In Another Life: The One That Got Away ……

Starting this post I really dont even know what to call it. I was responding to a friends blog and just prompted me to write something for myself. Gosh I hope I dont ramble on. I guess I am so caught up in my work and for my boss because well I enjoy the work and its different from what I was used to for so many years.

Tonight I was playing the song The One That Got Away. I know many people dont like the artist and im quite clear of that with people that read this blog. But really I dont give a fuck. To me music isnt just about the music or the beat. Its also about the lyrics. This song takes me back to my days a high school kid. Where I fell in love so many times and yet was always put aside by every girl I liked because I wasnt thin and muscular. I remember there was this girl named Stacy. I really liked her. I dont know why. She was cute. Pretty blue eyes. I think thats what it was lol. I have a thing for blue and green eyes. (yeah yeah bite me). So I remember this girl and I had been quite good friends. We hung out alot outside of school. Later I found out it was mostly because she liked my friend Jay. I remember I used to have my own phone in my room. I thought I was some GQ mother fucker because I had a phone in my room. God that was sooooo long ago and I can tell you the phone number too……232-2977 LOL. sad eh!! I had this cheesy Radio Shack phone but that fucking thing worked. I remember sitting on that son of a bitch all night talking to a few girls. Like I said, I couldnt get dates but I had plenty of female friends. So anyways, Stacy had said to come over to her house. She knew I played guitar and well she asked me if I knew how to play Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx. I was like….of course thats easy. So I walked over to her house one weekend night around 10pm or so. We sat on her grass and talked and just enjoyed the cool evening. Then she asked me to play the song. So i did. I even sang that mother fucker! lol I swear to you my voice isnt the same anymore. Im more of a metal singer now lol. Anyways she liked it and so did her sister who came out and heard me playing it. lol Her sister was about 3-4 years older.

After that night I was kinda confident that maybe she liked me…..Then she met my friend Jay and well I was out of the picture in 2 seconds flat! I remember one night she asked Jay and I to walk to her house. So we did. Then later I saw them kiss. You know that feeling when you really like someone and you find out they dont feel the same way for you? Yeah thats how I felt and it hurt bad. It was really the first time I had felt such pain. I just walked away and let them be. I knew she liked him and well he just wanted to get laid. Its kinda funny because he went out with her like twice and never even did anything with her. She later found out she didnt like him as much. Still though I was hung up on her. We never talked anymore. That same night that I walked away I went home and I cried. Not alot but I did cry. My parents werent home. dont know where they were but they wasnt hoome that weekend so I went into my room, turned on the tv and cried. I curled up into a ball on my bed and cried myself to sleep. I woke and was still upset. I took my guitar and I was so mad I threw it on the floor snapping the neck. I didnt care. I was hurt. I tore all my posters off my wall and I thought of cutting my wrists. All over a girl. WOW!!!

I later recovered from that horrific event lol and in my junior year of high school Stacy and I became friends again on a more appropriate level. See we rode the same bus, lived not far from one another and had two classes together. I think I just grew up and realized I didnt need to be a dork. I was the class nerd when it came to computers. I even helped her with compputer shit. About a year ago being curious and looking up people from high school I found her. So i figured I would drop her a simple message. All I said was…..Hey Stacy, Its Gill from back in high school. I just signed up for facebook and found you among all the others from our school. Just wanted to say hi and I hope you are doing well in life after all these years. Take care….pretty much that was it. Two days later she messaged me back and we chatted back and forth a few times. I never asked her to add me as a friend nor did she ask me to add her. I just left it at that. Finding out that she was doing well was a closing in that chapter of my wild crazy life. I knew she was doing well and that was end of story!

