Halloween Drivers

You all know by now I have NO kids. Not one. unless you call my cats kids then i have 8 now lol ok ok lets get serious. Im watching the news and already reports of accidents are already hitting the news. I have mixed reviews on this and those with kids surely wont agree with me but here are my views on this!

Halloween is that one time of the year where people young and old dress up in outragous costumes to get candy and well for adults to win contests and for fun. Well I was in a beaver costume on the 19th lol. Yeah yeah. LOL So im reading comments about the accidents on the news websites and people are blaming the drivers immediately. Remember the entire story is not even known yet! First off how are you going to entirely blame the drivers? Kids really have no sense of shit! Seriously. How many times have you been outside with your kid and they dart out on the road chasing after a cat or dog or a ball or just because??!?! Im sure many times. Kids dont give a fuck becuase they dont know any better. Its the parents responsibility to watch their kids and especially on a holiday like Halloween they should be extra careful. Now its no excuse for anything but some peeople dont have kids and really dont pay attention for large numbers of kids on the roads because these days you dont even see kids on the streets anymore thanks to video games, TVs and ishit phones. Your probably ready to slap the shit out of me but the truth is……..the streets are for vehicles not kids!!! Period!!

First off if your going to let your kids go trick or treating then the first thing should be…….YOU GOING WITH THEM AND HOLDING THEIR HANDS!!! Yes, holding their hands the entire time. They wont like it but so what. When i dated my exgf and her son was with us he always had to hold our hands when we went on the streets or crossed a street/store parking lot. I mean thats just common sense. Kids run like the world is going to end if you dont watch them. So yes these fucktard parents should be holding their kids hands.

Second, you should have protective clothing on your child like reflective clothing or anything that can be seen by drivers. Just like a person who rides a bike and has reflectors on it yes a child should have reflective clothing.

Third, flashlights! yes you can get em cheap at the dollar store and have the kids use them the ENTIRE time they are on the road so drivers can see their lights. Better yet have them wear some sort of light around their necks or something. Of course you should be holding your kids hand anyways but most dont.

Fourth, teach your kids some common fucking sense! you know….THIS IS A CAR….IT WILL KILL YOU IF IT HITS YOU!!! LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE YOU CROSS THE STREET!!! You know shit like that. Of course if your kid isnt even in junior high yet then he or she shouldnt be crossing the street alone anyways.

YOu know some people just shouldnt be parents at all. Seriously some people just became parents because they got knocked up and even now as their kids are older they dont give a shit. Now im not talking about the parents that had kids young and raised their kids well because I know plenty that have done so. Im talking about these parents that have kids to get the WIC government assistance. Some parents really dont give a flying fuck about doing shit for/with their kids. So im sure to many taking their kids out for Halloween trick or treating was such a god awful task! Im not saying that the kids deserve to be hurt. I dont have kids but I dont want to see kids getting hurt. Its the parents in many situations that just dont seem to pay enough attention.

Here is my scenario tonight. I was out heading to grab something to eat after my workout and I knew the roads would be flooded with kids so yes I drove slower and with caution. A kid in a lion outfit darted out in front of my car and I was able to stop of course because I wasnt going very fast and the parent was texting on her phone while her kid was running out into the street unassisted!!! Really?!?!? This is the world we live in today!! Put the mother fucking phone down woman and watch your child bitch! She gave me a dirty look. I rolled my window down and yelled out, “get off the damn phone and watch your kids” She didnt like that but hey come on!!! Your the parent not me. Im doing my part by driving safely and looking out for the safety of her kid and others. There was a car behind me that passed me up while the same road was full of kids. Where was all the anger for that driver? I was going about 20 and this guy ahd to be going about 50 or 60 in a residential area. You know these people with souped up cars. They feel they must always go fast.

