Rush Time Machine Tour 2011 Tour Dates Confirmed but Not Final

Rush will be taking their Time Machine Tour back on the road in the USA starting March 30, 2011. Mostly in markets that did not get a stop on the 2010 run. Chicago will see another show at United Center and a string of Canadian dates are added as well.

In May Rush will be taking the trip to Europe with the tour. Many dates not confirmed yet but many are confirmed and tickets sales are already begininng in some markets. Here are the following dates so far.

Time Machine Tour 2011 USA

March 30 – Ft Lauderdale FL – BAC Center

April 1 – Greensboro NC – Coliseum

April 3 – Nashville TN – Bridgestone Arena

April 5 – Louisville KY – KFC Yum Center (really there is a place called this?) LOL

April 6 – Toledo OH – Huntington Center

April 8 – Hershey NJ – Giant Center

April 10 – New York NY – MSG The Garden

April 12 – Chicago IL – United Center

April 15 – Cleveland OH – Quicken Arena

April 17 – Detroit MI – Palace of Auburn Hills

April 19 – Hamilton ON CAN – Copps Colesium

April 20 – Montreal QC CAN – Bell Center

April 22 – Baltimore MD – 1st Mariner Arena

Time Machine Tour 2011 Europe
(not final)

May 4 – Helsinki Finland – Hartwall Arena

May 6 – Stockholm Sweden – Globe

May 8 – Malmo Sweden – Malmo Arena

May 12 – Dublin Ireland – O2

May 14 – Glasgow Scotland – SECC

May 16 – Sheffield England – Motorpoint Arena

May 19 – Manchester England – MEN Arena

May 21 – Newcastle England – Metro Radio Arena

May 22 – Birmingham England – LG Arena

May 25 – London England – O2

May 27 – Rotterdam Holland – Ahoy Arena

May 29 – Frankfurt Germany – Festhalle

A Dream State….

Yeah im up early because work begins before I know it. Anyways, aside from my usual blogs about music and traveling I decided I wanted to post a blog about something else that fascinates me,…..Dreams! Since I was a kid I learned the art of Lucid Dreaming. Its basically where you are asleep but you know you are dreaming and you can control what happens in your dreams. Its like a fully realistic feeling but in a dream world.

When I was around 6 years old I started having the re-occurring dream that I died in a plane crash. When I was 6 I didnt know anything about Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly or The Big Bopper but this dream always haunted me. In my dreams I was in a plane traveling because I was a rockstar. Yeah its been my dream since i was a kid. Who would know that now I work for them eh? LOL. When I first saw the movie La Bamba I was fascinated with the story of how he dreamed the same thing I did but constantly. I always thought I was the only one. So when I saw that I really got a lil scared. My thought was that when I turned 27 years old I was going to die. So I tried to avoid airplanes as much as I could be that was NOT the case for me! I think this recurring dream is what made me learn the art of lucid dreaming although I had no idea what lucid dreaming was when I was a kid.

Years would pass and I would have that dream still but less and less to where I rarely have it. Now I never have that dream anymore. Another of my recurring dreams was that I was as light as air and I wouldnt walk but I could bounce or float through the air. Here is a strange one I still have to this day. I still dream at times that I am in a car or truck but im not driving it. I am in the passenger seat and no one is driving but the vehicle isnt moving wildly but actually following the road as if a ghost were driving. Then I would move over and drive. Its strange! Before I got my first guitar I used to dream about owning a Kramer guitar just like Eddie Van Halen’s. In the mornings when my mom or dad would wake me up for school they said I would be in bed asleep but my hands were positioned in the air as if I was playing a guitar. Then I read that Eddie Van Halen used to have dreams like that as well and I thought that my destiny would have me in music. Well, it does just not as a star but as their right hand man.

Ive also had dreams were I have talked to the dead. Mostly my grandfather. Honestly im not even sure if it was a dream or just some supernatural phenomena I experienced but it was real as if I could feel my grandfather putting his hand on my shoulder and giving me a hug. Usually those dreams were when I was younger and needed direction in life. For instance, when i last saw my grandfather in a dream he told me he was upset with me because I was drinking like a racehorse. I was drinking around a case and a half of beer a night just by myself. Then smoking cigarettes and on occasion weed. I cleaned up my act after that night. Actually I goofed. It wasnt the last time I saw him. I saw him about a year later and he was happy and laughing with me because I had cleaned up my act. Then he was gone and never saw him again. Maybe it was my mind telling me to stop by belieiving that he told me to or maybe it was him. Who knows.