Now your probably wondering why I mentioned the song at the beginning of this post. Here is why. The lyrics of the song sort of remind me of a fantasy or a dream. She says: “in another life I would be your girl….” My interpretation of that is as if not her but a female in general saying that to a guy. That we cant be together but we can be friends but maybe in another life we could be together. Sort of reincarnation. Could happen. But the interpretation of that is a nice thought when you love someone and they dont love you back the same way. She then says…..”in another life I could make you stay”……sort of like me being the guy where maybe I didnt like the way things were going and I decided to get up and leave and she wanted me to stay. Where you wish that you could make someone stay a part of your life but they just cant or wont. It all comes down to a fantasy where you dream of the pefrect love that many of us feel we never will get. She ends the verse with “so I dont have to say you were the one that got away….” Maybe the song was written in a female context saying to a man but even as a man I hate to say about a woman that she is the one that got away. I know that feeling all too well.

An exgirlfriend reads this blog from time to time and she is a good friend but thats all we really amounted to. I think in the beginning we really liked one another but we didnt have much in common besides sex or lust I should say. I look at it now and we do have somethings in common but its not just that. I also have insecurities and moods. Things that some people just cant deal with. I’d like to say I still love her the way I once did but to be honest my feelings have changed. Yes I still love her but its different now and i’d always want her to be safe and in a good relaltionship. Sadly I cant be that person but I can accept that. In life we have to accept that people come and go and some become a part of our lives not to be our partnet but to change us. Thus I believe this is why she came into mine.

As I sit here for a moment and read that last paragraph its hard to read it because although I never thought I would write those thoughts I think she knows these thoughts already. Because in Katy’s song it is a fantasy because as much as we would like to make someone stay we cant always make that happen. The song tells a story. In many ways I imagined my life turning out like that song. Falling in love, getting matching tattoos and going from there lol. the closest im getting to matching tattoos is Katy’s peppermint on my wrist very soon. lol. Still the song on the album is different. The feel is more upbeat. Take the acoustic version without all the drums and effects and just a clean acoustic guitar and you get a beautiful piece of music. It makes you wonder about your life and where you have been over all the years. For me it takes me back to high school and after and past relationships and into my current life. Many of my friends say I have the hottest boss lol. Sure I have a crush on her. Who wouldnt. But that song reminds me of my past and even leads me into my future. At 36 I really cant see myself having a wife and kids now because I am too old. Ive grown accustomed to catering to myself and I have gotten greedy with my time. I’d rather just be with someone and not have to worry about kids….well my cats are my kids….SchmuckTheCat, HeathcliffTheCat, BuckyTheCat, GarfieldTheCat, Mia Von Meow The Cat…etc….yeah yeah i have alot of cats. When you come home to no one there those cats are a welcoming amount of joy. From their meow meow meows for whiskas to their lazy asses all over the bed. lol. They are my critters.

I dont really know what else to say. The One That Got Away is a beautifully constructed song that makes you think about your past and your future. Maybe you wont see it that way but then again I decipher music differently because I am an artist/musician. I write music and play it. People that dont play it cant really understand the spectrum of feelings a song can give you because you dont feel the song entirely. You enjoy it…jam it…but you cant really feel it 100%. Its become one of my favorite songs to play acoustically. Ive been asked to do a video of it so I probably will. We shall see. So I guess by now I have decided to use a title for this post that I figure is fitting….so anyways, ill add some kind of pic below and hope you enjoyed reading this. Got the Nick Kids Choice Awards this weekend and then I leave for India. So Ill definitely be away. I’d also like to personally thank very much my friend Denis who comes here to read my blogs often. Sometimes I never know who reads because I get no respoonses except from him. Even if he didnt respond I would still post. But I truly thank you Denis for taking time out of your day to come here and read my thoughts. I greatly appreciate it! Much respect bro!

for now I bid you all farewell and I hope to post something again soon. I really need to get my stanky ass up in da shower and get some shut eye. oh wait i still need to see New Girl again lol. ok sleep will have to wait.

Carpe Diem friends!

Music is a beautiful thing

Slipknot, Slayer & Anthrax Tour This Summer in USA; The Maggot Bible

thats right…..all of you psycho fans that thought Slipknot didnt like you anymore or that called them fucking poser mother fuckers because they didnt tour for you…..well, minus me on the crew Slipknot is touring again this summer 2012 on the Rockstar Energy Mayhem 2012 Tour. Lots of bands. Personally for me after 10+ years of touring with bands, im glad I made a change because touring with wild metal bands for months on end wasn’t for me anymore. Hey we all get older and change our minds on life decisions.

