Drive-Thru Idiots

i find if funny how going through the drive-thru some people are unprepared. They either don’t know what they want or they don’t have their money out and ready. Usually digging out every last penny up until they get to the window to pay. Then there are the idiots that order for the entire family or party. You know…..”i need four #1’s…one with mustard, one with ketchup, one with nothing..then i need 6 #8’s…..etc….geezus…

I will NEVER do that again. When I was in high school my friend Rick and I got hungry while over at our friend Andy’s house. We was drinking it up while Andy’s parents were at a dance. I think it was Andy, his bro Eric, Joseph Mayers, George Corral, Rick and myself there. We had our usual few cases of Budweiser because that ALL we drank then. Unless we was broke ass mexicans. lol….Anyways, Rick and I decided to quietly run off to Jack in the Box to get some grub when everyone found out and we ended up with a list that looked like the Constitution. Everyone wanted certain shit and LOTS of it. eggrolls, burgers, fries…We ended up getting 4 bags of food. Srsly, 4 bags!! Now Rick and I were kinda big guys so the chick at the window thought all that food was for us! She literally asked us if we was going to eat all that! We said hell no its for everyone at the party. The combos were ours. Ultimate Cheeseburgers. The rest of the shit was theirs. Perhaps the MOST EMBARASSING moment of my life. Well, almost. The other was having my shorts pulled down in the Hotel Kempinski hallway by my room in Berlin Germany. Thanx Corey mother fucking Taylor! In front of two girls too…Asswipe! lol

BUT….nothing and i mean nothing beats the woman that called 911 because Mack Donalds ran out of Mack Nuggets lol…sorry its my humor typing. I know how to spell Mc Donalds. Maybe some of you will understand my wild humor.