Paul Gray Tribute Tattoo

So yesterday I finally decided to get the tattoo i had been wanting. I had made plans Monday to get it done and yesterday was the big day. As you may or may not know Paul died back in 2010. His own personal demons got the best of him. I’ve never been a person to do drugs. Hate them. Yet I never judged him or anyone else for it. In the end although he did contribute to his own death he still created music that made an impact on many lives. Having known him for so long I wanted to get a piece to remember him by. When i saw this mask design i had to have it. Full mask and eyes. Its perfect.

The tattoo took about 3 hours. A little over in fact. We took a few short breaks and let me tell you, I fucking needed them! I have 11 other tattoos that didnt hurt much. All on my arms and wrists. This one is on my right calf. It stung like a fucking bitch! I made it through fine though. I think emotionally was much worse. I didnt have anyone with me but I didnt feel the need to recreate Corey’s trip for his own tatt. lol. For the 3 hours I pretty much laid my head down and cringed here and there. Talked with the artist and jammed to some Pandora radio he had on. He took a smoke break about 1.5 hours in. Then some what seemed to be 14 year old girls came in looking to get piercings and he was like fuck NO! No ID no piercing lol. After our second break another customer came in and did get her nose pierced. Ouch! She was like FUCK FUCK FUCK THIS SHIT STINGS! lol. Yeah I feel ya chick! My leg was burning like a motha fucka!

Most of it felt numb. It was in the center where the nose is and on the outer edges where i felt the most pain. I can say I did feel like Corey a bit though. Listening to Pandora radio the song Change from Deftones came on…thats one of my fav jams. For some reason that song makes me tear up. Then Snuff came on. That did it man. I hid my tears by keeping my head down and all the while it was stinging like a motha man. No lie! If you never have gotten a single tattoo or one that takes 3 hours to complete then you dont even know the slightest bit about the pain. I mean im sure nothing compared to those who have had multiple sessions but hey I had my longest session and made it out ok! =) Snuff though reminds me alot of Paul. Maybe because the day i got the call he died I went for a drive and it was the next song on the CD to play. Not to mention I love playing songs like that. Acoustic work is my favorite to play. Lately i have had my acoustics tuned to various lower tuning. C# currently and some D#. Im usually always in E.

Anyways, after the 3 hours I was relieved to be done with it. The pain that last hour was overwhelming for sure. Hence why I say I know how Corey felt. We try to be tough guys but our pain tolerance just runs out eventually. Mine surely did. In the end it was worth it. I know many will probably give me shit for it because its a mask. Many will say its satanic. Its not. Its a mask. It doesnt symbolize Satanism. It symbolizes an individuals stage persona. It symbolizes the idea that Paul could wear a mask and create music and gain fans no matter how he looked. In the music industry today we see so many artists who you know become famous simply for their sex appeal. Not the case here. Well, maybe for those ladies that would enjoy being fucked by a guy wearing a mask like Paul’s! lol. So yes the pain was worth it all. I can’t say any demons were gone afterwards. I came to terms with his death and accepted it because in the end we all will die. Some choose to take their own lives and others lives long lives. Some don’t get to see their own children. For me though getting this tattoo is like a new beginning. A blessing if I should say. Like I said, others will criticize me for the tattoo and what the immediately see while others who know that mask will know what it stands for and will celebrate his life and enjoy it. After getting the tattoo I had gone to run some errands. He put some saran wrap and A&D on it for me until I got home to let it air out and apply more ointment. Actually about to go shower now and clean it up and get ready for bed. I went to Ralph’s Grocery store and Subway earlier and already a few teenagers noticed it. One guy literally was totally amazed and kept staring at my leg lol. I guess if anything thats one statement I want to make with this tattoo. Paul won’t get the recognition he deserves in the music industry. I mean by the Grammys and other organizations. So for people to see it and say “nice tattoo man” that means something to me because they notice it. They dont have to like Paul or Slipknot to appreciate it. As long as they know that there is a reason I would put a portrait of someone on my skin as a tribute.