So anyways yes, Slipknot is touring again and NO Paul has not been replaced but yes there will be a bassist playing his parts. If your a big fan then you know about all of this already from the Euro dates. The tour begins June 30 in CA and ends August 5th at Comcast Center in Hartford. I could actually sit here and just list all the bands on this tour but really if your that interested in it….i’d rather you just head on over to the tour homepage at:

You will get all the info you need on tour dates, bands, venue info, purchasing tickets and more. Tickets for this big fiasco of a tour go ON SALE APRIL 6.

If many of you are just becoming aware of this tour with Slipknot I would suggest signing up for Slipknot’s Outside the Nine Fan Club where you can get info before it is released to the public. I really no longer have any info on Slipknot, sorry! I might try to make it out to a show to say “what the fuck is up bros!” Who knows. Depends on my schedule by then.

Also if you dont know, Shawn, Clown, is working on a project called The Maggot Bible. This project consists of pics, entries and such all from you fans. This has been an ongoing project since last summer. Many have submitted to Shawn so if you would like to possibly see yourself or your submission in this book send your stuff off. He will send you a release form for the permission to use your info if your work is selected. This is the ONLY address for correspondence. Anything else is bullfucking shit. This IS Shawn’s Official PO BOX for you work. If you are interested in submitting anything from stories, photos, tattoos or anything Slipknot related please hit Shawn up by sending him your submissions to:

The Maggot Bible
C/O M Shawn Crahan
P.O. Box 94
Johnston, Iowa 50131

Ok thats about it. Hope you psycho maggots get your tickets. If your not a Slipknot fan well you still can go see Slayer and Anthrax. This tour cannot be missed. You have half of the Big Four on this tour! Sorry no Metallica and Megadeth on this ride. So anyways, thats about it on this subject. My next post will be about Random Favorites. Yes my random favorites on shit I like. Figured I would do something different. I mean Katy Perry doesn’t have us on the road anymore =( …..ooooooh well ok I have one other tidbit I might post before the favs one.

Stay tuned…….

Here’s a random photo to end this post! =)

In Memory......

The End Has Come

Many know that for years I have worked for bands. Few weeks ago I made my last trip ever. We went to Rio for Rock in Rio 2011. It was awesome. Had shows on 23rd and 25th. Met Katy Perry on 23rd. She is sooooo cool.

So now I really don’t what else I will be doing. I guess enjoying life and shit. Skydiving, traveling and what not. A friend of mine is getting married next August in Pittsburgh so ill probably head up there for the social event of the season…..NOT lol.

I spend my time these days relaxing and listening to SirusXM radio. Yeah Playboy and Spice radio lol. Its just great not to mention funny some of the stuff they talk about. One can only take so much of nothing before it gets boring so im sure I will find something else to do that will keep me busy.

For now, I am going to enjoy the upcoming holidays and the cooler weather. Im feeling back in my element now. Its getting cooler and NHL season has finally begun. Yes GO LA Kings! lol. and as always I cant wait til Xmas Eve when they will show my fav holiday movie all day…..yep A Christmas Story with Ralphie! lol.

The most shocking thing I heard lately was the death of Apple giant Steve Jobs. Didn’t see that coming. Of course though Apple will not suffer from this loss. True the market is shitty right now. Believe me, my Forex trading isn’t very profitable lately either! lol. A new product out for them in a week will bring much revenue. In fact many tech companies will be profiting from the holiday sales very soon. Still though, shocking on the death of Steve Jobs. Even though Bill Gates is no longer in charge at Microsoft and now Steve gone, the world of computer technology won’t be the same.

So for now I say peace out. Sorry for the lack of posts over the last month or so. I will be back with more in the coming week! ooooooh I just saw a yummy lasagna on the tv….shit im hungry now. lol. Ok I bid you all well for now until next time!


