Rush Time Machine Tour 2011 Tour Dates Confirmed but Not Final

Rush will be taking their Time Machine Tour back on the road in the USA starting March 30, 2011. Mostly in markets that did not get a stop on the 2010 run. Chicago will see another show at United Center and a string of Canadian dates are added as well.

In May Rush will be taking the trip to Europe with the tour. Many dates not confirmed yet but many are confirmed and tickets sales are already begininng in some markets. Here are the following dates so far.

Time Machine Tour 2011 USA

March 30 – Ft Lauderdale FL – BAC Center

April 1 – Greensboro NC – Coliseum

April 3 – Nashville TN – Bridgestone Arena

April 5 – Louisville KY – KFC Yum Center (really there is a place called this?) LOL

April 6 – Toledo OH – Huntington Center

April 8 – Hershey NJ – Giant Center

April 10 – New York NY – MSG The Garden

April 12 – Chicago IL – United Center

April 15 – Cleveland OH – Quicken Arena

April 17 – Detroit MI – Palace of Auburn Hills

April 19 – Hamilton ON CAN – Copps Colesium

April 20 – Montreal QC CAN – Bell Center

April 22 – Baltimore MD – 1st Mariner Arena

Time Machine Tour 2011 Europe
(not final)

May 4 – Helsinki Finland – Hartwall Arena

May 6 – Stockholm Sweden – Globe

May 8 – Malmo Sweden – Malmo Arena

May 12 – Dublin Ireland – O2

May 14 – Glasgow Scotland – SECC

May 16 – Sheffield England – Motorpoint Arena

May 19 – Manchester England – MEN Arena

May 21 – Newcastle England – Metro Radio Arena

May 22 – Birmingham England – LG Arena

May 25 – London England – O2

May 27 – Rotterdam Holland – Ahoy Arena

May 29 – Frankfurt Germany – Festhalle

Mishaps & Vengeance!

yeah my phone is in it, the grave that is! the stupid ass touchscreen will NOT respond to shit! did numerous hard resets, task 29 w/o mtty. did a mtty, installed different ROMs and the phone is dead. you can call me and I can talk to you but the screen is 100% completely gone. so yeah im getting a replacement BUT i have NO phone to use out here. The only person I know that would have spare phones is in TX and I am in Tampa! LOL geezus. guess ill just wait til i get the new phone.

i actually have another phone which I use for the sake of my company outside of the music biz. those that have the number can call me on that or text me on that phone. OR just email me and ill get it to you…if i know you good enough that is LOL.

other than that, nothing new to report….well…kinda….sorta….lets just say the R1200GS has broken mirrors and a scratched up tank thanks to some fucktard that decided to dart out on the road and hit the brakes to a slow crawl of 5mph… not racist but honestly brotha WTF were you doing darting out on a road going 50 then slamming your brakes on hard and going 5mph? I guess its their way of creepin or whatever the fuck they call it. i dont like rap so i dont know lol.

I have one more ride left on this tour. Tampa Florida to West Palm Beach Florida. I apologize for the lack of everything lately. Pics, blogs, routes on everytrail. Im sorry. Just been a clusterfuck of work, trying to relax, been feeling a bit under the weather lately and all of that just rolled into one has me stressed. Its 4:32am here in Tampa and today is the show. We got back to back shows this weekend. Today in Tampa and tomorrow in WPB and that ends the USA Leg of the Time Machine Tour. Then it will be off to South America for four tour dates Sao Paulo, Rio, Buenos Aires and Santiago.

