Ive Taken to the Skies…..Alone!

lol yes you read that correctly! Eventually ill be getting my FAA license. Its not as easy as one would think but ive been having fun. Im talking about flying. A Cessna 172 that is. Not a bad piece of machinery if you ask me. I tried to get a few pics. Sorry for the bad angles and shit lol. Ill post a few. The skies were quite clear but there was tons of strong winds. So departure was quite bumpy. Scared the shit out of me to be honest!

So yeah….Had to hold at Alpha then was time to take-off. A shitload of wind gusts shot up underneath as I was making a left turn. Kinda gives me that sense of vertigo still for a brief moment. It passed rather quickly. Was a nice ride though. Quiet and just gave me time to enjoy the scenery. Flew over my home! lol. Then along the coast. Anyways, I only flew for about 2 hours. just under actually. It felt pretty cool to be able to send pictures out to family and friends who probably doubted my ability to fly an airplane. I always learn quickly and i’ve had a passion for aviation sicne I was a kid. So for me its nothing new. When I was a kid I took a ride in a Civil Air Patrol aircraft. I think that flight lasted about 30 minutes or so. Basically it was just circling around the airport and then we landed. It was pretty cool but i felt like complete shit because 1. i had just stuffed my fat face and 2. I didnt think the pilot would dive the nose down so extreme! lol. It really doesn’t bother me at all now. I mean if I can jump out of a perfectly good plane at 15,000ft then flying a plane at about 3,000ft is like child play. lol. Just much more risky. Well to me.

It felt pretty cool earlier when I landed. I had to hold at Foxtrot while a lear jet taxied to the runway. Kinda made me think….i’d like to fly one of those one day by myself! haha Well of course I felt pretty complete having accomplished solo flight for the first time. All other times were with my instructor. When I got in my car to head home if felt odd. Like whoa!!! Seriously like I was just 3,000ft in the air and now I was in my car heading down the PCH going home. Felt like air underneath my feet. I guess because it was my first time alone It just really had a huge impact on me. It really is a huge feat to be able to go up in a plane by yourself. I mean inspect it, run through checklists and then actually take-off and land all by yourself unassisted. Im pretty fucking proud of that. Not many can fathom the idea of flying a plane on their own. its one thing to board a plane for a trip business or vacation but to actually be the one flying it……yeah its fucking amazing!




KOA Campgrounds…..lol

so sitting here in Bowling Green Kentucky at a KOA campground just south of the city. So rather than make a huge blog out of this, here are some things I noticed….

1. This KOA is really fucking nice!
2. Huge ass place with a lake and dog park
3. store to buy shit but its closed i think grrrrr
4. I need a fucking C O K E! not the drug!
5. There is a table of old guys two campsites over playing cards. dominoes earlier
6. There is a skinny blonde in the campsite next to ours that is outside in her panties smoking weed.
7. I think the ppl across from us are fucking lol
8. there are no kids around. then again its almost 5am and we are about to pull out of here
9. About to leave for Great Smoky Mountains National Park
10. Coach Casa de Grylls is the biggest fucking RV/Bus in this lot
11. A friend of mine passed by earlier but didnt stop WTF
12. Its quiet out here
13. Smoking an e-hookah prompted the girl next door to start staring at me because of the red light
14. im sitting in a chair waiting for Mark to get all our hookups disconnected
15. WTF are these old guys doing playing cards this early?!?
16. surprised that Jason Voorhees hasn’t popped out of the woods with a mask and machete chasing after us
17. im sleepy
18. again im thirsty and us splitting a Red Baron Pizza didnt help
19. all we have to drink is orange juice and water but i want carbonation man!
20. from this KOA to next destination is about 263 miles

Thats about it. Just kinda interesting the things i noticed. OK just a tidbit…The girl is outside smoking right now cig #2. THe old guys are playing cards but the couple appearing to have sex must have stopped but that started earlier about 40 minutes ago. their lights are off and no more OH OH OH. lol. One other funny observation was this….yesterday when we checked in someone asked us why we didnt opt for a cabin. well for one its me and a bus driver and two why stay in a cabin when we got a full size Prevost coach with 3 pull out extensions? Thats room enough right there! They do have showers and such here but again we got that. So no need to pay $100 for a cabin when accomomadations are already set right? I think so too! lol

Ok thats it. I actually managed to type this on a tablet. Wow. I have no idea how to add photos with this WordPress so fuck it.



