Married At First Sight….The Reality TV Experiment

So i spent the entire duration of this show watching every episode mainly because there was nothing else to watch. As usual these shows drag you in with the “what if” “what will happen” factor. I watched these three couples get married and spend their honeymoons in different places. After watching two episodes I figured this:

Davina and Sean would stay married

Jaclyn and Ryan would get divorced

Jessica and Ryan would get divorced

First impressions are always golden. We do our best to make our first impression positive. Selling ourselves to others. My first impressions of them were not really solid. Just as these couples barely met and got to know each other I just barely watched two episodes and tried to come to a conclusion.

For Jessica and Ryan I felt that he has an attitude problem. Short tempered and not really ready for the experiment. More like his male ego got the best of him every time. Jessica wanted the fairytale wedding and experience. Sadly, she really couldn’t expect that from this show. He treated her with disrespect basically on every show aired. He just didn’t seem sincere in his responses and his actions. She deserves better and he deserves someone who can deal with his temper. Maybe he would have been better off with Snooki! lol

For Jaclyn and Ryan I figured there was something possibly there. The first few episodes though you could tell by the look on her face that she was NOT happy with Ryan. She mentioned quite often over and over and…that she wasn’t attracted to him. Over time though as she got to know him she began to notice a different man. Personality can make someone more attractive! Ryan seemed to be very sincere but he was reluctant. He didn’t know where things would go. As time went on though he also noticed a change in her. I figured there was definitely a possibility for them considering how rocky their start was.

For Davina and Sean I felt there was nothing there after the first few episodes. When he mentioned that he was going back home to work that was pretty much the end. It was mentioned in the “6 Months Later” episodes that they failed the experiment. Yes they did. I kind of see myself as Sean. Hopeless romantic looking for someone but can’t leave the comfort of home and work. Thats how its always been for me. Sean wasn’t really in it to begin with. He only cheated himself the opportunity. Davina seemed to expect too much from someone she just met but in her defense Sean wasn’t around enough for them to really learn anything about each other.

So as I am typing this Part 2 of the “6 Months Later” is airing and I am going to watch it. If you want my honest opinion on this experiment here it is……

I personally don’t care for marriage and no I am not married so my commentary here is just my opinion. You can take 6 people and put them in an experiment by marrying them but 6 weeks isnt enough time to get to know someone. Basically the meeting they had at the altar was more lust then love. You can be insanely attracted to someone but thats lust not love. Making these people live on an itinerary is also not the way to make them fall in love. People who are attracted to one another have a weakness to let their guard down and will give in to sex. Some of these couples did this fairly quick. As do many people who go out on dates. Many women will say they don’t fuck on the first date and 7 hours later their panties are on the floor and their taking a cock between their legs. Harsh? Not really. Its for the most part truth for many. Couples fight. Its normal. Hell I’ve had my share of fighting with ex-gfs. There’s just no time limit on getting to know someone. To this day many females I know I learn new things about them all the time. Even after 10 years. We truly never stop learning about the people in our lives be it romantic or platonic. In this experiment they had a group of “experts” 4 to be exact. Experts or not the idea of calling yourself an expert of love is fucking stupid. No level of expertness if thats even a word lol can prepare two people for marriage and love.

Honestly to me the only thing this experiment has proven is that 4 people who are considered experts just made decent choices but no matter what they think every person has another side to them and even through interviews and what not you simply won’t get that until you actually spend time with someone. When I met one of my girlfriends I thought she was absolutely the best thing for me ever. As we dated I realized we didn’t have much in common and we just didn’t click. I felt that way for most of our relationship yet I tried to make it work. I failed miserably. I don’t call it all my fault because I believe we were two people looking for two different situations. Over 10 years later and many different scenarios I am still friends with this female because although we don’t have much in common we truly value the friendship that is there. I believe that has made a stronger bond that what we had when we actually dated.

So I don’t blame the experts. They only did their best to match these 6 people. It just proves that first impressions aren’t always going to make people fall in love. Can any of these 6 people stay friends 10 years later? See thats key. You don’t have to be lovers to be friends. based on everything involved here its not easy to marry someone you just met as done here. Lights, camera, action……itineraries, the unknown of your partner….Its a huge gamble for these 6 people and you can’t really call any of them losers or whatever. Theres someone out there for everyone. Maybe these matches weren’t it but somewhere they will find the right person. I guess…lol. In the end… serves its purpose… makes entertainment!