Slipknot Fans Chill Out……Updated Monday 6/27

i just read the biggest load of shit and this really pisses me off that a fan could say this. Give the band time sheesh…. Ok I’m off to sleep a few hours before the day begins in Dessel. I think we are close. Here is what I was referring to……


The remaining guys in slipknot are fucking traitors to their home country. The first show they will perform after Paul Gray’s death is in Greece…………. They have no loyalty towards their country, the first performance should be in I.O.W.A. And i mean it when i say this , think about it its a stupid gig a euro gig , it’s all for the money not Paul. And i for one am not a U.S.citizen and i think their first show should be in I.O.W.A that would be a real tribute to Paul

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**** In Addition****

People tend to talk shit quickly when their favorite bands do not do things to their liking. So what if Slipknot decided to do shows in Europe before America. Did you personally hear from them that they are quitting the band and that no further shows will happen? Of course you didnt. Give them some fucking time. Obviously if they are doing shows now they will be more inclined to do shows in other areas later. Some people are just too damn impatient. This goes along with my past articles of saying that some people are not TRUE fans of music and dont appreciate it. I say this because out of all my favorite bands if they decided to up and quit touring and writing I wouldnt be upset one bit. Its their lives not ours. You have the music now to enjoy. If they see it fit to never continue that really is no ones business but their own. Look at David Silveria and Head. Those guys loved music but at some point in their lives music was just not a priority. At least not Korn music. It happens to many artists. You play the same things and eventually you get tired of it. Dont think for one minute your favorite artists just love hitting the stage 100%. Some grow away from it but still enjoy it because the fans do. Its not essentially fair to fans that expect a 100% effort on the show but it happens. Factor in touring, traveling, being away from home, loved ones….etc…its not easy. As a tech I have told many to spend a few days in my shoes. Its not as easy as tuning a few guitars, a drumset or throwing some truss in the air. There is much more to it.

Slipknot is looking into doing other events in the future performance wise. They are not looking into another album yet. So please chill out, enjoy the music and give the guys some respect. You cant always have it your way. I’d like to ask the guy that posted that comment if he would get mad if all his favorite bands started tours in other countries instead of his own. Thats just childish bullshit man. Personally I dont give a flying fuck where the band starts their tour. its my job and theirs. This person also says its all about the money. Well yes in many ways it is. You fail to forget as a fan that as a band, it is a JOB. Its what pays the bills at home. It pays for the band members to have a good crew, backline techs, their homes, their kids, their livelihood. If my band was on tour break but was asked to do a string of shows in another country and my other bandmates agreed we would do it and get paid for it. Its just how business is. Bills dont fucking pay themselves and you can bet most people in touring bands dont go to work at the local McDonalds when they are not on tour to make the ends meet moneywise. They enjoy their time off. So seriously give the band a break. Not just Slipknot but any band.

Sade is one of my favorite female singers. She has not toured in ages. You didnt see me posting hate mail on her page about how she needed to get her ass back on the road or complaining because she went to Japan or whereever before she came to my area. Nope. Matter of fact I wont even get to see her on tour because of my own schedule. Sucks but thats life. Bands owe their fans for getting them where they are. For that fame they have acheieved but you as a fan must also remember that these people are human and not robots. They can only take so much criticism and workload before they as well need a vacation. You must also take into consideration that other tours in the US already months in advance had their itineraries booked. In Europe we have been doing festivals. Festivals are huge here in Europe. If you ever get the chance I suggest you attend one. These events are days long not half a day as in America. Also, for Slipknot coming back on tour in Europe they for the most part are not fully headlining. They are on main stage but went on before the headliner. For instance Iron Maiden. We did some shows with them. its a good way for the band to get back into the touring loop after their break and the death of Paul. Headlining puts much extra strain on the band. They are doing a few headlining shows but not all of them. In America fans would expect Slipknot to tour and be the headliner and not accepting Slipknot as support for another band. Hence why the Euro Festivals. for the most part Sonisphere and yesterday we did Graspop in Dessel. I dont even want to talk about the bullshit that happened in Liege beforehand with me. Liege isnt too far from Dessel but enough to cause me fucking problems. Oh well its done and I dont care now. Im tired, I need sleep and im fucking waiting in the airport to fly to Sheremetyevo Intl in Moscow and enjoy a few days off til Wednesday.

