thing aside, give it back to him and keep an eye out for the new iOS 4.2 because the hacks will be released around the same time. THEN i can unlock his unruly phone. lol. I charged him $25 bucks to do it. Honestly it doesnt bug me to spend all the time trying because through all the trial and error and shit, it might pay off later to unlock more of STeve Jobs contraptions for fanatics. lol.

So in the end, its a waiting game. So if your an Apple icrap lover which I am NOT, then I will have to wait to get his phone cracked just like the rest of you. Ive gone through all the BS. Downgraded the phone to a custom 3.1.2 IPSW firmware, tried the redsn0w shit, welll you get the picture. So instead of getting a coronary over this phone ill stick with playing with my phone while my friend Thomas gets pissy because he will have to wait to use his used iphone 3G on T-Mobile and I get to enjoy my awesome HD2. lol

So if your an iphone user that really really really really really really really needs these hacks, i suggest you wait it out and stop whinning over it. The more you whine the longer you will wait. Apparently, Apple has held up the release of it because of a wi-fi bug for the ipad and I guess because of that they are holding back all the updates until its fixed. I personally think Steve Jobs likes making his worshippers wait. Go ahead Steve, im not one of your worshippers! lol

here are some links to useful tools you can download free if your looking to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and 4G. I assume NO responsibility for your use of these tools if they screw up/brick your phone. Use and research them at your OWN risk!

Rec Boot – http://jaxov.com/2010/05/recboot-iphone-recovery-mode/
This puts your phone into recovery mode and takes it out of recovery mode with the click of a button

iPhone, iPad, etc Firmware Downloads – http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/
download firmware IPSW files here.

Another Firmware Download site – http://tysiphonehelp.com/?page_id=48
Firmware and other useful tools are available on this site.

The Blackra1n Jailbreak – http://www.blackra1n.com/

Pwnage Tool (only for MAC OS x users) download the dmg files here – http://blog.iphone-dev.org/post/1359246784/20102010-event

night all!

here is the damage…..LOL

its running 5.9 bootloader...not unlockable yet...

Jesus, Your Not Welcome Here….Why?

you know I don’t goto church. not because i dont believe in a god but I just dont get up and go. Call me lazy. This blog isnt about that though. While reading the news on KTLA FOX I saw and article about Neal Thompson. A man that dresses like Jesus and has for the last 22 years e every Sunday. In those 22 years he has only been kicked out of two churches. So i read that he was recently kicked out of a church in Des Peres MO.

So im watching the video and the guy seems sincere in his actions. He just wants to rejoice and spread the word of God. He wanted to goto church at this location that day and was greeted by people telling him that he needed to leave. Worshippers at this church told him to sit in the back in the hallway or something. WTF? They asked him if he was a Christian and what religion was he.

My thoughts on this:

OK, is it really relevant what religion he is? Maybe he is a particular religion but wants to convert. People do convert religions. He is asked to sit in the back and then asked to leave. Is this really the way Jesus would want people to be treated? Aren’t churches supposed to make you feel welcomed? What if I was a muslim and some guy was trying to kill me and I entered the church looking for help. Would they ask me what religion i am before they offer to help me? Sadly I think many would. I can understand the boundaries of churches and the rules or whatever they live by but to ask a man to leave simply because he is dressed like Jesus. I think that is wrong.

How can people feel welcome to a new neighborhood and church if the people are mean ass biggots like this? When I was a kid an old woman slapped the shit out of me while I was attending church with a friend and his family. After the services I asked the guitar player if I could play his guitar because I had been taking lessons. He said, “sure. Just put it back when your done” he said. So i played it. I played some classical pieces my teacher had taught me. Some flamenco style stuff and the old song Greensleeves. This old lady that forgot something in the church came in and heard me playing this classical piece and she came over to me and yelled at me and then slapped the living shit out of me. She said and I quote, “you damn devil how dare you play the devils music in the house of the Lord. You should be ashamed of yourself you punk.” Mind you I was 8. She called me a devil and a punk and on top of that literally slapped me so hard I had a red hand print on my face. Since then I have not cared to attend church. I mean is this how people are brainwashed? She could have nicely asked me what I was doing and if I would stop. She didnt have to slap me.

