Passion and Warfare….Musicians Never Give Up Their Art

So I just read an article a contact on facebook posted about BB King. Apparently he was booed while performing in St Louis. Well thats a fucking shame. BB King is a fucking legend. Now let me get the the story though. Keep reading…

Well its no secret BB King is old. Yet he still plays guitar and tours. Thats how he makes his living. He obviously loves what he does or else why would he have kept playing guitar all these years? The point I really wanted to make early was this……all those people that went to see BB King live im sure expected to hear a great set. Now I dont know how it went because all I heard was some snippets of the show. The point though is, why would people boo BB King when they clearly know they are going to see a man nearly 90 years old? I seriously doubt most 90 year old men look like 30 year olds. I doubt most 90 year olds fuck like their 50 still. I bet most 90 year olds can barely walk now. Age does take its toll on us. Surely we all wont be the same as we age. BB King doesnt perform by himself. He plays blues licks rather than full songs. Even if he gave a sub par performance i’d still have respect for him. Im sure for BB King performing is his way of staying alive. Most older people like to get out rather than just stay home and get old. People in nursing homes just sit there. Never going anywhere. Eventually they die. Maybe because of old age but probably also because of depression and boredom. They dont get exercise. 

Rather than those people boo BB King they should have given him a standing ovation for even performing. its not easy im sure for him to play shows now at 88. Maybe one day he will call it a day but for as long as he can walk onto a stage and he still enjoys picking up his guitar he will continue to do it. I pick up my guitar and play random shit. Sometimes it sounds amazing. other times it sounds like shit. That doesn’t mean i will put the guitar down and never touch it again because some fucktard says my playing sucks or whatever. hell most people that criticize probably dont even play the instrument! 

The blues is a changing style of music. Every blues musician plays it differently. They even play their own songs differently. They play according to their feeling that day or that moment. SRV is one of my favorite guitarists even though he has been gone since 1990. He played whatever his fingers wanted. he improvised his sets. Eric Johnson does the same. Its a freedom that musicians welcome. Performing songs the same way throughout a tour can get boring. Artists like to change it up. Slow down parts….add parts….change lyrics… its all improv. 

Anyways it just really pisses me off that people would do such a thing to a legend. Maybe he didnt sound as great or maybe he sounded horrible but at least he gives it all he has. Im 38 now. Ill play guitar until the day i die or my hands wont work anymore. I want to mention a friend of mine that died years ago. His name was Freddie Everett. One of the most influential local guitarists ive ever heard. He looked like a re-incarnated Jimi Hendrix and sounded like a cross between him and Stevie. Freddie loved playing guitar. Then suddenly as his life was about to change. He had signed a record deal and then he was diagnosed with ALS. Jason Becker also has it and is still alive today although paralyzed. Freddie played guitar until his hands wouldn’t let him anymore. News stories showed Freddie sitting in a wheelchair with his family staring at his guitars. Im sure wishing he could pick it up and play. He could play any style of music. He was amazing. When he became paralyzed he couldnt even talk anymore. Music still lived inside him. He wrote music using his eyes. With the help of friends composed it and created art even with ALS. He died but left behind a legacy in Houston. To this day I find myself playing his acoustic song Someday or his hit True Revenge. One day at the music store I was playing some bits of True Revenge and this guy was like….DUDE THATS A FREDDIE EVERETT SONG! Yes it is! Long live his memory. Freddie played til he couldnt play anymore. He wrote until his last day alive. Its a passion that only a musician would know. I mean whatever you do im sure you have a passion for it if you truly love it… i right?



Thought so….







Tony McManus New Album Mysterious Boundaries

I met Tony last summer along with PRS guitars guru Paul Smith. This is when I discovered the acoustic music of Tony. His arrangements are so relaxing. Ive managed to learn quite a few myself. Si Dolce el Tormento, Gnossienne No 1, Sleeping Tune, Maids of Mitchelltown. Just all around great music. Tony mostly does Irish folk music but with his new release Mysterious Boundaries he takes on a new challenge, classical music. He does an exceptional job!! I cant stop listening to it since I bought it. Of course I buy mp3s these days rather than actual CDs.

Anyways here is the album cover and a short video giving you an introduction to each piece he has on the album. Enjoy!!

