The Double Standard

So im sitting here quite pissed for one because the fucking refs gave the Red Wings the win on a goal that was out of play. My main reason for this post and I havent posted lately is the double standard. So im trolling Twitter and reading tweets and notice that Katy’s GQ cover and magazine are all over. It really makes me laugh what many of the girls say about her. Like “im gonna go all lesbian now, or i want her sex or whatever.” lol I mean i understand the attraction but guys dont go around saying, hey look at Leo’s pants wow his cock is huge lol. We dont care!

Now I know girls are a different breed but wow. The funny thing is if I were to go on Twitter and say things dirty about her I would be called a pervert and every other name in the book. So thats why this post. I mean if i were to say damn her tits are fucking huge. Or worse like “i’d shove my cock between those huge tits and cum all over her.” Well yeah thats gonna warrant some strange reaction. Of course im attracted to her. Im a straight guy. But i dont feel the need to publicize my thoughts dirty or not about her.

Honestly I think it comes from being young. Im 38. I was a teenager once. Back then I spoke my mind with every dirty thought I had. lol. Now as an adult I pick and choose what I say. Like some are probably shocked to see that i follow males and females in the adult video business. Well, I am an adult and I know some of them. Makes sense. In fairness to not look like a total weirdo I dont favorite their pictures if NSFW because I think its just better for me. I interact with people of all ages. To me that would be odd.

Still though it makes me wonder. Like some girls say they are lesbians because they like a female. How would they really react in a lesbian relationship?? I have a lesbian friend who I was having coffee with one day and we had a conversation about this and she was kinda pissed because she says its a mockery of her sexuality. Well, im not gay or lesbian so I couldnt tell you. Its her opinion not mine. She’s entitled to it and so are the people who think this way.

In the end, everyone has their own way of looking at fame and celebrities. There’s plenty I like. Katy, Taylor, Jennifer Aniston, Emma whatever her last name is from The Help, etc…..But I wont go off in public or any public internet forum and speak my sexual thoughts about them. Thats for me and no one else to know. We all have them. Doesnt make you or me any better than one another. Its part of life. Besides these people aren’t really saying anything bad. I mean to me its funny. Yet there are some though i’ve seen that have said some things that to me cross the line. I’ve seen people post how they want to shove a cucumber up Katy’s ass and fuck her pussy with a huge dildo. OOOOOOK i mean hey whatever floats your boat but thats inappropriate on a public forum and I seriously doubt katy wants to read anything like that about herself. Fans make their fan fic stories. Some are funny. I really dont care to read any. Ive read one. One! lol. But….thats just part of being young I guess. Obviously if they hate me for my thoughts then I guess they are pretty one-sided because as they are allowed to speak their minds so am i. Be what you want to be. Do what you want to do but please watch how you say it and present it. As grown ups, there wont be time for all this nickel and dime petty childishness.

Thanks for listening!

Fender Strat

Fender Strat

KOA Campgrounds…

so sitting here in Bowling Green Kentucky at a KOA campground just south of the city. So rather than make a huge blog out of this, here are some things I noticed….

1. This KOA is really fucking nice!
2. Huge ass place with a lake and dog park
3. store to buy shit but its closed i think grrrrr
4. I need a fucking C O K E! not the drug!
5. There is a table of old guys two campsites over playing cards. dominoes earlier
6. There is a skinny blonde in the campsite next to ours that is outside in her panties smoking weed.
7. I think the ppl across from us are fucking lol
8. there are no kids around. then again its almost 5am and we are about to pull out of here
9. About to leave for Great Smoky Mountains National Park
10. Coach Casa de Grylls is the biggest fucking RV/Bus in this lot
11. A friend of mine passed by earlier but didnt stop WTF
12. Its quiet out here
13. Smoking an e-hookah prompted the girl next door to start staring at me because of the red light
14. im sitting in a chair waiting for Mark to get all our hookups disconnected
15. WTF are these old guys doing playing cards this early?!?
16. surprised that Jason Voorhees hasn’t popped out of the woods with a mask and machete chasing after us
17. im sleepy
18. again im thirsty and us splitting a Red Baron Pizza didnt help
19. all we have to drink is orange juice and water but i want carbonation man!
20. from this KOA to next destination is about 263 miles

Thats about it. Just kinda interesting the things i noticed. OK just a tidbit…The girl is outside smoking right now cig #2. THe old guys are playing cards but the couple appearing to have sex must have stopped but that started earlier about 40 minutes ago. their lights are off and no more OH OH OH. lol. One other funny observation was this….yesterday when we checked in someone asked us why we didnt opt for a cabin. well for one its me and a bus driver and two why stay in a cabin when we got a full size Prevost coach with 3 pull out extensions? Thats room enough right there! They do have showers and such here but again we got that. So no need to pay $100 for a cabin when accomomadations are already set right? I think so too! lol

Ok thats it. I actually managed to type this on a tablet. Wow. I have no idea how to add photos with this WordPress so fuck it.