Just give the band some time to sort things out. Look at it this way….they are taking the stage once again and its not over yet……So really just relax, enjoy the music you have on CD, DVD, mp3 or whatever and just wait. It takes time to deal with things. My favorite drummer Neil Peart of Rush lost his daughter and wife and retired from the band for many years before deciding to take the stage again with Rush. Dimebag Darrell and his brother Vinnie took some time off to create what was Damageplan but they did take the stage again. I cant speak for the eight but please just bare with them and enjoy the music. If you are truly their fans you will respect whatever wishes they make and thats for any band not just Slipknot.



Sorry for the font on the first half of this post. I posted that from my phone which I guess uses a different font when doing so. I will look next time into changing the font to an easier one or the same as used here……

peace out commrades

Rumors in the Wind

Over the last few days I have read and heard various rumors about Slipknot. Mostly about them making a new album. Who starts this shit? I mean come on. Obviously people have nothing better to do. Im sure the culprit is amongst the Slipknot haters. Wouldn’t surprise me to say the least.

In May 2010 Slipknot lost bassist Paul Gray. He was also a founding member of the band. Late 2009 Slipknot had just finished a string of US and European tour dates. This ended their run for All Hope is Gone. With the band looking to take some time off and eventually look into other projects in the coming year. Corey and James to begin a new Stone Sour project and Shawn with his DLR project. Can’t rule out Shawn E either. Not only is he the Stone Sour bassist but he also is Slipknot’s Stage Manager so he is on tour with the Knot and then with SS as bassist. People, these guys need rest. Some have families, wives, kids…etc. With the death of Paul Gray that brought much to think about. The bands future. Touring, writing…etc…. Its not easy to lose someone close to you as many of you should know. Especially someone you consider like a brother! I know how that goes! Its also not easy to make a transition from being constantly on the road to home life and then knowing soon your going to be doing it all over again. Sort of like your own prison so to speak. Imagine how a man feels knowing he has committed a crime and although may be free he will eventually be off somewhere else away from his family and loved ones. Away from him normal life. If you think rockstar life is normal then you people are pretty fucked in the head. Its not! I can’t relate by means of saying im a rockstar because im not but ive seen it in front of me with my own eyes how they do deal with it. Its not always pretty.

Rumors im sure are spread to sometimes make people have hope. Sort of like Slipknot’s last album with its catchy title All Hope is Gone. Well, All hope is not gone! You have to give those guys time to mourn and think. Its not easy to go back into something so soon after tragedy. The Stone Sour guys managed to do so. Those that went to their shows probably had a great time. For those on the stage it was hell. Losing someone close to you is not just something you can forget in a few weeks or even months. It takes time. When Neil Peart of Rush lost his daughter and wife he took time off. He told his bandmates that he was done. “Consider me retired” Neil said. Rush took many years off. Time it took for Neil to recover his urge for going back to work with the guys as he said.

Its not known how long Slipknot will be out of the loop. Does it really matter? As a fan if you are a fan reading this, you should have much respect for these guys. Corey said on his official twitter page that he is not even sure about the upcoming 2011 tour dates. he has mixed emotions about it. So one would ask why would he not have problems touring with Stone Sour but with Slipknot he would? Well, with Stone Sour its a different band. There was no Paul in that band. There was no constant reminder of what he lost. Besides, who’s to say Corey didn’t feel like doing those shows? Just sayin……With Slipknot there is that constant reminder of #2. His brother. Their brother. Their friend. It stabs you in the fucking heart constantly. I go on with my life everyday but there isn’t a moment that I dont think about Paul or some moment I shared with the guy at least one throughout the day. Something in my daily life becomes a reminder. Its not easy to deal with but it does get better with time. Other members of Slipknot have other projects they might be working on and some are quite apparent. Thats their own gig. Its not Slipknot. Those projects may not bring on the pain of losing their brother but believe me they still feel it. Daily!