To purchase the CD go here:

To purchase the mp3s go here:

Tony McManus - Mysterious Boundaries

Tony McManus – Mysterious Boundaries

Bonnie McKee American Girl; Download It Today, Free

Chances are if your a fan or Katycat of Katy Perry then you like Bonnie McKee who co-wrote many of Katy’s songs. Bonnie’s releasing a new album soon and American Girl is the first single. Download it today for free from her website! I mean who doesn’t like free music. lol

Bonnie McKee

Bonnie McKee

Guitarists Rejoice!!! Guitar Center Offers Strings for a year for $20

thats no lie folks. Head to your local guitar center now and purchase a strings club card. Here is the link.

Basically you buy the card for $20 and every month for a year they load it with $5 towards a monthly strings purchase. Remember though the amount doesn’t rollover so use the card every month even if you dont need the strings at the moment. That way you can save them and have strings for when you need them. That is unless you buy in bulk. Either way its $5 off every month. I use Dunlop and D’Addario depending on my mood and the Dunlops are about 5 bucks anyways so there ya go. You really just pay that damn tax.

Anyways, check out the link for more info. just spreading the word around to ALL the stringers out there.



Meeting Paul Reed Smith and Tony McManus

So earlier this evening I met Founder of PRS guitars Paul Reed Smith and legendary celtic guitarist Tony McManus. Was an awesome night.

Not much to really say but I did get a pic with Paul and an autograph. Tony was playing guitar when i left for some folks So i didnt wanna bug him.

The event was mainly about PRS Acoustic guitars which are some of the sweetest sounding guitars….if you are looking to drop around $4000 and up for one. He said there will be SE models available very soon that will be around $800 or so. Either way these guitars are just like the electrics and made from the private stock woods. So yes they are expensive. One reason I enjoy playing PRS guitars is their sound. Even as stock the sound is amazing. The radius of the neck fits perfect for my hands.

Anyways, here are a few pics and one of my own PRS Custom 22

The End Has Come

Many know that for years I have worked for bands. Few weeks ago I made my last trip ever. We went to Rio for Rock in Rio 2011. It was awesome. Had shows on 23rd and 25th. Met Katy Perry on 23rd. She is sooooo cool.

So now I really don’t what else I will be doing. I guess enjoying life and shit. Skydiving, traveling and what not. A friend of mine is getting married next August in Pittsburgh so ill probably head up there for the social event of the season…..NOT lol.

I spend my time these days relaxing and listening to SirusXM radio. Yeah Playboy and Spice radio lol. Its just great not to mention funny some of the stuff they talk about. One can only take so much of nothing before it gets boring so im sure I will find something else to do that will keep me busy.

For now, I am going to enjoy the upcoming holidays and the cooler weather. Im feeling back in my element now. Its getting cooler and NHL season has finally begun. Yes GO LA Kings! lol. and as always I cant wait til Xmas Eve when they will show my fav holiday movie all day…..yep A Christmas Story with Ralphie! lol.

The most shocking thing I heard lately was the death of Apple giant Steve Jobs. Didn’t see that coming. Of course though Apple will not suffer from this loss. True the market is shitty right now. Believe me, my Forex trading isn’t very profitable lately either! lol. A new product out for them in a week will bring much revenue. In fact many tech companies will be profiting from the holiday sales very soon. Still though, shocking on the death of Steve Jobs. Even though Bill Gates is no longer in charge at Microsoft and now Steve gone, the world of computer technology won’t be the same.

So for now I say peace out. Sorry for the lack of posts over the last month or so. I will be back with more in the coming week! ooooooh I just saw a yummy lasagna on the tv….shit im hungry now. lol. Ok I bid you all well for now until next time!


Tour Break….Home!

its good to be home but stepping away from the rigors of concert touring gets to me sometimes. Im used to being up in the early AM and riding to the next city. Im used to eating at certain times and im used to being “at the office.” lol

At this point, we have completed 30 shows since June 29th. With 10 more to go in the USA and 4 in South America. I really am ready to get back on the road and just keep going. I love to travel. Too bad we wont be hitting up Europe this year. Next year though!

The Slipknot guys are releasing the new DVD. Its from Download in England. One of the last few shows Paul Gray performed. I miss him. Seems like only yesterday Paul died and when I last talked to him. Now here it is…September. Wow. The time just flies by. I think Paul’s memory is what keeps me going. Before I had no interest in continuing in this work. I just wanted to ride the motorcycle for months.

Thankfully my passion for music, the guitar and drums never faded. Well it did slightly but I recaptured my skills and my talent. Ive also decided that its been long overdue for me to seriously work on my weight and getting back down to my athletic days again. My football weight. Would make Kenpo and MMA training much easier!

So anyways….im home…relaxing until Sept 13th. Then it begins again in Boston MA. Cant wait!

Thats it for now…more to come in the next day or so!!!