nothing new for me lately. still need to shop for a few things. went to Aeros game friday and earlier tonght the first Pre-Season Rockets game.

so far holidays been decent. Better than normal. enjoying time to myself and the games. most people i know are busy….understandable. sorry for errors in typing. im on a tablet posting this. only annoying thing about this holiday……all the fucking repetitive Lexus comnercials…enough already!! no one buys their spouse a luxury car for xmas. lol

so my LA Kings are sucking majorly right now. thats ok im a true fan. we just got Darryl Sutter as coach since Terry Murray got fired. sux its not his fault…the team is just playing shitty.

ohhhh if u like women go buy the January 2012 issue of Penthouse. my friend Dani is the Jan Pet of the Month. ill post a teaser shot of her for u all.

nothing else to report really. my birthday is coming this week on Xmas Eve. i’ll be an old 36 but I still look and feel young. im going to skydive for my birthday. I havent blogged about it but i passed my AFF “A” license and submitted my progress card. i can now jump without being tandem. it feels awesome but im not very good at spotting yet. lol i did manage to pass it though and spot the DZ. nit sure when ill jump fo my bday but soon. il be hitting up more games soon u can bet….

i think the bulk of my xmas/birthday gifts will be……nothing. i dont ever get shit. well this yeear i did get this very Android tablet from my Aunt and Grandmother. i got some of my coveted liquid crack Starbucks gift cards as well. $30 worth can buy alot of Venti Iced Green Teas lol. i plan to buy myself an altimeter for when i jump. they run about $130.

one thing that makes me sad at this time of year is memories. memories of my childhood xmas mornings. memories of a time that ill never get to relive. that morning of opening up a box full of new legos or those race cars that u put on a track and controlled with a handheld controller. there was those nights i listened to mickey mouse xmas record. no CDs back then u know. i remember getting my first atari2600. i guess as ive gotten older ive realized that im not getting any younger and those memories more special. i love to listen to Charlie Brown Xmas. i bought it recently on android market. the Christmas Canon song by Trans-Siberian Orchestra makes me sad. makes me think of my youth. maybe its becwuse as i get older death becomes more apparent in life and a small part of me is scared of it creeping up. i mean one day we will all be gone and just a distant memory. one day ill goto sleep and never wake up or die some gruesome death. or maybe my heath will get the beat of me. who knows but id be lying if i said i wasnt the least bit scared of that moment.

for now i live life to fullest each day. people come and go in our lives. sadly ive lost some to death and others simply moving on in life recently….either way i live for me and im quite content with things. each time ive jumped out of a plane i feel like i have a new lease on life….ill post more on my childhood on my birthday next Saturday…..

peace and wishing u all a merry xmas/holiday….praise God…Allah…or whomever

PS ill post pic later cant do from tablet…


Its Almost December! Whoa!

SOrry for my lack of blog updates lately. Been busy. Well kinda sorta….Been hitting up hockey games. Got season tix ya know lol. Hopefully those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving had a nice holiday and didnt eat too much. Two plates of food total for me. Can’t pig out! So anyways, nothing really new in my neck of the woods. Just chillin and enjoying life. I can tell you one thing…..I did NOT participate in the Black Friday sales. That shit is fucked up. Really! I mean some psycho woman pepper sprayed some people for a fucking XBOX 360 Kinect, someone stabbed another person because they wanted their spot in line, people getting robbed out in the parking lots…..etc. It’s fuckin nuts. Like George Carlin always said…..There are 3 kinds of people in this world….Stupid, full of shit and fuckin nuts. Black Friday shoppers are all three! lol…

IM not even sure who all reads my blogs anymore. Maybe just a few select folks. Im sure most of you that read them are people I know. Then I have those that read my blogs and dont even respond. Kinda sucks. I mean I come on here to voice my opinions and fucked up thoughts and no one really comments but the same folks. Oh well. Fuck it. IM not going to beg people for comments.

