The Last Two Weeks

Two Weeks……..death of friend……lending money to help pay it…… traveling…… helping a friend out …….. now preparing to leave for Singapore next month…….what a time……… time of your life eh kid?!?!?

Slipknot’s Paul Gray: Official Obituary from Des Moines Register

Paul Dedrick Gray, was born on April 8, 1972 in Hollywood, California and died at the age of 38, on Monday, May 24, 2010 in Urbandale, Iowa.

Paul was easy going, charismatic, enjoyed his music, cars, his fans, Starbucks and spending time with his family and friends. He loved his puppies and of course, smoking his Marlboro Reds.

He is survived by his wife, Brenna Marie Gray; his daughter, October Dedrick Gray; mother, Nancy Gray – Miller and her husband, James; brothers, Damon “Tony” Gray and his wife, Melissa, William “Jay” Matthews and his wife Lillian; nieces, Ashley and Hanna Gray; mother-in-law, Erin Alpaugh and sister-in-law Ashley Alpaugh; and his 8 brothers in Slipknot. He was preceded in death by his father, Paul Anthony Gray and his grandmother, Hellen B. Westby.

He was the kind of person that really wanted everybody to always get along. He was a great husband, brother, son and friend. Paul is going to be sadly missed and the world is going to be a different place with out him!

Private Funeral Services were held Friday, May 28, 2010.

Memorial Contributions may be made to

Paul Dedrick Gray Family Trust
To: Hudson, Maloney, Shindler & Anderson, P.C.
5015 Grand Ridge Dr.Suite, # 100
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265
Tel: (515) 223-4567, Fax: (515) 223-8887

Trustees are, Paul’s wife, Brenna and his, brother, Tony;
in loving memory of Paul Gray.

Online condolences may be made to the family at

A New Motorcycling Journey Begins Soon…..

This past week has brought many thoughts into my mind. I have made the decision to NOT go on the next tour run. Instead with the death of Paul my mind has been racing with emotions. If you know me well enough those emotions drive me to travel by motorcycle for extended periods of time.

I am planning another trip but not sure just yet where to go. I was thinking of some new routes in Europe maybe. My mind really isnt in work mode at the moment. I dont want to touch any instruments or anything. Playing guitar and drums the last few days and being back at home just doesn’t have that spark as it once did. I remember a few years ago I went almost 3 years without picking up a guitar and strumming a chord and nearly 4-5 years without picking up drumsticks. Once I felt I had my life back on track I was able to do so again and freely enjoy it. Now this total emptiness has overcome me. Of course we all get over a death of a friend or loved one but sometimes it takes us longer to get back to doing the things we enjoy.

When I travel by motorcycle I take the roads least traveled when possible. i like to be alone and to myself. It makes for thinking and enjoying the scenery better. Right now i just want to think where I want to go. Places ive been to or maybe be more adventurous and hit up new places. Some of my friends think im just feeling way to hurt. Well I am hurt. Of course there are the good memories and the funny moments that always bring a smile to your face but that final moment is just the worst pain ever.

So with that said, I dont know where im going just yet. I know im pulling out the GPS: Dumbass and ready to program it no matter where i decide to go. Honestly, its too fucking hot in America so I would like a place with a much cooler climate.

We shall see. If you dont hear from me in a while just look for my updates on FB and a few blogs here and there. You can always drop me a line at

Thanks my friends and I will talk to you all soon!


Why I Choose Windows Based Systems Over Apple

….besides the fact that I think Steve Jobs is a money hungry asshole that keeps releasing next generations of the same crap with a few updates is bullshit. When you buy a Windows based PC or laptop you can upgrade and install security updates or whatever you like. Same with Linux. With Apple MACs you are strictly limited to their products and peripherals. Upgrading is a hassle because apple doesnt want you to use anything but their upgrades and accessories.

As a Windows desktop/laptop user I can choose how I want my system. I can install whatever kind of video card and memory I wish. I can run a never ending barrage of programs. I can fix up my system the way I want it. With MACs your fucked. Sure they look neat and have that stupid Apple logo on them lit up so everyone knows you are an Apple fanatic. Thats just stupid. You dont see Windows based computers with lit up Microsoft logos. As a Windows user I have full control over what I use. I can install any brand of video card I wish. Gigabyte, Asus, ATI, Nvidia…etc…I can easily install more RAM. With a MAC good luck! I recently replaced a hard drive in a friends MAC. That shit is fucked up. Literally had to unscrew shit and then fight with this lever or whatever it was to release the drive. It was fucked up. Forget about upgrading the RAM. Your going to have to take the entire thing apart. WIth a standard Windows based laptop you simply flip it over, unscrew the one screw and remove the cover. Insert new RAM and your fucking done! Easy and takes less than a minute.

People claim that Bill Gates is trying to corner the market. How? That would be Steve Jobs! He wants people to purchase his over priced crap and on top of that you have to pay even more money to upgrade it and you are limited to Apple upgrades. Fuck that! Basically its like buying a Mercedes. When you go to get the oil changed you dont take it to your local mechanic shop where Hector works. No, you take it to a Mercedes Benz dealership where they charge you a couple hundred dollars to do so. Ridiculous.