Sick of the Endless Drama of People Hating on the President; Have Some Respect

If you live in America then you know Barack Obama is the President of the USA. Nice dude. Met him 3 different times. I really dont care or pay attention to politics and the policies the officials put forth into Congress because they will always get what they want anyways. My say really has no effect and will make no difference. Silly that Americans think their voice matters. When has it ever? Sure maybe some court case but when it comes to the govt they do as they wish. Its all about money and power.

Well the point of this short blog was because now that Obama is in his last term as CIC in America people today still blame the guy for everything. He caused this….He caused that…..I guess these people are not aware that we have had well over 40 Presidents. Thats forty-something different fuck ups since before we were ever born. It really gets boring and fucking annoying to see people on Facebook post daily bullshit about how much they hate Obama and blah blah blah blah…. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH….thats all I hear on Facebook these days. I think white America needs to get over it. A black man runs the office. Which proves that one day a hispanic or even Asian could run the office. Your probably saying “dumbass only americans can run for office.” Here’s where I say, “hey fucktard did i say they were from there? People from other nationalities BORN in the USA are just as capable of running things.” I really dont see why people spend EVERY MOTHER FUCKING DAY bitching about Obama. You know maybe if you spent as much time doing productive things as you do bitching about the current President maybe you could get shit done for a change! What makes me laugh is that all these haters are saying how great Bush was. Really?!!? These people bitching about Obama are the same people who bitched about Bush and how they wanted him out. The same people who say Bush was behind 9/11. Seriously people get over it and do something more productive with your time. If the highlight of your day is to post idiotic bullshit about how much you hate Obama, well professor you got some issues. Hey I thought I was bad but hey at least I dont get on Facebook anymore and post bitchy statuses and links about shit. I hate the sports teams from where I was born. I really dont care to post about it anymore. Why? I might open my mouth and say something and I have every right to do so. Just like you have every right to bitch. Just as people dont want to hear me bitch about the teams I hate, others hate to hear your meaningless rants about the oval office.

Just get over it. Deal…..Find something else to do. Soon another President will be elected and run the oval office and yet again these same rants will happen again but with a different name. This shit never ends. I met Obama for work I did with Katy. Security was a bitch for sure. Previously I had met George W Bush and George H Bush in the past as well. I have respect for those individuals even if I dont care or follow their Presidency. They are people of high stature that I was honored to meet. Not everyone can say they met a President. I thought it was pretty cool that on the second time around President Obama remembered my name and shook my hand. Thats pretty fucking cool if you ask me.

So Yeah I just dont see the point in those posts. No one says you cant have an opinion but I would say that many people have stopped receiving others updates simply because they dont want to see stupid posts that basically are like a broken fucking record. Waaaah waaaaah waaaaah. We get it. You dont like Obama. Good for you. What you want me to do? Cartwheels across the room? Expect me to change my mind because of your ideals? Sorry folks. Not gonna happen. Have a little respect for the man. I’d like to see some of the idiots do his job. Have people following you around all day. Never alone and attending endless meetings and such. Not so easy. I tell ya what…go grab your little rifle and go shoot a can in your backyard……then eat a squirrel and get your mind off meaningless crap. ok peace out!


One thing that bothers me is when people I know start bugging me and I mean really bugging me for autographs, tickets, CDs..etc…Anything related to Katy. I mean do they not stop and see how unprofessional that makes me out to be. Asking for 10 autographs personalized….Signed CDs, signed DVDs…I mean if you want something signed then buy a ticket to her show and find a way to meet her. Shit there are 12 year olds out there that have met her numerous times that already know how to do it!

Lately ive had people ask me for shit. Autographs and such. it just really gets on my nerves. I honestly just started ignoring people when they mention it. I mean if they dont get the picture with that then they really are lost! Have you ever worked for a company or organization and had people ask you for free shit because of it? Like hey man hook me up with fair tickets or game tickets etc. Doesn’t that shit bother you? It does me. I love what I do but I think people really have this idea that I just walk up to her and say hey can you sign a bunch of shit for me. UGH! Its bad enough with paps and unruly people who dont know when to say hi or when to stay away and now people asking me for more shit. So I got one friend an autograph. Now she wants signed CDs and DVDs WTF!! Be glad you got one thing! FUCK!