So dont be blaming the drivers until you know the entire truth. Some people out there are obeying the laws and keeping a close eye on the streets for your varmints.Be a parent and watch and escort your kid rather than just walking around bored with them as they get their candy. I mean technically they shouldnt be eating candy to begin with. Oh lord!!! Kids + candy = HOLY SHIT THEIR INSANE!!! Yeah kids just dont need to be eating candy. i give kudos to the people who really parent their kids rather than those that try to be their best friends. Dont have kids if you dont want to deal with them! Simple! I seriously doubt taking them out for an hour or two will kill you. Today there is DVR and Netflix as well as Hulu so you can catch your godforsaken shit reality shows at another time. Like now im about to watch Raising Hope and Revenge because I missed them. Oh and New Girl. I guess for some though pushing a button on a remote is too much work just like holding their kids hands! Wow what a shame.

I saw parents earlier who were very involved with their kids! Thats the way it should be. Older kids know how to cross the streets but dont always pay attention but little kids even in groups dont know right from wrong. They just see candy in their little brains. Kudos to those parents who were involved with their kids. Holding their hands and making sure they cross safely. You know in neighborhoods many people say they have a close knit relationship with others in the area. So why not get together with each other and maybe find a volunteer(s) to monitor the roads while the kids are out? Think people!!! Earlier I saw a young guy who got in the middle of the road and slowed traffic down as a large group of people crossed. Pretty ballsy thing to do because some people would just say fuck that guy but he slowed down the traffic and those people crossed safely. Work together man!

Of course its not just the pedestrians responsibility its also the drivers to know that they must watch out for people. Using their headlights. not texting or making calls and turn the music down!! Like me, I listen mostly to classical music when I am in residential areas. If I am on the freeway ill jam my Rush music. Sometimes I dont listen to the radio at all.

Ok so thats all. lol. ill write more later.

Windows 8; Is It Worth It?

Now most of you that follow me or know me personally know that I am not an Apple whore. I respectfully am a “PC” user and will continue to be. Ive been using Windows 7 since its inception. Before that I mainly used Windows XP and for a short time Vista which I didnt really like its buggy UI. Now we are upon yet another Windows release this Friday Oct 26, 2012 for Windows 8. The newest OS version for Microsoft.

So the purpose of this post? Well its simple. Just read the title again. Is it worth it? Like I said, I have been using Windows products for years and I still continue to do so. Earlier this year I took part in testing the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I decided what the hell and upgraded my current Windows 7 build to the new platform. The downfall? You have to backup everything JUST IN CASE you have problems. Not really an issue with me. I tend to backup my files quite often. In my case it was easy. I downloaded the Consumer Preview and it ran a test to make sure my system could handle the new version. I passed with flying colors. AMD Phenom X4 Proc running currently 8GB of RAM was no issue for the software. So I decided to install or rather upgrade my existing 7 to the new build since I had already done a backup. I normally have two hard drives in my system so backing up is quite simple. What takes forever……backing up my HUGE library of movies and music. About 100 GB of movies and 24 GB of music. The install didnt take long at all. Basically it just replaced the UI with the new one and all my features and settings were saved.

So I booted up to the new W8 and in the beginning I was like….. “WHOA THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!” Well the tile screen is pretty cool. Most might not like it especially the Apple whores but I could dig it. Basically in a nutshell what W8 is is an updated GUI to W7. When you boot up you are taken to the lock screen. From here you click on the screen or swipe up on the touchscreen monitor if you have one. Also assuming you have already gone through the basic setup processes you normally see when first booting a new system. Everything is custom to your taste. I wont go into too much detail. When you click the desktop tile you are taken to your desktop which looks just as Windows 7. The tile screen or home screen is nifty if you have hotmail. You can also set up other accounts if I remember correctly. The weather tile is neat. YOu can enter which cities you want to view and it will animate them quite nicely. Same with sports. Just choose your favorite teams!