Kinda going back to my phone. Well today as I made it to the hotel, I checked in under another crazy name that totally doesn’t fit with my look. I dont have to. Im not a rockstar but its fun to do. lol…I had dinner at Council Oaks Steaks. Mmmmmm. pretty good. It was near the hotel. After dinner thats when the motorcycling fiasco took place. The bike is in riding condition just no mirrors. They are getting fixed and hopefully ready for tomorrow. After Saturday ill say goodbye to the two wheels and ill be heading home for a few days where ill meet my new phone! yay!

so yeah thats basically the lowdown on my shitty week. oh and get this……I read online that the 16GB Class 2 Micro SD Card that came with my phone is supposedly bad and causes issues with my phone, SOOOOO, HTC is sending me a replacement card. A Class 4 one. I guess its a better card. Same size, BUT i get to keep the old one so ill be using that extra 16GB as storage on my netbook for movies!!! lol I have a 8GB SD Card in my netbook now and im only using about 2GBs of it so it would be nice to have a full 16 to save movies. I tend to convert movies over to MP4 format so I can watch them on the computers and on my phone. I feel lost without my phone right now. I mean its sitting next to me turned on but fucking worthless! lol

ok so im out. gonna sleep a few hours and grab some breakfast and them im off to the Ford Arena. Peace out my friends. Hopefully you are somewhere where its nice and cold because its fucking hot as fuck in this fucking country! I hate heat damnit! I want fucking cold weather now!!! SNOW, ICE, HAIL, THUNDER, HURRICANES….something…shit! lol

ok peace out!

Mutiny on the Road!

damn cops! so yeah this time i didnt get pulled over but one of the guys did. I swear I think cops do it because they run the plates and realize who “he” is. I guess a fan of NEP would know that he isnt much on talking to strangers. Its not to be mean. Its just that its a bit scary for the guy. Good thing there is Michael around for him. I dont think im very intimidating on the seat of a BMW R1200GS lol but dont let my hispanic attitude come out.

So the cop at first is walking over with a huge smile on his face. Eventually after a 10 minute what he calls a “routine” stop the cop give him a warning and gets himself an autograph. Kinda a cheesy way to get an autograph eh? Cops!! Kinda reminds me of the Gabriel Iglesias joke where he mentioned giving the cop donuts LOL. Oh yeah im sure that cop would have been pissed off. After all it was a fucking Texas State Trooper. I think he was more star struck though than anything. I dont recall ever seeing a trooper smile that much in my life, especially in TX.

So we left Tulsa and headed for San Antonio. What I call the VERY scenic route. Left Tulsa south on 75 going through Okmulgee. Funny name eh? Making our way south to McAlester and then heading southwest on 69 or if you still want to call it 75. Eventually it takes you into TX and into Dallas where 75 turns into I-45. Didnt go that way though. There was something about the town of Atoka. I just liked it. Nice place to stop and just relax a bit. Funny though because there was NO Jack in the Box’s along the way. If you have ever been north on 75 going into OK then you know once you leave TX you are shit out of luck finding a Jack in the Crack. So we stopped for something to each and I opted for Jack in the Box rather than some ol’ diner. Oh yeah Ultimate Cheeseburger, medium fries and a fucking cold ass drink. I swear I re-filled my drink 3 times. I paid for it later with piss breaks. Ehhhhhh!

After a quick 30 minute food frenzy we headed out again. We had different ideas about where to go. Mutiny I tell you! Lets go this way….No lets go that way…..No, I think we should go this way. Talk about deviating from GPS plans. I had looked into a nice route that would go west of Dallas. Leading us to Fredricksburg and eventually into San Antonio. AT&T Center is not right in the heart of San Antonio so its good that there wouldnt be a traffic catastrophe there! So we decided to deviate from 75 and take 121 southwest into Grapevine, Richland Hills area and into Fort Worth.