My cousin was asking me some stuff about Apple the other day. I noticed on their website that it says download the new firmware now. WTF!!! My cousin already paid $400+ for his ipod touch and now Steve Jobs wants him to pay more money to download a fucking update.. Thats fucked up man.

You know what else irks me about Apple products? Their customers! These fucktards act like their Apple gadgets are the best thing to hit the earth. Since when do you ever see a person showing off their Blackberry while listening to music or answering a call? Never. They use the damn device and put it away. iPhone users are like fucking kids with their phones. To them it is NOT a phone but an IPHONE. Ever heard and iPhone user on their coveted device? I heard a girl once say, “ill call you back in a few minutes on my iPhone” bitch its a fucking phone. call it a phone! You dont have to refer to it as an iPhone! When I am using my Blackberry I dont tell someone, “yeah man ill call you back in 15 minutes on my Blackberry. Frankly who gives a frogs fat ass what phone you have. Stop showing off your god damn phones and treat it as a damn phone. Its not God or Allah…its a fucking electronic device. What else bugs me is their apps. Seriously, an app to level something…Give me a mother fucking break man. If i paid $600 for a fucking phone im not going to use it as a god damn leveling device. What’s next? The Shit App? Tells you when to schedule your shits!

You see Steve, maybe your fantics think your products are the shit and that they are built better and their software is better. So the fuck what? People say Apple is the DOMINANT system in the world. OK Sherlocks if Apple is the DOMINANT system builder then why is it that 160 out of 200 people have a Windows based PC? Exactly because people would rather use Windows an operating system that is easier to use and let me tell you this…..Windows based PCs are not prone to viruses like you all think. I use a Windows based PC running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit and same with my laptop. I do NOT get viruses and I know how to care for my systems. Its the idiots that have poor surfing habits that are prone to viruses that get them. So dont go off saying that Windows is crap because of viruses. My system boots up and shuts down faster than fuck and it does everything I want it to. It doesn’t have some goofy ass logo on it. I built my system. Based on the specs of my system and a MAC unit I bet if my system were a MAC it would have cost me about $2800 or so. Instead I built this thing myself for under $600…Done!

So Apple gadget users keep enjoying you over priced shit. Dont worry Steve Jobs will just release a new generation of the crap you just bough so you get all pissed off and return it for the newest one. Yeah he loves releasing like 8 versions of the same crap so you die-hard idiots keeps spending your money on the same thing. While your at it, keep putting your iPhones and ipod touches in people faces because you think you are the coolest cat on the earth and im not. I couldnt care less about your stupid gadget. Catch me on a bad day and ill rip it out of your hands and break the son of a bitch in front of you.

So yeah, I hate your apple products. Always have and always will. People will never learn. They will just keep feeding into to the Apple craze. You know that whole lost iPhone crap was to draw up more buzz about a new phone so that people will start talking about the iPhone again and wet their panties over the release of a new one. If you actually stand in line to purchase one of these devices every single time they come out then you are fucked! Plain and simple! Nothing is worth all that. Steve, why dont you start selling the iToilet! Yeah a toilet that plays music and videos and has a touch screen interface with colorful icons that any fanatic of yours will love. Hell even include a fucking webcam for the sick bastard that wants to send his girlfriend a pic of him on the can! Dont forget the toilet paper with little Apple logos. You can just charge people $400 per new roll of paper and every month come up with a new generation of toilet paper with different Apple logos….yeah there you go…..Sadly, you probably have a fucking iToilet at home right now…….

Bill Gates, thank you for making Windows and thanx to companies like Gigabyte, Asus, Nvidia, ATI, and others for making selections for upgrades easy. Steve, congratulations on making 99% of Americans your gadget whores. Especially women and teen girls. They love you.

Tiger Woods: Leave The Man Alone

Why does America feel the need to know what is going on in every celebrities life? Are some people just really that bored that they must know? Nosey? The fact remains this…Tiger Woods cheated on his wife..YES. Not a good idea BUT he is NOT the only cheater in America nor will he be the last. You have cheaters in American Government and they are still in office after their tv media coverage. Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer….so what? I still loved Inglorious Bastards…Tiger is one of the greatest golfers ever and I dont give a flying fuck what people think of him that will never change. His actions as a human being dont make him a bad golfer. Title does NOT dictate behavior.

Lets use as an example Gene Simmons of KISS. Gene is with Shannon Tweed and she even said she knows that he will screw women on tour. Yet she stays with him and that doesnt make him less of a rockstar. Its the media and the people that take it too far. For me I see Tiger as a cheater. Yes he will be hounded the rest of his life over it. Fuck it. I just want to see Tiger Woods play golf and win PGA Championships. Half of you that watch sports like players that have cheated as well. They just may not have been caught or talked about as much. So i guess to many of you thats OK because its not a huge media issue. Your letting the media run your feelings. Fuck the media. During the playoffs when Michael Vick threw a touchdown pass against Dallas I bet all the Philly fans loved him then when they were before all saying he should not be allowed to play football because of a bunch of damn dogs. The guy served his time in prison and deserves a second chance at life. What if that was your livlihood and you need that job to live? I bet you wouldnt be feeling the same way then. Amy Winehouse is an ugly ass drug addict bitch yet people love her and they continue to love her after all the shit she has pulled.