Backstage & Meet n Greets

Ok so I’ve written about this before and sometimes it just makes me insane and I have to write about it again. Recently with another attack of the KCs and adds to social media the usual questions gets shot at me….see below

can you get me backstage?
can you get me to meet katy?
can you get me free tickets?
what hotel will she be at?
can you give me katy’s room #?
can you get katy to tweet me?
can you have her make a video for me personally?

There’s more but this is pretty much the usual. Now having been touring for years you get used to it. With metal bands you get the same questions but a few others like “what tuning is this song in?” lol. Its part of being a fan but sometimes I think fans lose all sense of reality and take it too far. Many ask why I am against backstage access of any kind and meet n greets. Well its not so much against MNGs but bringing people backstage. Part of it is because its our domain. Our private area and when people who aren’t authorized and/or brought in its like their invading our area. Too many times I’ve had people stray from the group they should be staying in to explore backstage. Some have tried to access artist dressing rooms. Some actually HAVE accessed dressing rooms. Some have stolen items and most of the time recovered them. Many forge fake passes or buy them online thinking that for a mere $20 or whatever they paid for it it will grant them all access to the concert and MNG rights immediately to the artist. WRONG!

It really does vary on the artist and security level but I’ve worked for smaller bands where we just kick people out. Other times we have them removed from the premises completely and a few times have had people arrested for sneaking backstage. Personally I take it very seriously no matter how young or old or big a fan you are. If I catch you your chances of meeting said artist will be pretty much zero. I also enjoy the “my daddy is rich and a lawyer” remarks. lol oh yeah your daddy has privileges at every concert eh….If your daddy was a cop or employee of the venue then i could see that but being a lawyer doesnt have shit to do with the venue and event lol. I remember one girl who gave me the speech that her daddy was a lawyer and she was rich so I should take my poor ass back to work because she can’t get in trouble…..I still had her removed from the show. lol. Break the rules pay the consequences.

I really don’t see the fascination with backstage. I guess for many its the idea of being back there but if your 15 and sneaking backstage your NOT going to blend in. lol Your not gonna see roadies wearing KP shirts, pants, outfits, wristbands, faceprint, socks, watches, etc all branded to KP. lol. Limo drivers aren’t even allowed to harass the artists they transport. Theres many who do interact with them but most guys I know that drive limos in LA say they have strict policy to NOT bother the stars unless opening and closing the doors for them. I know one guy who asked Kim Kardashian for a selfie and she gave it to him but the people with her mentioned that the driver asked her and he lost his job because of it even though she willingly took a pic with him. To me backstage is just a workplace. An area where lots of expensive heavy shit is being moved and stored. Hardly a place for a fan. On a past tour there was a few instances where they did tours of backstage as a radio station contest. A few of those young guys cause it was a metal band, started getting smartass and touching shit. One picked up a guitar…Uhhh you just don’t do that man…..He wasn’t banned but he was asked to leave backstage and was escorted back outside to wait with the others. He ruined his contest win by doing that. He along with the others had won VIP to tour backstage and early entry with a MNG. Now the band at the time was quite accessible so he did get a MNG with a few of them but still….ruining your contest win by doing something foolish….not a good move.

My biggest issue is that I wish more fans when having access to backstage and for MNGs would be a little more respectful of our area and the artist. When they do something they aren’t supposed to do they are not just disrespecting us but they are as well the artist(s). There are plenty of amazing fans that are very respectful and were courteous enough to ask questions because they didn’t want to do anything wrong. Thats always appreciated. So anyways I hope this give a bit more insight as to why I feel the way I do and if your a fan who seeks to meet an artist please be respectful of our private areas if your ever granted access for a short time. When it comes to waiting outside be respectful of tour buses and vehicles transporting the artist. No banging on doors/buses and windows. No throwing rocks and shit at them. You know our tour buses are pretty much worth a million or more dollars. Im sure you wouldn’t want people throwing things at your car or truck! lol. As for hotels…..Well thats not going to change. Fans are going to try and find hotels all the time. Now I see many fans who still go to the hotels and wait and wait and wait and….well if you have had good experiences doing so cool. The thing to remember is many won’t be mean to you but some do take offense to it and might get pissy with you. Ive seen it happen. Main reason is the hotel is home away from home for the day or two. Thats like me going to your house and walking into your backyard and sitting on a chair by your pool and waiting for you to get home. lol Not cool. But like i said many have done this and don’t have any issues. Mainly those I’ve seen that have done it are respectful enough about it. Like “oooh hi hey its been awhile” or something. Unlike many who will make a mad dash to you and put shit in their faces quickly asking for autographs and pics and touching them…. again, be respectful because you don’t always know a persons mood at that time. One time in Athens one of the guys in the band got a phone call that a family member had passed away and it tore him up badly. He ended up leaving the venue and the tour immediately and we had to eventually fill in for him on his instrument. Not a bad gig for me to jam in front of tens of thousands of people but not good for him. I remember we were all talking with him just before he left and some fans waiting outside the gates were quick to begin with the psychotic actions for pics and autographs. They didn’t know what had just happened. We pushed them away and told him NO PICS NO AUTOGRAPHS EVERYONE PLEASE. He got in the van and left to hotel with one of our managers. Few moments later fans were saying things like