Not a big fan of taking freeways but we did leave 121 and hopped on I-35W and into Burleson. A town that brings back memories. I used to go there every summer break from school and stay with my aunt and uncle for a week or so. I loved it. Back then we would goto a place called Brown’s Mountain. Nice views of Burleson, Fort Worth and beyond from there. I remember the one time my cousin Jason and I borrowed my uncle Mike’s blazer with permission and we sped off up Brown’s Mountain and into the nearby neighborhood where we found a baseball field and park. We started doing huge ass donuts in the truck and suddenly without warning…. …WHACK! I accidentally slammed the driver side door into a huge wood post. Oh the agony. The pain I suddenly felt. No not whiplash. My asscheeks getting a beating for fucking the blazer up. We got out and just stared at the damage for about 15 minutes. Dazed….Confused….WTF?!? I was in this “why does shit like this always happen to me” mood. After the initial shock wore off we went back up to Brown’s Mountain and parked in an empty lot where a house was soon to be built in a cul de sac. We looked out to Fort Worth and into the skies seeing the airliners coming in and leaving and then we just sat there. “What do I tell Uncle Mike?” My cousin kept saying “I dont know cuz.” There was no holding back now. It was getting dark and we promised to be back before it was too late. So we got back in the truck and headed back. A drive that only takes ………5 minutes!!! They lived in a subdivision right off the road Brown’s Mountain was on which eventually was a back road you could take into Crowley. I kept thinking why couldnt this be a longer drive. We made it back though and we just confessed the truth. The truth shall set you free…..PRAISE THE LORT! lol….Hallelujer!!! lol……So we did…correction I did get in a little bit of trouble but my Uncle Mike was cool about it and he didnt think much of it anymore after the next day. Later on we had a few Lone Star beers outside in the backyard and he told me I kinda did him a favor because he was ready to get rid of that blazer and get a new truck anyways! BINGO! Not in trouble! This coming from the same Uncle Mike that would head down the hill to Albertson’s and buy me a case of Lone Star Light! LOL. Hey I was young and any kind of beer I could consume was cool to me! Those were the days. The days that started my traveling trek.

So we left the hoorah of the big city and ended up on 67. The names of towns began to remind me of many things. Cleburne….reminded me of the ol’ Cleburne Cafeteria in Sugar Land across from the Imperial Sugar Plant. Then there was Nemo. Enough said….unless you just really are that out of sync and dont know but Nemo is the name of the fish in the Pixar movie Finding Nemo. Then came Dublin. Yeah I was thinking “OK Dublin TX! Maybe its like Dublin Ireland and ill find a pub with some good ol’ Guinness!” Yeah right, but a nice place to pass through indeed! We passed by Proctor Lake…..Yeah ever seen the Police Academy movies? Ok so there was a character named Proctor. Well that came to mind. See, my mind was in motion. Its not over yet! Farther up was Comanche! Self-explanatory right? Then the aptly named town Blanket! I think you can see why I chose this route. Blanket being the name of one of the Jackson kids!

We came to Brownwood and the road turned into 377. I was once again needing a “waterfall” break. Eh last time i down 3 refills of fucking coke! lol….We passed a few towns like Brady and Mason. Funny, I knew guys by those names in high school. For the most part nothing really except for nice scenery and some really good spots to take pics. Signs were welcoming us with the thought of Fredricksburg not too far away and once again the road signs went from saying 377 to 87. Geez make up your mind man! Must have been drunk Texans giving the roads their numeric names.

Before getting to Fredricksburg we stopped for a little break to walk around and just relax. I settled under a nice shady tree and The road up ahead mentioned Luckenbach. Where Willie Nelson always holds his music festivals. At this point we broke off and I went solo. I continued down 87 until I got to I-10 while the guys broke off and headed to Luckenbach and eventually to the Canyon Lake area into New Braunfels and eventually to I-10 from the other direction near Seguin and we met up at the hotel in downtown just 15 minutes away. Not that I need to but I checked in under the name Buzz Buzzer and the hotel clerk started laughing. I think she needed that laugh too. She looked stressed. Gotta love per diems! Later that evening we met up and was asked where was a good place to eat. So I mentioned Chris Madrid’s Hamburgers and I got the ok to order! Then a local told me the best burgers were from The Lord’s Kitchen. I though he was fucking talking shit but there really is a place there called that. We didnt go there though. Figured it was best to stay with first laid plans. So I brought up the menu and we made our decisions. Last time i was there i got the Tostada Burger Regular and it was damn good. I figured I would just get the same thing. Also in that order was a Porky’s Delight and a Flaming Jalapeno Burgers. This time I opted for the Macho size. Holy Fuck!! can you say food!!! Shit! Damn near killed myself eating that thing! If your ever in San Antonio TX and want a good burger just look up or look up Taco Haven off Presa. Damn good menudo and stuff…..

