Say Hello to Katy Berry! =)

free as a gift this tattoo is now on my left wrist…. enjoy!

Katy Berry

Pepperminty & Katy Berry


California Dreams Tour Tattoo….Acquired….

yeah yeah i did it. i really dont care what the fuck anyone thinks either. People tend to judge me for the little shit I do. I wont lie I have judged people. I do it sometimes but either way what someone chooses to do in life is really their business and no one elses.

So if you think its gay, i dont give a frogs fat ass. Ive seen some tatts people get and to me they have abosolutely no meaning to me yet there is always a meaning. I guess what im trying to say here is this…you can leave all the negative comments if you choose to….then again no one really reads this blog lol but those negative comments dont harm me any. So here is the matching tattoo with a slight male variance from K.P.’s


CDT Tattoo

CDT Tattoo

CDT Tattoo 2

CDT Tattoo 2

Katy's Peppermint