Temporary Story: The Movie, A Must Watch for Adventurous Travelers

In my line of work I travel often. City to city. Planes, trains, automobiles..etc. Fall asleep in one city and wake up in another. So I came across this video about some friends that decided to travel. Originally a trip that was only to be from Alaska to Los Angeles they spent six months on the road traveling the world. Experiencing places most people wouldn’t care to visit. Ill post the video below but just a bit of warning, the video is about 40 minutes long. If you have an adventure bug and have always wanted to see different parts of the world from Alaska to Africa to South America, then you should watch this video. Even if you are not an adventurous fanatic the video is still great and lots of relaxing music. Whats pretty cool about this is some of the views. Ive seen some of the same myself. Especially in the beginning. So take a bit of time out of your day or night and check this video out. These guys filmed over 2TB of footage and spent four months editing this short movie. At about ten hours a day I think that merits a view!

So here is the movie and hopefully you will enjoy. While your at it leave the guys a message. Ok thats about it for now. Was gonna post this yesterday but was at Pechanga Casino and well you know im not going to post shit when im at a fucking casino. I mean i didnt gamble but penny and five cent machines but hell lol. Ok so enjoy the movie. Grab your popcorn and soda and relax

Temporary Story from Vadim Sahakian on Vimeo.

Just An Update

So yeah ive been quiet lately. Just havent really felt like blogging or anything else for that matter. After a busy 2012 the reward for all the work was going to Iceland. Noooo I didnt stay in a Hostel. lol. Actually stayed in Reykjavik and then in Grindavik. Saw quite a bit of scenery. There was some snow but much of it didnt fall until after I was gone. It was a fun trip. I have about 300 or so pics. So while I was there a friend told me she read an article about horse DNA found in the beef. I was like whoa! I didnt really eat any beef so i guess im good. I didnt eat Mr Ed then lol.

A few things have me a bit confused but im not going to spend too much time trying to figure any of that out. Not really worth the time. On another note I cracked my damn Droid screen. Its not cracked where you can actually see the scren but its cracked on the corner. im sure only a matter of time before the fucker cracks completely. Considering I am the worlds biggest klutz it wont last long. Trying to decide what kind of phone I want next. Galaxy Note or maybe wait for the S4. ehhh who knows. i actually got a free icrap from a friend. new in box but its for ATT not Verizon which I have. I have a buyer. lol. I think. Sell that sucker.

Well I guess ill shut up. I really dont have much to say. I watched Think Like A Man earlier. Whats funny is that these women were all crazy to read a book about how to understand men but when the men read the book to “protect” themselves from these women they got all pissed off. LOL these women were playing from beginning! sheesh. face it men, we are never right when it comes to relationships. 2+2 may equal 4 but if you want that pussy if she says its 6 then its 6! lol….ok well im out. more maybe soon. Im really sorry I just dont have much to say. I could sit here and describe the vacay but im sure not many care about a place named after ice!

peace out




2012: A Look Back & The Future for 2013

Now my previous post was about the holiday season in general and not about me but this blog is dedicated more to myself and the things I feel I wanted to share with you all. 2012 was all in all a great year for me. Lots of changes and many good things came from it while some bad still lingered. I wont emphasize on that too much because going into a new year a la 2013 we want to think of the positives. I think by this time every year we all stop and look back at what has happened. The good and the bad. We try to find some things that we want to improve on and thus comes the dreaded inevitable New Year’s Resolution. Something that many of us falter on year after year. For me I have mine set in place. For many across the pond it is already New Year’s Day and well into it. So if your reading this and it is New Year’s Day, well Happy Mother Fucking New Year!!! lol