So with the 3rd leg well in motion and Boston, Pittsburgh, Bristow, Tulsa and soon San Antonio out of the way, that leaves Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Tampa and West Palm Beach for the USA dates. Then a short break and off to Sur America for four more dates winding down this lovely tour and back home to my cats and my lazy life lol. Yeah I kinda miss that! I dont go out much but im sure one of my good female friends would like her shopping buddy back! LOL….Spend spend spend!!! Lets just hope no more mutiny on the road! Houston is notorious for arresting rockstars for some ungodly reason so they can make a name for themselves. Lets see…..Marilyn Manson, Ozzy, Angus Young, Santana, Cash Money Millionaires…just to name a few!

From Tulsa to San Antonio was one of my favorite rides. For 616 miles it was a nice ride. Its now 2:15am and im beginning to think the route planned for Friday into Corpus Christi is going to be changed. I think i’d rather take I-10 right into Houston to the Beltway and maybe even sleep in my own cozy bed. Who knows. Im too spontaneous. Ill say it but watch I wont do it!

A Week To Go….

….and we are off until September 13. I could use a short break again. I think we all could. Right now I have a bottle of Gatorade and it sure is a big help. We already left the Minneapolis/St Paul Area enroute to Columbus OH. Will get a few hours of sleep and then ride the remainder of the way to Columbus.

Was thinking I would pass by the Alrosa Villa Niteclub where Dimebag Darrell was killed. Just to go. His spirit may be roaming around looking for a friendly face. Everything has been going great. Omaha was a great show. Im thinking magic show here! lol….

Is there anything else people would like to suggest I write about? Just curious if my normal content seems a bit boring. Its just me I guess. So if anyone has any suggestions let me know. As long as it is NOT about the current political system in America OR the Iraq War and the soldiers. Ive said my peace on that before and it would just piss off more people. Thankful yes but sick of hearing about it like a broken record.

With all that said, I have traveled 13,800.1 miles motorcycling in a few months time. Quite an accomplishment and I am not sick of it one bit. One reason I am out here now enjoying this life and work. Living my dreams and in October another dream comes true. I get to goto Santiago Chile. Never in my life would imagine I would be going there. Ive been to Rio, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Bogota….etc….but this is the icing on the cake.

All I can say is thank you bosses…..

So anyways thats about it! Once again Ill leave you with a parting shot….

Sunset on the Motorcycle

You Dont Know….

….until you have lived a day in my shoes as a touring crew member. People get this idea that the work is easy and that they could do the job better than us. Those people have come into a tour thinking they know it all beacuse they went to school for it but have never worked a day on the road in their lives and fail miserably. The reason we survive our job is because we have done it day in and day out. Add in experience and we do quite well. Its takes years to adapt to the rigors of concert touring. After your first tour you think, “god I hope I get called on another one.” Some tours are easier than others as I have stated in a past blog. Some tours travel with one or two semis while others such as this tour in particular travel with a fleet! So its not as easy.

This blog comes from a discussion earlier with a friend. Telling me that traveling by motorcycle and touring with a band isnt supposed to be hard. hmmmmmm. how? Ok let me run through a day for you……

4am up for breakfast and unload bikes
5am get on the road
5am to go knows when – riding
4pm or so – arrive at venue, check bike, grab some dinner,
5pm soundcheck
6pm final preparations
7-8pm the show begins
8pm to 11-11:30pm the show
midnight – on the bus to next city
1am – plan routes and wind down
2am or so – sleep
4am – wake up and start over again

So please anyone tell me how you would fit in any free time in that schedule? I was asked why I dont workout while on the road. How? No exercise equipment. Im not spending an hour looking for a gym in not even a member of. We dont always stay in hotels that offer gyms or workout equipment. So that is why and with time restraints.