Dude what a fucking asshole
He fucking sucks
Fuck that mother fucker I just wanted a photo

So we went on to tell them, “look everyone the show is still on tonight but he won’t be performing with the band. He received some bad news back home and he is leaving the tour for now. Please be respectful of his privacy. Thanks”

Still many of the fans were calling names and saying what a prick he was. One guy specifically said

man he could have just stopped for a few minutes and signed our shit and pics. FUCK.

I mean as if stars and roadies are not human. Not allowed to have feelings. Just cater to their every wish. Its quite sad actually that this one guy went off while all the others began to cry and felt bad for being so mean and bothering him. I remember on our next trip there some of those same fans I saw and many of them personally went up to him and apologized for being so mean and demanding. The boss was cool and said “its ok man life happens thanks for understanding.” Then he signed and took pics with everyone.

So if your ever granted the temporary privilege to be backstage or for a MNG use your BEST judgement and don’t do anything you shouldn’t. Be respectful. Its appreciated all around. Your bad move could cost EVERYONE their opportunity and yes I’ve seen that happen too! lol. If you sell passes of any kind online or give them away make sure others know and that its stated that those passes DO NOT GRANT ACCESS backstage for them under any circumstance. Even if it is a VIP or All Access it was not issued to you and you are not granted any rights.

As for the beginning of this post about all the questions I get….Yeah those questions are pretty insane to ask. Ive even been asked for an artists personal cell phone number. LOL YEAH OK!! I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Don’t ask me to get you passes, tickets, MNG opportunities or any of that. Its unprofessional for me to do any of those things. Remember i have to work with these artists daily. Asking for info is cool. Asking for personal favors not cool. I don’t even do favors for people I know because its unprofessional. Thanks for reading and remember be safe…..

The Dream World….

So i been sitting here and thinking I haven’t posted to my blog in quite a long time. I had been reading some posts on the idea of bringing an item out of a dream into reality. Now as a kid I had this feeling quite often and I can recall an instance where I did have something in my hand and I set it down on my table in the room. I’ll get to all that soon. Anyways, The dream world has always fascinated me since I was old enough to remember my dreams. So this post is devoted to dreams.

When I was a kid I somehow learned to lucid dream. Many people I know say they can’t do this. Somehow though I learned how to control my dreams. As if I am some director or something. I can halt a dream and make options. Seems odd yes but Ive done this. Ive even let a dream play out and then gone back and chose the alternate ending so to speak lol. It is possible. Don’t ask me how but I have been able to do this. I’ve also experienced what I would say was an OBE, out of body experience. I guess thats what you would call it. This one was quite odd. When I was a kid I dreamed of being in Russia. Walking around the city. I was in an area where people lived. I kept walking and found my way to a group of buildings. Not Red Square or anything popular. Anyways when I went to Moscow as an adult on tour we had been roaming the city and i saw that building and a parking lot with a shopping center painted in blue with pot holes. It just quickly reminded me of that dream. Pretty strange but I had never seen any pictures of Russia. I was around 7 maybe. I eventually had this same dream well similar years later before going. I had another dream where I was inside the Coliseum in Rome and saw parts of it I had never seen. When I went my first time I saw the same sights. I had never seen any pictures of the inside. Just the outside. Its pretty odd how a person could dream this way but I believe somehow it is possible. As I’m sure many have had teleportation dreams where you are in one place and suddenly in another. Ive had these as well. Maybe it was a sign that in the future i’d be traveling the world and I seeing a glimpse of my future. I don’t know but it was pretty interesting.