For me like many millions of others my resolution has been to shed some damn weight. Now I have the tools to accomplish that. The biggest factor will be putting in the time. Rather than saying I dont have time to do this hour long workout ill just do what I can when I can. Love my Bowflex though. The thing is a great workout. Many have their own feelings about it but hey it works for me. Plus I have free-weights. Cardio will be another thing I will concentrate on this year. One of the biggest reasons people fail at this goal is because they get overwhelmed by two factors. One being they dont find the time to do so because they are so caught up in their own little world and dealing with kids and the other is they get intimidated by going to a gym and seeing others. Now not all feel that way but for some its an issue. For me I never felt it was an issue. What bugged me was actually driving to the damn gym when now I have the means for a good decent workout in my own living space. Save some gas eh!! lol. No one ever said it would be easy and im not looking to be some Dewayne Johnson “The Rock” clone, I just want to better my health in the long run. For years I battled with a condition called Gout. Its basically when you consume too much sugar and uric acid crystals build up in your joints and thus cause you horrendous pain for days, weeks and even months if not treated. I changed my eating and drinking habits drastically and im happy to say that I rarely ever get a gout flare up. Thats a huge deal to me because at one point I got them so often. Like every other week and they stuck around for like a month or so. So being that its the cold season now and its more common for people to get arthritic pains in cold weather I am glad to see that I have overcome this hurdle for the most part by changing something as simple as cutting out as much sugar as I can.

So lets get back to 2012 and then i will mention what I hope for in 2013. 2012 brought many great travels for me. For us I should say. In January we started off what would be the end of the California Dreams Tour in Jakarta Indonesia and ended it all in Manila Philippines. After that many travels to places such as Chennai India, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Rio, Dubai….etc. Some of those places I had never been or only been in for such a short time I never saw anything. Like Dubai. I dreamed of one day going to the Burj Khalifa to see the worlds tallest building and when I stood there before going in I shed a tear man. Really! Its fucking amazing that after all these years I still seem to be accomplishing my goals. I can’t believe I was there. I can’t believe I jumped out of a perfectly good plane five times over the Gulf and logged 50th jump. Its amazing. I look back at this life and although when I go back to where I grew up, Houston TX area, it seems so small to me. I guess because I have experienced so much. To be perfectly honest the only thing that makes going back to Texas sweet is seeing my family and friends. I don’t have many personal friends so mainly its all about family. My one good friend is like family to me and she knows that so yeah. But seriously when I walked into that building it was amazing. The architecture done to that place. I had seen so many videos on it on You Tube and to finally be there was amazing. Going to the observation deck and seeing the world. Eating dinner on the 123rd floor and seeing the world from a perspective I had never done before except on a plane. I even remember going to India and seeing life there. It was actually a nice place. Very pleasant in some areas and poor, very poor in others. Seeing how other people live makes you appreciate what you have that much more. Accomplishment just didnt come with travel. It came with a female who accomplished so much herself and to be a part of that was amazing. Woman of the Year and First Female Artist to have 5 #1 Singles off One Album. Something not done since Michael Jackson. The work I do is a direct reflection on the people I do the work for. I always do my best even when confronted with so much adversity. SO 2012 has been a great year. I wont go as far as saying a stellar year but close…..

For 2013 I just really want to continue to have a successful life and career. I know it will bring much time away from home and friends/family and especially my kids aka my cats. I am a cat fanatic and there is nothing more awesome than having giant furballs curl up on you and fall asleep. Well im not a parent so yeah cats are my thing! lol. I think I should be fine with the number I have now but never know I might add to the pack! lol. I just hope that with all of my future travels things will go smooth and safe. I hope that my friends will get their lives in order for those who have issues to deal with. Life never gets easier. Even with all the money and shit its still never easy. 2013 will be a new beginning and another chapter of my life. I recently turned 37 years old and in some ways I feel old but yet I still feel and look young. I figure if I can shed some weight it will make me look even better and younger. Of course we can’t fight mother nature and father time but to be 37 and still get carded for alcohol and cigarettes thats a damn good feeling. About a week ago I went to buy a couple of 12 packs of beer for a family Christmas Party and the guy at the convenience store asked me for my ID. I happily showed it to him. He laughed and apologized over and over. “oh my friend I am sorry. I am so sorry. you look young guy.” I mean thanks!! Nice to hear still! So I know im not that old as far as looks go. I figure if I can at least shed 40-60 pounds that will make me look drastically different and will improve my health. I saw an old pic of me from my high school days and wow. I was so small compared to now. Of course I dont know what the fuck I was thinking having all that damn hair on my head!!! lol. Ill look for the pic and post it. Its quite shocking when I see it. I think i was about 185 or so in that pic. I was in high school football at the time.