I had a friend ask me the other day about my parents. She asked me why I would put a friends pic on my skin and not my parents. Actually I have my name in Arabic on my arm. The design looks like the initials J.C. My mothers initials. One day when my parents have left this world I will commemmorate them with their own special tattoos. My father was a firemwan and I figure one day ill get a Red fire hydrant with his old number 82 on it and the initials R.F.D. for the station he worked at. For my mom i’d probably get a flower. One she really likes. its too soon for any of that to even think of or decide but when im ready I will get those. i’d rather think those out fully just as i did this Paul tribute before I jump the gun and get something. All my tattoos have meaning. From the Slipknot ones, to the grim reapers to the Katy Perry ones (yeah katy and i have matching tattoos lol)…etc.

I’ll end on this….A friend back in Texas a long time ago would always say he wanted a tattoo everytime I got one. He would then say, “yeah but when i get a tattoo im getting one with meaning not like yours.” WTF you trying to say fool?!?!? My ink all has meaning. Not my fault his ass doesn’t have one drop of ink on his skin. His wife doesnt like tattoos so he never got any but always kept saying he would be a rebel and get one LOL. All these years later and still no ink. It just amazes me that people with no ink tend to criticize others with ink as if they know whats its like to have it. Join the club then you have room to speak your mind. If not then dont bitch. Most people get tattoos for a meaning or something they like/enjoy. I got grim reapers in the beginning because I liked heavy metal and death metal. Although i dont listen much to that anymore I still dont regret them. They were just part of my life at that time and I still love them. It doesn’t make me a bad person. I’m still the same guy that would help you if you needed it. Im still the same guy that would do your fucking taxes or god forbid fix your computer!!!! LOL. Oh how I hate fixing computers now. Even my own.

Ok so enjoy the pics and ill try to post this short little video I made on my phone. Got the new LG G2. Im diggin it but I still say the iPod Touch 5th gen has a better camera lol

ok im out….thanx


Paul Gray tattoo

Paul Gray tattoo

before it was finished

before it was finished

Slipknot, Slayer & Anthrax Tour This Summer in USA; The Maggot Bible

thats right…..all of you psycho fans that thought Slipknot didnt like you anymore or that called them fucking poser mother fuckers because they didnt tour for you…..well, minus me on the crew Slipknot is touring again this summer 2012 on the Rockstar Energy Mayhem 2012 Tour. Lots of bands. Personally for me after 10+ years of touring with bands, im glad I made a change because touring with wild metal bands for months on end wasn’t for me anymore. Hey we all get older and change our minds on life decisions.

So anyways yes, Slipknot is touring again and NO Paul has not been replaced but yes there will be a bassist playing his parts. If your a big fan then you know about all of this already from the Euro dates. The tour begins June 30 in CA and ends August 5th at Comcast Center in Hartford. I could actually sit here and just list all the bands on this tour but really if your that interested in it….i’d rather you just head on over to the tour homepage at:

You will get all the info you need on tour dates, bands, venue info, purchasing tickets and more. Tickets for this big fiasco of a tour go ON SALE APRIL 6.

If many of you are just becoming aware of this tour with Slipknot I would suggest signing up for Slipknot’s Outside the Nine Fan Club where you can get info before it is released to the public. I really no longer have any info on Slipknot, sorry! I might try to make it out to a show to say “what the fuck is up bros!” Who knows. Depends on my schedule by then.

Also if you dont know, Shawn, Clown, is working on a project called The Maggot Bible. This project consists of pics, entries and such all from you fans. This has been an ongoing project since last summer. Many have submitted to Shawn so if you would like to possibly see yourself or your submission in this book send your stuff off. He will send you a release form for the permission to use your info if your work is selected. This is the ONLY address for correspondence. Anything else is bullfucking shit. This IS Shawn’s Official PO BOX for you work. If you are interested in submitting anything from stories, photos, tattoos or anything Slipknot related please hit Shawn up by sending him your submissions to:

The Maggot Bible
C/O M Shawn Crahan
P.O. Box 94
Johnston, Iowa 50131

Ok thats about it. Hope you psycho maggots get your tickets. If your not a Slipknot fan well you still can go see Slayer and Anthrax. This tour cannot be missed. You have half of the Big Four on this tour! Sorry no Metallica and Megadeth on this ride. So anyways, thats about it on this subject. My next post will be about Random Favorites. Yes my random favorites on shit I like. Figured I would do something different. I mean Katy Perry doesn’t have us on the road anymore =( …..ooooooh well ok I have one other tidbit I might post before the favs one.

Stay tuned…….