Thats why I am NOT doing that shit anymore. I dont care who it is now. Im not getting shit signed or personalized. If I at 18 could learn how to meet my favorite bands/artists then everyone else can too. Im tired of people freeloading off me for shit. I have a friend who said he and his friend and girlfriend were going to drive to LA to pick up some shit they bought and he automatically invited himself to my place. Dude, fuck no! Get a hotel and tour LA on your own. Im no fucking host. Now i’d be more than happy to let certain people but 3!!! 1 2 3!!! THREE!!! Uh fuck no! So anyways, this same friend says yeah man we will be in town Saturday night and ill call you when we get in so we can find out how to get to your place. I was already in a bad mood and i told him, NOPE. Your going to have to find somewhere to stay. Im busy and not enough room. Which is a lie but fuck! Ok I have 13 cats. 6 inside and 7 strays outside including kittens. A dumb Jack Russell terrier named Satchel. I really dont need 3 more people. Plus my two oldest cats are mixed bobcat and well they are not very kind to strangers. Anyways, im just sick of it. If they want to enjoy LA life on the weekend then by all means do it but not in my place. lol. Grab a hotel over by Staples Center. Hit up LA Live. Go to Beer Belly or a Dodgers game. Hit up Quadrupel in Pasadena. Go get a tattoo at Kat Von Ds but shit let me be!! I guess i only like the company of a few people and those few are females so yeah i dont need these 3 coming around. Oh shit its 2am and i forgot my Kool-aid in the fridge lol

It feels so awesome out tonight. 59 degrees. Got the windows open. I just checked the weather back home in Texas and its damn near 80 degrees at about 4am WTF!! See thats why I just dont like Texas in summer which is pretty much 10 months out of the fucking year. In Texas there is no such thing as winter. Just cooler fronts. lol. The news folk there always say A COLD FRONT is coming in. Yeah right jackass. More like a 2 degrees cooler front. Here it feels great. Hot during the day but nothing extreme. In Texas when I was there I felt like someone poured melted butter all over me and the shit stuck to my body. Seriously in Texas 2 seconds after you walk outside you are sweating profusely and sticky. In SECONDS!!! Fuck that shit man! Tropic air….they can keep that shit. I like this alaskan air that blows in. lol

Ok so thats it. Gonna go take my kool-aid out of the freezer and munch on this peanut butter and jelly sammich because I havent eaten and im hungry. Lots to do tomorrow or well today.

Ok peace out! oh and here is something funny to prove im not full of shit lol

Ain't No Lie foo!

Ain’t No Lie foo!

Temporary Story: The Movie, A Must Watch for Adventurous Travelers

In my line of work I travel often. City to city. Planes, trains, automobiles..etc. Fall asleep in one city and wake up in another. So I came across this video about some friends that decided to travel. Originally a trip that was only to be from Alaska to Los Angeles they spent six months on the road traveling the world. Experiencing places most people wouldn’t care to visit. Ill post the video below but just a bit of warning, the video is about 40 minutes long. If you have an adventure bug and have always wanted to see different parts of the world from Alaska to Africa to South America, then you should watch this video. Even if you are not an adventurous fanatic the video is still great and lots of relaxing music. Whats pretty cool about this is some of the views. Ive seen some of the same myself. Especially in the beginning. So take a bit of time out of your day or night and check this video out. These guys filmed over 2TB of footage and spent four months editing this short movie. At about ten hours a day I think that merits a view!

So here is the movie and hopefully you will enjoy. While your at it leave the guys a message. Ok thats about it for now. Was gonna post this yesterday but was at Pechanga Casino and well you know im not going to post shit when im at a fucking casino. I mean i didnt gamble but penny and five cent machines but hell lol. Ok so enjoy the movie. Grab your popcorn and soda and relax

Temporary Story from Vadim Sahakian on Vimeo.

So Long Houston Aeros and Thanx!! =)

Nothing is easy about losing your favorite team to another city. Even if it is a minor league those players we had were playing back and forth at pro level. I wont go off and say too much at this point but below is an excerpt I posted on the news media facebook that mentioned their departure….here it is and what I had to say….if you dont care for hockey dont even bother reading this. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and below is mine…. I also added a pic of some of my favorite merch from the team even going back to an OLD IHL hockey puck (the one with the white background and Aeros logo)


