Tiger Woods: Leave The Man Alone

Why does America feel the need to know what is going on in every celebrities life? Are some people just really that bored that they must know? Nosey? The fact remains this…Tiger Woods cheated on his wife..YES. Not a good idea BUT he is NOT the only cheater in America nor will he be the last. You have cheaters in American Government and they are still in office after their tv media coverage. Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer….so what? I still loved Inglorious Bastards…Tiger is one of the greatest golfers ever and I dont give a flying fuck what people think of him that will never change. His actions as a human being dont make him a bad golfer. Title does NOT dictate behavior.

Lets use as an example Gene Simmons of KISS. Gene is with Shannon Tweed and she even said she knows that he will screw women on tour. Yet she stays with him and that doesnt make him less of a rockstar. Its the media and the people that take it too far. For me I see Tiger as a cheater. Yes he will be hounded the rest of his life over it. Fuck it. I just want to see Tiger Woods play golf and win PGA Championships. Half of you that watch sports like players that have cheated as well. They just may not have been caught or talked about as much. So i guess to many of you thats OK because its not a huge media issue. Your letting the media run your feelings. Fuck the media. During the playoffs when Michael Vick threw a touchdown pass against Dallas I bet all the Philly fans loved him then when they were before all saying he should not be allowed to play football because of a bunch of damn dogs. The guy served his time in prison and deserves a second chance at life. What if that was your livlihood and you need that job to live? I bet you wouldnt be feeling the same way then. Amy Winehouse is an ugly ass drug addict bitch yet people love her and they continue to love her after all the shit she has pulled.

What im saying is that people say they dont want their kids idolizing Tiger. Why? They are idolizing the golfer not the man he is off the course. Unless your kid says something like “mom i wanna be like Tiger and fuck alot of women and be a famous rich golfer” then you dont have shit to worry about. The point is…..you cant control who people like and what your kids will think. If you only knew the other half of the story about the rockstars and rappers your kids listened to you would probably say i dont want them listening to that artist now because of this and that reason. Ok lets see, on the Cash Money Millionaires tour with Eve, Nelly, DMX…etc…i saw tits flying everywhere. Those guys sucking on titties, grabbing asses and most likely taking fans that we all invited backstage to the dressing rooms for a quick fuck. Yeah thats them behind the scenes. So i guess some of you now dont want your kids listening to those artists because your kids might become sex addicts like them or you dont want them watching Tiger because he is a sex addict. Man fuck I am a sex addict i just dont allow myself to go out and fuck any woman i see and ruin a family. Im a man i love sex. So what? Women out there love sex just as much as men they just wont say it. Probably even more.

Tiger got carried away with his fame and made some really bad decisions. No one to blame for that but himself. He fucked up but no one deserves an apology from Tiger but his wife and his wife only. Its his marriage and his kids that will be affected by this because they media and celebrity news moguls cant mind their own business. You can hate Tiger Woods but think about all the other celebrities you like. I bet some of them have done shit that is questionable too. Get over it America and let the man continue on with his life. You are owed NOTHING from Tiger Woods.