Another dream I had was pretty bizarre and the outcome from the next day was shocking. Ok you know how on the movies Final Destination where the characters can see into the future how they die? Well this is quite similar. In my dream I lived in an apartment in a city that was unknown. I had woke up for the day and went walking my dog. Why a dog I have no idea because I dont like dogs but it was in the dream. As I was passing a store and a park a plane crashed into the park but it didnt explode. Then suddenly people started jumping out to safety and myself along with other pedestrians helped them. Ok I do NOT sleep with the tv or radio on. I woke up that morning and saw on CNN that a plane had crashed somewhere in the Netherlands I think it was and the plane didnt explode and the people were evacuated safely. I was fucking shocked that I had that dream and then in real life it happened. Coincidence or no? I have no idea but it was freaky.

I had another dream before I had ever gone to Moscow. I was on a motorcycle in this parking lot of a shopping center and across the street was a fast food place aka Mc Donalds lol where i had eaten and walked to the shopping center. I remembered vividly how it looked. When I went to Moscow with Stone Sour we had a few days before the awards and I came across this shopping center that was EXACTLY like I had seen in my dreams. I will post a pic I snapped at the end of this blog. If you notice the entrance which looks almost like a huge tunnel and to the right the somewhat old looking different color walls…thats what i remembered. Even the color. I dont know how this could happen but this seems to be a recurring phenomena for me when it comes to dreams. I dont know how or why but it is very strange.

So to end this blog I ask you the reader……What kinds of strange dreams have you had? Anything that is just totally unexplainable to you? Has anything you dreamed and remembered become or been a reality? ….and, does anyone know why these types of dreams happen? I mean for me to dream a plane crash and then it happens is odd. In addition folks, it is NOT the first time I have had a dream like this with planes. I have dreamed 3 different times of planes crashing and within a few days an airliner would go down. Its just fucking odd. How? Why? Whats the meaning?

If you have the answers or explanations please freely comment because I would love to read your responses.

Well, thanks and I am out to grab some breakfast……

oh and here is the pic….

Moscow SS Tour

Kansas City Reporter Dogs Rush

of course people are entitled to their opinions but obviously Michael Judge, the writer of the review for is not a Rush fan and doesn’t understand the concept of being a Rush fan. He mentions how Rush could play such old songs as Freewill and 2112 after all of these years. Michael, that is because those songs are trademark to Rush. Just as Tom Sawyer, Spirit of Radio and others. Those songs are what you hear playing in the rotation on the radio stations. Neil Peart is the last person to tell you he is a great drummer. He would tell you he just loves drums. Neil is considered one of the greatest drummers of our time but others beg to differ. Thats fine. Neil would agree. So its no surprise that you would see people air drumming along with Neil. It is also one of the things that Neil notices while behind the kit. If you have ever read any of his books you would learn more about him as a person and his way of thinking and how he sees the industry and the idea of fans. Fans know that catchy signs and air drumming are just ways that they may end up with a pair of NEP sticks after his drum solo.

Rush is progressive rock. There are bands that play their songs live as they did on the album. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. People like Britney Spears and such that lip sync must go along with the music as its played or else risk going off sync. Lets take for instance Slipknot. Slipknot performs their songs for the most part as they are on the albums. The difference is the energy. You dont get the same energy in the album and you do at a live show. Its heavier and it is RAW. Same goes with Rush. Neil Peart doesn’t play every fill the same. He will tell you he lagged and that he didnt do this fill right or that part of his solo right and he will critique himself. Just as Alex Lifeson will say that he amazes himself that he makes it through a solo at times because he likes to go in different directions at times depending on his feel. Geddy going between keyboards and bass…..Not an easy feat for many and on top of that singing.

Rush sets themselves apart from other bands. Neil Peart’s lyrics dont have to make sense to others. Those that have followed the band know what he is saying in his songs. There is a story behind his lyrics and his way of writing which he describes in detail in his books. Neil uses the MalletKAT and Alex and Geddy MIDI-controllers that control certain sounds and effects used in their show. What is the problem with that? Pink Floyd also has done the same. Rush could employ touring musicians for keyboards and such but they choose not to. Triggering of effects and sounds is common in the touring world now. When Dimebag Darrell was alive his techs would activate manually some of his effects so he didnt have to onstage.