Sure we dont have to motorcycle but even when we dont and ride on the bus you are tired from the work, the travel and everything in between. This is another reason many stars do NOT have their families on tour with them. Most only travel for a short period of time and then go back home. Outside of motorcycling or riding in the bus there is flying. Try catching a flight from Toronto to Los Angeles and see how great you feel after the flight. Better yet, Boston MA to Osaka Japan…..I bet you wont want to do anything then.

The Road Never Ends

so im sitting here after a long day in Wichita. Im tired, cranky and just a plain asshole right now. I have that right to be. I mean I work all day. I am a “Working Man!” lol…..So ive been going over the plans with the guys and the miles are adding up. Over the course of the few handful of shows up to the end of the month show in Allentown PA the miles add up to an average of 2,349 miles. The rides even going by Interstates are quite lengthy. Just based on averages if I stick to the laid out plans from St Louis to Chicago in general will be 297 miles. From Chicago to Omaha through Des Moines IA will be 468 miles. From Omaha to St Paul will be around 368 miles. St Paul to Columbus OH around 753 miles. Columbus to Allentown PA is 447 miles with a stop possibly in the Weirton WV area to visit a friend and grab some DeeJay’s Ribs lol. This totals not including the trips to Syracuse NY and Holmdel NJ. So you can see the numbers add up.

Im not really complaining. I love the travel but sometimes it does get a little tiring. Im contemplating actually staying in the tour bus and just relaxing maybe a day or so between shows. Possibly from St Paul to Columbus since thats such a long haul. My mind isnt made up just yet. Im just thinking possibilities at this point. Other than that I am having a great time. Always great to meet new people out here. The fans are awesome. Much different from the wild heavy metal kids that start mosh pits and yell obscenities at the crew and others because they feel they are so much better than everyone else. Or the occasional fan that seems to think they know everything then gets mad when they are denied backstage access. As if those kids really NEED to be backstage in the first place. A friend of mine gave me a shirt a while back in Salt Lake City that reads the 10 things crew members hate to hear being asked. I will list them for your enjoyment! lol

10. Do you need anyone extra on the tour?
9. Do you have doughnuts?
8. How many trucks?
7. How long will the out take ?
6. When does the out start?
5. How long is the in?
4. Can I have a stick?
3. Can you hook me up with some picks?
2. Do I look like i don’t know what I’m doing?
1. Do we get any SWAG?

Sadly, crew hear this all the time. like #10. no we dont need any extra people on the tour. #9, no we dont eat donuts all day long asswipe lol….#8, why do you want to know how many trucks? nosey!! lol…..#7, the out will take as long as it takes if your slow and dont know your job lol……#6, the out starts when Alex, Geddy and Neil have left the stage…Pay Attention…lol…….#5, are you really asking this question?….#4, ask Lorne and probably the answer is no. im not stealing you a stick. #3, its always about you..what do i get in return for those picks? money? nope no picks for you! lol…..#2, yes you look like you dont know what your doing. go bother someone else now! lol…..#1, do i look like the SWAG master? lol. hell if I know. ask your steward! lol

So yeah take those answers with a sense of humor because if you think about it, when you get asked those questions daily it can and does get annoying. Every fan would love a stick, a pick and a photo with the band but its just not possible! Sooooo, anyways… lol. The tour break is nearing and this portion of the tour ends Sept 3rd in Holmdel NJ. I fly home sweet home on the 4th and will be there until the 13th before flying back to meet the guys at work in Boston MA. Might even leave a day earlier to see if I can meet up with my friend Rich Bissell.

As much as I would like to keep typing my thoughts, I am tired and really need to get some shut eye so its no movie night for me. Its bunk time and up early tomorrow for the ride to St Louis….home of Budweiser…..yeah that doesnt mean much to me anymore either! lol. I’d rather have a cold Guinness anyday! lol. So i bid you a great weekend and have fun. The everytrail page of my travels has been updated to my most current travel up to St Louis and the next few trips have not yet been finalized with my GPS Dumbass yet. So stay tuned if you really care to know about those routes. Pics I do have. Plenty. I dont really have a great place to post them and share except for the few on Facebook so I will leave a few teaser pics of the last run in Colorado.