Ok so as I said I didnt want to go into much detail about W8 because you can just go to http://www.microsoft.com and see for yourself what it does. Or check out You Tube. Here is my thoughts on the new OS. I like it but if you are looking for a huge change in the looks of W7 to W8 your not going to get much change except for the tile home screen. The desktop still displays as W7 style. You can still change your colors and wallpapers and screensavers. So not too bad eh? lol. The BIGGEST difference I think people will notice is the interface for the tiles to be honest. The kicker is….if you dont have a touch screen monitor display then you aren’t going to get much out of the new Windows version! Period! Ever notice when you go out to eat or to a bar and the waiters/waitresses use a touch screen to enter your orders? Thats basically Windows 8 tile screen. Sure you can do plenty with a touch screen display but if your still clicking a mouse to navigate through windows and tasks then this is not the version for you. Its to me a waste of money to upgrade or purchase the software and do a clean install simply to get the tile interface when the desktop still looks like W7.

I figure this will not be a prime seller for Microsoft. I think most people prefer Windows XP and many are getting used to Windows 7. I tell people all the time that if they want to upgrade from XP then they will need a computer with a much faster processor and much more memory. 1 or 2GB of RAM is not feasible for 7. W8 will require just as much or more RAM. So keep in mind that if you are running a much older computer then don’t even bother trying to run W7 or w8. That is the reason you are complaining about the software now because your hardware doesnt meet up to the demands. ALso, when you buy a system keep in mind that the parts used by these manufacturers can and will go defective! I really suggest having an external hard drive of some sort to save ALL of your files. Or just use a flash USB drive. You can get them fairly cheap nowadays. Partition your hard drive to a system partition and then another for data. I always know how much I need because I use the same programs all the time. In fact I keep a clone of my OS on another hard drive so that when I want to do a clean install all I have to do is copying my backed up files to the clean install after I clone it. Makes it so much easier. I just dont see this as a huge seller for Microsoft. Sorry guys love your software but this isnt the direction Microsoft should be taking.

I dont like Apple but lets face it, Steve Jobs knew where to take his company. Its one reason they have such flagship products. We are talking computers here though not phones or tablets. Apple’s MAC OS is nice. In fact if I was to actually use any Apple product it would be A MAC not one of their phones. Their OS is smooth and sleek and in geek terms….sexy! lol. Its not bogged down with lots of crap. Very basic look and feel. In the end people want something that will produce for them rather than crash or freeze. Now as a Windows user I dont get viruses or freezes. I also don’t run virus software. Then again each of us has different web surfing habits. For one I dont view much porn. Sure Im a guy I see a pair of tits sometimes. If I didnt i’d be worried about myself eh? lol. I can get real ass if I want it. LOL. What im getting at though is that Microsoft should really look into making a sleek OS like MAC. Not clone it but make one that is sleek and easier on a CPU and doesn’t take 3 minutes to shutdown. Come on lets face it….many of you complain that your system takes 3 minutes to shutdown. Mine running Windows 7 Ultimate takes about 10 seconds and its off. lol. MACs are quick. You shutdown and it says…..ok board we are shutting the fuck down ZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzzz! No seriously they are off quick! Another feature that MAC has won over the PC is the charger. the Magnetic charging unit is sweet. No plugging shit in and it getting loose. Just let it magnetize to the laptop and bam your off and charging. So yes Microsoft needs to really re-invent their products in an entirely new way.

In the years since Microsoft came out with the Xbox Gaming Console I believe that they concentrate more on the gaming aspect of business rather than the productivity side. Many businesses still use Windows based server setups but many are converting to MAC. They need to really concentrate more on the OS platform and let the Xbox junkies do their thang. Microsoft lost quite a bit of credibility when they released Windows Vista to a much annoyed legion of users. It was buggy and just slow. 7 was a huge update to that and I love 7 but they need to really concentrate more on the OS and let the Xbox team do their work. I’d like to sit here and say I am still using Windows 8 but I am not. Your probably asking why or your saying BWHAAHAHAHAAHA. The reason I am not running the Consumer Build is because of just that. It is a Consumer Build and it does expire. I mean you know they want you to actually BUY the software lol. So I just decided to revert back to 7 and do a clean install. Or else I would have kept 8 running. I also do not have a touch screen display so you can see where that would not be fun. At the same time I wouldnt really want to have a touch screen display anyways. I hate little bits of dust and fingerprints on my monitor now so why would I want to spend hours touching my screen and filling it full of fingerprints and oil?!?