So thats a wrap for this post. I didnt want to ramble on for too long. Just wanted to concentrate on those few points. Like I said I could have mentioned the negatives but honestly there were not too many looking into ta new year and future you want to think positive so thats where I am going to go from here. So as I close this post I must get ready for my workout. Last one for 2012 and into 2013. Tomorrow I am doing a New Year Skydive with a group of friends. Sadly they will be tandem….hahahaa good to be licensed beotches!!! lol.

In closing I want to wish you all a Merry New Year, shameless Eddie Murphy joke, and continued success in whatever you choose to do in life. Remember, dont bask in the past and look far ahead in to the future. Don’t let what could have been haunt you. Move on with life and if you choose to have goals for the new year follow through with them. Never give up on them. I haven’t. For me my future will be living on the beach in California and seeing the world again by buses, trains, planes and motorcycle……

Much luck in 2013 with respect to that we leave behind in 2012……


Katy’s 2012 Comes to An End

camels, skydives, beaches and buildings

So 2012 is nearing the end. No the world isn’t going to end people! lol All that crap is stupid. Its gonna end but not in the next two weeks! lol On the other hand, our 2012 has come to an end. Its been a busy year for Katy. Finishing off the California Dreams Tour with shows in Indonesia and The Philippines in January. A trip to Chennai India….etc… The list goes on and on. Numerous trips to London, Paris, NYC…. Also hit up Miami, Toronto, Denver, Milwaukee, Vegas, Bali, Singapore, Japan, Australia, South America, etc. I’d say my passport was used more than Debbie was in Dallas! lol Appearances for the KP3D Premiere, perfume launch and private functions as well as Obama Election shows.

What better way to end a year of awesomeness than to jump out of a plane 5 times!! Im so glad I have a Go Pro Camera. Had it attached to my helmet and while everyone was logging their first jumps a few of the guys were logging their 2nd and 3rd. Still having to go tandem. Being that I am not a rockstar or dancer it was quite the nice feeling to have that little itty bitty bit of empowerment over my friends. Being licensed I was able to jump solo AFF not to mention its cheaper! lol. We did our jumps in Dubai of course. It was so awesome to jump out over the Persian Gulf and over the Palm Jumeira. You know the man-made piece of land that resembles a palm tree or to me a crab lol Of course the reason we were there was for the Closing Ceremony of the Skydiving Championship. Katy was to perform as well as Usher. Katy entered the performance attached to a pink parachute bearing her name. Yeah it was fucking cool. But was so glad to see the family skydive. See you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it! =)

Anyways, so after flying in I mainly just chilled at the hotel. Slept and then had some dinner and shit. Walked around, went to the beach… Went to the Burj Khalifa. Ok now let me explain this. It has been a dream for years to go to this building. It is the tallest building in the world. Before I had gone to Kuala Lumpur and been to the Petronas Towers which was the tallest building in the world for a period. had dinner on the 123rd floor and saw the amazing views from the observation deck high above. Ill be honest I kinda teared up a little bit. Its not everyday you get to see something as historic as this. Well for me at least. So it was an amazing short trip. Im just getting back from Dubai and quite jetlagged but it was worth the 17+ hour flight. Thank god it wasnt commercial! lol.

2012 was quite the amazing and crazy year for Katy. She suffered from sadness being alone from her divorce with Russell to meeting someone that makes her happy. Personally im not a fan of John Mayer but if he makes her happy then hey its great. Her happiness is what matters! Her movie Katy Perry Part of Me came out in July. On the 5th to be exact and even before then Katycats were invited to screenings of the movie for free. Some even lucky to attend the ones Katy attended. Just before the day of release she did a free show in Hollywood closing down the streets as we had a stage built right where all the stores are. It was amazing to see all the Katycats come out and the people who were just stuck in the middle lol. Katy also received numerous awards but most prestigious of them was being Billboard’s Woman of the Year. Not to mention receiving RIAA awards for 20 Million+ in sales and 5 #1 singles from one album. A feat no one had done since Michael Jackson.

Im pretty tired and I did want to post one more thing a friend sent me. It reminds me of my friends Richard and Cindy Bissell. ok So for now im out!



120MPH Freefall

120MPH Freefall

My Absence & The Overseas Fiasco….

Recently I decided to enable my two Facebook pages again yet I dont post on them. In fact I only posted a few comments and thats it. I even wiped out my profile pic on one of them. Ive always had one account for everyone and the other for more personal pictures and such. Like family and personal friends. I added a few of the online friends to the personal one and i’d say it was a mistake. Now I know I am one to argue and say funny insane shit but really some people need to act their age.