Have a great weekend folks. Oh and just a quick note to the Slipknot fans on my subscription list. Slipknot is releasing a new Live DVD in September. The DVD is one of the final performances of the Late Great Paul Gray and is from Download Festival 2009. The DVD cover you will have to see at the site because the admins are being bitchy about us letting out that info in public. The disc will also feature some great footage and videos as well as “The Making Of” videos for each video featured. Will make a great addition to your Slipknot collection and a tribute to Paul. The idea I had for a DVD cover was more dark and featured Paul’s Original Pig Mask with a sweet evolution to his last and final mask. Sadly, you wont ever see that on the cover though. Also, Brenna Gray, Paul’s wife recently gave birth to October Dedrick Gray. Paul is a daddy shinning down on his sweet lil girl right now. So although Paul is gone he is not forgotten and October will be a reflection on his life. I mean, come on…..October’s middle finger ultrasound pic proves she is 100% Gray! lol….

So peace out folks…. enjoy the views….

Oh Hai My Fellow Readers…

Sorry for the lack of blogging updates. Ive been really busy with the tour and riding. With those two I have very little time to write much or anything else for that matter. Im not complaining. Im sitting in my hotel room at Mont Tremblant Quebec right now looking out to a nice evening and a beautiful scenery. Just got back in from a short ride around the area. Took some nice pics as well as earlier coming in.

This week has had us in Canada. Sarnia Ontario, Ottawa Ontario, Toronto Ontario and Thursday in Quebec City then heading back to Toronto for a Saturday show. Monday we will be back in the USA in Uncasville CT with 3 following shows in Philly, Saratoga Spring and Wantaugh NY. We then head home for a short tour break. We will be off July 25 – Aug 4 and start up again Aug 5 in Salt Lake City UT. So ill fly home from NY and then fly to UT a few days early to get situated and then prolly ride a day or so in the area. Might even hit up the Red Rock Brewery in SLC to see what the soup of the day is lol.

Since June 29 on the first show Ive had a great time. Been some really great shows. Rush will also be heading back to Brazil for an Oct 8 show in Sao Paolo and an Oct 10 show in Rio. That will make for some wild Brazilian fans! The show is awesome. Neil Peart is sporting a new copper colored DW Drum Kit and a new set of Signature Pro-Mark Time Machine Tour sticks. The stage has also taken a change from Geddy’s usuall Henhouse units lol to a time machine setup. Neil’s Drum Solo is a bit shorter this time around but he has added a new set of samples to his MalletKAT and the Finale has some really awesome animated drum video. The opening of the show starts off with a funny lil video featuring all three members of the band. Alex as a fat producer, Neil as a cop and Geddy as a restaurant worker. You just have to see it for yourself if you goto a show or you can find the videos on youtube im sure. In past years Tom Sawyer opened with a small minute long South Park skit made by the creators just for Rush. It features the characters pretending to be Rush and playing Tom Sawyer. This time around you wont see that bit. This time it is a continuation of the opening skit with all three band members again….you just have to see it all for yourself.

So on the other hand, nothing else is going on. Just keeping busy. In fact I am about to goto sleep as soon as I finish this blog. Long day tomorrow getting to Quebec City. This was just a detour I chose to take because well, thats me! Of course I have pics for your viewing pleasure. Some have seen a few of them on Facebook and I probably will post some on Flickr as well once I get more free time. Of course I will finish this blog with a few pics from the ride today and maybe a few from St Catharines. I will see once I get to that in just a moment.

In Slipknot news….well there is none to be honest with you. Ive received quite a few complaints about people angry that Slipknot as a whole is not included in the Hard Rock Cafe thing with Corey. I can relate to many of your rants about that but for the most part he was singled out because of his work with Slipknot and Stone Sour. More so because of what he has accomplished. Although he has not done so alone he is the frontman of both bands and you all should know that the frontman/woman is always the one that gets the most notariety in the group. Shitty I know but thats how it is when it comes to celebrities in America. Fear not though Slipknot fans, the band has received many accolades from all over the world. To be nominated for Grammy’s and winning one, to having the hottest selling DVDs and albums around the world. Sure Slipknot may not sell 100 million albums like these pussy ass bitches in pop/rap but hey at least you Maggots are the real deal and not band followers simply because you think the guys are hot. If thats the only reason you like any band then you need to slap the shit out of yourself and get a mother fucking reality check. Seriously people! In my last blog I discussed this more in depth if you read it. I wont get into that again….