Many ask why the family of Paul Gray still keep his burial a secret. Well let me say this. To those of you that don’t know. Some people did find his grave. I did mention as to what cemetery but NOT the location. That information was made available in his obituary so its not like that was a secret. What is kept a secret is where he actually is. Some people found him and in the past months some pretty fucked up fans stole items from his resting place. Seriously people. Do some of you fans feel its ok to steal from someone’s grave? Those items left there were left for a reason and were not meant for YOU to take. THIS is why the family has wanted to keep it a secret. Can you imagine what people would be doing over at Michael Jackson’s grave if they had public access to it? Yes people its a guarded area. Only people of importance are allowed in that area where MJ is.

So in closing I ask those that are Slipknot fans reading this to do me a favor. Well not only me but the band as well. If you want bonafide news about the band then goto their website. Thats about the best place for news. I dont have news for you. Neither does any other site. Corey stated that other memebers mentioned things about a new album. Like Joey. Well, it was a pretty shitty thing to say in my opinion when he didnt know for sure that would happen and not even getting with the other guys. Im sure many of the rumors stemmed from his comment. Still though im sure his comment in regards to a new album was meant to ease the fans minds about their future. He was looking out for their best interests but in a way that caused quite a stir among the maggot community. So thats why I ask if your a fan goto the bands homepage for real news. Give these guys time to heal. They need it. You see it from a totally different perspective. These guys made the music that healed your minds. What about these guys minds? They need healing. Its time for you all to give that healing medicine back. Dont rush them or harass them for a new album, new songs, tour dates or whatever. Just respect them and their wishes until the see it fit. If they never choose to do another album or write another song then so be it. Respect mother fuckers! You want it, you got to give it!

Much respect to Sid, Joey, Paul R.I.P., Chris, James, Craig, Shawn, Mick and Corey. You guys take all the time you need and if you come back thats fucking awesome….If you don’t I personally understand. I hope the rest of you can as well……


I wear the Slipknot markings for a reason. For the love I have for this band. I may not feel the same way musically as I did back in the late 90s but this band was definitely part of my life for over 10 years and is a part of the soundtrack to my life. I wear the Tribal S, Slipknot in Japanese Kanji and the coveted #9 9-ball. Although musically I dont listen to Slipknot much anymore, they are still part of my life. I remember all the days and stories from the tours. Muscially I have moved on. Away from the heavier metal and onto my roots. Where I started. My first bands to ever hear was Ozzy, Van Halen and Rush. Ive moved away from guitar and onto drums. Learning the style and techniques of Neil Peart. As an owner of one of the rare R30 Drum Kits I cherish that thing. One because its an awesome drum kit and two because a friend that shared his passion for Rush died and left it to me. Its too beautiful a kit to let it sit there and deteriorate so I play it. Musically I have moved on to other styles and back to my roots of old rock and classical but I still enjoy the occasional metal song and Slipknot has etched their spot in that list. I had a discussion with a “friend” before he died about my musical changes and how I felt. He told me to move on and enjoy it. Enjoy the music the way you like it. If you cant enjoy it, you can’t live it. Although at that moment this friend felt like I didnt like him anymore he knew why I was changing. He knew it wasn’t personal. He knew in the end we all evolve. Evolution is part of who we are. In retrospect, if we all look at ourselves now and then go back and see ourselves from our past…..we wouldn’t be the same person. We change. Maybe not entirely but to an extent we change. We do things we may regret and things we are glad we did but in the end we evolve and its our decisions to make in our own lives and not anyone elses……..

Tour Break….Home!

its good to be home but stepping away from the rigors of concert touring gets to me sometimes. Im used to being up in the early AM and riding to the next city. Im used to eating at certain times and im used to being “at the office.” lol

At this point, we have completed 30 shows since June 29th. With 10 more to go in the USA and 4 in South America. I really am ready to get back on the road and just keep going. I love to travel. Too bad we wont be hitting up Europe this year. Next year though!