Here’s a random photo to end this post! =)

In Memory......

The End Has Come

Many know that for years I have worked for bands. Few weeks ago I made my last trip ever. We went to Rio for Rock in Rio 2011. It was awesome. Had shows on 23rd and 25th. Met Katy Perry on 23rd. She is sooooo cool.

So now I really don’t what else I will be doing. I guess enjoying life and shit. Skydiving, traveling and what not. A friend of mine is getting married next August in Pittsburgh so ill probably head up there for the social event of the season…..NOT lol.

I spend my time these days relaxing and listening to SirusXM radio. Yeah Playboy and Spice radio lol. Its just great not to mention funny some of the stuff they talk about. One can only take so much of nothing before it gets boring so im sure I will find something else to do that will keep me busy.

For now, I am going to enjoy the upcoming holidays and the cooler weather. Im feeling back in my element now. Its getting cooler and NHL season has finally begun. Yes GO LA Kings! lol. and as always I cant wait til Xmas Eve when they will show my fav holiday movie all day…..yep A Christmas Story with Ralphie! lol.

The most shocking thing I heard lately was the death of Apple giant Steve Jobs. Didn’t see that coming. Of course though Apple will not suffer from this loss. True the market is shitty right now. Believe me, my Forex trading isn’t very profitable lately either! lol. A new product out for them in a week will bring much revenue. In fact many tech companies will be profiting from the holiday sales very soon. Still though, shocking on the death of Steve Jobs. Even though Bill Gates is no longer in charge at Microsoft and now Steve gone, the world of computer technology won’t be the same.

So for now I say peace out. Sorry for the lack of posts over the last month or so. I will be back with more in the coming week! ooooooh I just saw a yummy lasagna on the tv….shit im hungry now. lol. Ok I bid you all well for now until next time!


Seven Deadly Sins by Corey Taylor: The Review

Now my review might seem a bit biased by many because I have worked for Slipknot but I do want to start off by saying that the book is simply brilliant. Rather than break down each chapter or even mention all aspects of this book that make it the great read it is, I will tell you about some of the parts I did enjoy. First I want to say that this book does not have any bits of Corey’s feelings on Paul Gray so if your looking to purchase the book for that reason, you need to go elsewhere. This book is entirely about Corey’s life struggles as a kid to his adult years.

I wanted to start off by saying that you really dont have to know much about Corey to understand this book. It surely helps to have some background history though. Most know him as the singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour. A man behind a mask that bears the #8 that has no problem telling his “friends” to get the fuck down and then jump the fuck up on the song Spit It Out. Then there is the COrey Taylor that many of you dont know about. The man that grew up in a shit infested hole. With his mother and sister they moved from place to place never really having a real home. From Des Moines to Waterloo and on. You hear about Corey’s life as a child very early in this book. You also hear about his crazy binge drinking and insane sexual escapades with many women. Something you would figure from a rockstar right? Well, you will also read about his scarred childhood. About how he never really had a room of his own and shared it with other kids. You hear about how he was beaten up and left for dead in some unknown place miles from his home with no money in his pocket and completely wasted. You also find out about the alcoholic craziness he and his sister witnessed from his mother and her friends.

Pretty much a crazy start huh? From that beginning Corey moves on to tell you about the Seven Deadly Sins we as humans commit. He also has no problem admitting that he suffers from these himself. Yet he explains that these sins are bi-products of one another. We cant have one sin without really committing another to begin with. I completely agree! Each sin he describes in each chapter gets pretty graphic. I wouldnt say it is for the faint-hearted but it really does give you a close look into his life and his story. For example a few sins he lists are Vanity, Lust and Envy. I can say myself that I am a product of these all. This book just by hearing Corey’s stories have made me realize that I have in many ways been the ruthless jackass he mentions. Yet at the same time he also says he as well has been guilty of these. Its easy to tell someone how they should live or do things yet we never take our own advice. I also can recall the times i’ve had a friend tell me I was being ignorant and yet I never saw it. Always looking to be right. Who was I impressing? Myself? FUCKING FUCKTASTIC DOGSHIT MAN! I mean really I had to have a book make me see this? Makes me feel really bad because this friend with whom i’m sure will read this will say “I told you so,” and I can’t feel nothing but fucking horrible thoughts.