One of the most common types of dreams is where we can look at something or a picture and then fall asleep and we imagine ourselves there. I used to have this painting hanging in my bedroom. It was a beat up barn out in the country and there was a red tractor next to it. I remember having dreams where I was in that painting and running around. It was pretty odd but cool at the same time. I once had a dream of being in space and thought later that maybe it was an OBE. I felt weightless. I spent most of my childhood into my teens in the same house. In my last year of high school we moved into another city and a new home my father got because of his job.

When I lived in my childhood home I never recall having any nightmares or dreams experiencing demons or evil spirits. When we moved into the new house quickly those dreams began to happen. I remember waking up to use the bathroom and my tv was on even though I turned it off. My remote wasn’t even near my bed. I would turn it off and go to the bathroom. i’d come back and it was on again. There was another night I was laying in bed watching tv and suddenly my sheet and comforter literally flew off the bed and landed by my bedroom door. I wasn’t asleep. I got up to get them and moments later it happened again. Here’s whats pretty odd but probably easily explainable. There were times I would lay on my floor because it was wood and it would be nice and cold and well I like cold. I’d put my pillow and covers on the floor and watch tv. Then i’d fall asleep. Many times be it on the floor or in my bed I remember feeling held down. I would move my arm or hand and quickly as if something was holding me down would move it back. They call this sleep paralysis but it seemed to real to me to call it that. Did I forget to mention that every time this happened I would feel something breathing heavy and hot on my face and it was laughing. Now when we wake up we all go through that short stage where we are awaking and we leave the subconscious state and become awake and conscious. I passed this stage and would lay there while this happened for a long time. I’d start cussing at it. “Fuck you get the fuck away mother fucker.” Then it would go away and just like that I could move. No feeling from awakening because I was already awake.

Dreams…..there are interesting. One of my favorite comedians says its God’s way of entertaining us lol. Ok. As a guy I’m sure other guys can relate to the usual sex dreams. You know…the your fucking some chick you dream of….you about to put it in or bust a nut and BAM……..someone wakes you up. lol. Your about to fuck that sexy pop singer and BAM…….someone wakes you up. Yeah those are usual. What always made me laugh was how real lucid dreams feel. Its like damn I’m really fucking this bitch……no your not fucker! lol. One of the most interesting dreams i can remember are the ones where you are holding something or have something in your near possession and you try to bring it with you because in lucid dreaming you know you are about to wake up. Its like you sense that its time to end the dream so you grab the item but you feel something pushing you back. Resistance of some sort. Like something is saying yes you can wake up but no you can’t take that item with you. So here’s one that is odd. 5 years ago my friend Paul passed away. He was the bassist for a popular band. I won’t mention names here but I’m sure many know who I’m talking about. Anyways, I have plenty of guitar picks of his from tour but I keep them in a sealed box along with many others I’ve got from guitarists over the years. I had a dream that we had been talking as if he was still alive. Not a “hey your a ghost and I’m talking to you” type of dream. So when it was time to wake up its like we said ok man see ya later and in my dream he gave me a red guitar pick with his #2 on it. When i woke up I went to the bathroom. When i went back to grab my phone and make my bed the pick was in my bed by my pillow. I tend to sleep with my hands up near my pillow or stretched out in front of me. I checked my box and it was sealed where i left it in my closet buried in a huge rubbermaid container with a bunch of other stuff. So did I pull it out of a dream? Was it perhaps somewhere in my room I didn’t know about? Did he perhaps pull it out of that box and hand it to me? Who knows but it was weird.

Dreams….we all enjoy them because they can take us to places were would like to go to or go back to. As for lucid dreaming if you can’t do it I would say try it. Learn it. It takes your dreams to another level. I mean I’ve had instances where I would get up to use the bathroom and come back and continue the dream. Probably because I don’t turn any lights on and I’m still slightly in a dream state. Yet I have also been able to dream and end it and the next night continue the dream. The only thing to this is it doesn’t always have the same people but it in many ways flows smoothly.

So what kind of dreams have you had? Experiences? Odd occurrences? Bear in mind I post this with an open mind and opinion. Ok I’m out….


