Seven Deadly Sins by Corey Taylor: The Review

Now my review might seem a bit biased by many because I have worked for Slipknot but I do want to start off by saying that the book is simply brilliant. Rather than break down each chapter or even mention all aspects of this book that make it the great read it is, I will tell you about some of the parts I did enjoy. First I want to say that this book does not have any bits of Corey’s feelings on Paul Gray so if your looking to purchase the book for that reason, you need to go elsewhere. This book is entirely about Corey’s life struggles as a kid to his adult years.

I wanted to start off by saying that you really dont have to know much about Corey to understand this book. It surely helps to have some background history though. Most know him as the singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour. A man behind a mask that bears the #8 that has no problem telling his “friends” to get the fuck down and then jump the fuck up on the song Spit It Out. Then there is the COrey Taylor that many of you dont know about. The man that grew up in a shit infested hole. With his mother and sister they moved from place to place never really having a real home. From Des Moines to Waterloo and on. You hear about Corey’s life as a child very early in this book. You also hear about his crazy binge drinking and insane sexual escapades with many women. Something you would figure from a rockstar right? Well, you will also read about his scarred childhood. About how he never really had a room of his own and shared it with other kids. You hear about how he was beaten up and left for dead in some unknown place miles from his home with no money in his pocket and completely wasted. You also find out about the alcoholic craziness he and his sister witnessed from his mother and her friends.

Pretty much a crazy start huh? From that beginning Corey moves on to tell you about the Seven Deadly Sins we as humans commit. He also has no problem admitting that he suffers from these himself. Yet he explains that these sins are bi-products of one another. We cant have one sin without really committing another to begin with. I completely agree! Each sin he describes in each chapter gets pretty graphic. I wouldnt say it is for the faint-hearted but it really does give you a close look into his life and his story. For example a few sins he lists are Vanity, Lust and Envy. I can say myself that I am a product of these all. This book just by hearing Corey’s stories have made me realize that I have in many ways been the ruthless jackass he mentions. Yet at the same time he also says he as well has been guilty of these. Its easy to tell someone how they should live or do things yet we never take our own advice. I also can recall the times i’ve had a friend tell me I was being ignorant and yet I never saw it. Always looking to be right. Who was I impressing? Myself? FUCKING FUCKTASTIC DOGSHIT MAN! I mean really I had to have a book make me see this? Makes me feel really bad because this friend with whom i’m sure will read this will say “I told you so,” and I can’t feel nothing but fucking horrible thoughts.

There is not much to be said about the bands although there is a few mentions in there. Then there is the t-shirt company that he created with a friend who goes by a nickname opposite of a Mogwai we know as Gizmo. Im sure you can figure out the name just based on the movie! lol. Those shirts were sold under the name Wasted Inc. Im sure somewhere in her closet my ex-gf has my t-shirt still. LOL. Was just a plain black tee with white lettering that said “If You Can Read This, My Shirt Can Insult You” phrase. Yes a Corey-ism. lol. Of course with the big W logo on the back. I mention this because in the book he mentions this as a business endeavour he took that didnt turn out exactly the way he wanted. Of course I wont mention names either but he refers to this person as Jimmy and well I gave you the clue to the real name. LOL.

Either way, the book pretty much sums up life based on Corey’s. He experienced a crap load of good and bad yet after all the bullshit and chaos, he emerged as a successful artist who enjoys his work, his life and his family. He also sums up to you the fan that although he has a life that many envy….(one of his deadly sins), he is not a wealthy, Hollywood elite that makes shitastic amounts of money for doing absolutely nothing but that he makes enough money to take care of his business and his family and yet still put some away for things he wants later in his life. Still a dream of his. This dream of his is in relation to my dream of riding a motorcycle all over the world. You just have to take my word for it and read the book to see what that dream a little dream of his is and it is mentioned quite early in the book as well.

Although many might think Corey is this egotistical maniac that sings into a microphone, he wants you to believe that yes he is spiteful. he explains why he feels the way he does. Like how he mentions being noticed in a mall by a group of teenagers who want to say hi when all he really wants to do is find the fucking bathroom to take a damn piss. lol. The fact that fame is not all its cracked up to be. He has is ideals about life, people, sins and places. He explains that although many would never see Des Moines or Waterloo Iowa as places to be proud of being from, he mentions how the bullshit he suffered through in these areas made him a stronger person and for that, those places are dear to his life. He mentions how he can sit there smoking a cigarette and just watch the traffic go by while snobby people talk about their hair, purses, money, cars, homes and whatever else. That its all materialistic. I get beat to shit when I talk about women and their need for things. Corey goes on to mention how women need to be better than others. How some women find it best to top others by their clothes, purses, homes and wealth rather than living their lives for the better. I swear to you he did not get that section from me but when you read it, you will swear it is an excerpt from past blogs ive posted on this very site and such! Not all women AND men are like this but he mentions how many fall into this deadly sin.

