Tony McManus New Album Mysterious Boundaries

I met Tony last summer along with PRS guitars guru Paul Smith. This is when I discovered the acoustic music of Tony. His arrangements are so relaxing. Ive managed to learn quite a few myself. Si Dolce el Tormento, Gnossienne No 1, Sleeping Tune, Maids of Mitchelltown. Just all around great music. Tony mostly does Irish folk music but with his new release Mysterious Boundaries he takes on a new challenge, classical music. He does an exceptional job!! I cant stop listening to it since I bought it. Of course I buy mp3s these days rather than actual CDs.

Anyways here is the album cover and a short video giving you an introduction to each piece he has on the album. Enjoy!!

To purchase the CD go here:

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Tony McManus - Mysterious Boundaries

Tony McManus – Mysterious Boundaries

Bonnie McKee American Girl; Download It Today, Free

Chances are if your a fan or Katycat of Katy Perry then you like Bonnie McKee who co-wrote many of Katy’s songs. Bonnie’s releasing a new album soon and American Girl is the first single. Download it today for free from her website! I mean who doesn’t like free music. lol

Bonnie McKee

Bonnie McKee


One thing that bothers me is when people I know start bugging me and I mean really bugging me for autographs, tickets, CDs..etc…Anything related to Katy. I mean do they not stop and see how unprofessional that makes me out to be. Asking for 10 autographs personalized….Signed CDs, signed DVDs…I mean if you want something signed then buy a ticket to her show and find a way to meet her. Shit there are 12 year olds out there that have met her numerous times that already know how to do it!

Lately ive had people ask me for shit. Autographs and such. it just really gets on my nerves. I honestly just started ignoring people when they mention it. I mean if they dont get the picture with that then they really are lost! Have you ever worked for a company or organization and had people ask you for free shit because of it? Like hey man hook me up with fair tickets or game tickets etc. Doesn’t that shit bother you? It does me. I love what I do but I think people really have this idea that I just walk up to her and say hey can you sign a bunch of shit for me. UGH! Its bad enough with paps and unruly people who dont know when to say hi or when to stay away and now people asking me for more shit. So I got one friend an autograph. Now she wants signed CDs and DVDs WTF!! Be glad you got one thing! FUCK!

Thats why I am NOT doing that shit anymore. I dont care who it is now. Im not getting shit signed or personalized. If I at 18 could learn how to meet my favorite bands/artists then everyone else can too. Im tired of people freeloading off me for shit. I have a friend who said he and his friend and girlfriend were going to drive to LA to pick up some shit they bought and he automatically invited himself to my place. Dude, fuck no! Get a hotel and tour LA on your own. Im no fucking host. Now i’d be more than happy to let certain people but 3!!! 1 2 3!!! THREE!!! Uh fuck no! So anyways, this same friend says yeah man we will be in town Saturday night and ill call you when we get in so we can find out how to get to your place. I was already in a bad mood and i told him, NOPE. Your going to have to find somewhere to stay. Im busy and not enough room. Which is a lie but fuck! Ok I have 13 cats. 6 inside and 7 strays outside including kittens. A dumb Jack Russell terrier named Satchel. I really dont need 3 more people. Plus my two oldest cats are mixed bobcat and well they are not very kind to strangers. Anyways, im just sick of it. If they want to enjoy LA life on the weekend then by all means do it but not in my place. lol. Grab a hotel over by Staples Center. Hit up LA Live. Go to Beer Belly or a Dodgers game. Hit up Quadrupel in Pasadena. Go get a tattoo at Kat Von Ds but shit let me be!! I guess i only like the company of a few people and those few are females so yeah i dont need these 3 coming around. Oh shit its 2am and i forgot my Kool-aid in the fridge lol

It feels so awesome out tonight. 59 degrees. Got the windows open. I just checked the weather back home in Texas and its damn near 80 degrees at about 4am WTF!! See thats why I just dont like Texas in summer which is pretty much 10 months out of the fucking year. In Texas there is no such thing as winter. Just cooler fronts. lol. The news folk there always say A COLD FRONT is coming in. Yeah right jackass. More like a 2 degrees cooler front. Here it feels great. Hot during the day but nothing extreme. In Texas when I was there I felt like someone poured melted butter all over me and the shit stuck to my body. Seriously in Texas 2 seconds after you walk outside you are sweating profusely and sticky. In SECONDS!!! Fuck that shit man! Tropic air….they can keep that shit. I like this alaskan air that blows in. lol

Ok so thats it. Gonna go take my kool-aid out of the freezer and munch on this peanut butter and jelly sammich because I havent eaten and im hungry. Lots to do tomorrow or well today.

Ok peace out! oh and here is something funny to prove im not full of shit lol

Ain't No Lie foo!

Ain’t No Lie foo!