So bottom line….if you want the new look and have a touch screen display then by all means you will enjoy the new Windows 8. Believe me there are so many other awesome new features in it. You just have to watch the videos to discover them all. I mean if your going to spend your hard earned money on something you want to review it first right? So check out the videos. If you don’t care for the new look then stick with XP or 7. If your on Vista please man upgrade to 7 at least though. Get away form that slow shit. OH and upgrade your computer memory and shit! Also bear in mind the hard drive is most likely one of the slower models. You can upgrade to a faster RPM hard drive or just go to the new standard of today….solid state drives! They are expensive though but worth the cost!

So Windows users make your decision wisely……

Politics Can Suck It…..

Politics…..The time of the year when the race for the White House annoys the fuck out of me. Republicans….Democrats….Whats the big fucking difference? All politicians are crooks who really only care for their own kind. Right now the Republicans are blaming Obama for everything. Really? Really? How the fuck are you going to blame Obama for the National Deficit? It was created by Alexander Hamilton way back in the day before any of us were born. Each President since has contributed to it. So how does that make Obama responsible for that? It doesn’t. President Obama inherited all the shit from our last President, George W Bush.

Presidents promise to make things better for the American people. Now im sure that many do try in some ways to make this a more economic stimulant country to live in but the real problems lies with the politican parties today. At the moment we have a Democratic President with a Congress full of Republicans. That doesn’t sit well with them. Everything Obama tries to pass gets shit on because the Republicans don’t want to pass anything. Obama has to rely on vetos. If the table was turned it would be the same shit just a different party running the country. truthfully Republicans have a belief that they are the superior party and that their politican beliefs are what is best for this country. Really?

If these parties would stop fucking bickering with each other and start coming to terms and agreements with these bills they could actually accomplish something rather than fighting over who is better. its a power trip to be honest. Each party wants to be in total control of our government. Its pathetic. I dont really consider myself following any candidate at all. I say let the current President do what he can but for fucking God sake give the man some help. Stop trying to make him look bad by raising prices on oil and commodities. Get over your fucking selves Republicans and work with the man. This isn’t the 19th century Civil War but in many ways thats exactly what it is. Its a fight for political power. Already these Congressmen/women get all kinds of benefits. I mean we pay for them to go to lavish spas and gyms. We pay for their fuel. We pay for their meals and yet these mother fuckers have the audacity to give themselves fucking raises every session. Mother fuckers how about helping out society! Give the poor man some help. Have states raise their minimum wages. Of course it wont happen because the government gives breaks to these huge corporations and they return the favor in many ways. All the while the poor people stay poor and can’t ever get a chance to prosper because of our government.

I don’t care to vote. Like my vote really counts. Like it really means anything. We have something called Democracy in our country but to me it doesn’t seem to be truthful anymore. It doesnt matter what happens when a new President is elected. That person will do as they please and it has no bearing on what I have to say. Every year taxes go up. Our national debt goes up. What stays the same? a person’s pay. Doesn’t sound very fair does it? Nope….

Random Shit….

there are plenty of them but the most common name that i hear constantly is A M Y. lol. seriously. i must know like 5 or 6 Amy’s. Kinda creepy eh? lol. My name is NOT common at all. Thats fine ill stick with it! lol.

Im really hooked on the Naked drinks but shit $2.99 a bottle is insane lol.

I want to see Taken 2. “I will find you and I will kill you.” epic movie line!

It sucks that hockey (NHL) is still on hiatus but thank goodness the AHL has started! Go Monarchs and Aeros!

