Ive Taken to the Skies…..Alone!

lol yes you read that correctly! Eventually ill be getting my FAA license. Its not as easy as one would think but ive been having fun. Im talking about flying. A Cessna 172 that is. Not a bad piece of machinery if you ask me. I tried to get a few pics. Sorry for the bad angles and shit lol. Ill post a few. The skies were quite clear but there was tons of strong winds. So departure was quite bumpy. Scared the shit out of me to be honest!

So yeah….Had to hold at Alpha then was time to take-off. A shitload of wind gusts shot up underneath as I was making a left turn. Kinda gives me that sense of vertigo still for a brief moment. It passed rather quickly. Was a nice ride though. Quiet and just gave me time to enjoy the scenery. Flew over my home! lol. Then along the coast. Anyways, I only flew for about 2 hours. just under actually. It felt pretty cool to be able to send pictures out to family and friends who probably doubted my ability to fly an airplane. I always learn quickly and i’ve had a passion for aviation sicne I was a kid. So for me its nothing new. When I was a kid I took a ride in a Civil Air Patrol aircraft. I think that flight lasted about 30 minutes or so. Basically it was just circling around the airport and then we landed. It was pretty cool but i felt like complete shit because 1. i had just stuffed my fat face and 2. I didnt think the pilot would dive the nose down so extreme! lol. It really doesn’t bother me at all now. I mean if I can jump out of a perfectly good plane at 15,000ft then flying a plane at about 3,000ft is like child play. lol. Just much more risky. Well to me.

It felt pretty cool earlier when I landed. I had to hold at Foxtrot while a lear jet taxied to the runway. Kinda made me think….i’d like to fly one of those one day by myself! haha Well of course I felt pretty complete having accomplished solo flight for the first time. All other times were with my instructor. When I got in my car to head home if felt odd. Like whoa!!! Seriously like I was just 3,000ft in the air and now I was in my car heading down the PCH going home. Felt like air underneath my feet. I guess because it was my first time alone It just really had a huge impact on me. It really is a huge feat to be able to go up in a plane by yourself. I mean inspect it, run through checklists and then actually take-off and land all by yourself unassisted. Im pretty fucking proud of that. Not many can fathom the idea of flying a plane on their own. its one thing to board a plane for a trip business or vacation but to actually be the one flying it……yeah its fucking amazing!