Ive Taken to the Skies…..Alone!

lol yes you read that correctly! Eventually ill be getting my FAA license. Its not as easy as one would think but ive been having fun. Im talking about flying. A Cessna 172 that is. Not a bad piece of machinery if you ask me. I tried to get a few pics. Sorry for the bad angles and shit lol. Ill post a few. The skies were quite clear but there was tons of strong winds. So departure was quite bumpy. Scared the shit out of me to be honest!

So yeah….Had to hold at Alpha then was time to take-off. A shitload of wind gusts shot up underneath as I was making a left turn. Kinda gives me that sense of vertigo still for a brief moment. It passed rather quickly. Was a nice ride though. Quiet and just gave me time to enjoy the scenery. Flew over my home! lol. Then along the coast. Anyways, I only flew for about 2 hours. just under actually. It felt pretty cool to be able to send pictures out to family and friends who probably doubted my ability to fly an airplane. I always learn quickly and i’ve had a passion for aviation sicne I was a kid. So for me its nothing new. When I was a kid I took a ride in a Civil Air Patrol aircraft. I think that flight lasted about 30 minutes or so. Basically it was just circling around the airport and then we landed. It was pretty cool but i felt like complete shit because 1. i had just stuffed my fat face and 2. I didnt think the pilot would dive the nose down so extreme! lol. It really doesn’t bother me at all now. I mean if I can jump out of a perfectly good plane at 15,000ft then flying a plane at about 3,000ft is like child play. lol. Just much more risky. Well to me.

It felt pretty cool earlier when I landed. I had to hold at Foxtrot while a lear jet taxied to the runway. Kinda made me think….i’d like to fly one of those one day by myself! haha Well of course I felt pretty complete having accomplished solo flight for the first time. All other times were with my instructor. When I got in my car to head home if felt odd. Like whoa!!! Seriously like I was just 3,000ft in the air and now I was in my car heading down the PCH going home. Felt like air underneath my feet. I guess because it was my first time alone It just really had a huge impact on me. It really is a huge feat to be able to go up in a plane by yourself. I mean inspect it, run through checklists and then actually take-off and land all by yourself unassisted. Im pretty fucking proud of that. Not many can fathom the idea of flying a plane on their own. its one thing to board a plane for a trip business or vacation but to actually be the one flying it……yeah its fucking amazing!




A Dream State….

Yeah im up early because work begins before I know it. Anyways, aside from my usual blogs about music and traveling I decided I wanted to post a blog about something else that fascinates me,…..Dreams! Since I was a kid I learned the art of Lucid Dreaming. Its basically where you are asleep but you know you are dreaming and you can control what happens in your dreams. Its like a fully realistic feeling but in a dream world.

When I was around 6 years old I started having the re-occurring dream that I died in a plane crash. When I was 6 I didnt know anything about Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly or The Big Bopper but this dream always haunted me. In my dreams I was in a plane traveling because I was a rockstar. Yeah its been my dream since i was a kid. Who would know that now I work for them eh? LOL. When I first saw the movie La Bamba I was fascinated with the story of how he dreamed the same thing I did but constantly. I always thought I was the only one. So when I saw that I really got a lil scared. My thought was that when I turned 27 years old I was going to die. So I tried to avoid airplanes as much as I could be that was NOT the case for me! I think this recurring dream is what made me learn the art of lucid dreaming although I had no idea what lucid dreaming was when I was a kid.

Years would pass and I would have that dream still but less and less to where I rarely have it. Now I never have that dream anymore. Another of my recurring dreams was that I was as light as air and I wouldnt walk but I could bounce or float through the air. Here is a strange one I still have to this day. I still dream at times that I am in a car or truck but im not driving it. I am in the passenger seat and no one is driving but the vehicle isnt moving wildly but actually following the road as if a ghost were driving. Then I would move over and drive. Its strange! Before I got my first guitar I used to dream about owning a Kramer guitar just like Eddie Van Halen’s. In the mornings when my mom or dad would wake me up for school they said I would be in bed asleep but my hands were positioned in the air as if I was playing a guitar. Then I read that Eddie Van Halen used to have dreams like that as well and I thought that my destiny would have me in music. Well, it does just not as a star but as their right hand man.

Ive also had dreams were I have talked to the dead. Mostly my grandfather. Honestly im not even sure if it was a dream or just some supernatural phenomena I experienced but it was real as if I could feel my grandfather putting his hand on my shoulder and giving me a hug. Usually those dreams were when I was younger and needed direction in life. For instance, when i last saw my grandfather in a dream he told me he was upset with me because I was drinking like a racehorse. I was drinking around a case and a half of beer a night just by myself. Then smoking cigarettes and on occasion weed. I cleaned up my act after that night. Actually I goofed. It wasnt the last time I saw him. I saw him about a year later and he was happy and laughing with me because I had cleaned up my act. Then he was gone and never saw him again. Maybe it was my mind telling me to stop by belieiving that he told me to or maybe it was him. Who knows.

Another dream I had was pretty bizarre and the outcome from the next day was shocking. Ok you know how on the movies Final Destination where the characters can see into the future how they die? Well this is quite similar. In my dream I lived in an apartment in a city that was unknown. I had woke up for the day and went walking my dog. Why a dog I have no idea because I dont like dogs but it was in the dream. As I was passing a store and a park a plane crashed into the park but it didnt explode. Then suddenly people started jumping out to safety and myself along with other pedestrians helped them. Ok I do NOT sleep with the tv or radio on. I woke up that morning and saw on CNN that a plane had crashed somewhere in the Netherlands I think it was and the plane didnt explode and the people were evacuated safely. I was fucking shocked that I had that dream and then in real life it happened. Coincidence or no? I have no idea but it was freaky.

I had another dream before I had ever gone to Moscow. I was on a motorcycle in this parking lot of a shopping center and across the street was a fast food place aka Mc Donalds lol where i had eaten and walked to the shopping center. I remembered vividly how it looked. When I went to Moscow with Stone Sour we had a few days before the awards and I came across this shopping center that was EXACTLY like I had seen in my dreams. I will post a pic I snapped at the end of this blog. If you notice the entrance which looks almost like a huge tunnel and to the right the somewhat old looking different color walls…thats what i remembered. Even the color. I dont know how this could happen but this seems to be a recurring phenomena for me when it comes to dreams. I dont know how or why but it is very strange.

So to end this blog I ask you the reader……What kinds of strange dreams have you had? Anything that is just totally unexplainable to you? Has anything you dreamed and remembered become or been a reality? ….and, does anyone know why these types of dreams happen? I mean for me to dream a plane crash and then it happens is odd. In addition folks, it is NOT the first time I have had a dream like this with planes. I have dreamed 3 different times of planes crashing and within a few days an airliner would go down. Its just fucking odd. How? Why? Whats the meaning?

If you have the answers or explanations please freely comment because I would love to read your responses.

Well, thanks and I am out to grab some breakfast……

oh and here is the pic….

Moscow SS Tour