You really just have to read the book to understand what he is saying and to see how he puts it all into perspective. The book is eleven chapters of reality from Corey’s world. You all may not agree with his way of thinking about life but its there for all. Its really not surprising that we would have the same ideals about many things. I mean come on!!! So give this book a read. Kindle version was 240 pages as im sure the actual book is as well. Also contains some really cool black and white pictures throughout each chapter. You will notice some familiar faces. One funny bit in the book is how he mentions in the Sloth section is that “us” readers would be downloading this book to our Kindle’s rather than going out being productive and buying a cup of coffee and a copy of the book. LOL. I give this book 4 of 5 stars not because of my work with Slipknot but because I truly believe that the content in this book is real. When you sit there and say HOLY FUCKTASTIC SHIT what the fuck is Corey thinking, you can also see how his loving side comes out and in the end you may not agree with him but you can see the context of these reality in the situations he portrays to you. Life is cruel but it must be lived.

Happy Reading!!!


Corey Taylor on NY Ink Episode

You have to wait about 40 minutes into the segment before you see Corey but you do see some awesome tatts in the meantime. For those that are Slipknot fans, Corey fans and/or fans of Paul then you will enjoy this segment and im sure tear up. The design Corey has for the tatt is awesome. A great shot of Paul in his mask bearing the 2-ball logo number just offset from the mask in the upper area. The 2 was done in black with red fill. Tim did an awesome job on the tatt. He spoke with Corey about Paul and he remembered the things he loved about him. In the segment just a few minutes later his wife shows up.

With such detail in the tatt it does take quite long and the pain sets in for Corey. He states that he remembers Paul’s laugh and then begins to cry. Having known Paul I teared up as well. You really dont have to have known him or even been a fan to feel the sorrow at that moment. For those interested in this segment rather than seeing the entire episode or for those in other countries that cannot get TLC Channel and/or doesn’t air I wanted to provide a link from You Tube of a video someone posted about an hour ago.

Please enjoy the video and share in the rememberance of Paul Gray.

Rock on Paul……

Rumors in the Wind

Over the last few days I have read and heard various rumors about Slipknot. Mostly about them making a new album. Who starts this shit? I mean come on. Obviously people have nothing better to do. Im sure the culprit is amongst the Slipknot haters. Wouldn’t surprise me to say the least.

In May 2010 Slipknot lost bassist Paul Gray. He was also a founding member of the band. Late 2009 Slipknot had just finished a string of US and European tour dates. This ended their run for All Hope is Gone. With the band looking to take some time off and eventually look into other projects in the coming year. Corey and James to begin a new Stone Sour project and Shawn with his DLR project. Can’t rule out Shawn E either. Not only is he the Stone Sour bassist but he also is Slipknot’s Stage Manager so he is on tour with the Knot and then with SS as bassist. People, these guys need rest. Some have families, wives, kids…etc. With the death of Paul Gray that brought much to think about. The bands future. Touring, writing…etc…. Its not easy to lose someone close to you as many of you should know. Especially someone you consider like a brother! I know how that goes! Its also not easy to make a transition from being constantly on the road to home life and then knowing soon your going to be doing it all over again. Sort of like your own prison so to speak. Imagine how a man feels knowing he has committed a crime and although may be free he will eventually be off somewhere else away from his family and loved ones. Away from him normal life. If you think rockstar life is normal then you people are pretty fucked in the head. Its not! I can’t relate by means of saying im a rockstar because im not but ive seen it in front of me with my own eyes how they do deal with it. Its not always pretty.

Rumors im sure are spread to sometimes make people have hope. Sort of like Slipknot’s last album with its catchy title All Hope is Gone. Well, All hope is not gone! You have to give those guys time to mourn and think. Its not easy to go back into something so soon after tragedy. The Stone Sour guys managed to do so. Those that went to their shows probably had a great time. For those on the stage it was hell. Losing someone close to you is not just something you can forget in a few weeks or even months. It takes time. When Neil Peart of Rush lost his daughter and wife he took time off. He told his bandmates that he was done. “Consider me retired” Neil said. Rush took many years off. Time it took for Neil to recover his urge for going back to work with the guys as he said.