Road to Nowhere

Road to Nowhere

Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour Tattoo

the last tour tattoo i got and will ever get….. it healed nicely I might add

Nothing new on the front here. Same shit different day. Spent some downtime working on my Jim Root Tele’s and JR Strat. Swapped out a pickup and put in EMG 81/85 combo instead of the 81/60 since they are easily interchangeable.

Been a pretty cool start of the year. Super Bowl 49 kicked ass. New ink for that. New ink for PWT 2014-2015.

Besides all that just resting, enjoying life and flying myself around when I have time. Although I do need to get some jumps in. Havent skydived in a few months

OK peace.


Katy Perry at Half-Time

Just a week ago I remember flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor to prep for Katy’s Super Bowl performance. I’ll try not to bore you with all the little details. So here’s a run-down of how things went.

Well the night before I had gone to dinner with my friend Mark at a Denny’s just south of the stadium. Had my usual thanks to an ex-gf who got me hooked on the seasoned fries and mayo. Mark had biscuits and gravy. We sat there discussing the show Sunday. He was asking me about rehearsals and how everything had panned out. He isn’t part of the crew so he isn’t allowed inside for any of the setup. I had been frustrated mostly for some bullshit reasons with the NFL people and trying to get the hell out of there in time to try an meet with some of the AZKCs. Well if your a fan then you understand that acronym. I think we spent about an hour and a half in there before heading back to our rooms and retiring for the night.

I really couldn’t sleep much. Thinking about everything. Thinking about how far we had come. The show itself. The game. How would it all turn out? Would people like the show? Sometimes I worry myself too much on little things. Earlier I had also got frustrated with many other things that just kept me from even being social with the people that I normally interact with. I ended up spending time texting a few friends who stay up late. Not even talking about the big game. Thats whats funny about this whole thing. I think I was more into the game than the show. Not because I didn’t want to be there. I did! I guess because I had once played football in high school and being part of this all was surreal. I had attended SBs before but this one was an actual performance where the Boss was in the front seat. So I guess the stress of the show and me hoping the Patriots would win became too much.

Saturday morning became a cluster fuck of emotions. Dealing with all the stress and people fighting….Spreading rumors…Leaking info….Just pisses me off that the element of surprise is ignored so much these days. As there are many who want to know every little detail of every little moment of every second of KPs life and tour it just becomes too much. Let there be surprise. Be surprised. Why would anyone want to know what to expect? I mean if I go to a concert I don’t want to know the set list or what the video clips will be. I want to be WOWed by the artist. Also contributing to it all was endless DMs. I guess I can’t complain too much because I put myself out there. I guess I just want people to know that I don’t sit on my phone waiting for messages every minute of the day. I work and live life and many times I don’t pay attention to my phone. So don’t take offense fi I don’t message back right away. THere’s other reasons as well but only a few KCs I spoke with know what I was feeling. Ill just leave it at that.

I had been questioning why I was even there….again. Mostly because I read into things too much sometimes and I let little things get to me. I think mostly it was being inside that damn stadium and doing the same shit and then sometimes nothing at all. Sure nice way to get paid….doing nothing but its not the same as tour. Tour at least you know your job and you schedule your day accordingly. For this event it was juggling my schedule to meet others needs. Ehhhhh. I was pretty close to just saying fuck it and going back to Camelback Mountain and hiking to the top. I had done this earlier in the week and it was relaxing. Quite a personal accomplishment to make it to the top after about 2 hours. When I feel shitty I tend to alienate myself from society and either ride my motorcycle or travel. Well i couldn’t really leave here and the mountain was about the only escape I had. I ended up chatting with a few people and that helped me put things back into perspective again.

So its Sunday. Today. Game Day. Half-Time Show Day. The day all the Katycats have been waiting for. I don’t know who was more nervous me or them! lol. I kept reading how they were shitting bricks and losing their ever loving minds over this. I’m sitting thinking WHY! LOL. There’s no stress on you! lol Its just part of being in a fandom though. You gotta love their passion. Quitting isn’t part of their vocabulary. Sadly with such an event the tickets are quite expensive so many didn’t even get to be at the game. I guess they wouldn’t have minded sitting next to some really huge overweight guy chugging beer after beer farting and burping and saying “oh yeah Katy Perry should totally date me. Im huge!” oooooh boy! Anyways, my day started about 7am this morning with a nice cuppa, a waffle and some fruit. Got to the stadium and everything was pretty much in place. Got my game day and talent credentials and was down to see what was up with the HT prep. Was pretty cool that they used so many young people. As a roadie I get many people asking me how to get into this work so it was pretty cool that they had young people helping with the setup so they could see just what kind of shit we deal with daily in stage and sound set up. Its not as easy as it seems. I mean for SB you throw some pieces together but on a tour you piece everything together after its been totally dismantled and you have to adjust accordingly to each venue and its limitations.