ok here is my take on this…I used to live in Houston. I live in Los Angeles now…yeah home of the KINGS! Well im always back and forth but anyways….lol ok ive been an Aeros Fan about 15 years. When i would go back home to Houston I would always attend a handful of games in my fav sections 126 or 101. I like sitting where its quiet! The Aeros have a HUGE following in Houston. When I first started going to games by myself where I could actually pay attention and not have to talk to others with me I noticed all the fans. Young kids, even plenty of women. Many would say hockey is a mans sport. Well TONS of women in HOuston love the Aeros. THe Aeros organization, players, dancers, announcers etc always did an exceptional job for each home and away game. Theme nights which brought together Cub Scouts, schools, first responders, military etc…..The Aeros definitely looked to including the community in the sport. What lacked the most for Houston’s Aeros was their coverage with the media. I attended all the home games of the 2011 Calder Cup run. Was at the last game when the Aeros lost a heartbreaker. That night I dont recall hearing one word about the Aeros in the run for the Calder Cup. In fact I dont recall hearing one word about them even being in the playoffs. All you hear in Houston is Houston Texans all day everyday. Yes they are the most popular team but during hockey season no one gives a flip about the Texans. You go to an Aeros game you see Aeros jerseys as well as others like NHL, old Aeros; Gordie Howe…For the entire time the Aeros were part of Houston the news media never cared for them. As I said I live in Los Angeles. Here EVERY team gets news coverage that plays a game that day. Kings, Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Ducks, Angels, Galaxy..etc…. I watch Fox News 11 here and if I miss a game I can count on them to report the score and some highlights. Houston concentrates on football too much at a time when its not even being played. People say Houston isnt a hockeytown. Maybe it isn’t but look at ALL the teams across the world that host a team. How many of those cities are hockeytowns? Shame on people for saying this because if you ever attended an Aeros game you would see the young kids playing a mini-game at 1st intermission and it was so fun to see. Some of those kids showing tons of skill. The Houston Aeros marked their history in the city by winning championships and hardly ever missing the playoffs. The Texans cant even get to the big game. Honestly if this is the way Houston treats hockey they dont deserve another team. But bare in mind its not the people its folks like Les Alexander but you cant blame him fully because the Wild did want to see their affiliate being closer. For my team our AHL affiliate is the Manchester Monarchs in New Hampshire. ACross the country just to get called up to the NHL. So it breaks my heart to see the Aeros leave and to see so many hockey fans upset but the Aeros gave us all wonderful memories we will all cherish and we wish them nothing but the best as they move on. People who say F hockey its really sad to hear you say that when you claim you want to do so many family activities together with your kids when hockey is one of those fun things to have done with them…… Thank You Aeros for the amazing years of hockey you gave me as a fan. Ill forever still wear my Aeros gear as a reminder of the champions they are and the legacy of the team they leave. As they play(ed) their last game in Toyota Center those banners will be a reminder of that history that no one can erase unless Les is a prick who will remove the banners…….AND might I add that the Aeros are only 2 points from the Playoffs again this season. 3 games this weekend and the team will play at least a few more before they leave for good. Would be sweet to see them win the Calder Cup on their last run in Houston…..never know! My LA Kings won the Stanley Cup as an 8th seed beating seeds 1,2 and 3 and going 16-4 and I cant wait to wear my official Kings Stanley Cup Champions ring soon!! =P

Some of my favorite Aeros merchandise

Some of my favorite Aeros merchandise

Fangirling Makes Me Laugh….lol

I really do get a laugh when people fangirl as they call it. one tweet and my twitter is flooded with responses! lol wow! Makes for good entertainment. What really makes me laugh is when they do this….. “asd;lfkasdfas;ldfkhsdf;lkdsjf;laskfh;dsflksha;dlfkjsdf.” LOL. I guess thats their way of saying HOLY BATMAN SHIT MOTHER FUCKING CHRIST CRABBYPATTIES. lol or something like that

SO not much going on lately. Been concentrating on my hockey skills lately. Got a Reebok SHK Flex 85 stick in while back. Also bought a new Bauer one. Dont really want to use an expensive stick like a Bauer on wood or concrete but the Reebok ones I got are cheap street hockey sticks so no biggie. Taped them up earlier. I like black tape because well I like black. Tomorrow the Kings play Stars. GO Kings! Was really good game earlier. Was watching the Blackhawks/Ducks game. Ducks pulled off the win. Gotta go for the Pacific Div team even though Im a full-blooded Kings fan.

So anyways yeah, fangirling makes me laugh BUT in a good way! I like to pick on them sometimes. Give em a hard time. Im sure they know im just being goofy with them. I think I got all of the special Katy Perry packages out. Well one left im sure those folks will enjoy receiving them. California Dreams Tour goodies!! =) I guess I should get off here now and go to sleep but I wont. Actually I slept part of the hockey game earlier because I had a bad headache. Now im awake. Bad decision to drink a big ass bottle of Chocolate milk but i was craving some. Im lactose intolerant so it fucks with my stomach. ehhhh yeah lol.

ok so im outta here. been screwing around with this free Kindle Fire I got a while back. barely took it out of the box. Its pretty damn cool. I mean its not full Android but im sure I could HACK it because well you know I love to hack my mobile devices! lol. Not sure if I like the Fire or the Nook Color. I have both as well as two other tablets. This is why I got rid of my netbook. As much as I loved that little maroon laptop I just had no need for it anymore. Im sure some teenager or something is enjoying it right now. lol. Im totally craving some mexican food. Actually I want to grab some Bosnian food. Thats some good stuff!! After finally trying some in Bosnia and well here in the USA I think its one of my favs right now