Slipknot Bassist Paul Gray 1972-2010

words cannot express the sadness I feel right now. Paul was not only a friend but like a brother. Throughout the span of his career we went through alot together in a artist/tech/roadie relationship. We saw the great moments of the band and the not so great moments. Paul was a great guy. He loved music and he loved Slipknot. He had his personal demons but dont we all? I can recall the times backstage before the shows when Paul would get hyped up and even playing hurt. He was devoted to the band 100%. I wont go off saying he was one of the greatest bassists ever because he would tell you, “fuck no man im not that great.”

I just cant believe all of this. Getting phone call after call and text after text I just cant believe this. Im sitting here looking through old pics from past tours and parties and listening to random slipknot on the computer and im just completely depressed over this loss. Paul was a crucial part of Slipknot’s Nine. He may be replaced by another bassist but no one will ever replace the spirit and the charisma that Paul brought to the band, the stage and the albums.

I cant say i ever saw this day coming that a member of the band would suddenly be gone. Today, Paul has left us. Maybe it was by his own doing. Maybe it was natural causes. It doesnt matter. Paul will be missed by his bandmates, the crew, his friends and his family and mostly by his fans. There is so much more I want to say and im sure later on once i have been able to deal with this I will write more. Right now I just wish it could have been me instead of Paul. He was loved by many. He had so much to live for. He was a great musician and human being. #2 inspired me to be creative in my own musical pursuits and he was always up to hearing my shit and telling me his opinion. He always liked what I had done. I remember the times he taught me his bass lines backstage. Never can forget that.

Maybe you are reading this and you dont give a fuck about Paul or the music he helped create and make a part of the fans lives. To Slipknot fans the music he helped create is the Sountrack To Their Lives…..Today those fans lost a part of their soul as Paul died but that soul will be replaced with the never-ending legacy of his music and his accomplishments with the band. Paul was a rockstar, grammy-award winning artist, an idol a son…..he was a human being…I wish he could still be here today but God has called upon Paul for greater things in his life. His afterlife.

Slipknot fans:

Remember that Paul may be gone but he will not be forgotten. Let his memory live on within you and the music. Remember Paul. If you met him, remember the time and cherish it. Paul, wouldnt want you all to cry for him but to celebrate him and his life and celebrate the music that he loved creating with the band. Slipknot was his life. I remember him once saying to me that he couldnt believe how huge they had become. Wear your Slipknot shirts, sport your hats, jumpsuits, buttons, pants, shorts…Let the world know that Paul meant something to you even if they dont give a shit. “dont give a shit…dont ever judge me….”

I share in your grief fans. Im honored that I knew Paul and that I could interact with him. He was an awesome guy and I forever will miss his presence and the spirit he brought to that Slipknot stage. Dont think its over because Paul will be there looking down on every show and his spirit will be there rocking the fuck out with you all.

Paul, ill miss you man. I love you bro. As my tribute to you, I am getting a #2 – In Memory Tattoo…..

A Beer for Paul