Carmageddon 2 already happened in LA. I still have my Carmageddon shirt with the 405 logo lol.

One Direction sux balls. They are not the next Beatles! just sayin

I want more ink….(tattoos)

Im thinking of getting some more Arabic or Japanese Kanji tatts

Just realized that I missed the Friday show on Playboy Radio…eh…i have no sense of scheduling these days unless its KP related lol

Fiber pills…..wow what a difference they make. just saying…take em if you dont get enough fiber….

NYC bound…yeah yeah i kinda thought it was nearly done traveling but the world of pop singers never ends lol. Beacon Theatre see you soon

The view from 30 Rock at night is amazeballs

Uhhh wow i just realized i sound like a teenager on the above statement lol

Canadian’s have Thanksgiving before we do

What if 6 was 9. (its a song by Hendrix im listening to)

I hope the Houston Texans all get hospitalized because they suck. FUCK THE TEXANS

come to think of it….Fuck the NFL

just discovered Google Drive and realized that in 2009 i saved shit to it and never knew…wow

im hooked on MLB WGT Baseball the game.

Facebook still sucks as do the idiots who comment shit on my stuff.

had lunch at Burger Kang, yes I said Kang with a friend and they have the new touchscreen Coke Machine! sweet! I remember them in Japan

WTF was i thinking having lunch at the Kang? its ok all i had was a sprite zero and an order of fries. i dont like their burgers.

I could go for a Pumpkin Spice Latte right now but Starbucks is being a bitch and they are out. Why do you have to be such hoarders white folks?!? lol

I paid it forward at Starbucks earlier and the cunt behind me didnt even say thanks. Wow the shitty attitude of some people when you do something nice.

Starbucks never gets my name right on the cup….Gilli, Gily, Gi, Goijoijgwegoij (they didnt know the rest so scribbled), etc….its not that hard….G I L L! or G I L.

Maybe i should say my name is Kalunda to see how they spell it! LOL.

In WeHo the girl at the Starbucks put Gilly Perry….really? guess she was being cute becuse she noticed my tattoos and giggled when she gave it to me lol….hey that was pretty cool yet odd

John Mayer is toast! Ill give him a last booty call…my foot up his ass. told ya you would be out of the way fucker!

My life is full of crazy shit and people

Fans are nuts! Katycats are insane! lol

I hate smartasses that treat crew like shit. (it wont get you a pass) lol

If you know Katy personally then where in the fuck is your name on the list and your pass?

No I will not do favors for you.

Sorry just a few bullshit things I get asked and such.

Why does every fan think I OWE them something?

I could go for Red Robin right about now!

My wallpaper on my two monitors is an awesome pic I took in Lake Tahoe. Makes me wish i was there now sitting by the water in the woods chillin….

Got some awesome LA Dodgers and LA Kings gear to wear for the winter! Early birthday presents?!? got a Johnathan Quick Stanley Cup Jersey!! Fuck yeah. Also got a Andre Either Jersey and a Kemp BP Jersey with a Dodgers hoodie. might wear that more often soon

Can you tell im bored as shit?

Sorry this isnt a real blog but hey its just random shit on my mind.

Ok ill shut up now!

Catch ya later!

My Absence & The Overseas Fiasco….

Recently I decided to enable my two Facebook pages again yet I dont post on them. In fact I only posted a few comments and thats it. I even wiped out my profile pic on one of them. Ive always had one account for everyone and the other for more personal pictures and such. Like family and personal friends. I added a few of the online friends to the personal one and i’d say it was a mistake. Now I know I am one to argue and say funny insane shit but really some people need to act their age.

On the trip to Rio I posted a few pics. I think one from Bogota and the other arriving in Rio at night. A shot for the plane. Then I quit. People saying immature shit and frankly it pisses me off. This is the very reason I created a personal account. To get away from the bullshit comments and allow my friends and family to see into my life of travel without the shit. Yet these few folks still brought it upon themselves to do so. My only recourse was to just quit facebook and go away which I did. I still am. I do not go there to look at posts or comment. I only commented that one time because I was on there and reading some notifications I guess I had since I shut it down.

