i know many of you dont know me very well although we have known one another online for years. I have a sick and twisted sense of humor which sort of is on the border of being racial but yet funny….Everyone I know and interact with in person laughs at my humor. I always get “you should be a comedian.” I dont have the talent for that. I do think I could write some good comedy though for tv! lol.

So just a few Gill-isms are:


Target Boutique




Marther Farker

The Holmes Depot

Potpies (popeyes)

wif (with)

moof (move)

moofies (movies)

hot wangs (wings)

anaconda/blacksnake (penis)

pastrami flaps (pussy lips)

OK OK OK i will STOP…..sorry…i know i am dumb but hey it makes for good comedy among my friends because laughter is good medicine and i keep my friends laughing with my humor. I guess I should be more mature but I guess in my work environment I got so used to being crazy because after 8-10 months of living out of a bus or plane I needed something to make the time go by…

Soooo with that said, my Gill-isms are somewhat of a homage to my favorite comedy words of the HBO cable show from the early days called Not Necessarily The News and their comedy skit “Sniglets” done by Rich Hall