So yes nothing much else to write about. Oh wait. Well lets see the other day I got a fucking flat tire. Had to patch it up and fill the tire. Luckily a nice young man and his girlfriend saw me stranded and offered to take me the short distance into town to fill up with air and brought me back. There are nice people in this world! I offered the young man some Canadian cash but he refused and simply said it was a pleasure. He then said he was going to the show in Toronto. Wow, how could he have known I was on the tour? Then as I got the tire back on the bike and noticed I was about due for an oil change. It hit me! I pulled out my oil and filter from my bags and i noticed I had the holographic sticker on the rear of my hard bags that said, “Got Peart?” LOL..Still though I wondered how he would have known. The other guys were ahead of me and maybe this guy and his girlfriend saw them up ahead and figured I had to have been with them. Thats about the only thing I can figure. So the night of the show I saw that guy and his girlfriend as well as a few other people and I gave him a small gesture of appreciation. Now im not one to go and take Neil Peart’s drumsticks. Im not stupid and I wont even ask. So i did get one each of Alex and Geddy’s picks and took them to the young fan. He was happy and it felt nice to give that guy something back in return for his generosity. It was only about 2 miles to town but that would have been a very long 4 mile walk there and back!!

So yeah that was really cool and something that would have taken me hours only took me about 45 minutes. Very thankful! Im sure with much more riding left I will have more stories to tell from this lonely road. Although its nice to be on this tour I am no where near buddies with Bubba so I respect that space as hopefully any Rush fan should. If you have watched Beyond the Lighted Stage or read any of Bubba’s books then you know he is not the most fan friendliest guy but not in a mean way. So respect his space and if you do see him, give him a nod or a wave and dont make a scene. Just be casual and its best not to approach him. Neil’s riding partner Michael is licensed private investigator and security for the band so its best to not get in their way.

Besides that, I am going to sleep. Take care my fellow friends, fans, readers or whatever you consider yourselves lol…..oooooooooooooh did you subscribe to my blog yet? Its on the right hand side of the main page. Enter your email address to subscribe. I would greatly appreciate it and hell tell your friends to read my shit. The more readers the better. Since I have blogged about Paul Gray I have had quite a few blog hits. Sadly, I hate that it has happened because of such a sad event but I do appreciate the reads, clicks, rates or whatever. Link me if you wish on your own blogs or whatever. Anyways, subscribe to my blog and hey, there is still time to win that free cookie!!! MMMMMMMMMM! LOL

peace out my friends!

Happy Late Easter or Whatever from the Road

Hello my friends! Sooo how are the fuck are you? lol…..Well for me its been a nice weekend. Started off the trip with a ride from home in Malibu to Lake Tahoe. Was a peaceful stretch. Nothing new except a few roads i detoured on. Nothing new for me. I ended up in Lake Tahoe late. Around 9pm and checked into my room. Excellent shot from my room window of the lake. I spend the weekend here rather than continue on to Yellowstone National Park as I had planned. Thats ok though because my room at the Ol’ Faithful Inn was booked for Tuesday so I have plenty of time to get there. About 850 miles. Not bad. I can do that in a day depending on the traffic and weather.

