Body of Proof: The Sitcom or Whatever You Call It

I happen to like the show. Dana Delaney is a decent actress and the show keeps me interested. I started watching the show but with my busy schedule and me just being lazy I have not watched it in the last three weeks. Thank goodness for I was able to catch up on the missed episodes and subscribe to it on the site. To me the show is funny with the small quirky jokes here and there. I also like how the character of Megan Hunt, or shall I say Dr Megan Hunt is very serious about things. The show keeps my interest and coming from a guy that loves comedy, it can be hard to catch my attention. First off, the reason I decided to check out the show is Dana Delaney. Its quite funny that she looks exactly like my friend Mia. LOL. She agrees. The previews were catchy. Like when she says “ill nail you to the wall.” lol……She said this to this guy and of course I had to watch and see why.

So anyway, the show is pretty much similar in context to CSI, NCIS….etc…All the same premise. Now I have said for years that I have been quite sick and tired of tv shows being about law, lawyers and doctors. Seems that every show was about someone suing someone else and about murder. So at first I was like…..great another fucktastic show about murder. ***eyes rolling*** Well, sure it is about murder but I think Dana adds some spice to the show and the other characters as well. Her male sidekick is pretty cool. Sorry I dont really remember names. LOL. The black dude is funny because he is always complaining or shall I say, bitching about something. Reminds me of…..ME! lol Then we have the geeky forensic tech that reminds me of a younger “Booger” from Revenge of the Nerds! Come on, if you have seen ROTN, then you know what im talking about…..that hair…..the face….the nerdyness…lol… In a way, Dana’s character reminds me of how I am…..She goes against her bosses wishes and does what she wants. Well, im the same way….fuck what others want, ill do it my way! ha ha!

As I was on Hulu I decided to leave a review based on what others have said about the show. Many claiming that they are forensic techs or autopsy techs and so on. I don’t doubt that they know what they are talking about. Im not doubting those people at all but its funny how people seem to be experts when they review things. Even I do this but I go by what I fucking know. I mean, if someone asks me what key a song is played in and I KNOW what key its played in then I will discuss it. Someone else may play it differently but thats their way. Nothing wrong with that. I tracked Winning on guitar by Snoop Dogg and Rob Patterson but not in the same chords as Rob. What difference does it make? Sounds the same! To be honest, I really dont care how authentic the forensic science on the show is. I probably would be bored to see the real thing on the show. The short methods described are made to make people believe that it is true. Thats all I care about. If it fits the plot well enough then fine with me. I dont need to see the actual fingerprint test or blood work done to get the result. So for the people that really take it too seriously, get over it. It is a tv show and it is serving its purpose, merely as entertainment. Maybe the show will make it and maybe it won’t. Will have to see as it near the end of the season if they decide to bring it back.

In my Hulu review I said that “finally a show without all the sex.” I mean that too. Of course I love sex. Who the fuck doesn’t but I dont want to see it in every tv show I watch. I dont watch much tv. Honestly besides turning on the satellite to watch hockey or the occasional show, I really dont care much for tv. One reason I like Hulu. It lets me choose what I want to watch and when! Seriously though, everyone watches Gray’s Anatomy and yet in the previews all I see is a brief segment of them saving someones life as if everyone gets saved and then two doctors fucking or having some sort of sexual contact. Im sure doctors and nurses fuck one another but fucking christ man…..we see enough of that shit on tv. How about something that doesn’t involve sex? Thats where this show comes in. There was a hint of romance with Dr Hunt’s boss but so far the show has been to the point about the murders and thats really about it. One glitch that people have noticed is that in episode 7 the daughter meets her mother’s colleague for the first time ans supposedly in episode 4 I believe, they had already met so the show is not being aired in its production order. Thats throws people off a bit but besides that, I dont care. The show keeps me entertained.

I will continue to watch this show. Of course I do believe sitcoms are not the same as they used to be. My favorites being Sanford and Son, Three’s Company and Good Times among many others. Sure those had sexual innuendos in them but back then it was funny. Like Three’s Company; the slapstick comedy of John Ritter was just not done by anyone else. I do this day could sit down and watch these shows all day long and never get tired of them. These to me were the best sitcoms of the days. Of course others I liked for example like, Family Matters, Full House, Married with Children, Too Close for Comfort, Taxi, Welcome Back Kotter…etc….those also were funny. I grew up watching Redd Foxx, John Ritter, Sherman Helmsley, Jimmie Walker, Ed O’Neill…etc….So those will always hold a place as my favorite shows but I dont mind making room for new ones. I used to like Boston Legal. One of my favorite actors from that show is James Spader. Man i need some glasses like he wears lol.

So in conclusion, I will continue to watch Body of Proof until it is either cancelled or I just lose interest. For now, the show has my attention even if it is not accurate according to forensic science of today. Keeps me entertained and gives me a few laughs within its 43 minute airing so thats enough for me. Many say, “what forensic scientist goes to crime scenes in high heels and fancy dresses?” Well, folks the premise of that is to keep people watching. Believe it or not but there are men and women as well that find Dana Delaney attractive and would much rather see her dressed more sexy rather than in a fucking pair of gym sweats or some cheesy uniform. How many times do you see detectives wearing suits? FBI wears suits. They dont go to work in jeans and a grungy ol’ t-shirt and shoes unless they are undercover. They go professionally dressed. So as many see it as stupid, I really have no complaints about that whatsoever. Keep wearing the heels and dresses and showing off the legs Dana LOL. So thats that…..Maybe when the season is over I will write another end season review or commentary about the show with my overall thoughts but for now, dogspeed and I will watch!