So its November 2013 and nearly the Christmas holidays. Normally I would post saying how sad I am because im single and alone. Well not this time. Ok so no girlfriend but thats by choice. Life has been pretty fucking good to me over the last few years. Living in Los Angeles. Malibu to be correct. My pack of cats and lonesome dog Satchel lol. One thing that we hear of far too often during the holidays is love and family time. My family is pretty awesome. Most of them are supportive of my career choice and my decision to move to CA and be closer to my job and to my favorite things. Like LA Kings hockey and Dodger baseball lol. Then if you have kept up with me over the past few months you know that my last tour stint was a month with Taylor Swift and a final show in Sao Paulo with Slipknot. I’ve tried to call it a day but depending on the Prismatic Tour in 2014 who knows! Anyways, thats just a brief whats up with me. Lets get to the real point of this post.

Ok, recently I was on Facebook and I saw a friends post. A picture of her and her love. She made it her profile picture. I’ve never been one to hate homosexual romance. I have family that is gay. This post is not to make you agree with me or anything. Its about love. When I saw this picture it reminded me of a few things. It reminded me of how I felt about a special female I once loved. It also reminded me of the girl I knew from our days growing up in school. I’ll just call her “Megan” because I dont need to be saying names here. I remember growing up going to school with Megan. I didn’t know her well. I mean I knew of her and she knew of me but besides small talk in class we didnt know one another any more that that. So as the years went by and we all became adults I decided to sign up for Facebook and I started connecting with old friends from school. Some I didnt ever talk to and now do. Others just became another way to keep in touch. I don’t really recall how we connected but we are and thats pretty cool. In the beginning I never knew much still about Megan. I saw pics of her with two teenage girls and I thought….whoa she’s a mom! Awesome! Later I find out they are not hers but her sister’s daughters. LOL Laughs on me!

So lets get to the pic. Ill post it below this blog so you can see what I mean. I saw this pic and it screams love. Pure unconditional love. Im not saying this just to say it. Really, the picture struck something in me that just makes me kinda cry. For one seeing her so happy with her one and only. Seeing her love smiling back at her. Their eyes locked on each other. I really dont know how one could show more love in a single picture than this. The color of the pic is not rich. Its very mellow. It gives the photo a very cool tone. Both ladies look like teenagers in love for the first time. Who care about ages right? I mean look at the pic and see how vibrant their faces are. Their love un-ending. The light brings out the best part of the photo. Their faces. Honestly this picture gives me hope for my own future. Maybe one day ill have a picture like this with some gal. Here I go tears again lol.

Love has no boundaries. Many say its wrong for men to love men and women to love women. Many say its wrong for them to marry. Why? You can’t change who you love when its real. Even me with my feelings for a lady that I never get to see anymore. I still have feelings for her yet I know I must let her go and move on as she has done. Its just part of life. Why must people judge? I work for Katy Perry and many my colleagues are gay. I’ve never seen one problem with that. They are human beings just like everyone else. Some might have a problem with the picture. I would hope that my friends who read this and others can find the beauty in it. Like I said, love has no boundaries. It makes us do things we never imagined doing. Love makes you happy to wake up everyday and spend every moment you can with that special someone.

For Megan and her love, I am so happy for them. Starting their lives together on an entirely new level. Their love is Unconditional. Sorry I just had to use one of Katy’s new songs for the title and purpose of this post. When you see something beautiful it touches your heart. It makes you happy when you see something that touches you. A concert, animal, painting, person and yes even a picture. A picture is worth a thousand words and more. A picture is infinite. For as long as a picture exists so does that memory. One day those two will be older and look upon that picture and remember their youth…..the moment they snapped that photo……yet the love depicted in that photo will never cease. Im a firm believer that once someone has touched your heart you never fully let them go. They are always with you. Maybe you forget about them if they are just part of your life after you have moved on but you always remember them. There is always a little piece of your heart left for those people. For those blessed with having their life long love in their life for as long as they live…your truly wealthy. Money has nothing to do with it. With every passing day new memories are made. Love lives on. Loves stays in your heart. Love as I said is Unconditional….

…… I’d like to thank “Megan” for allowing me to use this photo for the subject of my post. I’m sure many things I wanted to say I didn’t even get on this blog. Tends to happen. I think i got my point across. I wish her and her love nothing but a lifetime of love and memories…..This picture just really stirred up my thoughts on writing something. Their love helps me see life in a new way. I won’t be sad for Christmas this year. I’ll be happy and they just gave me re-assurance that everything will be ok for me. One day my time will come and when im in that special moment thinking of that person…..ill always remember these two ladies helped me get there……..

Thank you!