So hopefully you all had a happy easter or whatever it is you may celebrate. If nothing then thats cool too! I really dont care about holidays. As a ghost rider I just care about having fun and traveling. Really felt good to get back on that open road again and see the sights of the USA. I heard there was a 6.9 scale earthquake back home but little damage was done. My neighbor called me and told me it wasnt much but a lil rumbling. So thats good to hear. Sunday was full of fun. Had lunch and dinner with other travelers enjoying the lake. The hotel had a feast and we all dug in! I met this guy and his wife from Wyoming that decided to get away. An older couple. They asked me why i was traveling alone. I told them I didnt have a family and that I was just a traveler on two wheels. They asked me about my travels. I guess it interests people to hear about where a lone traveler has been. I met a few women too. Yeah I added a few numbers to my Blackberry lol. Not a bad set of women either lol. I guess for me I still feel too fat to meet women and these two I met were total mother fucking knockouts. One of them i started talking to and the other just approached me. She said I had that “come talk to me” look. Well lets see I had on jeans with my brown skechers shoes and a casual button shirt that says South Sea Tiki Lounge. lol….

So anyways, attached is a rough draft of a route im gonna take to Yellowstone. I might make a few road detours knowing me! Depends…Actually was thinking of hopping onto 93/I-80 in Wells and heading to Salt Lake City again and hit up the Red Rock Brewery again. The got some insane soups and beer!! lol So honestly thats probably the route I will most likely take. I thought about heading to Boise Idaho to maybe meet up with my friend Rachael but thats kinda backtracking for me and I dont really want to put myself in a situation that I dont make my goal in time and lose my room reservations.

If your wondering about my P90X, yes I am still on it and I have all the DVDs ripped to my external drive I carry with me and i just hook it up to my laptop and use VLC media player to open the ripped folders. God I could go for a damn drink right now. Im thirsty as a mother fucker!! I really should be getting to bed because im leaving around 7am and i really am tired. I still got those hot chicks on my mind. One of them was back here in my room earlier. Yeah, did the wild thang….I mean come on I am a man and I have sexual desires and she was willing. So hey with protection whats wrong with two consenting adults having a good fuck?!? I spent too many years wallowing away in my sorrows over my ex-girlfriend I will call “Shelly” and I just got tired of it. I guess even as a bigger guy I am still quite the ladies man when I wanna be and dress up nice. Earlier for dinner I sported my jeans and adidas shoes with a sports jacket. Oh yeah the ladies were lookin. Not laughing….looking. I sort of felt like Huey Lewis in that video “I Wanna New Drug” when he is sportin the dress jacket while he goes onstage. Hell yeah man.

So anyways thats the recap of my last few days on the road. Good travels, excellent cold weather as you all know I love me some cold ass snowy weather and of course good food and company. The night of hot sex with a beautiful blonde with green eyes was the icing on the cake for this holiday/trip. Not to mention she texted me and said, “round 2?” LOL….now thats some funny shit! I said sure and she said I wish but I have to get to sleep. She was heading with friends back to Las Vegas area where she lives. I will surely be making a B-Line to Vegas to hook up with her again im sure. Nothing like having a hoe calling your room at 7am asking if you want “company” lol…

So until next time, probably meaning Tuesday or so I bid you farewell and I promise to keep you all updated and post some pics of the trip. Mostly on here or my Flickr page. From the hundreds of pics I take I usually just try to pick the best of the bunch but thats fucking hard! When I take pics I use all my cameras. Blackberry camera, my LG Dare has a pretty awesome camera, my Nikon D40 SLR, and a Sony Cybershot…Yeah I never can say I dont have a mother fucking camera with me! LOL…..This survivalist/ghost rider is prepared! Oh and yeah I DID enter the Bear Grylls contest to be on a future episode with Bear Grylls on Man Vs Wild…..Ive done some pretty wild shit out in nature and pics to prove it so thats what I used as my story. Only thing that might X me is that I dont look like a god damn skinny soldier. lol BUT Bear knows im qualified!! lol

So peace out until Tuesday or so and I will get to my emails and such Monday afternoon or so. I just checked my inbox and UGH… peace out mofos and I really wish I could be hooking up with Eva and Denis this month on the 23rd for their lil meet up. Dont know if they are meeting up in Slovenia or Bosnia but would be cool!

OK OK im out…sleepy time….ZZZzzzZZZzzzzZZZZzzz

oh yeah and here is that map but remember im prolly taking that detour I mentioned…

Lake Tahoe to Yellowstone route