Its not known how long Slipknot will be out of the loop. Does it really matter? As a fan if you are a fan reading this, you should have much respect for these guys. Corey said on his official twitter page that he is not even sure about the upcoming 2011 tour dates. he has mixed emotions about it. So one would ask why would he not have problems touring with Stone Sour but with Slipknot he would? Well, with Stone Sour its a different band. There was no Paul in that band. There was no constant reminder of what he lost. Besides, who’s to say Corey didn’t feel like doing those shows? Just sayin……With Slipknot there is that constant reminder of #2. His brother. Their brother. Their friend. It stabs you in the fucking heart constantly. I go on with my life everyday but there isn’t a moment that I dont think about Paul or some moment I shared with the guy at least one throughout the day. Something in my daily life becomes a reminder. Its not easy to deal with but it does get better with time. Other members of Slipknot have other projects they might be working on and some are quite apparent. Thats their own gig. Its not Slipknot. Those projects may not bring on the pain of losing their brother but believe me they still feel it. Daily!

Many ask why the family of Paul Gray still keep his burial a secret. Well let me say this. To those of you that don’t know. Some people did find his grave. I did mention as to what cemetery but NOT the location. That information was made available in his obituary so its not like that was a secret. What is kept a secret is where he actually is. Some people found him and in the past months some pretty fucked up fans stole items from his resting place. Seriously people. Do some of you fans feel its ok to steal from someone’s grave? Those items left there were left for a reason and were not meant for YOU to take. THIS is why the family has wanted to keep it a secret. Can you imagine what people would be doing over at Michael Jackson’s grave if they had public access to it? Yes people its a guarded area. Only people of importance are allowed in that area where MJ is.

So in closing I ask those that are Slipknot fans reading this to do me a favor. Well not only me but the band as well. If you want bonafide news about the band then goto their website. Thats about the best place for news. I dont have news for you. Neither does any other site. Corey stated that other memebers mentioned things about a new album. Like Joey. Well, it was a pretty shitty thing to say in my opinion when he didnt know for sure that would happen and not even getting with the other guys. Im sure many of the rumors stemmed from his comment. Still though im sure his comment in regards to a new album was meant to ease the fans minds about their future. He was looking out for their best interests but in a way that caused quite a stir among the maggot community. So thats why I ask if your a fan goto the bands homepage for real news. Give these guys time to heal. They need it. You see it from a totally different perspective. These guys made the music that healed your minds. What about these guys minds? They need healing. Its time for you all to give that healing medicine back. Dont rush them or harass them for a new album, new songs, tour dates or whatever. Just respect them and their wishes until the see it fit. If they never choose to do another album or write another song then so be it. Respect mother fuckers! You want it, you got to give it!

Much respect to Sid, Joey, Paul R.I.P., Chris, James, Craig, Shawn, Mick and Corey. You guys take all the time you need and if you come back thats fucking awesome….If you don’t I personally understand. I hope the rest of you can as well……


I wear the Slipknot markings for a reason. For the love I have for this band. I may not feel the same way musically as I did back in the late 90s but this band was definitely part of my life for over 10 years and is a part of the soundtrack to my life. I wear the Tribal S, Slipknot in Japanese Kanji and the coveted #9 9-ball. Although musically I dont listen to Slipknot much anymore, they are still part of my life. I remember all the days and stories from the tours. Muscially I have moved on. Away from the heavier metal and onto my roots. Where I started. My first bands to ever hear was Ozzy, Van Halen and Rush. Ive moved away from guitar and onto drums. Learning the style and techniques of Neil Peart. As an owner of one of the rare R30 Drum Kits I cherish that thing. One because its an awesome drum kit and two because a friend that shared his passion for Rush died and left it to me. Its too beautiful a kit to let it sit there and deteriorate so I play it. Musically I have moved on to other styles and back to my roots of old rock and classical but I still enjoy the occasional metal song and Slipknot has etched their spot in that list. I had a discussion with a “friend” before he died about my musical changes and how I felt. He told me to move on and enjoy it. Enjoy the music the way you like it. If you cant enjoy it, you can’t live it. Although at that moment this friend felt like I didnt like him anymore he knew why I was changing. He knew it wasn’t personal. He knew in the end we all evolve. Evolution is part of who we are. In retrospect, if we all look at ourselves now and then go back and see ourselves from our past…..we wouldn’t be the same person. We change. Maybe not entirely but to an extent we change. We do things we may regret and things we are glad we did but in the end we evolve and its our decisions to make in our own lives and not anyone elses……..