There is not much to be said about the bands although there is a few mentions in there. Then there is the t-shirt company that he created with a friend who goes by a nickname opposite of a Mogwai we know as Gizmo. Im sure you can figure out the name just based on the movie! lol. Those shirts were sold under the name Wasted Inc. Im sure somewhere in her closet my ex-gf has my t-shirt still. LOL. Was just a plain black tee with white lettering that said “If You Can Read This, My Shirt Can Insult You” phrase. Yes a Corey-ism. lol. Of course with the big W logo on the back. I mention this because in the book he mentions this as a business endeavour he took that didnt turn out exactly the way he wanted. Of course I wont mention names either but he refers to this person as Jimmy and well I gave you the clue to the real name. LOL.

Either way, the book pretty much sums up life based on Corey’s. He experienced a crap load of good and bad yet after all the bullshit and chaos, he emerged as a successful artist who enjoys his work, his life and his family. He also sums up to you the fan that although he has a life that many envy….(one of his deadly sins), he is not a wealthy, Hollywood elite that makes shitastic amounts of money for doing absolutely nothing but that he makes enough money to take care of his business and his family and yet still put some away for things he wants later in his life. Still a dream of his. This dream of his is in relation to my dream of riding a motorcycle all over the world. You just have to take my word for it and read the book to see what that dream a little dream of his is and it is mentioned quite early in the book as well.

Although many might think Corey is this egotistical maniac that sings into a microphone, he wants you to believe that yes he is spiteful. he explains why he feels the way he does. Like how he mentions being noticed in a mall by a group of teenagers who want to say hi when all he really wants to do is find the fucking bathroom to take a damn piss. lol. The fact that fame is not all its cracked up to be. He has is ideals about life, people, sins and places. He explains that although many would never see Des Moines or Waterloo Iowa as places to be proud of being from, he mentions how the bullshit he suffered through in these areas made him a stronger person and for that, those places are dear to his life. He mentions how he can sit there smoking a cigarette and just watch the traffic go by while snobby people talk about their hair, purses, money, cars, homes and whatever else. That its all materialistic. I get beat to shit when I talk about women and their need for things. Corey goes on to mention how women need to be better than others. How some women find it best to top others by their clothes, purses, homes and wealth rather than living their lives for the better. I swear to you he did not get that section from me but when you read it, you will swear it is an excerpt from past blogs ive posted on this very site and such! Not all women AND men are like this but he mentions how many fall into this deadly sin.

You really just have to read the book to understand what he is saying and to see how he puts it all into perspective. The book is eleven chapters of reality from Corey’s world. You all may not agree with his way of thinking about life but its there for all. Its really not surprising that we would have the same ideals about many things. I mean come on!!! So give this book a read. Kindle version was 240 pages as im sure the actual book is as well. Also contains some really cool black and white pictures throughout each chapter. You will notice some familiar faces. One funny bit in the book is how he mentions in the Sloth section is that “us” readers would be downloading this book to our Kindle’s rather than going out being productive and buying a cup of coffee and a copy of the book. LOL. I give this book 4 of 5 stars not because of my work with Slipknot but because I truly believe that the content in this book is real. When you sit there and say HOLY FUCKTASTIC SHIT what the fuck is Corey thinking, you can also see how his loving side comes out and in the end you may not agree with him but you can see the context of these reality in the situations he portrays to you. Life is cruel but it must be lived.

Happy Reading!!!


Just A Quick Post….

Lately I have been feeling pretty down. Its hard to imagine someone that I looked up to and shared great memories with is gone. I guess I will never get over that. Most people dont get over death, they just learn to cope. I think right now I am in that coping stage. I can find myself being happy as ever during the day and the next moment i break out in tears thinking of Paul. Not only as a human being but also his music impacted me. Having the utmost pleasure of knowing him……it was an honor. I always thought of his laugh as sort of a Butt-head laugh. lol. I find myself jamming to the music as hard as before and yet when its over i feel about as weak and sad as a person that just lost someone.