So you see, as much as many churches say they are so innocent and share in the love of life and worship God, I think some of these worshippers take it too far. If this man wasn’t harming anyone and simply wanted to attend the days sermon then why the hell couldn’t he? Churches are supposed to welcome people and make people fell welcome no matter what their religion. ive had people from many different denominational churches ask me to attend their services even if i didnt attend their church or worshipped in their manner. They did it out of the kindness of their hearts and because they truely value dealing with people.

Im not bad mouthing all religions and all people but just making note that there are some out there that really are not as sincere as they make themselves out to be. Just think of all the people that follow Benny Hinn……He has already been proven to be a fraud. I could have told you that. As much as I respect people for their own religious beliefs, please dont give others an entire spiel about why they should be like YOU and worship in the same manner as you. Simply because no two people on this earth are alike and no matter how much we may seem to be…..we are not!

On a side note…..I was raised Catholic. My mother is catholic and my father is baptist. I dont really know what it means to be a catholic but when people ask I tell them. I know how I was raised yet I choose to not attend services. Ive been in catholic, baptist, methodist churches and have also been in temples. When I feel the need to attend a church I do. Ive been invited to different places of worship by friends. I dont mind. I think its interesting to see how others worship and I have taken interest in that. At times ive mentioned Allah and people look at me like im a terrorist. No, im not but people are so damn judgemental. I know I can be. So just because I can read a book about how people came to worship Allah or Jesus Christ and even about Satan that makes me a bad person? i think not. I like to learn what I can. One reason why I bookmark Wikipedia and goto it daily. I chain read things. I read one article and pick different things within it and so on and on. Gives meaning to the phrase, “we learn something new everyday.” I’d like to think I do! As homo sapiens we never stop learning……

Carpe Diem, Sieze the Day!


You know years and years ago when I was younger while working with a particular band I spent a few extra days in Europe at the end of a tour. I flew back to Rome where I stayed and waited in line as I had done other times. This time I actually got blessed by Pope John Paul. As a person that doesn’t goto church this was still a high point in my life because Pope John Paul was the Pope! Now that he is gone I still look back to that day. It was a good day. I grew up with him as Pope. Now there is someone new and im not quite used to that. I was so used to seeing John Paul on tv and at the Vatican when I would go. I went to a dollar store about 2 years ago and bought a book for 2 dollars about the Pope. It was a great read and I discovered more about how he became the Pope….Sorry was just thinking about that as i looked over at my bookshelf and saw the book since this post is about religous stuff…. ok peace out!

What Annoys You?

for me….

1. bills, well paying them lol
2. not moving while driving/riding. (vehicles were meant to move not sit at lights lol)
3. people in the express lane with a basket of groceries
4. people who weight a buck o’ five and complain that they are fat! (carry my weight fuckers!!! lol)
5. Summer
6. Humidity
7. video games
8. Apple, Steve Jobs, icrap phones, mp3 players and laptops
9. Apple Whores
10. Houston Texans
11. Houston Astros
12. TEXAS!!
13. The airlines automatically calling me a terrorist. i dont care about bombing and killing other people
14. elections commercials
15. politicians
16. cheaters – no not the show
17. my sometimes spotty 3G coverage. I want 3G downloading all the time lol
18. drunk people with whom think they are cool because they have a beer in their hand and are loud.
19. drugs – sorry but i smoked weed when i was a teen but that shit stinks
20. people that tell me to go back where I came from….where? to TX. im not from mexico fucktards!! lol
21. people that take it upon themselves to re-tune my guitars to their liking….DONT DO IT!!!
22. Touch my Neil Peart drumsticks and die!!! yeah….
23. fans that beg for backstage access yet treat me like shit
24. girls that lose their fucking minds when they see Justin Beiber…
25. dudes that think they are gods gift to women
26. women that flirt with other men in the presence of their man or male friend
27. men that think with the wrong head
28. women that think they need a man in their lives 24/7. its okay to be single ladies!!! geez!!
29. sex….i love it but god its not the most important thing on the face of this earth. use your hand!! lol
30. if i say im busy on the phone or text then it means im busy lol
31. people that sit next to me on long flights that always cough or sit their kids next to me! DONT DO IT!!!
32. loud people.
33. quiet salad eating people….your stomach is growling because your hungry…eat a steak damnit lol
34. my big feet. i trip over myself all the time…

….. more to come…i have to go for now lol