Acer Aspire One Mini-Laptop Fiasco

well, my Acer laptop went dead. bought it back in Nov 2008. Its been a great laptop but the other day it just quit working! whoa! Booted up fine. I shut it down and when i went to get back on it, it just turned on but nothing on the screen. No beeps, nothing…It did bluescreen a few times before I turned it off last time. The BSOD code came up with memory error…..

So I figured to just get more memory but I ended up getting it replaced through Acer! They fucking rock. its even the newer model and is an inch bigger in size. 10 inch screen instead of the one I had with 9 inch. Also has a 160GB hard drive instead of the 120 i had in the other one. Still 1GB of RAM but I really dont need much. Its not for gaming for sure. Just minimal usage.

so thank god its being replaced!

Inside the Aspire One