The Slipknot guys are releasing the new DVD. Its from Download in England. One of the last few shows Paul Gray performed. I miss him. Seems like only yesterday Paul died and when I last talked to him. Now here it is…September. Wow. The time just flies by. I think Paul’s memory is what keeps me going. Before I had no interest in continuing in this work. I just wanted to ride the motorcycle for months.

Thankfully my passion for music, the guitar and drums never faded. Well it did slightly but I recaptured my skills and my talent. Ive also decided that its been long overdue for me to seriously work on my weight and getting back down to my athletic days again. My football weight. Would make Kenpo and MMA training much easier!

So anyways….im home…relaxing until Sept 13th. Then it begins again in Boston MA. Cant wait!

Thats it for now…more to come in the next day or so!!!


A Week To Go….

….and we are off until September 13. I could use a short break again. I think we all could. Right now I have a bottle of Gatorade and it sure is a big help. We already left the Minneapolis/St Paul Area enroute to Columbus OH. Will get a few hours of sleep and then ride the remainder of the way to Columbus.

Was thinking I would pass by the Alrosa Villa Niteclub where Dimebag Darrell was killed. Just to go. His spirit may be roaming around looking for a friendly face. Everything has been going great. Omaha was a great show. Im thinking magic show here! lol….

Is there anything else people would like to suggest I write about? Just curious if my normal content seems a bit boring. Its just me I guess. So if anyone has any suggestions let me know. As long as it is NOT about the current political system in America OR the Iraq War and the soldiers. Ive said my peace on that before and it would just piss off more people. Thankful yes but sick of hearing about it like a broken record.

With all that said, I have traveled 13,800.1 miles motorcycling in a few months time. Quite an accomplishment and I am not sick of it one bit. One reason I am out here now enjoying this life and work. Living my dreams and in October another dream comes true. I get to goto Santiago Chile. Never in my life would imagine I would be going there. Ive been to Rio, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Bogota….etc….but this is the icing on the cake.

All I can say is thank you bosses…..

So anyways thats about it! Once again Ill leave you with a parting shot….

Sunset on the Motorcycle

You Dont Know….

….until you have lived a day in my shoes as a touring crew member. People get this idea that the work is easy and that they could do the job better than us. Those people have come into a tour thinking they know it all beacuse they went to school for it but have never worked a day on the road in their lives and fail miserably. The reason we survive our job is because we have done it day in and day out. Add in experience and we do quite well. Its takes years to adapt to the rigors of concert touring. After your first tour you think, “god I hope I get called on another one.” Some tours are easier than others as I have stated in a past blog. Some tours travel with one or two semis while others such as this tour in particular travel with a fleet! So its not as easy.

This blog comes from a discussion earlier with a friend. Telling me that traveling by motorcycle and touring with a band isnt supposed to be hard. hmmmmmm. how? Ok let me run through a day for you……

4am up for breakfast and unload bikes
5am get on the road
5am to go knows when – riding
4pm or so – arrive at venue, check bike, grab some dinner,
5pm soundcheck
6pm final preparations
7-8pm the show begins
8pm to 11-11:30pm the show
midnight – on the bus to next city
1am – plan routes and wind down
2am or so – sleep
4am – wake up and start over again

So please anyone tell me how you would fit in any free time in that schedule? I was asked why I dont workout while on the road. How? No exercise equipment. Im not spending an hour looking for a gym in not even a member of. We dont always stay in hotels that offer gyms or workout equipment. So that is why and with time restraints.

Sure we dont have to motorcycle but even when we dont and ride on the bus you are tired from the work, the travel and everything in between. This is another reason many stars do NOT have their families on tour with them. Most only travel for a short period of time and then go back home. Outside of motorcycling or riding in the bus there is flying. Try catching a flight from Toronto to Los Angeles and see how great you feel after the flight. Better yet, Boston MA to Osaka Japan…..I bet you wont want to do anything then.