What im saying is that people say they dont want their kids idolizing Tiger. Why? They are idolizing the golfer not the man he is off the course. Unless your kid says something like “mom i wanna be like Tiger and fuck alot of women and be a famous rich golfer” then you dont have shit to worry about. The point is… cant control who people like and what your kids will think. If you only knew the other half of the story about the rockstars and rappers your kids listened to you would probably say i dont want them listening to that artist now because of this and that reason. Ok lets see, on the Cash Money Millionaires tour with Eve, Nelly, DMX…etc…i saw tits flying everywhere. Those guys sucking on titties, grabbing asses and most likely taking fans that we all invited backstage to the dressing rooms for a quick fuck. Yeah thats them behind the scenes. So i guess some of you now dont want your kids listening to those artists because your kids might become sex addicts like them or you dont want them watching Tiger because he is a sex addict. Man fuck I am a sex addict i just dont allow myself to go out and fuck any woman i see and ruin a family. Im a man i love sex. So what? Women out there love sex just as much as men they just wont say it. Probably even more.

Tiger got carried away with his fame and made some really bad decisions. No one to blame for that but himself. He fucked up but no one deserves an apology from Tiger but his wife and his wife only. Its his marriage and his kids that will be affected by this because they media and celebrity news moguls cant mind their own business. You can hate Tiger Woods but think about all the other celebrities you like. I bet some of them have done shit that is questionable too. Get over it America and let the man continue on with his life. You are owed NOTHING from Tiger Woods.

Football Sunday Ends Great!

I love it! The Dallas Cowboys win the NFC East. Surely they always have problems against the Philly Eagles but earlier this year they managed to beat the Eagles. I think if they keep playing decent football they can beat the Eagles next week in Cowboys Stadium for a chance at Green Bay or Arizona. I think thats right. Dallas may not go much farther but they did play a much better season this year. I grew up watching Dallas so i stick with them.

Today the shitty ass mother fucking Houston Texans somehow managed to win against Tom Brady and the Patriots. Mostly because it doesnt matter for the Patriots. They are already in the playoffs no matter what. Houston seems to think they won the fucking super bowl. The fans probably jumping up and down like idiots because they won and they figured they would be in the playoffs. Well, the New York Jets ended their dreams! LOL Oh man you dont know how much I LOVE this!! I HATE THE HOUSTON TEXANS!! I should be the President of their hatred fan club!

So the Texans are OUT of the playoffs and I am sure their fans as well as the players are home crying and pissed off! LOSERS never get anywhere Texans! Fans, your team sucks donkey balls. They will NEVER goto a super bowl because they are pussy ass football players that cant handle the slightest injury. People keep saying the Texans have the #1 this and the #1 that….well that doesnt mean SHIT if your team cant win games and get into post-season contention!!! LOL….i could be the greatest guitar player in the world but if i never proved myself to others I would never get noticed….The Texans never prove anything but how much losers they are. They speak of playoffs and super bowl before the season begins. They are already selling tickets for next years season before this one was even officially over for them!!! Thats the problem with them. They dont take it one game at a time. They think because they win one game they are going to the super bowl. They think because they get one player that played in a previous super bowl that they are going to the big game but no!!

Then come the fans. They love the Texans when they are winning but hate them when they are losing. My father was always a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. even if they had a losing season he was a fan. He didnt care. That was his team win, lose or draw. fans dont know the true meaning of being a fan. They just go for the team when they see it fit! Like tail-gating parties. Thats just another excuse for the fattest state in america to drink more beer and consume more food!! They also claim they have the best tail-gating parties in the NFL. YEAH RIGHT MOTHER FUCKERS! Green Bay, Pittsburgh….etc…those teams have way better parties!! Those are die-hard fans! Lets put it this way. When Houston had the Oilers people claimed they were die-hard fans yet Randall’s grocery stores and other businesses would have to buy the tickets left just so they would show them on TV because their so-called fans were not buying tickets to the games!!! LOL

SOOOOOOOOO…i dont care who goes to the super bowl or wins it. I dont care if Dallas wins or loses. I just care that the Houston Texans once again are LOSERS! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL…..Texans fans I really dont care if you threaten me…Your guns, boots, spurs or whatever dont scare me…Dont forget to buy a box of kleenex when you hit up walmart again or on your next fast food run!! LOL LOL LOL

yes i am an asshole when it comes to Houston teams. The Houston Astros suck too. Oh just wait til baseball season starts! Rockets, Aeros and Dynamo deserve recognition!!! They at least have good teams and have been to league championships and won!!!