I had requests from people who wanted to see my newest tattoos that they had not seen. THe peppermint and strawberry. Now my stance on this is quite firm. Its my fucking body and ill put on it what I want. To me tattoos are art and if I choose to put art on my body its my business and no one elses. So some of these people were talking shit. Calling it gay. Calling me gay. Saying im immature and much more. Really!?!? Gay? Define gay. Sure im gay. Gay means happy fuckers. Its the ignorant assholes/bitches that automatically assume it refers to homosexuals. I have plenty of homosexual friends and I have no issues with them. Great people. So what. So my tattoos are gay because they dont agree to your standards? suck my fat cock. Ill say this….Everyone one of those people who had something to say dont even have a tattoo themselves. So how in the fuck are you going to criticize me for something you have never done yourself? So now im immature? Really? Well to an extent yes I am but thats just me. I am a funny fucker and I speak my mind. I also make 6 figures a year. Immature? Maybe but who’s banking bitches? Im not bragging but im getting my shit done and taking care of business so YES i have every right to be as mature or immature as I want. Frankly I think some people just look to degrade others to make themselves feel better. I cant say I never have done so because I know I have but I do see myself as much different these days.

People besides criticizing my tattoos were also talking shit about the reason for them. Lets just say this…..I have tattoos bearing bands logos. Why? Because those people have meant something to me in my life. KP is no different. She’s the most awesome gal. I have enjoyed all the time ive spent working and traveling. Thats why I have a peppermint and strawberry tattoo. People get tattoos for all kinds of meanings. One day when my mother and father are gone ill get tattoos in memory of them. I even thought of getting an airborne patch tattoo in memory of my grandfather from his Korean war days. i dont know…..But its my body and ill put on it whatever I choose.

I still keep quiet these days. Many have texted me or called and I havent returned their messages. Im sorry. Really. I just need time for me! Ill write back or something soon im sure. I mean I am taking the time to actually post on here so that must mean something! lol. I still dont care to be an active part of facebook anymore. maybe one day I will but for now I cant. The only reason I get on there is to play WGT Baseball. Im hooked on that game. lol. So if your my facebook friend you probably read the open letter I had a friend post on there about my recent feelings which basically is what ive said here. If not then well here is the memo! lol.

I guess I should shut up now because I need to go cut my hair and I need to go for my jog. OOOOOOOOOOH ok ill add one more bit. While I was in Singapore I got sick. REAL SICK! Ok I believe its because of something I ate. At first I thought it was because of a bad UTI infection. Well technically i did have some bacteria in my body because they ran a test and it said I had low but elevated levels of leucocytes or white blood cells but not too high. They gave me some antibiotics to help kill the infection. No purines or proteins. So thats good. They also said no kidney stones. I thought I had them. So after getting the meds for the UTI I was like YESSSS I feel better. Then BAM……pain again. I realized that something else was wrong. So I went back to the ER and this time was diagnosed with IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Or in other words……waste evacuation was on strike!!! LOL. So they gave me meds for that and the doc said…..oh boy you are full of medical issues! lol. i was like yeah yeah lol. SO after that I took the meds as well as the shit they gave me there. Within 4 hours or so I was cured. Its kinda gross to even mention farts and taking a dump but lets just say the relief was better than sex!!! Ok well almost! lol. Thats the last time I eat shit in Bali and Singapore! lol. JK.

So thats that. I’d post a cool pic but im too lazy to transfer my pics from my phone to my PC so for now no pic for you to gawk at. Maybe later lol. Ok im out. I gotta cut my hair. Looks like I have a rug on my head! That is esta no bueno!! lol

Peace out for now!

oh and GO DODGERS!!!!!