So ive been in the festive mood lately. Got a small ass xmas tree up. NO really….its small. lol. I even got a cheesy ass stocking out and some other small shit. Kinda getting back on the subject of shopping, I dont plan to hit up these stores until the madness ends. Of course I know the stores will be busy but eventually all the Black Friday/weekend sales will be over and stuff will go back to more normal pricing. Of course I dont mind going shopping with my female friends because well….im fuckin good at it. As I type this I am checking a website for a company I get stuff from to get a couple of Android tablets. No tax! Yeah you gotta have a reseller license for that. There is also this really cool R/C Helicopter im looking at. $34 bucks and its normally alot more. Might snag one. They only got 9 in stock.

So anyways, im fucking bored right now. Im fucking horny and I neeed some damn pussy. Yeah im quite straight forward about it. FUck it. I mean its a natural thing. I just really want to grab some girl put her in doggie grab her neck and fuck the shit out of her….slap that ass and well…get kinky. Was supposed to skydive over this weekend but had some bullshit happen so I had to cancel my plans for my jump. Oh well, many other opportunities to jump. Can’t wait til I can get my AFF license so I dont have to tandem anymore!

SO im sitting here watching TV and this Trojan Vibrations commercial comes on. LOL. This shit is funny. Supposedly this thing is for women. Im sure a woman will get off more with a Hitachi or big ass dildo. You know I was listening to Playboy Radio the other day and its true…I dont see why many men get bitchy when it comes to women and toys. So what if your woman has one and wants to use it. In fact pull that mother fucker out and use it on her. THen fuck her brains out! lol. I mean what woman really enjoys hopping in a bed, taking her panties off and saying “ok im ready, fuck me.” Thats lame bullshit. Sex needs to be fuckin kinky. I laugh actually when women think porn is gross. WTF do they think it is when they fuck their husbands/boyfriends?? Your basically making porn….its just not being filmed….or is it??!? LOL.

So, yeah thats about it for now. Just takin it easy like the Eagles say. Actually watching Fletch right now on VH1HD. Old Chevy Chase moofies rock. Yeah i said moofies….lol bite me! Well, thats about it for now. I will blog again very soon. Give me a week or so to do something interesting. =)

So I leave you with a hot pic of rockstar porn….lol

‘Tis The Season

Every year we work towards a new beginning with the new year. All the things we have gone through both good and bad. For some of us we experienced many good things. Marriages, relationships, children, promotions, etc….We look back on these things and praise that positivity. Many of us also faced unexpected events. Death, job loss, medical conditions…etc…Its difficult sometimes to think of these things. We try to reinforce those negative feelings with positive ones. Remember Jaime Escalante once said, “A negative times a negative equals a positive.” In that quote its just not really about a mathematical formula. Its also about life. We have to take the negative and replace it with positive.

No matter how much we try to avoid the inevitable, it still happens. Every year that passes brings on new challenges in life. We look back to the holidays we have shared as families. New Years, Easter, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Xmas just to name a few. Sadly with all the chaos in our busy lives we dont seem to find the time to interact with our families. We work, play, socialize with friends and yet we dont stop and think about those that are closest to us.

As a child I remember what it was like to get so many gifts. I could hardly keep up with everything I got. Of course as we get older we realize that Xmas is not so much about the gifts but for the things we appreciate. Life, love, family, friends and the pursuit of happiness. Sadly, there are people less fortunate than many of us that cant afford to cook meals or buy their loved ones gifts. We shouldn’t look down on those people. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our own world that we forget those that suffer. To me it doesn’t matter if some man on the street doesn’t have a job and asks me for a dollar. Thursday night a woman asked me for a dollar. I gave her 5. Its all i had in cash on me at the moment. She went inside and bought something to eat. Not everyone that asks for money wants booze. There are some poeple out there that honestly just might be a ittle short. Ive been there. Believe me, when someone can offer the slightest bit of assistance its appreciated. It may not be shown in a manner that you like but one way or another they do. Others do drugs or drink. It really is up to us to make that better judgement. Ive denied someones request for a handout before. Its nothing to be ashamed of but sometimes we just have to weigh the good with the bad.

