Slipknot, Slayer & Anthrax Tour This Summer in USA; The Maggot Bible

thats right…..all of you psycho fans that thought Slipknot didnt like you anymore or that called them fucking poser mother fuckers because they didnt tour for you…..well, minus me on the crew Slipknot is touring again this summer 2012 on the Rockstar Energy Mayhem 2012 Tour. Lots of bands. Personally for me after 10+ years of touring with bands, im glad I made a change because touring with wild metal bands for months on end wasn’t for me anymore. Hey we all get older and change our minds on life decisions.

So anyways yes, Slipknot is touring again and NO Paul has not been replaced but yes there will be a bassist playing his parts. If your a big fan then you know about all of this already from the Euro dates. The tour begins June 30 in CA and ends August 5th at Comcast Center in Hartford. I could actually sit here and just list all the bands on this tour but really if your that interested in it….i’d rather you just head on over to the tour homepage at:

You will get all the info you need on tour dates, bands, venue info, purchasing tickets and more. Tickets for this big fiasco of a tour go ON SALE APRIL 6.

If many of you are just becoming aware of this tour with Slipknot I would suggest signing up for Slipknot’s Outside the Nine Fan Club where you can get info before it is released to the public. I really no longer have any info on Slipknot, sorry! I might try to make it out to a show to say “what the fuck is up bros!” Who knows. Depends on my schedule by then.

Also if you dont know, Shawn, Clown, is working on a project called The Maggot Bible. This project consists of pics, entries and such all from you fans. This has been an ongoing project since last summer. Many have submitted to Shawn so if you would like to possibly see yourself or your submission in this book send your stuff off. He will send you a release form for the permission to use your info if your work is selected. This is the ONLY address for correspondence. Anything else is bullfucking shit. This IS Shawn’s Official PO BOX for you work. If you are interested in submitting anything from stories, photos, tattoos or anything Slipknot related please hit Shawn up by sending him your submissions to:

The Maggot Bible
C/O M Shawn Crahan
P.O. Box 94
Johnston, Iowa 50131

Ok thats about it. Hope you psycho maggots get your tickets. If your not a Slipknot fan well you still can go see Slayer and Anthrax. This tour cannot be missed. You have half of the Big Four on this tour! Sorry no Metallica and Megadeth on this ride. So anyways, thats about it on this subject. My next post will be about Random Favorites. Yes my random favorites on shit I like. Figured I would do something different. I mean Katy Perry doesn’t have us on the road anymore =( …..ooooooh well ok I have one other tidbit I might post before the favs one.

Stay tuned…….

Here’s a random photo to end this post! =)

In Memory......