On the trip to Rio I posted a few pics. I think one from Bogota and the other arriving in Rio at night. A shot for the plane. Then I quit. People saying immature shit and frankly it pisses me off. This is the very reason I created a personal account. To get away from the bullshit comments and allow my friends and family to see into my life of travel without the shit. Yet these few folks still brought it upon themselves to do so. My only recourse was to just quit facebook and go away which I did. I still am. I do not go there to look at posts or comment. I only commented that one time because I was on there and reading some notifications I guess I had since I shut it down.

I had requests from people who wanted to see my newest tattoos that they had not seen. THe peppermint and strawberry. Now my stance on this is quite firm. Its my fucking body and ill put on it what I want. To me tattoos are art and if I choose to put art on my body its my business and no one elses. So some of these people were talking shit. Calling it gay. Calling me gay. Saying im immature and much more. Really!?!? Gay? Define gay. Sure im gay. Gay means happy fuckers. Its the ignorant assholes/bitches that automatically assume it refers to homosexuals. I have plenty of homosexual friends and I have no issues with them. Great people. So what. So my tattoos are gay because they dont agree to your standards? suck my fat cock. Ill say this….Everyone one of those people who had something to say dont even have a tattoo themselves. So how in the fuck are you going to criticize me for something you have never done yourself? So now im immature? Really? Well to an extent yes I am but thats just me. I am a funny fucker and I speak my mind. I also make 6 figures a year. Immature? Maybe but who’s banking bitches? Im not bragging but im getting my shit done and taking care of business so YES i have every right to be as mature or immature as I want. Frankly I think some people just look to degrade others to make themselves feel better. I cant say I never have done so because I know I have but I do see myself as much different these days.

People besides criticizing my tattoos were also talking shit about the reason for them. Lets just say this…..I have tattoos bearing bands logos. Why? Because those people have meant something to me in my life. KP is no different. She’s the most awesome gal. I have enjoyed all the time ive spent working and traveling. Thats why I have a peppermint and strawberry tattoo. People get tattoos for all kinds of meanings. One day when my mother and father are gone ill get tattoos in memory of them. I even thought of getting an airborne patch tattoo in memory of my grandfather from his Korean war days. i dont know…..But its my body and ill put on it whatever I choose.

I still keep quiet these days. Many have texted me or called and I havent returned their messages. Im sorry. Really. I just need time for me! Ill write back or something soon im sure. I mean I am taking the time to actually post on here so that must mean something! lol. I still dont care to be an active part of facebook anymore. maybe one day I will but for now I cant. The only reason I get on there is to play WGT Baseball. Im hooked on that game. lol. So if your my facebook friend you probably read the open letter I had a friend post on there about my recent feelings which basically is what ive said here. If not then well here is the memo! lol.

I guess I should shut up now because I need to go cut my hair and I need to go for my jog. OOOOOOOOOOH ok ill add one more bit. While I was in Singapore I got sick. REAL SICK! Ok I believe its because of something I ate. At first I thought it was because of a bad UTI infection. Well technically i did have some bacteria in my body because they ran a test and it said I had low but elevated levels of leucocytes or white blood cells but not too high. They gave me some antibiotics to help kill the infection. No purines or proteins. So thats good. They also said no kidney stones. I thought I had them. So after getting the meds for the UTI I was like YESSSS I feel better. Then BAM……pain again. I realized that something else was wrong. So I went back to the ER and this time was diagnosed with IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Or in other words……waste evacuation was on strike!!! LOL. So they gave me meds for that and the doc said…..oh boy you are full of medical issues! lol. i was like yeah yeah lol. SO after that I took the meds as well as the shit they gave me there. Within 4 hours or so I was cured. Its kinda gross to even mention farts and taking a dump but lets just say the relief was better than sex!!! Ok well almost! lol. Thats the last time I eat shit in Bali and Singapore! lol. JK.

So thats that. I’d post a cool pic but im too lazy to transfer my pics from my phone to my PC so for now no pic for you to gawk at. Maybe later lol. Ok im out. I gotta cut my hair. Looks like I have a rug on my head! That is esta no bueno!! lol

Peace out for now!

oh and GO DODGERS!!!!!