Katy had already done numerous outfit fittings and was pretty much ready for a problem-free show. The only part of the show that I didn’t really agree with was separating the band from Katy. They are all as much part of the team as anyone else. I had been walking around the stadium and went down to field level where I saw some of the players. Spoke with Gronkowski and Brady for a moment. Saw Russell Wilson as well. Nice guy. Great QB. So at this point I’m soaking it all in. I had done my part and now it was time for me to enjoy this. I briefly attended the Pre-Game VIP Party but I’m not big on such things so I left. Was really ready for the game start and get to the main event. Yes the concert.

By 2nd Qtr was backstage and outside where everything was stored and the teams were put into position to prepare for load-in as we call it. Seeing the young people excited to be part of it all. Many excited for the game and others excited because they are KP fans. Was pretty funny when many of them screamed from seeing my tattoos. One girl was like “OMG.” My face turning red I told her awww but I’m nobody! She giggled and said “but you have the tattoos!” So I gave her a KP Prismatic Tour pick. I always carry them. You pretty much could feel the tension in the air. Everyone a bit scared. I had to calm a few of them down and tell them it was ok. Just don’t even think of all the people. Just imagine your at school with friends and playing a game or something. I hope it helped. I made my way back in and saw the band, dancers and Katy. The Lion in place. With just a few minutes left Katy directed everyone for the circle. A prayer for cheer for a great show. It was about time. The clock had hit zero and the groups started filing into the stadium piece by piece. Everyone excited. Katy seemed a bit nervous. No big deal she got this. Its one thing to play in front of people who pay to see you and are your fans but to play in front of a stadium of people who are there for the game and also viewing worldwide….thats enough to make anyone nervous.

Katy made her way onto the Lion and the HT coordinator gave us the go….Lights down and the music kicking in. The band in place and Lenny Kravitz strapped with his black Les Paul. Missy Elliot was awesome. What was amazing is that THE song performed was my favorite of hers so it was not only awesome to hear her perform it live with the boss but to even meet this female rap legend. I mean when I was in school she was the shit. So definitely an honor. The show went off without a hitch. Everything went as expected. Of course to many in attendance the sound was blaaaah. That’s to be expected in a stadium. Stadiums have horrible acoustics. I was positioned behind Adam. I was kneeling down and just looking around in awe. Standing down there looking up into the seats. Seeing the guys jam. Seeing Katy, Lenny and Missy rock….Perfect Sunday night at work.

As the show was winding down my gut was in knots. Anytime Katy flies in the air I’m worried. Double…triple checking those harnesses to make sure its all OK. It all went down without a problem. As she ended her show you could see the joy in her face. Performing for the biggest sporting event in America is a huge honor. A girl with a dream and full of perseverance never gave up and there she was today. Making history for her own career and for the game. Perhaps one of the most watched Super Bowls in the history of the game.

Many judging here merely because they don’t like her music. Oh she was lip syncing. Don’t think so there professor. All live. This was an amazing yet stressful long experience. I don’t know if i’d want to do another one anytime soon but this time around was amazing. Everything was great. I was sweating it there at the end because I had been going for the Patriots. Seeing that catch before the end of the game I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Then on that one play Wilson throws it and Pats intercept it and BAM! We win the Super Bowl. Another ring. I have 2 Patriots fan rings. Looks like ill be getting another now lol. Still doesn’t beat my REAL LA Kings 2012 Stanley Cup Championship ring made by Tiffany and Co but hey ill take a fan ring. lol.

In the end the experience was great. Phoenix/Glendale AZ area was very nice and the people friendly. Not to mention I didn’t get harassed by the cops for being spanish lol. I would have probably told them….”the president is that John Wayne dude….” lol. Reference to the movie Born in East LA. Also I can’t end this without saying thanks to JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort and of course to the AZKCs for their support for Katy during this experience. Without everyone none of this would be possible.