Many of us spent countless hours and dollars this Christmas holiday buying gifts for our loved ones. Video games, TVs, cellphones, iphones/ipads (they are in a different class than the average cell phone you know lol), clothes, purses, jewelry, computers…etc…Some that are lucky enough might even get…….A NEW CAR (plays cheesy Price if Right Music here lol). Sometimes we take for granted our lives and our finances. Its nice to have money, nice homes, cars and all of that but thats materialistic stuff. Those are things we really want more than need. Excess money would be great for everyone but not everyone is in a situation to make a shitload of it. We take it as it comes and make the best of it. Sometimes we get a gift that may seem crappy but its not the gift but the thought that counts. The gift that keeps on giving is family and friends. You can get some cool retro piece of electronic gear but you never know when it will break. Family is always there.

For me 2010 has been full of life decisions. I have had many positive and negative things happen in my life this year. In May 2010 I lost a metal brother! Paul Dedrick Gray of Slipknot died. Was a painful loss for me. I drank alot during that period. I mean alot! Recently, I was brought back to the death of my friend Victor who passed away a few years ago. He is the one that left me a sweet drum kit. 2010 for me has been much better than previous years. Ive done my best to stay on track with my life but I have failed in many areas. Ive also found happiness in a great gal that makes me happy. There is not alot expected of me as I dont expect her to give me the world either. Its more of a growing relationship and she just plain kicks ass. Did I mention she is a geek, plays guitar, likes cats lol…..

In 2010 i tried a few things. Things I have done in the past. Ive also lost control of my life and my attitude. Ive allowed myself to get bitchy and annoy friends. I need to work on that. I need to keep working to keep my life on the right track. I think I have been doing pretty well but I could be doing even better. Thats the right attitude am I right? Everyday I wake up life for me continues. A new day with new challenges and goals. One day I wont be here. I might goto sleep and never wake up. I might hop on my motorcycle or in my car and get in a fatal accident. Or I might suddenly die from a heart attack or cancer. I dont know my fate in life and I dont want to know. I do know that I want to live as much as I can. Believe it or not its YOU people that keep me going. When I feel stressed or down about something that quirky little comment that someone leaves me makes me feel better. Its amazing how the power of a word can change someone’s outlook on life.

I think I have done pretty well with many aspects of my life. I keep an active interest in my family and friends. I interact with them all….you all! There are still areas I need to concentrate on. My attitude, my weight, my music both drums and guitar and with the thought of being a daddy/pops/baby daddy/ol’ man/ol’ fart/the guy with the money….lol Lots in store for me in 2011. Im looking to make this new year a craptastic one! Bring on 2011!

In closing I ask you all to spend time with your families and loved ones. Keep an active interest in your kids lives. Hang out with friends. Dont be afraid to try new things in life! You might surprise yourself with enjoying something new. One day we wont be here. Those we care about might not be there next year when I write another post like this in December 2011. Take the time to call or visit your friends and family. Take that time to visit your kids if your a divorced or joint custody parent. Sometimes its the little things we do for others that make such a huge difference in their lives. Make the effort to better yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Its nice to get gifts for the holidays but for me having a birthday on Christmas Eve I sometimes feel cheated. In reality, having family and friends around me every year is a blessing from God, Allah or whomever. I give thanks everyday that my grandmother Cortez is still around. She is the only grandparent I have left. My fathers father died before I was born. All I have ever known of him is his face in a picture and the things he told me about him. My fathers mother died when I was about 5 years old. I knew of her but didnt have those fond memories. My grandfather Cortez died when I was in high school. it was a sudden shock. I didnt have many fond memories of him either. So to make up for all of the time lost with all of my grandparents I am making damn well sure I spend time with the only one I have left. In the end I will be full of pain and sorrow but will be filled with joy of those fond memories. I wish her so many more years to come. The most precious gift you can ever get doesn’t really come in a box. Its knowing that you have family and friends around you…..

Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year and I wish you all the best to come in a new 2011. Set your goals, aim high and shoot for the stars. There is nothing like the feeling of succeeding in life or on a goal. If you fail at something, get right back at it and keep moving forward. As ive said before, life evolves as we evolve. Make the best of your life. Rather than being jealous of what someone else has, make your own dreams come true and strive to do the best and be the best and you my friends will be the richest person in the world!!


Gill Grylls