The point of it all is this….Critics can review and criticize and that is their right. Rush doesnt sound the way they once did in their earlier days. True Neil Peart may not hit the skins as he once did but I take into account that Neil spent years and years on the road and suddenly lost his daughter and wife. Everything seemed to be taken from him he said. His wife, daughter, dog, best friend. In his book Ghost Rider he describes how his life seemed similar to the book Dorothy Parker’s What Fresh Hell Is This by Marion Meade. After all of that pain and sorrow he returned to the band with a new outlook on life and love. I remember reading that Neil said he did not want to be in his 60s and still touring now that he and his wife have a new daughter.

I think Rush has progressed over their 40 year career. They may not be as they once was in their younger days and the “Rush-ians” know that but the devoted fans of the band that enjoy hearing those songs over and over never tire of them. As a musician myself I can play guitar and drums all day with few breaks. One would think that after a long tour run I would put down the sticks or guitar pick and not even touch one but I always end up doing so. A workout for me is sitting behind my R30 Drum Kit and running through an entire 2.5-3 hour set of Rush live. have to put that inherited kit to good use. Its what my friend Victor wanted. He bought it but couldn’t play but always liked me coming over to play it because I would teach him. Then he suddenly died after and arguement with his wife and he had left the kit to me in his will. Stating that I was the only one he knew that could really appreciate having such a drum kit and knew I would take care of it. Neil Peart grew up idolizing Keith Moon and Buddy Rich. I grew up idolizing him.

Rush is a cult following. You wont see many women at their shows and the band will say openly say they know it. Rush has a huge man-following just as portrayed in the movie I Love You Man. It was one way Rush accepted their following for what it is. Rush fans are called geek boys and music techies but hey thats fine. Rush is technical in their music and their music is far more appreciated in its album form live that a fully improvised set. So Neil and Alex may go off with different rifffs and fills but hey thats part of a live show. It doesnt have to be completely different. Sure it may get old playing the same songs over and over again but yes they do it for the fans and yes even at their age it pays the bills. I mean a person works well into their 50s and 60s. Why? Well it pays the bills. As Neil says in his Anatomy of a Drum Solo DVD. Drummers go into solos building their solo and to make it their own. He said also that for a drummer in the end a drummer must go back to accompanying a band because they are part of a band.

I happen to enjoy Rush because of the music and how each song structure stays the same. You can change a song all you want live or on an album but what really attracts the fans is how you perform live. So even if you do it note for note as played on an album or fully improvise the set its the energy the band gives out that the fans pick up on and they return that energy to the band. That energy for that entire show is a loop between the band and the fans. If the crowd doesn’t feel it then the band will eventually not play up to their full potential. There is no energy to feel. Nothing there. Bands will play 40 shows and maybe 2 of those 40 will be “special or magic” shows. Also, someone that is not a fan may pick up on mistakes by the guitarist or drummer. They are human and can make mistakes. The fans get into the music. They feel the music and feed off that energy so even if Neil Peart screws up a fill the fans will either not notice or really wont care because they are there live and feeling that energy….That explains why people will spend $50 to see their favorite band just as a person spends $20 or so for their favorite movie or CD. Would be a pretty boring world if we heard music just once and never heard it again because it was considered “old or outdated.” Jimi Hendrix is dead yet people continue to hear his music and study his techniques.

Thats what makes a live show what it is. An energetic exchange between artist and fan. its the equilibrium.

Shocked! Freddie Everett Dies

Many of you dont know who he is but he was one of the most respected guitarists from Houston. He passed away after battling ALS. I just found out but he died April 2nd.

I’ll always remember hearing Freddie jam it up over at Koach’s off Bissonnet and Cook….I even asked him one day for a guitar pick because he might have become the next huge star. Well, maybe the world didnt know him well but in Texas he is a legend among guitarists. You asked him to play something and he did. I remember I asked him to do a some Vai and Satriani one night and he did! I was stoked! I still have Freddie’s blue Fender pick…

Rest in Peace Freddie….

OK im trying to add a mother fucking pic but this shit is not letting me and its pissing me the fuck off ! UGH