So from everyone thank you and much love and respect. Now go get some fucking sleep KCs… lol


Katy Perry Ready for Super Bowl Half-Time Show

So the Prismatic World Tour 2014 came to an end in New Zealand and now its time for rest. Rest not for long. Katy’s invading Glendale AZ in just a few weeks. Set list set. Staging is in the works and by goodness the show is just about ready to go on. There’s prep time and that means off to Arizona in the following weeks to get ready. Can you say free Super Bowl game!! =)

Ive attended the Super Bowl before. Im not a huge football fan anymore but I’m more than excited for this particular day to come. February 1st is near. There’s work to be done but honestly it will be more fun than work. Believe it or not there is a lot of preparation for just a 10-12 minute performance. The Super Bowl is of course the social event of the season for the rich and famous. Especially rappers. This year though I think the mass of folks known as the Katycats will be looking for any way possible to either get into the stadium, watch the half-time show from the field and meet the woman herself. Thats quite a bit to accomplish at such a huge event. All I can say is GOOD LUCK LOL. The Katycats are more excited for a 10 minute performance by Katy than the tens of thousands of men who will be guzzling beer and painting their faces and screaming at the field and the referees. Let me say this….a group of 100 Katycats WILL SCREAM louder than an entire stadium of rabid drunk fans screaming at a ref. This is true folks. There’s a reason we wear professional ear protection at every show…..Yep them girls got some lungs!! lol

OOOH bacon! lol sorry a commercial just came on. lol. If you don’t know the legion of fans called KCs spare no expense for Katy. Literally! Im actually waiting to see who will fly to Arizona from across the country or world just to try and get in. They have already shown that they will travel from Europe, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Japan…etc just to attend a few concerts. One fan has attended over 20 concerts this tour spanning trips to the UK, USA, AUS and NZ. Now thats some dedication. Where do all you folks get all this cash!!! lol. Hell even when I worked a job after high school it paid about $6.00 an hour lol.Anyways, its a great feeling to be able to get up when you want and travel. Having the financial freedom to be able to do so makes me happy. No wife….No kids….Just me! So yes you can bet those fans will be somehow doing recon on the stadium lol. Dont get arrested folks! Please! lol

The only thing at this point is what will I do while I’m there? Need to find some restaurant ideas as well as landmarks, parks, motorcycling areas. Something. Oooh cinnamon rolls….sorry! lol Going to try and say hi to some of the local fans there if I can. Always fun to meet up with people. I hate that I end up so busy I never get a chance to meet people at times. Either way it will be fun. Hope to see Dallas in there. They’ll probably choke but at least they got farther than those idiots in Houston. Houston seems to think they are the champions of every sport and have no trophies to prove it. Oh yeah their basketball team won what 20+ years ago. History man. Their football team sucks. Hence why i call them the Kotexans! lol.

So I’m sure if your a Katycat and reading this your probably having a coronary because your ready for Feb 1st already. Sorry I can’t say anything about what to expect. The element of surprise is what makes it worth the wait!! Am I right? of course!



Its December

Well wow…….

its been awhile since I last posted on here. Been so busy with everything. Finishing PWT and then getting home. Lots of things to do. To be honest there really isn’t much to say since I last posted in August. Just been same shit different day. The only thing bugging me as of recent is this damn pinched nerve in my left arm. Fucker won’t go away. Well most of it has gone away but still has some pain and it keeps me awake at night. Thank goodness for anti-inflammation pills to kill the pain so I can sleep.

So now its just been boring. Waiting for February when we will perform for the NFL Super Bowl Half-Time show. That should be fun. The process of building the stage and putting it together within minutes is quite interesting. Ive been part of it and seen it done before. The one thing that makes me laugh though is the fans. Ok I truly understand supporting an artist and loving that artist but even with my finances I wouldn’t pay anywhere around $2000 or more for a ticket to a game just to see a 10 minute live performance lol. Not worth it. If you enjoy football then yes I’d say it would be but to spend that kind of money or expect parents to is insane. There’s the tickets themselves. Hotel and spending money. There is nothing cheap about the biggest sporting event in America. Goto 5 concerts but I say leave the Super Bowl to the rich. Thats what it is….an event for the rich and famous. So yeah i could spend $20k on tickets and thats like not even a portion of my pay but why spend all that for top seats lol. Doesn’t really matter because ill be there for free lol.