I think for me I need more closure. I need to go back to visit his grave and say somethings I never got to say before. Things I never got to say before he died. We tend to take for granted the people in our lives imagining they will always be there throughout our entire life then they are gone. Nothing in life ever prepares you for that. Nothing. I always have this macho persona and I keep things bottled up for so long. Lately I think those feelings need to come out. I cant discuss those feelings with all of you. Many of you wont understand or wont even care to understand. Ive tried to talk to some about it but hesitated because i’d probably just get rolling eyes. I really cant talk to anyone about everything because who can really relate to it all? I’d figure only someone that cared for the guy as much as I did could understand. I wish I could be on that motorcycle in Switzerland again taking that 300+ mile journey into the Swiss Alps. Views to die for which I spend moments thinking about these things. I videoed a few parts of those roads for myself and to one day share with others. You all see the beauty of this little country through my camera eye, reference to Rush, but my mind was on other things. Like one instance where I nearly forgot how to brake and downshift on the bike when a large group of people was crossing the street near Interlaken.

I wont rant on and on but to those of you who have loved ones you really care about which should be all of you lol…..dont take them for granted. One day they will not be here. Spend all the time with those people as you can. I wish I could have but thats just not how the cards were played. All I can do is cope with that and hope to god, allah….or who ever that there is a better place than this. Life is too short. Now as I bid you all a goodnight im off to shower, read on the kindle a bit and then go to sleep. Need to buy some Arctic Silver 5 to see if that helps my PC CPU.

Goodnight friends. SOrry I dont have pics to post. I do but since i have been re-working on my system I dont have everything organized just yet.


The Casey Anthony Trial

So the verdict came in and she was found not guilty. Honestly I had told everyone around me that she would be found guilty and would probably seek an appeal for another case. Boy was I wrong. Based on what I had heard and only what THEY wanted you to hear it never seemed as though they had enough bonafide physical evidence against her. Most people I know are saying im full of shit for saying that justice was served properly in this case. Based on what evidence there is I do believe she was treated fairly.

Now we look at all the strange shit. She lied to cops and lawyers and even the court. Thats really the only one I will mention because its probably the most valid point. Point being….she lied. I honestly believe that she knows something about her daughter’s death. She may or may not have committed the crime herself but she knows good and well what had to have happened. So because of the fact that they didnt have the proper evidence I believe they was right in not finding her guilty. Im sure beyond a shadow of a doubt she had something to do with it but until that can be reasonably proved there really is nothing they could do. Really the only people to blame is the detectives and lawyers that put together the case against her. They didnt do a thorough enough job putting it together to convict her. That is their fault and in this case a victory for her.

Im a firm believer that people should not be sentenced to death or prison time based on what the media and others want you to believe. If the proof is not there then there is not solid reason to convict. To this day there are people in prison or jail for crimes they did not commit. Im not saying that people should get away with what they have done but those in charge of incarcerating these folks need to do a better job so shit like this doesn’t happen again.

We all know she will profit from her story. She will get Lifetime movie deals, books, probably even a box office flick. Already Vivid has offered her money to do porn. Eh…fuck that. She needs to hook up with RK site and let my buddy slam her every which way…lol So anyways it was a shit decision and I know people are pissed about it but you cant convict people without the proper evidence even if you know they did it. You cant prove it, they cant be locked up. Our Judicial System in America may be fucked in many ways but I have to agree with the verdict based solely on the evidence presented.

Now as I leave you and get ready to head to Amneville FR I want to attach a funny pic about Casey and OJ I got on my FB earlier LOL. Its just too funny and even the Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wife guy would have to chuckle at this shit! lol

Peace out friends. Sonisphere for the last 3 shows in Amneville, Stockholm and Stevenage. Then home. Tomorrow should be quite interesting. Im gonna be jamming with a band and doing some Satriani style shit! cant wait.



Slipknot Fans Chill Out……Updated Monday 6/27

i just read the biggest load of shit and this really pisses me off that a fan could say this. Give the band time sheesh…. Ok I’m off to sleep a few hours before the day begins in Dessel. I think we are close. Here is what I was referring to……


The remaining guys in slipknot are fucking traitors to their home country. The first show they will perform after Paul Gray’s death is in Greece…………. They have no loyalty towards their country, the first performance should be in I.O.W.A. And i mean it when i say this , think about it its a stupid gig a euro gig , it’s all for the money not Paul. And i for one am not a U.S.citizen and i think their first show should be in I.O.W.A that would be a real tribute to Paul

