Ive Taken to the Skies…..Alone!

lol yes you read that correctly! Eventually ill be getting my FAA license. Its not as easy as one would think but ive been having fun. Im talking about flying. A Cessna 172 that is. Not a bad piece of machinery if you ask me. I tried to get a few pics. Sorry for the bad angles and shit lol. Ill post a few. The skies were quite clear but there was tons of strong winds. So departure was quite bumpy. Scared the shit out of me to be honest!

So yeah….Had to hold at Alpha then was time to take-off. A shitload of wind gusts shot up underneath as I was making a left turn. Kinda gives me that sense of vertigo still for a brief moment. It passed rather quickly. Was a nice ride though. Quiet and just gave me time to enjoy the scenery. Flew over my home! lol. Then along the coast. Anyways, I only flew for about 2 hours. just under actually. It felt pretty cool to be able to send pictures out to family and friends who probably doubted my ability to fly an airplane. I always learn quickly and i’ve had a passion for aviation sicne I was a kid. So for me its nothing new. When I was a kid I took a ride in a Civil Air Patrol aircraft. I think that flight lasted about 30 minutes or so. Basically it was just circling around the airport and then we landed. It was pretty cool but i felt like complete shit because 1. i had just stuffed my fat face and 2. I didnt think the pilot would dive the nose down so extreme! lol. It really doesn’t bother me at all now. I mean if I can jump out of a perfectly good plane at 15,000ft then flying a plane at about 3,000ft is like child play. lol. Just much more risky. Well to me.

It felt pretty cool earlier when I landed. I had to hold at Foxtrot while a lear jet taxied to the runway. Kinda made me think….i’d like to fly one of those one day by myself! haha Well of course I felt pretty complete having accomplished solo flight for the first time. All other times were with my instructor. When I got in my car to head home if felt odd. Like whoa!!! Seriously like I was just 3,000ft in the air and now I was in my car heading down the PCH going home. Felt like air underneath my feet. I guess because it was my first time alone It just really had a huge impact on me. It really is a huge feat to be able to go up in a plane by yourself. I mean inspect it, run through checklists and then actually take-off and land all by yourself unassisted. Im pretty fucking proud of that. Not many can fathom the idea of flying a plane on their own. its one thing to board a plane for a trip business or vacation but to actually be the one flying it……yeah its fucking amazing!





Airlines Charging for Bags?!? Get Over It People!

Today on Facebook I was reading a new post by Kathie Lee and Hoda and the subject of the post was Spirit Airlines charging $40 for carry on luggage that fits in overhead storage. SOOOOOO, here is my take on this and most of you will probably not agree with me but here is my opinion.

First off, you are buying an airline ticket. Meaning you are already spending anywhere from $100 to $2000+ for a ticket depending on your destination. So honestly, what is $40? People goto the movies to see stupid ass 3D movies like Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and the new shit disappointment Clash of the Titans. You spend well over $40 there. Two tickets, drink, popcorn, candy…extra tix for your brats!!! Yeah SOOOOOO why the fucking fuss over $40? Ok try this if you actually use money and not that magic credit card in your wallet….Take all your spare change and put it in a jar or bank. You know at the end of two weeks I usually have anywhere from $30-$50 in spare change. Spare!!! Yeah from all that lil change we throw around!! THAT spare change can pay for your bags!!!

So really people stop complaining about mediocre crap. We live in a world where everything goes UP in price. Your lucky if anything drops in value like gasoline. Some people have horrid spending habits on things they dont need. This adds to their frustrations when it comes to extra flying costs. I fly first class. I get extra leg room and a neat lil place under my seat for my laptop backpack. I use miles to pay for shit most of the time. If you have miles why not use them and then the $40 fee wont seem as bad!!!

Next, if you are going on a vacation and you just booked 5 tickets for you and your spouse and kids then obviously you just threw down about $1000 or more on tickets. Really people what is $40? Throughout the duration of your trip you will most likely spend $40 on something you dont need or on a meal you dont really need to spend that much on. Technically you need your clothes right? Unless that is you are going to a nudist colony then well no bags needed!! lol…We pay fees for everything these days. You pay weird ass fees for your cell phones, cable bills, mortgages…etc….you cant get rid of them they are just there. Accept that America is a costly country to live in and you have to pay fees for everything you want. That is unless you are middle eastern or something. Foreigners get away with alot of shit. No taxes…etc….Thats a whole different topic I wont go into. I will say this though…Foreigners may not pay taxes but they WORK their asses off. How many times have you seen Taj or Mohammed not at his store? Thats right they believe in work ethic. American’s believe that they are entitled to months of vacation time. If you cant afford to live on your own and have kids then dont have them. Dont buy stuff you dont need. Thats the problem with America. Alot of Americans want things they cant really afford yet they still put themselves in a bind to have it and later suffer.

The airlines are a safe means of travel. I love to fly. I love airliners and airports. I accept that rising costs in fuel and other charges mean higher prices. If you also fly as often as I do or as others then you know that prices fluctuate and it also depends on when you book. Last time I went to Vegas I paid $248 for my ticket. The next time I went on a plane I paid $195. So even if I paid $40 in baggage fees it would still add up about the same. No complaints from me.

The key is this…if you cant afford to fly and pay the fees and still have money to spend on your trip then DONT FLY!!! Simple!!! Drive instead. If your company pays all your fees then no problem. Why bitch if you have to pay $40 out of your pocket. Im sure your company would reimburse you. If not oh well. You need your belongings. For the love of god stop charging shit like airline tickets if you cant afford the credit card bills to begin with. That is what hurts Americans. They think that magic card is the key to getting everything they want. OOOOH I CAN CHARGE THIS 3D TV!?!? OH I CAN CHARGE THIS LOUIS VUITTON PURSE?!?!? Seriously, if you know you cant afford the monthly bill or to pay the balance off in full then DONT DO IT!!!!