I think many people get the wrong idea about what I do. Many see it as glamorous. As if all I do is just work for 20 minutes and then fuck around the rest of the time. No I actually work. Every person that works on a tour crew works. Maybe we don’t do the actual hard labor but we still have to set up and we still have to instruct local crews on the job for the day. Different size venues call for different layouts and changes. Sure there is plenty of time to be a complete total lazy mother fucker but if I’m not catching up on sleep I’m inside preparing for my duties for the day. Hence why ill tweet…..Another day at the KP office….

I guess everyone thinks all I do is walk around with the boss and hang out like we have no care in the world. Nope not me. Before yes we did that for private events. There’s a big difference in private events and a lengthy tour schedule. Private events are more laid back. Fly out there, prep for a day or so. Enjoy the city. Do the show and spend another few days fucking around before flying back home or off to the next private event. In 2012 we had privates held sporadically. So we could do a show and then take off back home or off to a vacation spot for a week or so. Want this kind of job ehhh lol.

The part of the job I hate the most is dealing with difficult and/or irate fans. There have actually been a few that bitch that their daddies are rich and bought their way in. One in particular said I needed to get lost because her daddy was a record exec for Sony and she has all access. So I said, “really, well Katy isn’t on Sony records so your daddy has no pull here and wheres your all access pass??!?” Of course she didn’t have one. She actually had a poorly laminated picture of katy that said Prism World Tour. lol Sorry girl but its the PRISMATIC WORLD TOUR not PRISM. lol The album is Prism. Anyways, security took her fake pass but momentarily gave it back to her and escorted her out since she did have a ticket…….in the upper level. LOL Oh yeah her daddy is a record exec who bought her tickets in the upper level. Good lie there. There was another which was a small group of 3 that sneaked backstage with fake passes they printed. Yeah security needs to get their shit straight. We give them a sheet of ALL passes so they know what to look for. Two of the girls had printed passes and the other had the VIP package one. Later finding out the security person they went past was an older person who thought they were real. The story was they lied and said they was Katy’s cousins. lol. If they was family they would have had a holographic pass. They were caught not by me but by another member of the crew heading towards the dressing rooms. Really?!?!?!?! Talk about invasion of privacy. Why would anyone think that sneaking into a secured area where they are not allowed to be and gaining access to her dressing room would make her say…..Oh hi come on in and lets talk…..Nope! Sadly this shit happens a lot. These 3 were very difficult. Nearly had them arrested. They got lucky. Word of advice people…..dont try to sneak backstage. If your under 18 and look it you will stand out. You will look like you have no reason to be there because your not working. Printing passes or making fake ones….well remember this; our passes that allow access to backstage areas are holographic. Only local crew and local staff passes are satin and have a peel off back. Local or Venue Staff lammies are the color of the day and have no holographic properties. So yeah you can’t fake them.

Its not just for Katy but for any artist. Don’t make fake passes and try to get backstage. Ive always been one who doesn’t like fans having any access to backstage. Even for meet and greets. I see it as an invasion of privacy. Many try to stray away and enter unauthorized areas and we have to deal with that shit. Venue access thought pisses me off when they sneak in but what really gets me is when people get out of hand at the buses. Ive had people banging on my bus door. Throwing rocks the bus and windows and screaming and hollering for Katy to come out. She’s not in a bus folks. She’s pretty much beyond buses now. Hotel to venue and out. We folks get the buses. Mark my driver has stopped a few before trying to enter my bus. He told me one kept pulling the latch hoping it would open. Why do people do that shit? Really?!?!? Wanting to trespass! There has been a few instances where people have gained access inside the bus and noticed things were moved around as if they was going through our stuff. Those few instances they were arrested. The bad thing is that I am not a celebrity. I am a road crew guy. Its a shame that my personal space aka Coach Casa de Grylls gets broken into because someone is looking for their favorite artist. So even as a crew guy we lose our privacy. Comes with the job though but I just wish some would have more common sense and not invade areas they shouldn’t. Of course not all of these happened on PWT. They have happened over the course of my travels. Still though no matter where its just wrong on any level no matter the artist.

Ok well its late and i need to catch some sleep but I’m gonna finish watching this episode of A Haunting and go to sleep. Ill blog more soon I promise. Its 2 days until my birthday. I wonder what Ill get for my birthday…..I already know…..I aint getting shit like always. No one ever gets me shit. lol. Thats ok. Most of my friends and some family take me out to eat. Hey can’t complain about that. =)

Well I’m out so goodnight and ttyl