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**** In Addition****

People tend to talk shit quickly when their favorite bands do not do things to their liking. So what if Slipknot decided to do shows in Europe before America. Did you personally hear from them that they are quitting the band and that no further shows will happen? Of course you didnt. Give them some fucking time. Obviously if they are doing shows now they will be more inclined to do shows in other areas later. Some people are just too damn impatient. This goes along with my past articles of saying that some people are not TRUE fans of music and dont appreciate it. I say this because out of all my favorite bands if they decided to up and quit touring and writing I wouldnt be upset one bit. Its their lives not ours. You have the music now to enjoy. If they see it fit to never continue that really is no ones business but their own. Look at David Silveria and Head. Those guys loved music but at some point in their lives music was just not a priority. At least not Korn music. It happens to many artists. You play the same things and eventually you get tired of it. Dont think for one minute your favorite artists just love hitting the stage 100%. Some grow away from it but still enjoy it because the fans do. Its not essentially fair to fans that expect a 100% effort on the show but it happens. Factor in touring, traveling, being away from home, loved ones….etc…its not easy. As a tech I have told many to spend a few days in my shoes. Its not as easy as tuning a few guitars, a drumset or throwing some truss in the air. There is much more to it.

Slipknot is looking into doing other events in the future performance wise. They are not looking into another album yet. So please chill out, enjoy the music and give the guys some respect. You cant always have it your way. I’d like to ask the guy that posted that comment if he would get mad if all his favorite bands started tours in other countries instead of his own. Thats just childish bullshit man. Personally I dont give a flying fuck where the band starts their tour. its my job and theirs. This person also says its all about the money. Well yes in many ways it is. You fail to forget as a fan that as a band, it is a JOB. Its what pays the bills at home. It pays for the band members to have a good crew, backline techs, their homes, their kids, their livelihood. If my band was on tour break but was asked to do a string of shows in another country and my other bandmates agreed we would do it and get paid for it. Its just how business is. Bills dont fucking pay themselves and you can bet most people in touring bands dont go to work at the local McDonalds when they are not on tour to make the ends meet moneywise. They enjoy their time off. So seriously give the band a break. Not just Slipknot but any band.

Sade is one of my favorite female singers. She has not toured in ages. You didnt see me posting hate mail on her page about how she needed to get her ass back on the road or complaining because she went to Japan or whereever before she came to my area. Nope. Matter of fact I wont even get to see her on tour because of my own schedule. Sucks but thats life. Bands owe their fans for getting them where they are. For that fame they have acheieved but you as a fan must also remember that these people are human and not robots. They can only take so much criticism and workload before they as well need a vacation. You must also take into consideration that other tours in the US already months in advance had their itineraries booked. In Europe we have been doing festivals. Festivals are huge here in Europe. If you ever get the chance I suggest you attend one. These events are days long not half a day as in America. Also, for Slipknot coming back on tour in Europe they for the most part are not fully headlining. They are on main stage but went on before the headliner. For instance Iron Maiden. We did some shows with them. its a good way for the band to get back into the touring loop after their break and the death of Paul. Headlining puts much extra strain on the band. They are doing a few headlining shows but not all of them. In America fans would expect Slipknot to tour and be the headliner and not accepting Slipknot as support for another band. Hence why the Euro Festivals. for the most part Sonisphere and yesterday we did Graspop in Dessel. I dont even want to talk about the bullshit that happened in Liege beforehand with me. Liege isnt too far from Dessel but enough to cause me fucking problems. Oh well its done and I dont care now. Im tired, I need sleep and im fucking waiting in the airport to fly to Sheremetyevo Intl in Moscow and enjoy a few days off til Wednesday.

Just give the band some time to sort things out. Look at it this way….they are taking the stage once again and its not over yet……So really just relax, enjoy the music you have on CD, DVD, mp3 or whatever and just wait. It takes time to deal with things. My favorite drummer Neil Peart of Rush lost his daughter and wife and retired from the band for many years before deciding to take the stage again with Rush. Dimebag Darrell and his brother Vinnie took some time off to create what was Damageplan but they did take the stage again. I cant speak for the eight but please just bare with them and enjoy the music. If you are truly their fans you will respect whatever wishes they make and thats for any band not just Slipknot.



Sorry for the font on the first half of this post. I posted that from my phone which I guess uses a different font when doing so. I will look next time into changing the font to an easier one or the same as used here……

peace out commrades